Remember Celestial? is a series by Rocketslug.



A boy named Tool Kane was always plagued by voices. They kept telling him what to do. His single mother never did anything about it. Whenever he asked about his father she would say, "Remeber Celestial?". When Tool turned 16 he learned that his father was a Celstialsapien. A strange villain called Amicus had created a plot to destroy the Forge of Creation. He teams up with a Megawhatt, a Pyronite, a Lepidopterran, a Talpaedan, a Crystalsapien, and an Ectonurite to stop Amicus from destroying all of crosstime.


  • Tool Kane- Half Celetialsapien Half Human Male
  1. Pacis- Voice of war Male
  2. Bellum- Voice of Peace Female
  3. Deficio - Voice of Success Male
  4. Prosperitas - Voice of failure Female
  5. Consilium- Voice of Wisdom and Harmony Male
  • Igniculusia (Iggy)- Megawhatt Female
  • Conglacior- Pyronite Female
  • Oleo- Lepidopterran Male
  • Uiuus- Ectonurite Male
  • Silex- Crystalsapien Female
  • Sedo- Taelpadean Male


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  • The town that Tool's house and the cave is located in is called Monty Hills
  • Tool and Oleo both attend Monty Hills School of the Arts- Tool for Visual Arts and Oleo for Cinematography.
  • Tool can move around because he has an odd number of voices.

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