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Relics and Aliens is the first episode in Sierra 10.

Sierra 10
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date Feb. 17, 2012
Written by
Episode Guide
The Power of Magic


Sierra is put on the challenge of her life to obtain the Relictrix.


-Sierra was walking down a street-

-the street was quiet-

Sierra: Hello?

Voice: Sierra! Unlock it.

Sierra: Unlock what?

Voice: Unlock the temple gate!

-Sierra ran, and was in a forest-

Sierra: What the heck?

-she kept running, and was now alongside a canyon-

Voice: Unlock the door! Free your power!

Sierra: Uh... -a door appeared before her-

The Door: Free me, the Relictrix. And free The One.

-Sierra fell into the canyon-

-she grabbed onto a branch-

-the branch began to break-


Theme Song

-Sierra woke up from her dream and pressed the snooze button on her alarm clock-

Sierra: What a dream...

Later at lunch...

Some Random Kid: FOOD FIGHT!

Sierra: I'm out of here!

-Sierra ran out of the cafeteria and into the hallway-

-Veneficus stood there-

(Veneficus): You will be the twenty-second person in this galaxy to perish!

-suddenly Sierra was teleported away-

Sierra: The door is back...


-the Relictrix appeared on Sierra's wrist-

Sierra: What's with the door then?

-some villains appear out of it-

Villains: We are the Psychos!

Psycho Blue: I'm the most powerful one!

Psycho Red: No, I am!

-Sierra was back at the hallway-

Sierra: Is this real!?

-Veneficus threw a sharp stick at Sierra-

Sierra: Ahh!

-Sierra was protected by a Nanochip-

Nanochip: I am the Thousandth!

Sierra: -she presses the Relictrix and transforms into Oxygenetic-

(Oxygenetic): I should reshape myself....

-Oxygenetic suddenly reverted.-

Sierra: Aww....

-Veneficus threw some sleep dust at Sierra.-

Sierra: I don't feel so good....


Later at Veneficus's Hangout....

-Sierra and The K were strapped to a tree-

Sierra: Venefius, you've spent 100,000 years looking for a device that transforms you into aliens? Don't you find that farfetched?

Veneficus: You've done it yourself!

-Sierra looked at the Relictrix on Veneficus's wooden table-

Sierra: I need to stop him....

The K: Throw me at it!

-Sierra slipped free-

The K: Or that.

-Veneficus knocked The K out with his broom-

Sierra: Veneficus, throw down he broom.


-Sierra put on the Relictrix and transformed into Weaponizer-

Weaponizer: I can destroy you! Wait, checking for viruses..... None.

-Weaponizer changed her left hand to a flail-

Veneficus: Ooh pretty flai-

-Weapnoizer knocked Veneficus out and set the mystical treehouse on fire with her right flamethrower arm-

Weaponizer: I got to get out of here!

-Weaponizer reverted and picked up The K-

Sierra: I better get out of here.....

-the Relictrix scanned The K, and Sierra was Nanomech-

Nanomech: Wait... I can fly!

-Nanomech picked up The K and flew away-




  • Sierra
  • The Thousandth
  • Crow
  • Veneficus
  • Random Kid
  • Psychos

Aliens Used[]


  • Nanomech
  • Weaponizer
  • Oxygenetic