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Reginald Darwin Johnson
General Information
Species Human E.V.O.
Age 16
Affiliations Deadly Dragon Gang
Team Rex
Providence Defect Group (Ally)
Ben's Team (Ally)
Occupation(s) Hero
Powers and abilities
Abilities Shapeshifting
Equipment Pocket Knife
Relatives Akira Kazami (Love interest)
Alias Copy Cat (Kevin)
Voice Actor No Have
First Appearance Hero Times Two

Ren Johnson is a young E.V.O (short for Exponentially Variegated Organism; a person infected with active nanites)


Ren has short, black, messy hair and black eyes.


  • Ren will eat almost anything except Japanese tea, which he compares to sweaty socks.
  • Ren resembles a teenage version of Kevin Levin when he was eleven years old in Ben 10, but with shorter and messier hair, black eyes, a scar on his left cheek and a dragon tattoo on his left shoulder, the black studded arm bands, brown cargo shorts, and the padlock necklace are replaced by black fingerless gloves, reddish brown 3/4 pants, and a brown belt that is wrapped around his neck with two military dog tags around it, he also wears socks and he is a leader of a gang.

Similarities and Differences with Kevin Levin and Ryuji Maruyama[]

  • Ren has many similarities to Kevin Levin:
    • Both have delinquent personalities, but are good persons at heart.
    • Both share a friendly rivalry with the hero (Ren with Rex in Generator Rex and Kevin with Ben in Ben 10: Alien Force).
    • Both have black as their color scheme.
    • Both are in love with the female main character (Ren with Akira and Kevin with Gwen).
    • Both have black eyes (as Kevin's real eye color wasn't visible in the sequels of Ben 10, despite it was dark brown).
      • Both have dark discolored marks around their eyes (Though Kevin had his disappeared in Ben 10: Alien Force and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, only to get them back in Ben 10: Omniverse).
  • Ren also has many differences to Kevin:
  • Ren also has many others similarities to Ryuji Maruyama:
    • Both have delinquent personalities.
    • Both are short-tempered.
    • Both ride in motorcycles.
    • Both have a gang of their own. (Though Ryuji had left his in between Ben 10 and Ben 10: Alien Force).
  • Ren also has many differences with Ryuji:
  • Ren also shares many similarities with both Kevin and Ryuji:
    • All three have black hair.
  • Ren also shares many differences with both Kevin and Ryuji:
    • Kevin and Ryuji switched sides from bad to good as the series progresses, while Ren remained good.

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