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Ren Tennyson is the main protagonist of Ren 10:Equinox. He is Ben Tennyson's adopted brother and is the wielder of the Eonotrix.


Ren is sometimes a wise guy,as quoted by Gwen. He comes up with jokes and puns while battling, and gives nicknames to villians(Ex.Sunder-Mullethead). He is cocky at times, but knows when to be serious. He quotes he will stop at nothing to protect the ones he loves.


Ren's signature style is a black T-shirt under a blue jacket with the Omnitrix symbol where Ben's 10 is. He wears black pants and blue Converse shoes. There is also a special feature inside his jacket,eyes,shoes,and Eonotrix where if he turns into Beastazoid(a soon-to-be featured Eonotrix alien),the mentioned objects turn orange because Beastazoid is enraged by the color blue.

Family and Friends

Carl and Sandra Tennyson:Adopted Parents

Ben Tennyson:Adopted Brother

Gwen Tennyson:Adopted Cousin

Artix:Necrofriggian Friend





  • Ren is 11 years old.
  • Ren's favorite alien is Spikosaur(a future Ren 10 alien).
  • Ren is said to have a annoying related cousin named Ferrel.
  • He has trained at the Plumber Academy.
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