Ren Smith is one of the Main characters of Zane Miller 10

Ren Smith
General Information
Species 2/4 Human, 1/4 Osmosian, 1/4 Anodite
Age 16
Affiliations Zane's Team
Occupation(s) Student
IGPC member
Powers and abilities
Abilities See powers
Equipment Jacket
IGSP badge
Relatives Unknown
Alias Ren (by most)
Smith (By Conor)
Alternate Counterparts Unknown
First Appearance Zane Miller + 10


Ren is a tall, slim teenager. His skin is rather pale. He's not very fit and doesn't have an athletic body. His face is oval, maybe a little squared. He has black messy hair that's not too long. He has blue eyes and small eyebrows. A long but small nose as well. He wears a dark red hoodie with White bits and a grey T-Shirt underneath it. He also has a pair of Dark blue jeans and black shoes.


Ren is a pretty chill dude. He tries to enjoy the most in life. He can be very picky at times and often is indecisive. He loves a good laugh and often throws out jokes. He tries to take the easy way, the one with less work. He's more focused on the now rather than the later.


Being 1/4 Anodite grants Ren mana manipulation as well as mana absorption and detection. He also possesses some level of Telekinesis. His osmosian side allows him to absorb different materials and transform his hands into weapons of his choice. The absorption of a material also makes him as durable as the material.


His body is not strong in general, giving him a tough time while fighting. If he gets hit with a more powerful punch or a blast, his body could turn back to normal if he had previously absorbed a material. Also not having the full powers of an anodite makes him struggle with his powers.


Zane Miller 10


  • He has the same Last name as John
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