This series takes place in an alternate dimension, where Ren, an ordinary 12-year old, gets sold an
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Awesomatrix, a combination of an Omnitrix and an Ultimatrix, mistaking it for a watch, now, Ren, his brother, Sam, his friend, Verna, and his uncle, Will, must work together to fight aliens, monsters, and robbers, while, also discovering the secrets of the Awesomatrix. This is Ren 10. (Man, this paragraph has a lot of commas in it)


This series has been discontinued. If you wish to see new Ren 10 adventures, check out the reboot that promises to be even more awesome.


Ren- the main protagonist of Ren 10 and wearer of the Awesomatrix, he is a rather laid-back guy who would rather play video games, then, save the world. However, he does enjoy turning into aliens (well, most of the times). He always wears sunglasses (even in home), shorts and a T-Shirt.

Sam- Ren’s older brother, whose uptight and stern self contracts with Ren’s laid-back attitude. He always wears his school uniform (even though, school already ended), and always angered when his room is messed up in the simplest way. Ren usually mocks Sam by calling him, “Stimpy.”

Verna- Ren’s best friend, who’s not as uptight as Sam yet not as laid-back as Ren. Verna, usually, hangs around Ren’s house to play video games with him and dresses like a tomboy. However, she does help out with Ren on his “alien missions.”

Will- Ren and Sam’s uncle, whom takes care of Ren and Sam since their mom and dad “disappeared.” He allows Ren to leave the house and go alien. He always acts so mysterious, but I’m sure it won’t come up in the show. Uncle Will has a habit of forgetting Verna’s name.

Squidface- the main antagonist of the series, he is the cruel (well, not really), menacing (not that much) tyrant whose life goal to get rule the universe. That’s why he worked hard to get the Awesomatrix, so that he can use it to... well, you already know.


Original Ten

  1. Swampfire
  2. Wildmutt
  3. Humongousaur
  4. Echo Echo
  5. Cannonbolt
  6. Big Chill
  7. Diamondhead
  8. Grey Matter
  9. Eye Guy
  10. Goop

Unlocked Aliens

  1. Ultimate Swampfire (Unlocked in "Attack of the Giant Frogs")
  2. Ultimate Big Chill (Unlocked in "Motorcycle Love")
  3. Ultimate Humongousaur (Unlocked in "Squidface Becomes A Threat (Part 2)")
  4. Fourarms (Unlocked in "Inside the Null Void")


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Ben 10: Return of Aggregor

A more smaller crossover that also features characters from Kurt 10, Brian 10, The Omni-Knights, and Remember Celestial?.


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