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Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Season 4, Episode 6
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Trial by Ordeal

Renegade is the 56th episode of the series, Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero.


The episode starts off at night in the city of Bellwood. A couple can be seen talking to each other as they pass by an alleyway. They stop however as a couple of police cars pass through, racing down the street. The two people look surprised and turn to each other, talking again among themselves. As they do, a humanoid figure runs past in the back of the alleyway. The police cars continue driving rapidly down the street, intercepting traffic and- soon enough- skids down the road as they make sharp turns. The figure can still be seen, crisscrossing through different alleyway and running into the street, nearly getting hit by a car. The driver hits the brakes, as he shouts at the running person who continues on. The footsteps of the person echo through the dark walkway as he reaches a high fence. The figure climbs up onto a dumpster and starts to scale the fence as police cars block the end of the alleyway the person had just ran into. A couple of police officers step out of the cars and point their weapons at the person, who is just nearly on the other side of the fence.

Police Officer, pointing weapon: Police! Stop!

The figure continues over, dropping down to the other side. They tumble and fall onto the floor. As they look up, the figure leans against the side of the wall to support himself up again. Although he manages to stand on his feet, the end of the alleyway soon becomes blocked by incoming police cars. The flashing blue and red lights from the sirens shine in the alleyway, causing the figure to raise up their arms to block the light.

Police Captain, using a megaphone: This is your last chance. Surrender yourself now and your sentence may be reduced. You know you're a threat to the public, do the right thing to give yourself up! There's nowhere for you to run, Brandon 10!

Brandon lowers his arms, looking surprised and distraught. He's also a little rustled up.

Brandon: I'm telling you, you've got this all wrong!

Police Captain: Not according to Councilman Kore and the hearing for the court. If you won't stand down, we will have no other choice but to use force.

Several officers start to point their weapons at Brandon.

Police Captain: Surrender! I won't ask again!

Brandon takes a step back and activates the Ultimatrix.

Police Captain: Take him down!

The officers fire upon Brandon who smacks down the Ultimatrix. A bright, green flash overcomes the alleyway, causing the officers to shield their eyes. They look back, holding their weapons ahead once more and look in surprise as Astro stands before them, holding up an energy barrier before him. He then takes off, flying off into the sky and the officers fire at him.

Police Captain: Hold you fire! (grunts) He got away again. (turning to an officer) I want you call up the department. We're going to need every resource that we can dispense. He's not the hero we thought he was. No. As of tonight, this kid is a wanted criminal and potentially the most dangerous man in the world. And he will be stopped!

Theme Song

After the titles, the warehouse is seen with Coco's car parked inside. Within the warehouse, Coco and Sarah are watching the television on the wall.

Reporter: As stated by the police just now, the suspect in the assault for Councilman Kore was no other than Brandon 10, himself.

An image of Brandon appears next to the reporter as she continues reporting.

Reporter: Witnesses have spotted him running from the police as he has escaped captured multiple times this evening. In accordance to recent events, Brandon 10 was also called to trial in which the courthouse that housed the trial was attacked by what appeared to be an alien leading to the trial being suspended until further notice. However, with those events now in hind-sight, people are speculating whether the points brought up during the trial hold true and that the hero we once looked up to has actually be in league with extraterrestrials or worse using his power for his own gain. This is Stephanie Bills, signing off.

Sarah: W-What? How is this even possible?

Coco: We can't think about that right now. We need to go. Now.

Sarah: But, what about Brandon?

Coco: Didn't you hear that reporter lady? He's been escaping capture all night. If they're targeting him, the police will soon be after us too.

Sarah: And what good will running do? If we stay, we can explain the situation and maybe they'll hear us out.

Coco: Sorry, Sarah. But I've been in enough close calls to know that once the police suspect you of something, it's going to take a lot more than talking to convince them otherwise.

Coco reaches under the table and pulls out a duffel bag. He then pops open the trunk of his car and stashes the bag inside.

Sarah: A duffel bag?

Coco: Always had one stashed around in case we went on an unexpected trip. Now I'm glad I didn't put it away when I re-organized.

Coco shuts the trunk shut and, without it obstructing the view of the entrance, Brandon can be seen huffing for air as he leans against the side of the warehouse.

Coco, surprised: Dude!

Sarah: Brandon, you're alright.

Brandon: Barely...

Coco: What happened?

Brandon: (huff) N-Not now. We need to go. The police were following me pretty closely despite my flying.

Sarah: You did supposedly attack a Councilman.

Brandon, lifting his head up to glare at Sarah: That's not helping!

Sarah: I said supposedly.

Brandon heaves.

Coco: Alright, you two get in. We can talk about this on the way.

Brandon nods and is helped into the car by Sarah. As she's about to close the door, sirens are heard as police cruisers start to approach the warehouse from the side.

Coco: The cops are here! We don't have time.

Sarah quickly gets in, shoving into Brandon and shuts the door behind her. Coco starts up the engine and slams his foot on the gas pedal; sending the car forwards in hurry. Coco soon drives away from the warehouse with cop cars chasing after them. Coco drives around a completely different warehouse, trying to shake them off but the police continue persisting.

Coco: Dang, I can't shake these guys!

Sarah: It's a pretty closed off space. We're going to have to get out of this area if we want a better chance at getting away.

Coco: Not a bad idea.

Coco changes gears and turns the wheel, driving off the platform and onto a slope that takes them out of the warehouse district. The police cars stop and a few officers get out, drawing their weapons. They fire at the car as it leaves the area. A couple of the shots actually hit the back of the vehicle as they manage to drive away.

Coco, turning behind him: Not the car, man! That's some fresh new paint!

Brandon: We can worry about that later, dude. Just try paying attention to the-

Brandon looks ahead and sees a truck approaching them ahead.

Brandon: ROAD!

Coco turns back, surprised, and quickly turns the wheel- just narrowly avoiding the truck as he diverges onto the proper lane.

Coco: Phew! That was a close one.

Brandon: Yeah, no kidding!

Sarah turns around and looks out of the back window, seeing police cars approaching them.

Sarah: Looks like we've got more officers on our tail.

Brandon: They'll catch us if we remain at this speed...

Coco: Well, we're already running from the cops. Might as well break a few traffic laws.

Coco changes gears once again and presses harder on the gas, accelerating the car. However, despite that, the police cruisers still trail them.

Coco: They're still not backing down!

Sarah: We're in a green car racing down the road. They'll be sure to notice us even if we avoid these officers at the moment.

Coco: (sigh) I'd hate to say it but that makes sense. Alright, buckle up- I never tried using this before but it might just save our butts this time around.

Coco accesses the dashboard and presses some buttons in a certain order. From outside, the car can be seen driving down the road. However, it soon becomes cloaked as a field consumes the car from back to front. Coco then turns the wheel slightly to the right as he eases off the gas, pulling off to the side of the road. The officers, in their own cruiser, look around surprised.

Police Officer, driving: What happened? Where'd they go?

Police Officer 2: I don't know. They were just here a second ago, weren't they?

Police Officer, driving: It's too dark out here. They probably sped off and got away. We'll stop by the next exit and search around there.

Police Officer 2: Alright, sounds good. I'll report this in.

The cruiser speeds up, driving past Coco's Car where rests off to the side. The cloaking field is then deactivated, rendering the car visible again. Inside, Coco can be seen accessing the controls again.

Coco: You guys alright?

Brandon, holding his head: I still feel like I'm vibrating on the inside... or maybe it's on the outside?

Sarah: What was that?

Coco: Cloaking Device. I installed it to the car that too long ago. Just as an emergency measure. However, the core is extremely unstable and drains the car battery so that's why I never really used it before. 

Sarah: Well, it seemed to have worked. I don't think they'll find us here.

Coco: But we can't stay here either. They'll be more of them.

Brandon: He's right. We should leave the car behind somewhere and walk on foot.

Coco: We are so not leaving this car. We'll just drive somewhere where we can lay low for a while and-

Coco tries starting off up the car again but it refuses to start. He then looks over at the fuel gauge and sees that it's low. He then sighs and rests his head on the steering wheel.

Coco: And we're out of fuel. One of those shots must've ruptured the fuel line.

Brandon: Like I said, on foot.

Coco: (sigh) Yeah.

The scene cuts to a moment later with Brandon and Coco pushing the car into a ditch behind a billboard advertising real estate. Once they're done, they walk out from behind it; Brandon dusting his hands while Coco looking a little solemn.

Brandon: Alright, no one should look to check behind there.

Sarah: So what now? We still don't know what's going on.

Brandon: I do but it's going to be a lot to explain, really.

Sarah: (sigh) I see... Is there a place where we can stay, Coco?

Coco: All I had was the warehouse. And since we're wanted through association alone, I'd say they covered the garage and our homes too. And there's no way we're going back to the Warehouse for the Interceptor.

Sarah: We could try calling some friends.

Brandon: Forget it. There's a chance that the police went to them too.

Coco: Well, there's got to be somewhere in Bellwood that we can crash at.

Brandon ponders for a moment before snapping his fingers at the notion of an idea.

Brandon: I've actually got just the place in mind.

The scene cuts over a familiar abandoned building somewhere in town. The street next to building appears to be residential in a way; with a street sign at the corner of the block reading "Unknown Road".

Brandon, unseen: Well, here we are.

Inside, the abandoned building looks demolished with only the ground structure stable. There are some upper levels that have been broken apart but are inaccessible without stairs or rising platform of some kind. There are also remnants of old furniture and appliances such as chairs and counters. There are also pillars holding up some of the remaining upper structures and signs of some kind of fight with claw marks and burnt stains at certain places. The three of the them stand inside, looking around the building.

Sarah, looking around: This place is close to our homes. Are you sure they won't search for us here?

Brandon: It's been decommissioned. Just no one has decided to do anything with this place yet. We should safe here for at least a while. We could make it our temporary base of operations.

Coco, checking out the claw markings: I'm already starting to get an idea as to how you know about this place.

Brandon: Fought a Zonarian after winning the soccer game. To think that if I hadn't checked this place out, there would've been no team.

Coco: Makes you wonder if it were worth it. Now that we're on the run, there might as well not be a team anymore.

Sarah: Why are we on the run anyways? Please tell me you didn't actually fight a politician when you were supposed to not do anything crazy.

Brandon: I didn't fight a politician, Sarah. I was curious about something so I looked into the people that didn't attend the trial. I singled it down to one guy; Councilman Conner Kore.

Sarah: I think I've heard of him. He's new to the office, isn't he?

Brandon: Yeah, something like that. He's also our allusive Mr. C.

Coco: I knew there had to be a connection between him and that Councilman we heard about from that info dump!

Sarah, looking at Brandon: But there's something else. Something you're not telling us.

Brandon: (sigh) Yeah, there is. I was invited to speak with him. And it turns out Councilman Kore is actually the Conqueror.

Coco: What?!

Sarah: T-The Conqueror? How- How is that even possible?

Brandon: Apparently, he survived the explosion and the destruction of the Omnitrix actually reverted him to his Human Form.

Coco: That would explain how a butt-ugly guy like him could get into office.

Sarah: So he's a powerful politician now. I suppose he was the one who set up the trial as a way of getting you to retire as a hero but since you discovered him, he decided to frame you instead.

Coco: And by extension, us.

Brandon: Pretty much, yeah.

Sarah: But why now? What could his goal be?

Brandon: I don't know but if he has access to stuff like the Lesko Engine and the Immensity Crystal, it can't be any good.

Coco: So we take the fight to him and end this thing once and for all.

Brandon: But he's basically untouchable.

Sarah: Then we'll devise a plan. We've beat him before, Brandon, so I'm sure we can do it again.

Brandon smiles at his teammates.

Brandon: Yeah. Alright. We are a team after all. So let's get started.

The scene then remains static as time seems to pass by rapidly, with Brandon and the others moving around as well as coming and going from the hideout. As time passes, more equipment and resources appear as the hideout looks more livable and functional. Days also seem to pass as the sky transitions from night to day and back again. Soon enough, time returns to a normal progression with the hideout clear of any people. However, that is only because of the angle of the view as the scene cuts over to Sarah, on a laptop, sitting in the corner of the room. Coco soon enters the hideout, carrying a shopping cart of electronic scraps and other computer pieces.

Coco: This the stuff?

Sarah, looking up from the laptop: Yeah, that should work.

Coco sets the cart to the side and walks over to Sarah.

Coco: I couldn't exactly find that compressor you were talking about. Dumpster diving hasn't really improve in the past week.

Sarah: Hey, at least you tried.

Sarah leans up and Coco leans in closer, receiving a kiss from her.

Sarah: You do clean though.

Coco: Like I said. Dumpster Diving.

Sarah, getting up and setting the computer down: Anyways, these should be more than enough parts to get some more equipment available for us. It's not great but it'll do.

Brandon then comes inside of the hideout.

Brandon: Ah please tell me you two weren't kissing while I was out again.

Sarah: You shouldn't even be out. People might recognize you.

Brandon: I know, I know but we needed food.

Brandon holds up a Burger Hut bag.

Brandon: Besides, it'd be hard seeing Shock Speed racing by.

Coco: Oh, it's been way too long since we've had actual food.

Sarah: One could argue that burgers aren't actual food and shouldn't be considered a meal.

Brandon: But one wouldn't argue that as they wouldn't be getting any of this deliciousness right now.

Sarah: (sigh) Fair enough.

Coco snatches the bag from Brandon.

Brandon: H-Hey!

Coco: How'd you even manage to grab these anyways?

Brandon: (sigh) I may have taken it but I left some money behind so they can order their food again. Gah, but it still felt wrong to do. I mean, is this who we are now? Criminals just because someone said so?

Coco: I was in the same boat around the time this team was put together.

Sarah: Yeah but we believed in you. The public, however, doesn't seem to. Social media is blowing up about us... and not in a good way. The news isn't looking any better.

Brandon: At this point, I couldn't care what the news says about me.

Sarah: I know you're not big on the news, Brandon, but it is our view into the world since we've pretty much been shut in. Besides, it's not like we haven't used it before.

Coco, grabbing a burger from the bag: Well, at least we can eat and watch something.

Sarah: Sure but I can't promise you'll find what's on to be appetizing.

Sarah turns the laptop so that Brandon and Coco can gain a better view of the screen. On it, the Conqueror can be seen speaking at a press conference.

The Conqueror, on the screen: I know that I have kept mostly silent about my approach in the political world. But with the recent attack on the courthouse and the assault on my life by Brandon Tennyson, I knew that speaking out to you- the people- was the wise decision. Someone is going to have to step up and help this town reach new heights so that we can live in a world without a false hero. So with a design that I have been working on for quite a while, these security droids will help capture the enemies hiding among us as I prepare for my transition to the Mayor's Office.

Coco: Ugh! What a total faker.

Brandon: He has the public right where he wants them.

Sarah: I can't exactly blame them. He's been orchastrating these events from quite some time. In fact, we have no idea how far back his influence goes.

Brandon: We'll find a way to get past this. We have to.

Coco: What else is up on the news?

Sarah: Not much. The security droids are a popular topic as well as the role changes in the government. Oh, and there was an meteor shower, I believe, but I doubt that's something we should be concerned about.

Coco: So can we really do?

Sarah: Lay low, gather information and look for any weakpoints in the Conqueror's defense. We'll strike hard where we can and, hopefully, prove ourselves in the process.

Sarah turns to Brandon who is just looking off to the side, thinking. She lets out a sigh and looks down. Coco opens the Burger Hut bag before her. She smiles at him and reaches in, pulling out a burger for herself. As the two of them eat, an alert is heard. Brandon and Sarah look around for the source of the noise in slight surprise.

Brandon: What's that?

Coco: Oh! It's a new system I rigged up. It'll let us know police chatter and update us on what's happening around us.

Sarah, chewing on her food: Mm! Shoh rit's lu-ike a shan rof the are-rah.

Coco: Come on babe, don't talk with your mouth full.

Sarah pouts angrily at Coco as she finishes her food.

Sarah: I said- it's like a scan of the area, isn't it?

Coco: Exactly. It'll keep us posted in case we have to bail or something.

Brandon: So what's happening now?

Coco, checking the system built into the wall: Looks like... an incident in the town somewhere.

Brandon, getting up: What kind of incident?

Coco: Some kind of attack. It's not exactly clear.

The three of them remain silent for a few seconds as Coco turns back to look at them.

Brandon: ...Well, we should do something.

Coco: Like what?

Brandon: W-What do you mean? Come on, we save the day. That's... that's what we do.

Sarah: Yeah but we're stuck here, Brandon. If we go out there, we're exposing ourselves. Getting caught won't help anyone.

Silence returns among the three of them.

Brandon: I guess you're right. We have nowhere else to go, no other resources to use and no one to help us. (sigh) We're on our own.

Sarah: ...So what now?

Coco: Di-Did he really just win?

Brandon: Hey, he didn't win. And we're not giving up either! It might just feel like everyone is against us right now but that doesn't mean we stop being heroes! I refuse to stop because of someone like him. Every time I doubted myself, you two were always there for me so here I am, telling you to stay strong. Not for ourselves but for the people that actually need us out there.

Coco and Sarah look at each other before looking up at Brandon.

Coco: Alright. You convinced me. Besides, sitting around here on my butt all day is getting pretty boring anyways.

Sarah: But what about the police.

Brandon: They're looking for us, sure. But that just means their attention is away from the real issues.

Coco: And that's where we step in.

Brandon: Exactly.

Sarah: I suppose if people see us doing our regular heroics, they would start to see the good in us again.

Brandon: That's one way of looking at it.

Coco: So we're all in agreement here.

Sarah: Of course. I'm with you two.

Brandon: Then let's go save the day.

Brandon raises his arm and activates the Ultimatrix before the view. The green flare covers the scene before transitioning to another part of the town. It is now evening where a car is knocked over with a family inside. A man is standing outside, backing up against the car as he is surrounded by thuggish looking men with crowbars and metal pipes.

Man: P-Please, just take what you want but my family is trapped in there!

Thuggish Man: Oh we know.

Thuggish Man 2: We made it happen after all.

Man: What do you want from me?!

Thuggish Man: We're going to break you!

Thuggish Man 2: And wreck that stupid car of yours! (laughs)

Man: No! No, please!

On a rooftop of a building towering over the street, a figure can be seen dropping down. They raise up and look down, watching the scene occur. Their eyes squint down with determination before the scene cuts back down to the road. The men continue approaching the man threateningly.

Thuggish Man: No one's here to save you now!

Voice: Hey!

They stop and turn behind them, seeing Brandon, Coco and Sarah standing in the middle of the road.

Brandon: You might wanna rethink that.

Thuggish Man 2: It's Brandon 10!

Thuggish Man: Man, are you stupid? Everyone hates you three now!

Brandon: Well, that's like your opinion, man.

Thuggish Man: Actually, it's on the news.

Thuggish Man 2: Well, one might argue that the news is subjective and manipulates the facts so that you believe what they want you to.

Thuggish Man: Where the heck did you pick that up from?

Thuggish Man 2: I dunno. Uh- online?

Thuggish Man: You can't believe everything you read online, man.

Brandon clears his throat and the two thuggish men turn back to him.

Brandon: Are we really going to have a discussion about the news or are we going to fight?

The thugs then show up their weapons as they approach Brandon and the team.

Thuggish Man: Oh we're fighting!

Sarah: So much for getting off easy.

Coco: Like that would've been fun.

Coco kneels down, absorbing the ground and gaining an asphalt form. He then strikes one of the men in the face, knocking him back to the ground. The other thug charges forward with the metal pipe, slamming it down at Sarah, who blocks with an energy barrier. The frightened man yells out in fear. Brandon turns to him.

Brandon: Get somewhere safe.

Man: But my-

The sound of tires screeching are then heard as the man looks ahead, worried. Brandon turns around and sees a black van pulling up. The doors then slide open and a few more thuggish men come out. They're wearing overalls and hard hats as well as wielding a weapon of their choice.

Brandon: Where do these guys come from?

Brandon is about to run forward but Coco runs past him, carrying the other thug as he throws him into approach crowd of men. Sarah throws energy discs ahead but some men strike against them with their crowbars.

Sarah, surprised: That's new!

Coco: I'll hold them off.

Brandon: Oh, it definitely feels like a long while since it's been Hero Time!

Brandon activates the Ultimatrix, scrolling through a few available transformations before stopping at the Bio-Shock hologram. As he raises his arm, a brick is lunged at him- impacting with the back of his head. Brandon then falls over onto the street and holds the back of his head. He then turns around, blurred vision, seeing a few more thugs approach him from behind.

Thuggish Man: You're mine, alien boy!

However, a figure drops down- knocking down the thuggish man. They then turn around, delivering a swift kick to the other in the face. They then use the momentum from the kick to deliver another with their other leg before touching down. The other thuggish man drops down. Brandon's vision starts getting clearer as the figure stands by him. They extend their hand before him. Brandon looks up, confused, but then accepts the figure's hand as they help him.

Brandon, holding his head again: T-Thanks. But... who are you?

Brandon gets a better look at the figure who saved him. They're actually a girl shorter than him, with long, black hair. She's wearing a green and grey uniform with a mask concealing the lower half of her face.

Masked Girl: Don't worry. I'm here to help. Trust me.

She seems excited. However, a noise seems to catch their attention as Brandon and the girl turn their heads to see more men approaching them.

Thuggish Men: It's that masked girl again! And she's with Brandon 10 this time! Get them!

Brandon looks at the girl with surprise. The girl turns back to Brandon and, although it's somewhat hard to see because of her mask, smiles at him. She then turns back to the men and charges ahead. She slides underneath one guy and swings her foot around, knocking him over. She then gets up and strikes another one in the back several times, causing him to fall over forwards. Brandon stands there, watching in awe.

Brandon: Who is this girl?

He then shakes off his surprise and rushes back into the fight. One of them that has fallen appears to attempt to get up, only for Brandon to step on his back and kick off- jumping into the air while pushing him back down to the ground again. Whilst in mid-air, he activates the Ultimatrix once again and slams down on the face plate. He transforms into Bio-Shock.

Bio-Shock: BIO-SHOCK!

He then slams down in the center of the guys; delivering an electric discharge and shocks all of them. Most of them seem to fall over. However, the shock also appears to have created a spark which lit up a puddle of gas connected to the tipped over car. Bio-Shock then stands and looks around at the fallen men before turning to the masked girl, who punches one in submission. She turns to him, almost delighted.

Bio-Shock: Do I know you?

Masked Girl: Well, I- (pause) Oh no!

Bio-Shock remains expressive-less but turns, seeing the fire spreading to the car. He looks up, seeing the man acting frantically.

Man: My family! My family is in the- the-

Bio-Shock turns to the car, seeing the family trapped inside.

Bio-Shock: Argh! We have to save that family.

Masked Girl, running ahead: Already on it!

The masked girl leaps up with a surprising amount of agility onto the side of the car. Bio-Shock then looks down and turns the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest. He then transforms again into Snow Bear.

Snow Bear: Snow Bear!

Snow Bear blows ice from his mouth as the approaching fire whilst the Masked Girl raises his arm, it soon transforming on its own into a rock-like substance. Snow Bear looks up, surprised at what the masked girl is capable of.

Snow Bear: No way...

She then smashes her way into the car and pulls back at the door. The family inside seem terrified.

Masked Girl, reaching her regular arm inside: It's okay. Please, take my hand.

The mother inside looks at her children and helps them up, allowing the masked girl to take hold of them. Her other arm reforms back to normal as she takes hold of the children. Snow Bear turns his attention back to flames but they're quickly spreading out of his control.

Snow Bear: This isn't working. I'm going to have to try something else.

Snow Bear slaps the Ultimatrix symbol and spikes detach from the sides of the symbol, latching onto his chest. A wave of energy then exerts from the Ultimatrix symbol as Snow Bears starts to evolve into Ultimate Snow Bear.

Ultimate Snow Bear: Ultimate Snow Bear!

He then kneels down, placing his hands against the ground. His icy touch spreads across the puddle as gas at rapid speeds. As the fire gets close to the car's engine, the ice quickly captures it and covers the bottom side of the car as well; sealing off the tear in the engine. The masked girl then drops down from the vehicle and approaches the father, handing him his children. He embraces them and looks up at the masked girl.

Man: Thank you.

The masked girl simply nods. She then turns back after hearing some creaking noises; seeing Ultimate Snow Bear use his super human strength to carefully flip the car back onto its wheels. He then tears the door off as the woman inside shrieks.

Ultimate Snow Bear: It's okay. I'm here to help.

Woman: Get away from me, you villain!

Ultimate Snow Bear seems taken aback by her words. The masked girl soon rushes over, getting before Ultimate Snow Bear.

Masked Girl: It's okay, ma'am. Your children are safe now and they really could use their mother.

The woman appears to be calmed down by the masked girl's words and soon takes her hand as she guides her out of the car. The woman then rushes over to the rest of her family. Ultimate Snow Bear transforms back into Snow Bear then back into Brandon.

Brandon: That was some nice work back there.

The masked girl turns back to Brandon.

Masked Girl: R-Really? Did you think so? Uh- I mean- it's nothing. Just helping out... like a real hero would.

Brandon: (scoff) A real hero, huh? Y'know I didn't think you would be into that kind of lifestyle, Lucy.

The masked girl smiles and removes her mask, revealing herself to really be Lucy. She looks up at Brandon, smiling.

Lucy: So you figured out my secret identity.

Brandon: There aren't a lot of people who can do what we can. But seriously, I- I can't even believe that you're talking to me right now.

Lucy: A lot has happened.

Lucy runs up and hugs Brandon. Brandon is a little caught off guard before hugging her back. She seems saddened but also happy. She then pushes off and clears her throat.

Lucy: Sorry, just had to do that because I almost wasn't sure if I would ever see you again.

Brandon: No, yeah, that- that makes sense...

Lucy: Uh- Is there somewhere we can talk? I have a lot to update you on.

The scene cuts back to the hideout. Inside, Brandon leans against a counter while Coco is laying on an old couch. Sarah sits besides him and Lucy sits on a chair by the counter, in a cross-legged fashion.

Coco: So you managed to heal yourself after getting shot by the clone of my mother?

Lucy: Well, when you say it like that, it almost sounds weird.

Coco: (sigh) Everything about this is weird.

Sarah: Still, we're glad to see that you're well again.

Lucy: Thanks! I'm just glad to be here.

Brandon: Which brings up an important question. How are you even here? Last time we saw each other was when Planet X was heading back to another dimension.

Coco: Please don't tell me we have to deal with another planet crashing towards Earth.

Lucy: No, no. Everything is fine back on Planet X. Melinda is working hard to make sure our sister warriors are working well and helping each other. But my mission was different from theirs. I wanted to join you in your dimension, like you offered to me. So I worked hard to build a pod with any help I can get and traveled here.

Brandon: Yeah but we were still separated by the dimensional barrier.

Lucy: I don't know what to tell you. I just landed here a week ago. Apparently, there's a weak point in the barrier or something. I'm not exactly an expert, sorry.

Brandon: Don't worry about it. You're here, at least.

Sarah: So you've been working as a Vigilante for the past week? Helping out people in need?

Lucy: More like for the past couple of days. I was expecting you to be a big deal but I had no idea the people would be against you so much. But while you guys were laying low, I was observing the area. Apparently, there's a rising faction in the town known as the Devastation Gang.

Coco: And those are the guys we fought earlier, right?

Lucy: Yes.

Brandon: What do they want?

Lucy: From what I've seen, nothing but to cause chaos and destruction. They're reckless and aggressive. But organized. Not unlike how my warrior sisters were before you three came along.

Sarah: But why attack now?

Coco: Ain't it obvious? With a big hero out of the picture and the police's attention diverted to catching him, this gang is open to do whatever they want to Bellwood and the people.

Sarah: (sigh) This is just like the Extreme Bikers all over again.

Lucy: Extreme Bikers?

Brandon: We'll explain later. Right now, our focus should be on the Devastation Gang.

Lucy: Their attacks have been happening all week. It's more than what I can handle.

Brandon: Well now you have back up.

Sarah: Still, all of us going out like before could risk our exposure. We should try doing this without drawing too much attention to ourselves.

Coco: So what's the call?

Brandon thinks for a moment.

Brandon: You and Sarah stay behind and let us know what's happening out there. Lucy and I will drop in on any gang members and end this attack on the town without raising any alarms.

Coco, crossing his arms: Right because two alien powers won't bring any attention.

Sarah: Just be careful out there.

Lucy, getting up from the chair: Are you kidding? I finally get to work with Brandon again. This is going to be uh-

Brandon: Awesome?

Lucy: Yeah, that. Awesome!

Brandon raises his hand and Lucy instinctively high fives him. The scene then cuts over to a train on an overhead track, traveling throughout the town. On board, a man in a dark coat can be seen eyeing the people on board. He then reaches into his coat, pulling out a detonator. On the rooftops close by, Brandon and Lucy can be seen watching over the town by the ledge.

Lucy, clearly excited: I can't believe I'm working with you again. I have so many questions.

Brandon: About being a hero, right?

Lucy: Well, yes, but also more about who I am as a person, y'know?

Brandon: Oh right. You were a clone created from Sarah's DNA.

Lucy: It's not even that really. She was used as a template with Melinda's DNA as the base. But you interfered with the procedure and, well, here I am with powers similar to yours. To the Ultimatrix. I guess I was just wondering, well, what does that make us?

Brandon: Huh? What do you mean?

Lucy: Well, I can't just be your clone. That's not even correct. So, be honest, am I your sister?

Brandon: What? No!

Lucy: Yeah, you're right. Sister is a bit too on the nose, isn't it? Well, I guess since you and Sarah's DNA combined in a way, would daughter be out of the question?

Brandon: Y-yes! Yes, it would be! We're cousins, Lucy.

Lucy: Cousins, huh? Well, you can't blame me. I don't know much about families trees.

Brandon: (sigh) Neither do I really.

Lucy: That probably explains it then.

Brandon: Explains what?

Lucy: Well, we share an intelligence. In a way. Your memories copied down over to mine.

Brandon: Wait, like all of my memories?

Lucy: No. Just some of them. That's why I know some things about this town and its people. And I guess about you and the others. But not everything. Sometimes, it just makes me feel like I'm incomplete or something.

Brandon: Hey, that's natural, I guess. I mean, we're always learning something. Besides, you're a young girl. There's still plenty for you to learn, yourself.

Lucy: I'm not that young!

Brandon, looking over her: Um, yeah you are.

Lucy: (pouts) Am not.

Brandon: Are too.

Lucy: (sigh) Well Melinda did say I would be about 13, biologically. She explained a lot of things about the procedure to me before I left Planet X.

Brandon: So three years younger than me.

Lucy: But that doesn't mean anything. I'm still a capable warrior.

Brandon: Well, we're not in the warrior business.

Lucy: Oh right! We're supposed to be heroes. That's on your mind a lot, isn't it?

Brandon: Heh. Well...

Lucy: So do you think you can show me some hero stuff? I promise I'll impress you with what I already know!

Brandon: Uh-

An explosion is then heard, catching Brandon's attention. Lucy turns her head and looks over as well, seeing that the overhead track had blown up. Brandon turns his head and sees the approaching train.

Lucy, putting her mask on: That doesn't look good.

Brandon: Could be the Devastation Gang again.

Lucy: So what do we do? Fight bad guys, travel around and save the world?

Brandon: Pretty much. Just follow my lead.

Brandon leaps from the ledge and activates the Ultimatrix. He smacks down the face plate and transforms into Batwing.

Batwing, flying off: BATWING!

Lucy nods, smirking beneath her mask. She then stretches her arms out, closing her eyes while breathing out. She then falls from the rooftop with grace as her arms lean back. As she dives down, she spreads her arms out again, forming grey wings between her arms. She then flies off, following after Brandon. On the train, one of the Devastation Gang members is seen making his way to the front of the train, pushing the citizens out of the way. Once there, he breaks down to the door with a crowbar. The conductor reaches for the emergency phone.

Conductor: Hello? Please, send help. There's some mad men on board the train and-

The gang member then bursts through and knocks out the conductor with the back end of the crowbar. He then proceeds to wreck the controls of the train, causing them to spark up. The train soon accelerates on its own, causing the citizens on board to either nearly fall over or get knocked down to the floor. Batwing and Lucy soon glide down onto the top of the train with them hanging onto the sides shortly after landing due to the increasing speed of the locomotive.

Lucy, reforming her wings: Have you ever stopped a train before?

Batwing: Uh... no. But there's a first time for everything, I guess.

Lucy: So what do we do now?

Batwing: There's probably some gang members inside. You hold them off while I stop the train from going off the track.

Lucy: Okay sure!

Lucy then climbs down the side of the train and forms her hand into a claw similar to BrandonBot. She then places it against the side of the train door and releases a shock; one that allows the door to open on its own. She then jumps on board with the door soon closing behind her. A lot of the people there appear to be frightened already and surprised by her sudden appearance.

Lucy: I'm here to help. Now, can you direct me to the bad guys, please?

The people look among each other and point down the train in the same direction. She then bows with a smile beneath her mask.

Lucy: Thank you!

She then rushes down to the end of the train. Outside, Batwing continues climbing on the top of the train with the wind rushing past him.

Batwing: Batwing isn't enough to stop this train. Going to need someone else for this job.

He looks up ahead, seeing the train approaching the destroyed part of the track ahead.

Batwing: And soon!

Batwing releases the side of the train and flaps his wings rapidly, as to keep up with the train's speed. He then pushes harder, flying ahead of the train now. He then raises his arms up, as to halt his speed before getting hit from behind by the train.

Batwing: GAH!

The Devastation Gang member in the control room looks ahead and sees Batwing leaning against the window.

Devastation Gang Member: What the-?! Looks like we've got a bug on the windshield, fellas!

He turns and sees Lucy approaches from the other end of the train.

Devastation Gang Member: Gah! Incoming!

The other gang members inside the train turn and face Lucy, carrying more pipes. One of them holding a large hammer.

Devastation Gang Member: Take her down!

The gang members then approach her.

Lucy, stopping before them: You should stop before someone gets hurt.

The gang members look at each other and chuckle.

Devastation Gang Member 2: Like who? You, little girl?

Lucy: I was actually thinking about you guys but don't say I didn't warn you.

Lucy then forms her arms and back into a yellow rock substance and charges ahead. Back at the front of the train, Batwing struggles to reach for the Ultimatrix but, when he finally manages to, he turns the dial- soon transforming again; now into Flex.

Flex: FLEX!

Almost naturally, his body starts to stretch backwards as he presses closer against the train.

Flex: Aw man... I definitely didn't train for this sort of thing!

He starts to stretch himself together however a crowbar crashes through the windshield.

Flex, twisting his head around: Huh?!

Devastation Gang Member: Get off my train!

The gang member then whacks Flex in the face, knocking him off of the train.

Devastation Gang Member: HA!

Flex falls from the train and shakes his head, in a somewhat cartoon-like fashion. He then looks up, surprised, and stretches his arm forward. He then latches onto the bottom of the overhead track and swings underneath it. He then uses his other arm to stretch upward and pull himself up as he swings underneath the train track. His legs sort of dangle through the air as he swings ahead. However, he's also swinging through incoming traffic.

Flex: Whoops!

Flex stretches his legs around a taxi and contorts his body around a traffic light.

Flex: Sorry!

He then reels his lower section upwards and walks alongside the top of a passing bus before kicking off from the bus and using the force to swing through the air in an upwards momentum. As he circles around and now overhead of the train track. He lets go, reeling his arms back to his body, then stretches them once again to the sides of the train.

Flex: I'm sure this will knock him off the rails!

Flex reels himself forwards and delivers a swift kick to the unsuspecting gang member right through the windshield of the train; rendering him unconscious. Flex then looks ahead and sees Lucy striking the gang members hard to the floor of the train. However, one gang member in a sleeveless hoodie, wielding a heavy looking hammer, swings hard at Lucy- knocking her into the side of the train. The sudden force to one side of the train causes it to groan as the passengers mutter with some panic. Flex looks around, concerned. Lucy, pulling herself out of the indent, charges ahead- yelling- and drives her fists through the hammer, breaking it in half. She then grabs the big gang member by the hoodie and throws him over her shoulder into the side of the train she was slammed into. With another force at the same side of the train, it causes the train to start to derail. Panic and worry can be heard from the screams of the passengers as the lights flicker on the train. Flex gasps out and turns to the windshield, quickly stretching his arm outside. His arm bents and curves as it stretches underneath the track and over to the other side of the train. Flex can be seen straining himself as he struggles to continue stretching as much as he is. His arm can then be seen wrapping around the train several times as quickly as it can. Like a rubber band, the friction appears to be forcing the train to reel back to its original position and return to the rail on the track. As soon as it does, Flex releases his grasp on the train- reeling it back as he sighs for a breath of air. He then turns to Lucy who looks apologetic.

Lucy: S-Sorry!

Flex's arm soon returns to him where he performs some hand stretches while getting up from the floor of the train.

Lucy: We're still approaching that hole.

Flex: I know. I've got it.

Lucy: But what are you going to do?

Flex: Don't worry. (turning back to her) I saw this in a movie.

Flex smiles reassuringly but Lucy squints with a grimace beneath her mask. Flex then stretches through the windshield opening and stands before the front of the train once again. He then catches his breath again and looks to both sides of the train, seeing buildings that the train passes by. He then holds his arm out and stretches it outwards to the side. His arm then wraps around a street lamp. He then looks the other way and stretches his right arm outwards. It wraps around the fire escape of a building. The sudden force then catches up with him as his body presses even closer against the front of the train. His arms naturally loosen and stretch more as his body moves further and further away from them. Nevertheless, Flex reels his arms towards him- using his body to press harder against the train. The street lamp however starts to get pulled from the ground and the fire escape dragged against the side of the building. Flex looks both ways as he feels his grip loosen.

Flex: Come on. Need to stretch more...

Flex's fingers then stretch out so while the hand part remains wrapped around each object, the fingers grow out and wrap around even more objects such as fire hydrants, railings and trees. Flex continues stretching, practically pulling himself to his limits as the train starts to slow down.


As the train approaches the destroyed section of the tracks, its speed is significantly sedated. The front end goes over the edge a little but the rest of the train is brought to halt. Flex then releases his grasp on the objects as they were pulled out from the ground or dragged along the streets. His arms soon return to him as he transforms back into Brandon, looking exhausted. Brandon is about to fall from the train when Lucy grabs his jacket, keeping him suspended. She soon pulls him in from the windshield and lays him against the floor.

Brandon, opening his eyes: Uh- did we do it?

Lucy: Yeah.

Brandon: Oh good.

Lucy punches him in the shoulder.

Brandon, suddenly more awake: OW! What- Why would you do that?!

Lucy: Don't scare me like that again... please. I don't want to lose you.

Brandon: Hero code, Lucy. The safety of the people first.

Lucy: Hero code?

Brandon: I'll uh- explain more about that later.

Lucy helps Brandon up. They both turn and see the fallen Devastation Gang members.

Lucy: This isn't going to stop until we find the source.

Brandon: I agree. Maybe one of these guys know something. Say, did ever teach you interrogations back when you were a warrior?

The scene cuts to a rooftop where one of the Devastation Gang members is laying against a water tower. Water then spills onto his face, waking him up.

Brandon: Alright talk. Where's your leader?

Devastation Gang Member: Heh. What is this an interrogation?

Brandon: I'm asking the questions here.

Devastation Gang Member: Or what? I know you Brandon 10. You'll assault a politician but nobody else. It's not your style.

Brandon: ...Well, it might not be my style. But it could be hers.

Devastation Gang Member: Her?

Lucy then drops down from the water tower, landing on the gang member. She then grabs her thighs around her neck, choking him. Brandon looks uncomfortable.

Lucy: Where's the rest of your gang holding up?

Devastation Gang Member: Alright, alright!

Lucy loosens her grip and the gang member backs away, holding his neck.

Lucy: How was that?

Brandon: Not what I was expecting but I think it worked. So you ready to talk or should she do whatever that was again?

Devastation Gang Member: We're holed up at a construction site... by the harbor. The whole place is under the Demolition Man's name so he can get away with whatever he wants there.

Lucy: The Demolition Man?

Devastation Gang Member: He's the one in charge of our gang. Some say is started the gang up after getting kicked out of the Extreme Bikers for being too rebellious. He was even worked a few jobs with Ana the Robber Boss before she went to prison.

Brandon: Great. So he's a pretty capable bad guy with a super evil resume.

Lucy: But we can take them!

Devastation Gang Member: You think he won't be ready for you? Going there is a death wish. You're messing with the king in his own castle.

Brandon: Whatever it is. We'll be even more ready. Come on.

Devastation Gang Member: Wait, you can't just leave me up here! The cops will climb up here just to get to me!

Brandon: Yeah, you're right. We shouldn't let that happen.

Police cars can be seen surrounding the building.

Police Captain: Alright, we've got men talking with the passengers. Apparently, Brandon 10 was here attacking some gang members with some girl in a mask. But don't let that fool you, he could be working with them and had a falling out. We just evidence to prove his vendetta spree.

The Devastation Gang member then drops down onto a police cruiser, however the fall wasn't too far judging from the lack of an indent on the car. The gang member groans as the officers turn to him. The Captain looks up, seeing the masked girl hanging from her lemur-like feet from the street lamp. He performs a finger salute before swinging to the top of the lamp and jumping off, climbing up the side of the building.

Police Captain, getting his radio: We've got another sighting. Apparently, this masked girl... well, she has powers too.

The scene then cuts over to the harbor. Brandon and Lucy watch from across the distance at the construction site. Apparently, there are armed gang members at every entrance. There's also a large crane and plenty of the shipping containers at the center.

Lucy: Looks fortified.

Brandon: He wasn't kidding. This guy really is treating this place like his own castle. Not like I haven't ransacked castles before.

Lucy: I wouldn't recommend a full on assault. You'd just drive all the remaining forces to our area. And since it's just the two of us, we'd be overrun in no time. We should focus on taking out the enemies that aren't being focused on and then attack. That way when they call for reinforcements, none show up.

Brandon: Wow, that's impressive.

Lucy: Heh, I'm glad. Bringing my warrior skills to the table will help make me a better hero.

Brandon: Yeah, well, about that.

Lucy: Hm?

Brandon: Back on the train, don't you think you might've gone a little too hard on those guys back there? And with the interrogation, it seemed like it was too much also.

Lucy: But, I got results. And we still managed to save them.

Brandon: Yeah but the train nearly got derailed. A lot of people could've gotten hurt. And we're not out to harm the criminals, just stop them from hurting others.

Lucy: I... see...

Brandon: (sigh) Look, when it comes to being a hero, you have to think about the people you're trying to save. Not just who to impress or who to attack. When you're out there, you can't go as a warrior or a little girl. You go out as a hero. That's who they'll see you as.

Lucy: Okay but I can't be a hero if I can't impress you. I mean- it's like you said, I'm a little girl. I wasn't created the same as you or Sarah or even Melinda. I'm not the same age or gender. I'm different. So I have to work harder just to match up with you.

Brandon: That's not how it works, kid. Sure you're different but that's what makes you special. That's what makes all of us special. Every person is important and every person is worth saving. You can still be a hero. I bet that family you saved from that car thinks you're a hero.

Lucy: You do?

Brandon nods. Lucy smiles but looks off to the side, thinking.

Lucy: Okay, so saving people. That's the focus... But saving the world is what heroes do. How can I save everyone?

Brandon: Just focus on saving one person at a time for now. You'll get to super hero status in no time.

Lucy: Okay. One step at a time.

Brandon: You ready for this?

She turns to Brandon, as eager as ever.

Lucy: Yeah! Let's do this.

The scene then cuts over to the construction site where armed guards are posted at the entrance. One of them glances away for a second but then turns back as if seeing something utterly shocking. In fact, he sees his own shadow walking away. The guard walks away from his post, following after his shadow while a needle flies out, shooting the other guard in the neck. He then falls over with Lucy catching him before he hits the ground. Once the guard is out of the clear, his shadow rises up around him and smothers him until he's unconscious. That shadow being none other than Shadow, Brandon's alien transformation. He then turns to Lucy who sets her guard down. He then exits from her own shadow and squats down besides her. Shadow looks concerned but Lucy holds out her arm, showing it to be similar to Heal X.

Lucy: Tranquilizers.

Shadow: Nice. Come on, there should be more guards ahead.

Shadow enters Lucy's shadow again, vanishing from sight, as she sneaks off around the perimeter. One guard can be seen looking around while the other patrols next to him. Shadow reaches out of the one guard's shadow and grabs him, dragging him into the dark void behind him. Lucy stretches her arms, in a similar manner to Flex, can wraps them around the patrolling guard's head, muffling his yells. She then drags him off to the side. At the final point, one patrolling guard walks ahead, passing by the shadow cast by one of the shipping containers. However, as he steps in, he falls as if nothing were there- soon vanishing into the shadow void. Another guard sees this and looks surprised as he simply watches the shadow before him. Lucy then trips him from behind, pushing him into the shadow void as well. Elsewhere, the gang member guard can be seen falling from the shadow of a barrel where Shadow knocks him out and lays him in a pile with the others he had taken before. Lucy then meets up with him there and he gives her a thumbs up. The two then walk further the construction site, carefully.

Shadow: Alright, we should be good now.

A spotlight then shines down on them from above.

Devastation Gang Member: Over there!

Shadow turns his head and sees more gang members surrounding them.

Lucy: What? How? I was so sure about my strategy-

Shadow: Never mind that, just focus on the fight at hand.

Lucy: Ah! Right.

The gang members rush ahead. Lucy strikes one in the side and performs a low swift kick, dropping the enemy onto their back. Shadow steps back as one of the gang members strikes his fist forward. He evades the strike and matches the gang member's step. He then copies the exact same strike, squaring the gang member right in the face. Two gang members then come at him from both sides so Shadow, easily, slips down into their shadows- essentially vanishing from sight. The two gang members then collide with each other. The two members then stop and hold their heads in pain as large two dark arms raise from the ground, grabbing both of them. The arms then slam them together again, knocking them out. Shadow then raises from their shadows, reforming his arms back to their normal size. Lucy spin kicks another enemy, swings her leg back- striking another enemy in the face. As more men approach her from behind, she kicks off from the gang member's face and flips over the men. They stop and turn around, only to get blasted away with jets of water. Lucy is then seen squatting down, arms extended with green, plant-like material wrapped around her hands and water dripping from the ports on her palms. She then stands up with Shadow standing behind her. The both of them transform back to their regular forms.

Lucy: My plan should've worked.

Brandon: Which means he was expecting us after all.

Voice: Exactly.

Brandon and Lucy turn around and look up, seeing a man in a white tank top with a long, dark coat over it. He looks down at them from the crane. The man has blonde, ruffled hair and a stubble as well as a scar across his cheek.

Man: I can see everything from up here. No one gets the drop on the Demolition Man!

Brandon: So you must've gotten a good view of us taking down your gang.

Demolition Man: That's a lot of talk from a wanted man.

Brandon: I was framed.

Demolition Man: So were we all. I was a construction worker trying to make ends meet before all this criminal stuff. A fight breaks loose and a friend of my gets caught between it. So I end the fight to help him out. But they let me go. The system wouldn't even work in my favor when I tried getting an appeal.

Lucy: So you turned to villainy.

Demolition Man: Hey, work is work. But even those jobs let me go. I had to rely on myself and only myself. So that's why I started up this gang so I can have a place of my own and get people like me to belong somewhere.

Brandon: But you're hurting innocent people!

Demolition Man: They support the system! How are they innocent? It's because of the people that guys like us get put on the deep end without any sign of help. Politicians like Councilman Kore aren't going to fix anything. They only have their own agendas. You saw that, didn't you?

Lucy turns to Brandon who looks away from both of them.

Demolition Man: That's what I thought. Look, we don't have to be enemies. After all, you're not a hero anymore. At least, not in the eyes of the people. The people who turned their backs of us. How about you two work with me? Together we can put an end to the system by disrupting society completely. With all this accidents and incidents occurring, they'll have no choice but to pay attention to us criminals. We'll actually be able to make a difference.

Brandon: Sorry. But I'm not like you. We might both be labeled as criminals but don't think you can fool me into thinking you're supporting the falsely accused when you're really just hurting people because you feel like it! We might be against the law now but that doesn't stop us from doing good things in the right way.

Lucy smiles beneath her mask and turns to the Demolition Man with a fierce look.

Lucy: Yeah! We're better than you'll ever be.

Demolition Man: Gr! You two are going to regret this. Now you've made an enemy of the Demolition Man!

He reaches into the crane control room and grabs a backpack-looking device from the chair. He pulls the straps over his shoulders and, within a moment, the device activates, forming around his back; it then soon covers his entire body, forming a metallic suit underneath his flowing, dark coat.

Demolition Man: Prepare to be demolished!

He then extends his arms out and releases explosive energy at the two of them.

Brandon: Watch out!

Brandon and Lucy split as the energy impacts with the ground, creating a large explosion where they were just standing. Brandon dodge rolls and looks up, grunting at the Demolition Man. He laughs heavily underneath his metallic armor.

Demolition Man: You really shoulda accepted my offer! Now I'm really gonna fry you guys!

The Demolition Man extends his arms out again, releasing small and quick explosions left and right. Lucy uses her agility and quick speed to avoid the explosions. Brandon dodges a couple of them however an explosion appears before him. He stops running and steps back as a rapid succession of explosions continues behind him. Before he can really react, the explosive force knocks into him, sending him flying off to the side. Lucy jumps to the side and looks over, seeing Brandon falling off the harbor.

Lucy, surprised: Brandon!

Demolition Man's laugh can be heard again, catching Lucy's attention. Her brow furrows as she jumps up, forming her hands and feet into ones similar to Agilmur. She then swings upwards, scaling the side of the crane until she climbs up onto the neck of the crane, between the harbor and the crane control room. She leans down, looking angrily ahead at the Demolition Man but looks behind her, seeing the harbor. Her expression changes to one of worry.

Demolition Man: Well, well, well. Looks like you finally get the chance to be the hero, little girl. You can run up and smack me around right now; proving yourself to be the hero you claim to be. Or you could save that idiot of an idol you have from drowning into the harbor. But then I'd be getting away and you wouldn't be a hero to anyone. Your choice, girly.

Lucy: Hmph. Being a hero is more than just fighting bad guys and villains like you. It's about saving people and, in this case, saving one person at a time. Besides, I refuse to lose him!

Lucy then runs down the side of the neck crane, much to the Demolition Man's surprise.

Demolition Man: Oh no, you don't!

He reaches his arms out, spreading out a wide array of explosives. Lucy leaps off from the crane neck as the explosion occurs where she just was. She then raises her arms and dives down as she soon plunges into the water below. Under the water, Lucy swims further down- however it is too dark to see much below. She then closes her eyes as gills start to form around her neck. A lure grows out from her forehead as well and lights up the area around her. She then opens her eyes and looks below her, swimming deeper down. She soon sees Brandon drifting further below with air bubbles leave his closed mouth. Lucy swims faster as she soon reaches him. She holds his shoulders and shakes him.

Lucy: Wake up. Wake up!

Brandon remains unresponsive.

Lucy: Please, Brandon, wake up. Wake up!

She shakes him more before resting her head down onto his chest in a sobbing manner. Soon enough, Brandon's eyes flash open with a faint green glow to them. Back on the surface, Demolition Man crashes down by the harbor and stands from his kneeling position. He then walks over to the edge, muttering to himself.

Demolition Man: Alright then. If you want fight me, little girl, then I'll just have to fry you and that super zero by blowing up the entire ocean if I have to!

Demolition Man raises his arms and charges up an energy blast.

Demolition Man: Get ready to fry, guys! (laughs)

Just as he's about to release the energy, an immense grey figure rises from the water at a quick speed, biting into the Demolition Man's arm. He then yells out in surprise as the figure tears the arm off of the suit as he passes by. Demolition Man holds his exposed arm with his other hand and steps back, looking at the kneeling figure across from him on the edge.

Demolition Man: What the- What... What are you?!

The immense figure stands, revealing himself to be some kind of muscular, humanoid shark. His big eyes are green and the Ultimatrix symbol resides on his chest. He spits out the arm in his mouth and grins before the Demolition Man.


Demolition Man: You think this is over? I'm still standing, aren't I? So let's go, man! I can throw explosions left, right and center!

The Demolition Man charges his other arm and releases another energy blast ahead of him. Sharkbite stomps ahead and jumps over the incoming blast. Once it impacts, an explosion occurs behind him. Sharkbite then lands before the Demolition Man. He charges up yet another blast but Sharkbite swings his tail around, knocking the Demolition Man to the ground. He then stands on his chest, pinning him down. Demolition Man swings his around around, releasing some more explosive energy. However, Sharkbite leans back- avoiding most of the blast- then leans down and bites into his arm; tearing it fresh off from the suit and then spitting it away after. This leaves Demolition Man on the ground, with the metallic armor's arms removed; rendering him powerless.

Demolition Man, trying to create an explosion: Boom! Boom! Come on suit, make some boom already!

Sharkbite: Looks like you're not standing anymore, Demolition Man.

Sharkbite reaches down and grabs a metal bar from the side of the crane. He then bends it and wraps it around the Demolition Man, securing him still before stepping off. A green flash then overcomes Sharkbite as he transforms back into Brandon. Some splashing is then heard, catching Brandon's attention as he turns to the harbor. Lucy soon emerges from the water, floating by the dock. She coughs for a moment before a hand reaches out to her. She looks up and sees Brandon leaning down. She then smiles timidly and takes his hand as he pulls her up from the water and onto the platform.

Lucy: Thanks... (sigh) Well, looks like you were the hero again. You stopped the bad guy.

Brandon: Yeah. I did. But you saved me. I guess that makes you my hero.

Lucy: R-Really?

Brandon: Heh, yeah.

Lucy smiles proudly. Brandon can't help but smile back as sirens are heard approaching in the background. Brandon turns slightly to the sound.

Brandon: Sounds like all those explosions finally caught the police's attention. Come on, we should go before they blame us for this too.

Lucy: Back to the hideout.

Brandon: Not quite.

Lucy looks at Brandon questionably as he walks off. She soon follows as the lights of the police sirens grows closer. The scene then fades over to the front door of a home. A hand reaches forward from the view and knocks on the door. After a moment, the door opens and Brandon's Mother opens to the door.

Brandon's Mom: Yes?

Before her stands two men in suits wearing sunglasses.

Man in Suit: Hello. Are you Mrs. Tennyson?

Brandon's Mom: Who wants to know?

Man in Suit 2: We're here on behalf of Councilman Kore. I'm sure you tell why.

Brandon's Mom: This is about my son, isn't it?

Man in Suit: Yes, ma'am. We were wondering if you had heard from him or any of his associates recently.

Brandon's Mom: I can't say that I have. He's usually with his friends but he's not in danger, is he?

Man in Suit 2: Well, he did assault a politician and considered extremely dangerous. If you see him, please do the right thing for your family and report this to Councilman Kore, himself. He will make the proper arrangements and get your son the help he needs.

Brandon's Father soon comes to the door.

Brandon's Dad: Is there an issue here?

Man in Suit: Not at all. We were just leaving.

Man in Suit 2: We're sorry for causing any disturbances. We'll come again some other time.

The first man hands Brandon's mom a business card.

Man in Suit: But if you do see him, please let us know.

The two men then take off, leaving the front of the house and getting into a black car. They then drive away. Brandon's parents look at each other before closing the door. They turn to the living room.

Brandon's Mom: Okay, they're gone.

Brandon then steps out from the hallway and into the living room.

Brandon: Thanks, guys.

Brandon's Dad: You can thank us by explaining why we've been getting cops and shady guys coming by our door all day and night.

Brandon's Mom: Lewis, isn't it obvious? Brandon got set up for some kind of crime.

Lewis: Well uh, yeah but- still. Do we have to ground you again? I know we said we'd give you space when doing your hero thing and that I also said you should give people a piece of your mind when they try picking a fight with you but I didn't mean to hit someone in the government!

Brandon: It's not what it looks like. Seriously. I'm being set up by a powerful enemy of mine. It's not safe for me anywhere especially here. But I had to come. Not for my sake but- well- um... okay, one second.

Brandon runs back into the hallway and soon comes back with Lucy.

Brandon's Mom: Who's-

Brandon: This is Lucy. She's well- it's complicated. Let's just say we're related.

Lewis: O-kay...

Brandon: She's 13 and she really needs a place to stay. Someone to look after her, treat her well. The guys and I aren't at our best and, well, she deserves better. I wouldn't ask if I didn't have any other options.

Lewis: Brandon.

Brandon's Mom places a hand on his dad's shoulder.

Lewis: (sigh) Okay. I guess if it's okay with your mother, she can stay.

Brandon's Mom: And it's okay with me.

She kneels down before Lucy and looks at her.

Brandon's Mom: So you're Lucy, huh? You must be pretty hungry.

Lucy: I guess so...

Brandon's Mom: Well, you're just in time for dinner. Don't worry, we'll look after you.

Brandon's Mom gets up and sees Brandon leaving.

Brandon's Mom: Brandon Lewis Tennyson. I know you're not about to go outside without saying goodbye.

Brandon, turning around, scratching the back of his neck nervously: S-Sorry, Mom. I just didn't want you guys to worry.

Lewis: You know you'll just worry Edith more if you sneak off again.

Edith: Just be careful out there. The world was always a dangerous place for a boy like you but now it's gotten even more dangerous. Everyone will be looking for you. You'll have to know who to trust.

Brandon: I know... I promise I'll prove myself innocent so you two won't have to worry anymore.

Lewis: That's all we ask, son. That's all we ask.

Lewis and Edith then walk off into the kitchen.

Lucy, turning over to Brandon: Why do I have to stay here? I mean, these people- your parents. They seem nice but I want to be with you and the team.

Brandon: Hey, you'll always have a place on the team. You're one of us now. But you're still a kid and I have to do the responsible thing here. They'll look after you while you look after the town. Though, you might need a better name than Masked Girl.

Lucy: (chuckle) I'll work on it. So we can still do hero things together, right?

Brandon: Totally. Just watch out for them too, okay? They're my family, after all.

Lucy: About that.

Brandon: Hm?

Lucy: When I was created from the cloning chamber, I was supposed to consider Melinda and the other sister warriors as my family. That was my programming as a ninja, I guess. But when you came to Planet X, you taught me about choice and how I chose for myself and be the person that I want to be. So I'll always consider them as my family but I'd like to think that you all are my family too.

Brandon smiles.

Brandon: Yeah, I'd like to think so too.

He then rubs Lucy's head, messing up her hair.

Lucy, annoyed: Hey!

Brandon laughs as Lucy tries fixing her hair again.

Brandon: I'll catch you around, cuz'.

Brandon then goes back into the hallway, disappearing from sight. Lucy looks up, surprised but glad at the same instance.

Lucy: See you, Brandon. (smirks)

The scene then cuts to a dark room where monitors are seen. The Conqueror's Droid, disguised as a secretary, examines the monitors whilst the Conqueror, himself, stands by her.

The Conqueror: Anything?

Conqueror Droid: The police have failed to apprehend Brandon 10 and his associates. However, they were successful in apprehending criminals associated with a measly organization known as the Devastation Gang as well as their leader, Clifford Katsugo also known as the Demolition Man. There are also sightings that he is working with a new individual. One with powers much similar to his own.

The Conqueror: (groans) That can be a problem. Nevertheless, the security drones will be more than capable of ending what little hope they have for going against me.

Conqueror Droid: Sir, an inquiry.

The Conqueror: What is it?

Conqueror Droid: Is it wise to keep the female away from the attention of the police? She will most likely return to helping them.

The Conqueror: Hm... the girl. Keep an eye on her from a distance, of course, if you can. But be sure not to damage her too much. She may be of more value than I initially thought.

On the screen, an image of Sarah is seen as well as a reflection of the Conqueror grinning in a sinister manner.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Brandon and the team adjust to a new lifestyle in hiding
  • Brandon and the team relocate to an abandoned building hideout
  • Lucy returns from Planet X and joins the team

Minor Events

  • Brandon will start to train Lucy on how to be a hero


  • Brandon
  • Coco
  • Sarah
  • Lucy
  • Police Captain (First Appearance)
  • Lewis Tennyson (First Re-Appearance)
  • Edith Tennyson (First Re-Appearance)
  • Stephanie Bills (First Appearance)
  • Citizens


  • The Conqueror
  • Clifford Katsugo/Demolition Man (First Appearance)
    • The Devastation Gang (First Appearance)

Aliens Used


  • When Coco's Car breaks down after the police chase, he and Brandon hide the car behind a billboard advertising real estate. This was a reference to Marty McFly hiding the Delorean in Back to the Future.
  • When the Devastation Gang member says "Get off my train" to Flex it was an allusion to the line "Get off my plane" from the 1997 movie, Air Force One.
  • Flex using his body to slow down the train was an allusion to Spider-Man stopping the train in Spider-Man 2.
  • Demolition Man's real name, Clifford Katsugo, is a reference to both Katsuki Bakugo and his English voice actor, Clifford Chapin.


  • This is the first episode of the second story pod for the season.
  • Unknown Road makes it's re-appearance since the Reboot.
    • However, according to this episode, apparently it also made a appearance in Alien Force.
  • There were plenty of references in this episode to previous episodes from not only this season but from the previous shows as well.
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