Rem has magenta like skin with black spots on her hands, feet, and tail.


Rem is a very stubborn, ambitious, and passionate individual. She sometimes finds it difficult to trust people, but when you become her friend, she would take a bullet for you without hesitation. You can always rely on her, she is very loyal towards people close to her.


Rem came from a poor, but happy family. Her life was changed when the mafia group called Scarlet Scorpions killed her father in front of her eyes. She was forced to join the gang and her mother was used as a hostage to her obey. She was trained to become a fighter and a stealthy hitman. When she was in the gang she was able to learn how to use her speed as an advantage in combat. She was able to get higher in the ranks by doing awful actions. At some point, her mother had caught a fatal illness and eventually passed away. however, the group hid this from Rem and kept manipulating her. But one day she found out the truth and left the Scorpions as there was nothing holding her there. Rem suffering from grief traveled a lot and hid from a lot of people. During one of her journeys, she met a friendly plumber who convinced Rem to join the academy. She accepted to make up for her past crimes, help bring justice to the world, and get revenge.


  • Flight- Rem can extend her arms to allow her to fly and can do so at great speeds with the help of energy propulsion. At times, Rem can even hit hyperspeed while flying, but can only do so in space due to the wind resistance of most planets.
  • Hyperspace Entrance- Rem's high-speed flight can allow her to go into hyperspace. Which means she can travel across interstellar distances in moments.
  • Underwater and Land Survivability- Rem has the ability to breathe underwater and on land.
  • Neuroshock Blasts- Rem can shoot neuroshock beams from her eyes and his tail.
  • Space Survivability- Rem is able to hold enough air/water in her body to survive in space for a long while.


  • Rem is a little claustrophobic.
  • Rem was created by Hekate
  • His art was done by Xavier Pokedex which we have the permission of using.
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