Mutant Drake
Season 2, Episode 9
Air date 2/20/17
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Beware the Ryder
Relationships is the twenty-second episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


In a town, still for now, the sky is dark but its blue getting lighter as time passes by. There are various short buildings and shops lined up along the worn out street. The buildings looks old and definitely abandoned, with one of the windows on a building being broken and a door busted down for another. The town is quiet with only the wind howling softly.

Miles City
January 7, 6:48 EDT

The scene cuts over to a building with a receding side wall, creating a small area underneath. The rest of the wall is not receding and covers the small area; it is also supported by beams projecting upwards. The building, itself, isn't too tall, however. In the small area, the news van is seen parked, with its back doors open. John is seen sitting on the edge of the van's floor, his feet touching the ground as he examines his blaster. Kate enters the small area from the alleyway at the side of the building, her red satchel hung across her shoulder.

Kate, approaching the van: Still haven't seen Drake around anywhere. It's been about an hour now, John.

John, without looking away: I wouldn't worry about him too much. He is pretty durable.

Kate: You mean able to withstand pressure from others?

John: That. And the fact that he can walk away from an attack that can pretty much cripple an average person.

Kate: You don't think there are any Mutants out there, do you?

John: It's a possibility but I doubt it. Maybe a stray or two but nothing Drake can't handle.

Kate looks back at the alleyway, looking unsure of herself. John looks up from the blaster and looks at her for a short moment.

John, breaking the silence: So uh- what did you do out there?

Kate turns back to John, as if snapping out of something.

Kate: Oh, um- nothing much. Just checked the shops for anything we can use.

Kate reaches into her satchel and removes a tin can with a red wrapper around it.

Kate: Found a can of beans out there, among other things.

John: Great, we could use it. There wasn't much supplies in Rapid City- especially with all those stragglers.

Kate: Whatcha working on?

John: Huh? (looks down at blaster) Oh, just the MCA Blaster. (looking up at Kate) I kinda broke it when I took down that mercenary so I'm trying to get it to fire normally again... (looking downwards towards the ground) among other things.

Kate: No luck still?

John: Nothing. These Mutants, whatever they are, are practically untraceable. They use a science facility as some sort of base of operations then, as soon as we find it, they're gone in the wind. We're seriously running out of leads on this one and there's just nothing I can do about it.

Kate: Hey, don't beat yourself up about this. You're doing the best you can. I mean we've been here for about- what? A week? And you've been working practically everyday since we got here.

John: Still, I can't stop but feel like it's not enough. I guess I am working myself too hard.

Kate: Why don't we do something? Get your mind off of work.

John: But what about the Mutants?

Kate: We'll find them, together, all of us. But that doesn't mean we have to work nonstop without finding results.

John: Is that some news work advice you've got there?

Kate: Something like that. (smirks)

The sound of loud footsteps are heard approaching them. As Kate turns around to look, John looks up, gripping his blaster in hand. Drake then appears around the corner, running into the small area.

Kate: Drake? Is something wrong?

Drake: Yeah, we need to go.

John: Why? What's up?

Drake: I found something.

Title Sequence

The scene is now focusing on an armored truck driving through a dry mesa, the sky is now brighter with the sun out but just after rising. There is a slight orange color mixed in with the sky as well. There are various rock structures around the mesa, some forming canyons while others are independent buttes and tent rocks.

The Badlands
January 7, 8:23 EDT

The news van is seen driving behind the armored truck, as if in pursuit. Inside the van, John is seen in the driver's seat, driving, while Kate is in the passenger seat, holding onto the side as the van rocks along the surface.

Kate: How much further are we going to be chasing after these guys? We've been driving for nearly an hour already.

John, driving: I don't know but Drake says it's important and this is pretty much our only lead.

The scene shows the news van continuing to chase after the armored truck which appears to pull to the side and stop. The news van also stops; a good distance away from the armored truck. Men in grey armor wearing black helmets emerge from the truck, armed with advanced weaponry.

John: Looks like soldiers.

Kate: Not just soldiers. It's those Infinite Darkness guys again.

John: Not Mutant-related... but it's something. Come on.

John exits from the van followed by Kate. They make their way to the back of the van in which the back doors are already open and Drake emerges from the van as well, dressed in his Vigilante Suit.

Drake: What happened?

John: I dunno, they just stopped.

Drake: They must have found them.

Kate: Who's them?

Drake: I was watching from the roofs back in the town. Saw them chasing after someone. A Mutant, I think.

Kate: Look!

Drake and John go around the van where Kate is standing now and see a teenager wearing an orange jacket with black pants and white sneakers running away from the Infinite Darkness soldiers.

Infinite Darkness Soldier: Stay still, freak!

The Infinite Darkness soldiers fire at him with their weapons but he dodges and hides away a rock, although the laser fire starts breaking apart at the rock. The teen, now seen closer, has brown, drooped down hair but no eyes; just face where his eyes should be. His ears are also slightly big and pointy.

Mutant Teen, holding his head and covering his ears: Just leave me alone, leave me alone, leave me alone-

He gets up and turns to face the men still firing at him.

Mutant Teen, yelling: Leave me. Alone!

A large amount of energy then emits from the teen's chest, throwing him back slightly as the blast impacts with the ground around the men, throwing two of them into the air. One of the soldiers looks at another laying on the ground, groaning. He then turns back and lifts up a heavy-looking weapon into view, resembling a launcher of some sort. He then pulls the trigger and a small metallic, circular object is launched from the weapon and hits the ground, rolling slowly towards the Mutant Teen who looks down at it, still breathing hard, as if in recovery. Smoke is also seen leaving his chest where a hole is now seen in the center of his jacket. As the smoke clears, a large eye is seen on his chest through the ripped opening in his shirt. The object then quickly pops small speakers out of its curved sides and emits a high-pitched frequency that leaves the Mutant Teen dropping to his knees, covering his ears while yelling out. The scene cuts back to Drake and the others, watching from the distance.

Drake: I have to help him.

Kate: Are you sure you want to go up against these guys again, Drake? They fought pretty hard.

Drake: Someone has to. And there aren't as many as last time, Kate. I can handle this.

Drake runs towards them while both Kate and John remain by the van. The scene cuts to Drake running forwards, his fists clenched as his arms swing from side to side. He runs up the side of a big rock and jumps off the edge onto the back of an Infinite Darkness soldier. They both then drop to the ground. Another soldier turns to Drake who gets up.

Infinite Darkness Soldier: We've got another freak!

The soldier lifts his weapon upwards and aims for Drake who throws his arm out as he activates his blade-form. An energy blast then emits from the weapon and impacts with the blade which seems to contain the blast. The Infinite Darkness Soldier looks up, shocked. Drake then redirects the blast back at the soldier who is knocked back and falls unconscious. Drake lowers his blade-arm and looks around as more soldiers approach him. Drake then runs towards them and slices at one of the soldiers' weapon. The two seem to wrestle with control but Drake manages to knock the weapon out of the man's hands and elbow him in the face, knocking him out. The other soldiers then fire at him. Drake uses his blade to deflect the laser fire that hits it while a couple of stray shots hit his shoulder, leaving a small sizzle on the armor.

Infinite Darkness Soldier: We've got him now! Keep firing.

Drake struggles to hold the attacks off. He looks up slightly and sees a large rock structure behind the soldiers. He then tilts his blade-arm upwards slightly, reflecting the condensed laser fire at the rock structure, which weakens and starts to crumble. The Infinite Darkness soldiers then stop firing as a shadow overcomes them. He then turn around and see the rock formation crumbling down over them. They then run to avoid the oncoming rocks, some even dropping their weapons. Drake, himself, throws his arm down and gets behind a boulder for cover as smaller rocks fly past him. When the dust clears, Drake gets up and looks around and sees the soldiers running towards some of their armored trucks. Drake goes after them but a blast off-view impacts in front of one of the armored trucks, stopping some of the soldiers from getting there. They then turn back and go another way, towards more trucks which were hidden behind more rock structures. Drake turns his head and sees John pointing his unstable MCA blaster in which smoke emits from the end piece as if it was recently fired. The blaster then starts sparking up causing John to drop it on the ground. Drake turns back and sees the trucks already driving off. The scene then cuts over to the Mutant with no eyes still holding his head in pain as the device continues emitting a high-pitch frequency. A boot then comes down on the device, crushing it and silencing the frequency. The teen then lets go off his head and looks up slightly dazed, seeing Drake standing before him.

Mutant Teen, getting up: T-Thanks. Who are you?

Drake: I'm just trying to help. Are you okay?

Mutant Teen: Yeah. Those guys have been chasing me for days. I was alright then until one slip-up later and now this happens. I guess you're different too.

Drake: Yeah... (changing the subject) It looks like they got away.

Mutant Teen: I'm not the only one. I was them stuffing another kid inside one of their trucks. Like that. (points)

Drake turns around and looks at the armored truck by a small crater in front of it, still sizzling from the blast impact. The scene skips ahead later from inside of the truck. It's dark and hard to make out anything. The darkness is then overcome with light as Drake opens the flaps. He looks inside, with a more intense expression. Inside, there are various people bound by energy cuffs, some with distinguishing physical traits indicating that they're Mutants. The Mutants turn to Drake, some of them looking worried while the others turn to each other. One of them looks up at Drake and looks surprised. He's wearing an open blue, buttoned shirt over a grey t-shirt. His hair is brown and his eyes are also brown.

Teen: Whoa, it's the Vigilante.

The girl sitting next to him looks up. She's wearing a yellow jacket over a red shirt. She has brown hair and brown eyes too. Drake looks closer as he leans in slightly.

Drake: Fionna?

The scene then cuts to later on, with the Mutants now standing outside of the truck, unbounded. The knocked out Infinite Darkness soldiers are bound by the cuffs instead and leaning against the armored truck, still unconscious. Hands using a small key-shaped device are seen coming into the shot as they interact with the energy cuffs, creating small blue sparks until the cuffs are disabled. The view moves upwards, showing the now unbounded hands belonging to Fionna.

Fionna, holding her wrists: Ow.

John: Sorry, (lifting the device into view) this thing isn't really used for unlocking handcuffs. 

Fionna: Well, thanks anyways.

Drake: Fionna, what are you doing here? I thought you had to stay with your people at Secret City.

Fionna: I did but it's stable enough for me to go after the men who took the ones that are missing.

Drake: By getting yourself taken?

Fionna: I needed them to take me to the place where they're putting Mutants like us.

Drake: What do you mean? There's a place where they put Mutants?

Fionna: I heard it from one of the other Mutants. Small talk going around about a facility.

Drake: Do you know where it is?

Fionna: Not really. I mean, that's why I wanted them to take me there. But maybe it was meant to be.

Drake: What was?

Fionna: For us to work together, to save the rest of the Mutants. Unless you have something else to do or something-

Drake: No. I said I would be there if you needed help so that's what I'm doing. We'll find the other Mutants, together.

Fionna smiles softly. The scene cuts again now showing the van, the sky is still bright but there are more clouds in sight this time. Inside the van, John is seen seated at the computer station, using the desk as some sort of workstation as he works on a small device. Drake and Fionna are seen seated on the bench while Kate is standing outside, looking inside.

Fionna: What are you working on?

John: Something that should help you with your powers.

Kate: How? We didn't even know she would be here. Right?

John: It's not exactly meant for her. It was just something I was working on for anyone with Mutant abilities. After all the ones we keep running into, I figured we could test it out. Call it a hobby.

Fionna: You met other Mutants?

Drake: Just a few but they had their own places to be.

Fionna: I guess I can understand that. These other Mutants, the ones that were taken, they don't have anywhere else to go. Me and Mother are the only hope they have at surviving out here.

Drake: How is she?

Fionna: She's- alright. Fine, actually.

Kate: So where do you think the Mutants were taken? You mentioned a facility, right?

Fionna: Yes. But I don't know where it is.

John, still working on the device: It has to be close. No way they would chase a Mutant to the other side of the country and head back.

The van shakes slightly.

John, still working but turning his head slightly: Can you guys not rock the van, please? (turns back to the device)

Drake, ignoring John's comment: Do you remember anything else?

Fionna: Nothing useful, I think.

John, still working on the device: I'll check some sources and see if there's any known facilities nearby.

Kate: Sources? From where?

John, stopping: Uh- y'know the database and scans.

Drake looks over from John to Kate who continues looking at John.

Kate, skeptically: Right. Okay then.

The van shakes again, more than before.

John, putting his tools down and turning to the others: Seriously.

Fionna: It wasn't us, man. Maybe it was an earthquake. We had to deal with that a lot, being underground and all.

The van shakes once more. Kate, nearly looses her balance, and holds onto the side of the van steadily. Drake gets up and puts his goggles on.

Drake, moving out of the van, to Fionna: Stay here.

Drake leaves the van and walks away from it, looking around. There is nothing in sight but the various rock structures in the badlands around them.

Kate: See anything?

Drake: Not yet...

Drake continues walking outwards until a figure lands before him, the impact creating a dust cloud around Drake. Drake extends his hand out, blocking the dust from hitting his face but it doesn't really appear to bother him. As the dust clears, Drake lowers his arm and takes a step back.

Drake: What are you doing here?

The humanoid figure steps forwards from the clearing dust and is shown to be Emmett in his Leviathan suit.

Emmett: Good to see you too, Drake.

Kate runs over to them, looking surprised.

Kate: Emmett?

Emmett: Hey, Kate.

Kate: You weren't kidding about dropping by. How did you know we were here?

Emmett: Oh I was around and heard some people talking about the Vigilante. I had a feeling it was probably just a rumor but I hoped it wouldn't be. Good thing I checked it out, huh?

Drake: Not really. We're looking into something right now.

Emmett: It doesn't have anything to do with Anton Reeves, does it?

Drake: What do you know about him?

Emmett: Uh pretty much everything since he's my main competitor. He's also been trying to merge with company.

Kate: I thought you were trying to get away from your company.

Emmett: I have but it's kinda hard when I see R-Corp stuff around here. Which is weird because-

Kate: He's based in Philadelphia?

Emmett: Yeah. I guess you guys are looking into that then.

Drake: This is different but Reeves has been working with a general. Giving him machines.

Emmett: That's his main export. It just doesn't make any sense why he's doing business out here.

Kate: You wouldn't happen to know where his business is done, right? Any facilities in the area?

Emmett: There is a facility close by. I heard some men talking about a site in Helena.

Drake: That must be where the other Mutants are.

Emmett: Other Mutants? You mean there are more people like us?

Kate: It's a long story.

Drake: Come on, we need to get there and get those Mutants out of there.

Drake heads back to the news van, entering through the back before closing the doors behind him. Kate turns from the van to Emmett who shrugs and goes to the van as well. Kate follows Emmett as the two of them move around the van towards the front; Kate getting in on the driver's side while Emmett gets in on the passenger side. A moment later, the van starts up and starts to drive out of the badlands. The scene then transitions over to a mountainous landscape with a river. The sky is now more blue, more bright and has more clouds around, even blocking the sun.

Gates of the Mountains
January 7, 15:00 EDT

The news van is seen down a dirt road, approaching the mountain-like area. Inside the van, Kate is seen driving while Emmett is looking out of the windows, his expression in awe and his mask removed.

Emmett: Wow.

Kate, driving: What is it?

Emmett: Just the fact that I'm actually out here, looking at this. Sights I never thought I would be see; mountains, canyons, cities. I would've never gotten to see this if I stayed where I was. It's kinda hard to explain but uh-

Kate: Yeah, I understand. Leaving the city was hard for me but the experience is sometimes just- unbelievable.

Emmett, turning back to the windows: ...We're getting close, I think.

Kate: How can you tell?

Emmett: That kinda gives it away. (points)

Kate looks in the direction that Emmett is pointing. A gate of some kind is seen in which an Infinite Darkness soldier is seen standing in front of, as if guarding. The van then stops and backs up slightly before turning into the trees and disappearing into the forest. The news van then parks in a small clearing. The back doors open and Fionna emerges from the van, looking around.

Fionna: We shouldn't waste any time.

John, coming out of the van with something in his hands: Wait, can you at least try the device first?

Fionna: I don't need it. Never had to rely on machines before. Just supplies and instinct.

John: It won't hurt to try.

Fionna looks at John irritated then exhales and snatches the device from John's hands.

Fionna: Fine, how's this work again?

John: Just strap it around your chest and activate it by pressing against the center button. It'll amp up your mutated cells and make your fiery transition a lot more smoother.

Fionna: So how does a guy who works on computers in a van able to make something like this? John: Trust me, the answer is far too complicated to even explain.

Fionna dismisses John and holds the device up to her chest, securing it with a strap. The device, now seen clearly, is a small, circular machine with an orange and black color scheme.

John: You're not gonna try it out?

Fionna: (scoffs) And burn down the forest and blow our cover?

John: Good point...

Fionna turns and starts to approach the trees, exiting the clearing. John heads back to the van where Drake is still seen sitting on the bench, looking down. His foot is tapping.

John, noticing: Hey, Drake. You alright, man?

Drake, looking up: Yeah, I'm fine. Just- feeling something, that's all.

John: Well, depending on the something, I can probably examine it for you.

Drake: It's not a medical thing, John. I think it's not, anyways. I just- I feel it around Fionna, like I need to look out for her and keep her safe and- (sentence trailing off)

John: Alright, you're just being protective, I guess. Are you sure you should be going alone on this one?

Drake: Yeah, it's fine. I'll be there with Fionna. (looking away) Uh- about her, how is the suit thing? Is it working or- does she need anything out there?

John: She's fine, dude. What about you? I've never seen you act so anxious before.

Drake: I'm not being anxious, John. I'm just feeling not easy around her like there's a pain in my stomach... Maybe it is medical after all.

John: Pretty sure that's just being anxious and that you're in one of those rare moments when you finally start to discover emotions.

Drake: I have emotions...

John: Angry and hungry aside, I think you like her.

Drake: Yeah, I like her, John. I like her, I like you, I like Kate-

John: I mean you like like her.

Drake: Like like her?

John: Y'know... like you uh- feel attracted by her and stuff like that. Maybe even love her.

Drake: What is love?

John: Don't hurt me but surely you must have some sort of idea.

Drake shakes his head.

John: Phew! Well um, love is a feeling that you feel when you're around someone you like- a lot, I mean! Sometimes it's a family thing like me and my sister. I love her because we're family. Then there's the other love where you want to hang out with her forever despite her flaws because you only see the good things about her, (looking off) like how nice she is to you...

Drake: So how do I get rid of these feelings? I can't do what I have to with them around.

John: You don't. You're stuck with them and you should make the best out of it, Drake. You like a girl, this is perfectly natural. And who knows? Maybe she'll like you back and you two can be the best couple in the entire apocalypse.

Drake: Okay, so how do I do that?

John: You're asking the guy, who spends most of his time working with machines on a Friday night, girl advice?

Drake cocks an eyebrows at John.

John: (sighs) Well, luckily for you, I know all the things you have to do from a bunch of old movies I watched.

Drake: Is that really the best uh- advice you can give me?

John: Pretty much, man. Anyways, what you wanna do is compliment her a lot, constantly say nice things about her, uh- get her gifts, doesn't matter what it is as long as its presented nicely, um- and be a gentlemen like say ma'am when talking about her and say please a lot, super formal stuff like that.

Drake: Uh huh... I think I get it.

John: Good. Great, I mean.

Drake, glancing outside: I should probably go. She must be waiting for me.

John: Yeah, sure. You two go do your thing.

Drake gets up from the bench and exits from the van. He walks away from the van, stops then turns back, seeing John checking his tablet in the van.

Drake: John-

John looks up from the tablet and at Drake.

Drake: Thank you... for the advice.

John: I'm with you, Drake, no matter what.

Drake nods then turns back to the trees and leaves the clearing. Drake then emerges from the trees and is at the side of the dirt road where Fionna is seen watching the gate, as if planning something in her mind. She turns to Drake as rustling noises emit from the bushes as he moves through them.

Fionna: I think I found a way around the gate. The sooner we get the rest of the Mutants out of their facility, the less suffering they'll have to go through.

Drake: Right. After you, please.

Fionna glances at Drake briefly then dismisses his comment and continues forwards followed by Drake. The scene then cuts back to the van where John is still seen working on his tablet. Kate is then seen approaching the back of the van, looking inside at John.

John, looking up: Hey. You alright? You took a while in the front.

Kate: No, yeah, I'm fine just- um (dry chuckle) I actually came to uh check up on you. See how you're doing.

John: Yeah. Uh, yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for checking up on me. (chuckle)

Kate: John, what did you mean exactly?

John: What are you talking about?

Kate: That night when we were just hanging out. You said something about our relationship. What did you mean by that?

John: Uh- well, I just meant-

Kate: As friends, right?

John: Yeah, close friends, y'know.

Kate: Yeah... I get it.

John: I guess I just don't want to be that friend that you just watch movies with.

Kate: John, that's why we're friends. I like what you do, it's different and kinda cool.

John: Really?

Kate: Of course, John. Is that what you were so worried about?

John: Something like that...

Kate: Well, if you want to do something aside from watching movies, I'm up for it.

John: Sure. (smiles)

Kate smiles at him then turns back as if about to leave. She then faces John again and smiles again before actually leaving. John then sighs and smiles. The scene then cuts to the front of the van where Kate is seen approaching but is intercepted by Emmett.

Emmett: Kate, we need to talk.

Kate: About?

Emmett: Okay, so I was going to mention this earlier but it looked like you guys were in the middle of something.

Kate: What is it, Emmett?

Emmett: This isn't the only facility I know about.

Kate: What? There's more?

Emmett: One more, actually. You see when I found out about R-Corp shipments all the way out here, I did a little investigating of my own. Turns out the shipments were moved to a facility in Boise. It's a city in Idaho.

Kate: That's a state down. It could take a while to get there and Drake just got in there.

Emmett: I know, that's why I didn't mention it before. But you're available. I figured since you work with the news, you would be interested in helping me uncover what Reeves is up to especially if my company is needed for it.

Kate: Alright. Finding out what's going on in that facility would be best for both of us.

Emmett: Glad we understand each other. Hopefully, they won't mind.

Kate: I'm sure they won't.

John, approaching the front of the van: Kate, uh- I was thinking maybe we could-

John looks up and sees Kate with Emmett, still in his Leviathan suit, however unmasked.

John: What is happening here?

Emmett: John, right? It's nice to actually see you.

John: You're that Vigilante from Philadelphia.

Emmett, looking at Kate: Wait, you guys didn't tell him about me?

Kate: It didn't really come up in conversation.

John: How did he get here?

Kate: We picked him up in the Badlands. He was in the front seat the whole time.

Emmett: Sorry about the shakes. I'm still working on those landings.

John: Huh. Okay- So why exactly are you here?

Emmett: I'm looking into the Anton Reeves' activity around here. I may have found a facility where his shipments are headed to.

John: That's great. We were just at his deal with the general.

Emmett: So I've heard. So should we go and investigate?

Kate: Yeah, let me just get my bag. I think I left it in the back.

Kate approaches the back of the van, leaving John with Emmett. The two of them just stand there, looking around in silence.

John, looking over at Emmett: So... did you know her well in Philly?

Emmett: I feel like I did. She's nice, great company.

John: Really?

Emmett: Yeah. I mean she is your friend.

John: Close friend.

Emmett: Right...

John: How far away is the facility?

Emmett: No need to worry about it, John. I have other methods of transport. Besides, it's a pretty long drive.

John, silently to himself: Drive... (to Emmett) I think I'm gonna check up on Kate really quick.

John turns and rushes over to the back of the van. The scene cuts to the inside where Kate is looking around and sees her red satchel in the corner.

Kate: There you are.

Kate reaches and takes the bag in her hand. She then looks over then stops as if seeing something. The view then shows the thumb drive on the computer station desk, next to John's tablet and some papers. Kate takes the thumb drive in her hand and looks at it. John then enters the view, standing outside of the van.

John: Hey, Kate. Just making sure you're- (sees Kate holding the thumb drive) good...

Kate: John, what's this?

John: It's uh- a thumb drive.

Kate: I know but you never said you had one.

John, sounding anxious: I guess it wasn't that important.

Kate: John... What aren't you telling me? What's on this thing? I know you're not telling me something, John, so what is it?

John: Files, okay? Files about Mutants and facilities and things like that to help us find Owens.

Kate: What? Why didn't you tell me about this? I could have helped.

John: I wanted to tell you but Drake said not to.

Kate: Drake? Why would Drake even have a thumb drive?

John: He said Emmett gave it to him and that he didn't want you to know that he was looking into these things.

Kate: But he's asking me to look into it with him.

John: I don't know what's going on with him, Kate.

Kate: You still should have told me, we're friends, John. We don't keep things from each other.

John: I know. I'm sorry.

Kate sighs then glances at the front of the van.

John: What are you going to do?

Kate: I'm going with him but I'll keep an eye on him. He's up to something apparently, and I won't find out by letting him go alone.

John: Just be careful, alright?

Kate: Yeah.

Kate gives the thumb drive to John then leaves the van with her satchel and walks around the van towards the front where Emmett is still seen waiting for her.

Emmett, seeing Kate return: Oh, you're back. Ready to look into this stuff?

Kate: Yeah, I'm ready...

Emmett: Great. Alright, this might get a bit bumpy.

Emmett tries to put his arm around Kate but she flinches a bit.

Emmett: Hey, are you alright?

Kate: Yeah... Fine.

Emmett: Well, okay then. (smiles)

Emmett puts her arm around Kate and holds onto her closely. He then squats down slightly with Kate having to follow his movements since he is carrying her. He then leaps with the release of the force propelling both of them upwards, creating a small dust cloud behind and moving the van back a smidgen. John is seen getting out of the van and looking up at the sky as both Emmett and Kate disappear into the far distance as they soar through the air. John then looks down and sighs before turning to the inside of the van and seeing the thumb drive on the computer station's desk, the view focusing on it as it blurs the background. The scene then cuts over to the facility on the mountain. The facility is similar in form of a castle or fortress with small towers and structures to keep the facility upright on the mountain slope. It is also surrounded by a fenced perimeter on the side with more ground.

Infinite Darkness Facility Perimeter
January 7, 15:47 EDT

The scene cuts to the mountain slope where both Drake and Fionna are seen hiking up the mountain side's grass surface. Fionna climbs over a large rock and turns back to see Drake trailing behind her. 

Fionna: We need to free those Mutants, Drake. Why are you so far behind me?

Drake, approaching: I heard that females should go before the males.

Fionna: I don't see what that has to do with anything.

Drake looks to the side then catches up with Fionna who was waiting by the rock.

Fionna: It shouldn't be that far. Just watch out for any more of those soldiers.

Fionna continues climbing up the slope which is getting steeper with Drake following closely now. They then reach the fenced perimeter of the facility.

Drake: How do you want to do this?

Fionna: I know a locked place when I see one. Best thing is not to go through the front but the more open part.

Drake: I like it, it's nice.

Fionna glances at Drake oddly then turns back to the facility.

Fionna, sounding slightly annoyed: Come on.

Fionna sneaks around the side of the perimeter with Drake following after her. They then reach the edge of the mountain despite the fence continuing over the edge.

Fionna: There's no way across...

Drake: I've got it.

Drake activates his ax-forms.

Drake: Hold on to me.

Fionna looks at him questionably at first but then wraps her arms around Drake. He then throws his arm out and, using its elasticity, his arm stretches outwards and it chops into the side of the facility over the head of a guard, who does not seem to notice as he passes by, patrolling. Drake then reels himself and Fionna over the edge and they both swing around the facility. The view follows them as the facility appears to rotate until the portion of the facility without a fence is seen.

Fionna: There!

Drake turns his head and uses his other arm to hook onto that portion of the facility. He then reels himself and Kate towards that direction, jerking them out of their previous motion. The jerk also seems to release his grip from the first swing. Both Drake and Fionna then roughly land on a platform. Drake releases his second grip on the facility as both of his stretched out arms reel back to their normal shape before deactivating his form.

Fionna: Nice arms.

Drake: Uh- thanks. You have nice arms too.

Fionna, blushing silently but looking at him strangely: What? (shaking her head) Never mind. (looking at the facility) We just need to get inside now and find the captured Mutants.

Drake: We could look around and-

Fionna: No, there's no time. I might be able to melt through the wall, open a doorway.

Drake: You can do that?

Fionna: I don't know. I never did it before. (looking at Drake) Just watch my back, okay?

Fionna turns to face the facility's wall and rubs her hands together. They then start to dimly glow with a white/yellow color. She then puts her hands to the metallic wall which seems to react as the melt groans softly and starts to distort slowly.

Fionna: I think it's working. (chuckle)

Fionna continues burning through the wall with her hands while Drake looks around. He then turns and looks at Fionna as she's burning. His gaze seems fixated and intrigued on her. An Infinite Darkness then comes from around the corner, armed. He then sees Drake looking in another direction. He then cocks his rifle and aims it at him. Fionna turns and sees the soldier in the corner aiming at Drake who is watching her.

Fionna: Look out!

Drake, snapping out of it, turns and sees the Infinite Darkness soldier about to fire at him. Fionna quickly presses the button on his prototype suit piece which releases a bright yellow pulse within her, almost instantly changing her into her fiery form.

Fionna, changing into her form: AAH!

As soon as her change is finishes, Fionna extends her arms out and releases a wave of flames that impact close to the Infinite Darkness soldier, throwing him back and onto the ground. Fionna then looks down at her arms then turns to Drake who looks slightly surprised at the situation.

Fionna: What is wrong with you?!

Drake: What are you talking about?

Fionna: Ever since we got here, you've been acting really weird around me. Calling me ma'am, constantly complimenting me, watching me instead of doing what I asked- It's creeping me out!

Drake: I'm just- (lost for words) I like you, Fionna, and I don't know how to show it to you.

Fionna stops and looks at Drake, surprised. She then changes back to her normal form.

Fionna: You shouldn't feel like that.

Drake: I know but I was told that feelings are supposed to happen and-

Fionna: No, I mean- you should feel like that, Drake. It's good that you like someone, just not me.

Drake: Why not?

Fionna: I'm different, Drake. I'm not regular person. I'm not even a regular Mutant. There's something wrong with me and I still don't know what it is. Besides, you have goals and something to works towards, I only have a responsibility. I am a responsibility. I take care of the Mutants of Secret City and they take care of me. I belong there. Without it, I'm nothing.

Drake: You're not nothing, Fionna, and you're more than just someone at Secret City. (sighs) Before, I was known as the MCA's Secret Weapon. It was my job to do what I was told and to work with others. That's all I was known for. But I left to see the world, found people who understand me, try to help me to be something better, more-

Fionna: Human? (chuckle) See, that's where we differ.

Drake: Humans and Mutants aren't that different, Fionna.

Fionna: I guess it just depends on who you're thinking about. Drake, I like you but I don't know if I'm ready for whatever you're feeling right now.

Drake: The only thing I'm feeling is wanting you to be safe and alright and by me. And I guess that's no different from how I feel about my friends. I'm still trying to understand what I'm feeling but I know I care about you. If this is-I don't know- "creeping you out"? Then we can free the Mutants and you don't have to see me again.

Fionna glances around before turning back to Drake and sighing.

Fionna: I wouldn't mind just being friends. You understand me, Drake. People like you are hard to come by around Secret City and I don't want to loose that.

Drake: I'm fine with that.

Fionna: Good. Besides, you wouldn't want me around too long. Nobody likes the smell of things burning.

Drake: Actually, I kinda do.

Drake then continues ahead. He then stands before the small opening in the wall, still hot from Fionna's burning methods. He then activates his blade-form and slices through the hole, opening it up wider. While he does this, Fionna looks at Drake, thoughtfully and smiling slightly. The scene then cuts over to a city surrounded by a barrier however not similar to the ones used by the MCA. The sky is darker but still light enough to still be day time.

January 7, 17:22 EDT

Inside the city, a large facility is seen with a fenced perimeter. It has a similar design to the facility from earlier, in Montana, however less fortified and it appears more like a warehouse rather than a fortress. Emmett is then seen landing on the rooftop of the facility with Kate still holding onto him.

Emmett, looking around: Okay. I think this is it.

Kate, letting go of him: Good. I don't know how many more jumps I can take. (tries to balance herself)

Emmett: Sorry.

Emmett looks down and approaches one of the building's skylight windows. Through the window, he can see various Infinite Darkness soldiers, some in uniform while others are unmasked but still wearing their armor. There are also various types of machinery, shelves stacked with different types of weapons and crates being pushed by some soldiers to another room.

Emmett: Kate, I think I found something.

Kate makes her way to the window, eyeing Emmett warily. She then looks down the window at the activity below.

Emmett: What do you make of this?

Kate, sounding hostile: Don't you know?

Emmett, looking at her: Uh- no. Not really. (dry chuckle) That's kinda why I asked you. (looks back down the window)

Kate glares at Emmett then looks back at the activity through the window.

Kate: I don't know. Looks like they're moving weapons around.

Emmett: Probably from that shipment.

Kate, turning to him: Oh, so now you know about the shipment?

Emmett, looking at her: Kate, you and Drake told me about the shipment. Is everything alright?

Kate: No, everything is not alright. I trusted you, Emmett, and you've been lying straight to my face the whole time.

Emmett: (looks around before looking at her again) What are you talking about?

Kate: The thumb drive you gave Drake? At first I thought, maybe he just wants to help us but telling him to lie to me about it? What do you get out of that?

Emmett: Kate-

Kate: I mean seriously, Emmett? Are you just using me for your own company-business stuff? Huh?

Emmett: Kate-

Kate: No, don't Kate me, Emmett! I won't let you use us anymore!

Emmett: Kate! I never gave Drake a thumb drive.

Kate: What? You're lying!

Emmett: Kate, I would never lie to you. Besides, I'm not entirely about my company. Like I said, it could run itself without me. I was out here for some self-discovery until R-Corp started popping up around here.

Kate: But that doesn't make any sense! Why would he lie to me?

Kate puts her hands over her head and walks away from Emmett towards the window.

Kate, walking forwards: It just doesn't-

Kate then stops and looks outwards, as if thinking. A cracking noise is then heard. Emmett looks around then downwards. His eyes then widen as if he has seen something.

Emmett: Kate, you need to move.

Kate, turning to face Emmett: What are you talking about?

Emmett: You're standing on the window.

Kate looks down at the window, which is already cracking more as she stands on it. She then looks up at Emmett, surprised. Emmett extends his arms out and approaches her slowly.

Emmett: I've got you. Just grab my hands.

Kate: How can I trust you?

Emmett: What?

Kate: I'm serious, Emmett.

Emmett: You can if you want to, Kate. I won't force you to make a choice. But I am trying to save you. So you can not trust me, accuse me of things and not talk to me as much as you want but all that matters right now is making sure you're safe. Now please, take my hands.

Emmett reaches out even further and Kate takes his hands after a short hesitation. He then pulls her forwards as the window shatters. Emmett then holds her and puts her down onto the roof.

Kate: Thanks.

Emmett: Of course.

Kate looks at Emmett and he looks at her. A short moment later, a weapon is heard charging.

Voice: Don't move!

Emmett turns around and sees a couple of Infinite Darkness soldiers, aiming their weapons at him and Kate. Some are even, still, climbing up the side of the building.

Infinite Darkness Soldier: What do you think you're doing here?

Emmett: We don't want any trouble, we're just- uh-

Another Infinite Darkness Soldier: Wait a minute, that's the Mutant freak from Philly!

Infinite Darkness Soldier: What?

Emmett then looks around as the soldiers prepare to fire at them. He then squats down and leaps up into the air. The soldiers look up and fire at the sky while Kate tries to the other side of the roof. The scene focuses on the soldiers still firing at the sky as a shadow starts to overcome them, getting bigger by the second. They then stop and attempt to run away with Emmett dropping down onto the roof, throwing a few soldiers back with the impact. Other soldiers try firing at him by Emmett seems resistant against the blasts however his wincing expression indicates that he still feels them as he tries to block the shots with his arms, covering his face. Kate then stops and turns to look at Emmett. She then turns back only to run into an unmasked Infinite Darkness soldier, with thicker armor with white markings on his chest plate. He then smirks and grabs Kate by the arm causing her to yelp out.

Kate: Let me go!

The unmasked soldier is joined by two more soldiers.

Unmasked Infinite Darkness Soldier: Take her inside. As for the Mutant, we'll either capture him and send him to the transfer area or we'll take him out like the others.

Infinite Darkness Soldier: Yes, sir.

The two soldiers then take Kate from the unmasked soldier and drag her towards a lift. Emmett then looks out and sees Kate being taken by the soldiers.

Emmett, to himself: Kate!

Emmett turns back to the soldiers, looking upset, he then lowers his arms, taking a few shots to his chests and shoulders. He then clenches his hands into fists and slams one against the roof, causing the entire surface to shake and crack, dropping the soldiers to the ground. Emmett then gets up and runs towards the three Infinite Darkness soldiers holding Kate. The unmasked one then turns and sees Emmett approaching.

Unmasked Infinite Darkness Soldier: Looks like we have to put you down after all.

He then retrieves a medium-sized bulky weapon that was attached to the back of his armor. He then aims it right for Emmett and pulls the trigger. The barrel of the weapon then charges up with a red energy then releases in the form of a beam firing at him. As soon as the laser impacts with Emmett, it explodes on contact, throwing him through the air and through a few buildings as well, causing two of them to collapse on themselves. The soldier then lowers the weapon from his shoulder and smiles at the destruction caused by the weapon.

Unmasked Infinite Darkness Soldier: One down, thousands more to go.

He then turns to the lift where the two soldiers are seen waiting inside, still holding Kate who is struggling to get free. The unmasked solider then enters the lift, still holding his weapon in hand, and turns to face the view as the elevator doors close. The scene then cuts over to street level, a good distance away, and focuses on the debris from the collapsed buildings. Bricks are then seen moving softly until they are pushed away forcefully as Emmett crawls out of the debris, leaning against the wall of the building behind him. He then attempts to walk but holds his chest in pain. He then leans against the wall and slides down to the ground, his breathing heavy but slow with a few coughs coming up.

Emmett: This isn't good...

The scene then cuts over to the other Infinite Darkness facility on the mountain top. Inside, Infinite Darkness soldiers are seen passing through the corridors, some armed while some aren't. There are metallic doors leading to other rooms and even a stairway leading to a lower level and upper level.

Infinite Darkness Facility
January 7, 17:43 EDT

As soon as the corridor is clear of any Infinite Darkness soldiers, both Drake and Fionna emerge from the stairway, from the upper level, looking around as they enter.

Drake: We should be good for now. (turning to Fionna) We can't search the whole facility for them, Fionna. There's too many of the soldiers around here for us to fight.

Fionna: We might not have to.

Drake: What are you talking about?

Fionna: Remember when I said I had a gift for telling who has Mutant powers?

Drake: Yeah?

Fionna: Well, I could sort of find them with it too.

Drake: That really works?

Fionna: Sometimes. Mostly when I'm close to them so, if they are here, I should be able to find them.

Fionna then closes her eyes while Drake looks around. She then raises her arm as if sensing something. She then starts to walk away from Drake down the corridor. Drake then turns around and looks surprised as Fionna walks off in a trance-like motion. Two Infinite Darkness soldiers then come around the corner, approaching Fionna. They then stop when seeing her coming closer.

Infinite Darkness Soldier: What the-

The soldiers then raise their weapons, aiming at Fionna. Drake, now noticing this, runs forwards and extends his arms outwards. He then activates his wrist-form and stops in order to fire some laser-laced webbing from his wrist cuff ports. The webbing then wraps around the soldiers upon impact and shocks them with an energetic force causing them to fall onto the ground, unconscious. Drake then runs over to Fionna who is still walking forwards with her hand extended. She then stops, her hand moving around until it touches a metallic door. Fionna then opens her eyes and looks at the door. There is a slab on the side of the door reading "Holding Chamber 02". Fionna then looks at Drake who looks at her after looking at the slab.

Drake: What is it?

Fionna: "Holding Chamber 02". I think I found them.

The scene then cuts to the inside of a large chamber with a platform with a metallic railing leading to a ramp heading downwards into the area. In the area, there's a bench against the other three sides of the walls. Various types of Mutants are seen cuffed and are either sitting on the bench or standing around the room. A soft groaning sound is then heard drawing in their attention as they look up and over to the wall as it starts to boil. The wall then starts to melt, forming an opening as both Drake and Fionna enter the room. A teen, wearing a long grey coat over an orange shirt, is seen getting up from the bench, looking surprised with a hint of excitement. His hair is black, slicked back with a few strands sticking outwards, and his eyes are brown.

Teen: Fionna, thank goodness you're here. And you've come to break me out too!

Fionna, moving down the ramp with Drake: We came to get you all out, Chester.

Chester: Whatever, you know you miss me. Who's the other guy?

Fionna: Back up.

Drake then deactivates his form, returning his arms to normal. He then kneels down, grabs onto Chester's cuff then hacks them until they deactivate and collapse onto the floor. The scene then cuts to the corridor where an Infinite Darkness Soldier, wrapped in Drake's webbing, is seen stirring awake and trying to get free. He then looks down and reaches for something. The view then lowers to show a stun rod strapped against his side pocket. The scene then cuts back to the room where Drake is seen uncuffing the captured Mutant citizens while Fionna is seen standing by Chester who has his hands in his pockets.

Chester: So how long you know this guy for?

Fionna: A while, what does it matter to you?

Chester: Nothing. I just don't want you hanging out with some guy who can't be trusted.

Fionna: You're one to talk.

Chester: I'm serious. How do we know this guy doesn't have his own clan or something like these guys?

Fionna: I trust him.

Chester: And why's that?

Fionna: Because he works for the people who can lock us up and he hasn't said a word to them.

Chester: Are you kidding me? Maybe people like that got secret agendas, Fionna. Maybe they're just saving you for later. You really going to risk the entire city for one guy?

Fionna: I'm not risking the city, Chester.

Chester: You're putting yourself at risk then. What does that mean, huh? You're leaving?

Fionna: Maybe. I don't know.

Chester: You're just not thinking clearly.

Fionna: I'm thinking fine, Chester. It's just- I'm tired of being a burden, y'know?

Chester: Whatever. I don't care about that junk. I just want my friend. Someone to hang with, I mean.

Fionna: You'll find someone else, I know it.

Chester: Yeah but it won't be the same without you. I need a partner in crime.

Fionna: You did it for the thrill, I just needed to help Mother out.

Chester: Yeah, well, she won't be too happy with you leaving.

Fionna: I'm thinking about it, alright? Someone still has to make sure your sorry butt gets back in one piece.

Drake releases the final Mutant from the cuffs which drop to the floor like the others. Drake gets up from his kneeling position and turns to Fionna.

Drake: Alright, that's all of them. Now get them out of here.

Fionna: What about you?

Drake: I've come too far for just this.

Chester: See? Secret Agendas!

Fionna: Chester, shut it. (to Drake) What are you talking about?

Drake: My friend, the one I told you about, he was taken.

Fionna: Yeah, you mentioned him before.

Drake: Whatever is going on here might be the only thing I have to find him.

Fionna: Then let me help you.

Drake: No. You need to get everyone out of here, make sure they get out of here safe. More soldiers will get here and I don't want them to get captured again. You too.

Fionna: But-

An alarm then goes off, blaring throughout the entire facility. Everyone looks up and around as the room is overcome with a red flaring light.

Drake, looking at Fionna: Now! Before they get here.

Fionna: ...Fine. (to everyone else) Come on, everyone! We need to go.

Fionna heads up the ramp followed by the rest of the former prisoners. Chester follows to after glaring at Drake for a short moment. As soon as the room clears, Drake leaves and enters the corridor. He turns his head and sees the last of the Mutants turning the corner. He looks the other way and starts running down that way, making a right turn. The scene then cuts to the outside of the facility where the metallic wall is seen boiling and melting into an opening. Fionna and the rest of the Mutants then leave the facility through the opening, escaping into the outside world.

Fionna: There's a trail down there, it should lead to the ground. Head to a news van. If you don't see it, get somewhere safe. Out of their sight.

Chester: You're not coming?

Fionna: I'm gonna hold them back, give you some distance.

Chester: You sure you're not going after that other guy?

Fionna: Just get them somewhere safe, alright? Please, Chester?

Chester: Fine. I might not be the brightest star in the city but Mother did help me out too. (turning to the rest of them) Come on, people, let's move out.

Chester then moves down the trail that Fionna had mentioned along with the rest of the other Mutants. Fionna then turns back and re-enters the facility, running down the corridors. The scene then cuts to a few Infinite Darkness soldiers firing their energy weapons at an unseen target with some of their blasts being redirected right back at them, knocking a couple of them over. The view then pans over to the left, showing Drake approaching with his sword-form activated, deflecting their energy blasts with his blade arm. One of the Infinite Darkness soldiers then runs at Drake with his stun-rod in hand. Drake then blocks the attack with his blade arm then punches the soldier in the side with his other hand, clenched in a fist. Drake then finishes him off with a kick to the floor. Another soldier comes at Drake from the other side, striking at him with a stun rod as well. Drake spins around to his direction and slashes at his armor before punching him across the head. Drake is then attacked from behind as a soldier attempts to choke him with his stun rod. Drake then spins around, trying to shake the man off of him. The other soldiers lowers their weapons as Drake is brought down to his knees. Another soldier walks over to Drake and looks down at him.

Infinite Darkness Soldier: You're quite the fighter, huh? The boss will definitely like to have you in his collection.

The soldier then lifts his gun, preparing to strike Drake with the bottom of the weapon. Drake then lifts upwards with his strength and headbutts the soldier in front of him into a wall and throwing the soldier on his back at the other soldier as well. The two remaining soldiers then move in with their stun rods in hand. Drake gets up but is tased from the side by the two soldiers' stun sticks, dropping him to his knees slowly again. Drake then slashes at one of the soldiers' legs, causing him to drop his stun stick and yell out. Drake then grabs the man as he starts to drop to the floor and throws him with his other hand at the soldier stunning him, blocking the tase from continuing. Drake then gets up, slowly, and starts to approach a metallic door. A short moment later, a yell is heard when Drake turning behind him to see the Infinite Darkness soldier running at him with his stun rod, still in hand. Drake then slices the stun rod just as he is lowering it to strike. Once the stun rod is brought into view, it is shown to have been sliced in half, with the top side missing. The soldier then looks up from the sliced stun rod to Drake who strikes him across the face, knocking out the soldier. Drake breathing is heavy as he approaches the door again. Now standing in front of the metallic door, Drake reaches for a panel next to it and places his hand on it, hacking into it. The door then slides open and he steps into the room, his form deactivating as he does so. Inside the room, there is an open space with a few crates, a board against the wall on the left side of the room and a railing around the edges of the platform. On the edge of the platform, there are some stairs, and a ramp in the center, leading onto a road built onto the mountain side as this section of the room leads to the outside of the facility. There is an armored truck parked close to the platform with its back open, a couple of crates already inside. Drake continues forwards, looking around the room carefully. He walks by a crate, still looking around until his attention turns to the crate next to him. He then turns and looks inside, seeing canisters of pale green liquids within the crate. The canisters are labeled with a hazard symbol and smaller labels with plenty of words on them. Drake looks closer at the canisters, now slightly seeing purple chunks within the liquid mixing around with the pale green.

Drake, looking inside: Uh-

He then turns away, looks around again then stops and starts moving towards the board on the wall. Drake stands in front of it and looks at the board thoroughly. The view shows the board which is actually a map of the United States with red tacks placed in various places on the map, including New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Michigan, Iowa, Wyoming, Montana, Texas, Louisiana and a couple of other states. There are also blue tacks on the maps however its only placed in three places on the map; Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Drake turns his attention from the right side of the map towards the left side.

Drake: ...What does it mean?

Drake continues looking at the map. A short moment later, two Infinite Darkness soldiers rush over to the truck from the outside of the facility then they start to approach the platform stairs.

Infinite Darkness Soldier, to the other: Come on, we need to get moving.

The other Infinite Darkness Soldier: What about the Mutants escaping?

Infinite Darkness Soldier: The boss doesn't like to be kept waiting, man. Besides, if we can't deliver the Mutants, then delivering the substances is the only thing keeping us for loosing this job.

The two soldier climb the stairs, catching Drake's attention. He then hides behind a crate close to the board. There are three canisters standing against the back of the crate as well. As they step onto the platform, they start to approach one of the crates that are closer to them.

The other Infinite Darkness Solider, looking inside the crate: Do we even know what this stuff is? Y'know, since we're the ones delivering it and all.

Infinite Darkness Soldier: I don't ask, man. I only get paid. Now come on already before one of those Mutants shows up.

The Infinite Darkness Soldiers grab the sides of the crate and lift it upwards, moving towards the ramp. The two soldiers then load the crate onto the truck. The two soldiers then move to the side of the truck and seem to talk to each other, which is heard indistinctly. Drake peeks from around the crate and gets up slowly as the soldiers are still seen talking to each other at the side of the truck. Drake then backs into the canisters, causing them, not only to knock over, but the create a clanking noise against the ground. The two soldiers then turn their attention to the noise and see Drake standing up from the behind the crate close to the board.

Infinite Darkness Solider: It's the Vigilante!

The other soldier retrieves his weapon and shoots a single shot at Drake who evades the blast which impacts with the wall. The solider then pushes his weapon away before he makes another shot.

The other Infinite Darkness Soldier, holding his weapon still: What are you doing?

Infinite Darkness Soldier: Are you crazy?! This stuff is explosive. Deal with him, I'll start the truck.

The solider moves towards the truck while the other one drops his weapon on the ground and retrieves a knife from his side pocket. Fionna is then seen entering the room. She sees the knife-wielding soldier and gains a surprised expression. She then presses the button against chest and instantly changes into her full-fire form before extending her arms out and blasting a wave of fire at the soldier. The solider is then thrown back towards the truck and is slightly on fire. The other Infinite Darkness soldier gets out of the truck and helps the other Infinite Darkness soldier put out his flames while also helping him up. He turns and sees Fionna approaching them across the platform with Drake standing by the side. He then turns back to the truck and hurries to get himself and the other soldier into the truck.

Fionna, standing next to a crate, to Drake: You okay?

Drake: Yeah, thanks...

Fionna turns her attention to the truck after hearing the engine start up. She then sees the truck starting to drive off. The back of the truck is still open and the crate that they just loaded tips over, dropping a few canisters by the platform as the truck drives away from it.

Fionna: They're getting away!

Fionna charges up a fireball in each of her hands, preparing to throw them towards the truck. Drake then looks down and notices the crate full of canisters by Fionna. He then turns and sees the truck starting to pick up on speed.

Drake, turning to Fionna: Wait, Fionna. Don't-

Fionna throws the fireball which ends up missing the van but impacting close to the dropped canisters. The fire then burns towards the canisters, one of which is cracked, leaking the fluids onto the road. Once they touch, an explosion sparks up and causes a chain reaction between the rest of the canisters. The force from the explosion throws Fionna back into a crate of canisters; the crate breaking upon impact. Drake is knocked back into the board before dropping against the floor. Drake looks up and sees Fionna's flames lowering as she changes back into her regular self. Drake then tries getting up but drops to the floor, falling unconscious. The scene then fades into a flashback scene where a young Drake is seen peeking down in between the railings of the stairway. The view then shows the living room of his home from the stairway. The couch is focused on as Drake's Mother is seen standing by the side of the couch conversing with the man with the blue trench coat.

Drake's Home
9 Years Ago

Man, sitting on the couch: I just packed up what I could and left.

Drake's Mother: Did you see anyone else? Any other survivors?

Man: No. I've been searching for people but they just vanished. I assume they just went their own ways, tried finding people somewhere else. (sighs) What happened out there?

Drake's Mother: An explosion and- and- uh, I don't know- I guess it spread over the town.

Man: I know, I saw... things- on the way here. But what really happened out there?

Drake's Mother: (sighs) I'm not really sure myself...

There's a short moment of silence between the two of them. The scene shows Drake still watching from the stairs.

Drake's Mother, breaking the silence: Uh- Do you... Do you want anything?

Man: No. No, I'm fine, thank you. Thank you so much for everything.

Drake's Mother: (nods) I'll uh- be back, I just need to check on something.

Man: Of course. It is your home.

Drake's Mother smiles then turns to walk into the kitchen. The man then looks around and exhales before turning to his beige backpack, leaning against the side of the couch. He then removes a canteen bottle from the side pocket. He unscrews the cap and drinks from the bottle. A creak is then heard from the stairs, catching the attention of the man at the couch. He then turns to the stairs, showing his face. He has dark brown eyes and brown hair. Drake moves back, away from the railing, in the stairway. The man then gets up from the couch and approaches the stairs. He then stands in front of them, looking up at Drake who is sitting there, looking down at him.

Man: Hello.

Drake doesn't respond but continues looking down at the man.

Man: It's okay. My name is Will. William Dillon.

Drake continues to not respond, only looking at him with an expression similar to worry.

Will: I can understand  if you don't trust me. I'm a stranger and I'm in your home. You don't know me. But I suppose I don't know you either...

Will looks down as if thinking for a moment. Drake is still seen looking down at him. Will then looks up then turns to look back at Drake.

Will: I'll tell you what. (squats down by the steps) You can come to me when you're ready. I'll be nothing but honest to you. In the meantime, you can keep watching me. I won't mind.

He smiles momentarily then gets up and moves back towards the couch. Another creaking noise is then heard. Will stops where he is then turns to the stairs. Drake is no longer in the stairway. Will then looks down as Drake's Mother enters the room, carrying the green duffel bag.

Drake's Mother: Everything alright?

Will, turning to face her: Uh- yeah, fine. Do you need any help with anything or-

Drake's Mother: I might actually need a hand with something.

Will: Great. Anything I can do to help.

The view pans upwards, now at the second floor of the house where Drake is seen looking through the bars with his hands, still bandaged, on the railing. The scene then fades back to the facility where Drake is seen stirring awake. He leans up from the floor, seeing the room in a scorched state. The alarm is still heard, being muffled by the closed door. Drake turns his attention to the right and sees Fionna's feet sticking from within a broken crate with green liquid leaking out of it. He then gets up from the floor and makes his way over to her.

Drake, approaching her: Fionna? ...Fionna.

Drake pulls the crate apart and sees her body laying against a few broken canisters, which is leaking out the green fluids. Drake then reaches in and grabs her from the side, lifting her up into his arms.

Drake: Fionna? Talk to me, Fionna!

Fionna's body then starts to twitch around as if reacting to something. She twists and turns until she stops and opens her eyes which now glow a bright yellow. Drake looks at her surprised. Fionna then starts to scream out in pain before passing out, her eyes closing too. Drake continues looking at her as she lays there in her arms. The scene then cuts over to the clearing with the news van.

Gates of the Mountains
January 7, 18:43 EDT

The van doors are seen open with John standing outside the van, checking his tablet. He then looks up and looks slightly surprised as he puts his tablet on the van floor. Drake is then seen coming into the clearing, carrying Fionna in his arms.

John: What happened?

Drake: There was an explosion.

John: Yeah, I thought I heard- something.

Drake: That was us.

John: No kidding.

Drake glares at John.

John, looking at Fionna: Put her in the van, I'll have a look at her.

Drake approaches the van as John walks towards it. He steps inside as Drake enters as well, placing Fionna along the bench. John then checks her pulse and puts her head against her chest. He then lifts up and puts his hand above her mouth.

John: She's breathing... Her heart rate seems a little fast but I don't know. The prototype device checks her vitals, I'll check for any signs of unusual activity.

Drake: Thank you, John.

John, retrieving his tablet from the floor: Of course, man.

John checks his tablet as Drake looks around.

Drake: Did the other Mutants come around here?

John, checking his tablet: Some of them found me, yeah. They were here for a bit then went off to find the rest of them. They were careful, I'm sure they're fine out there.

A figure then lands by the back of the van. Both Drake and John turn and see Emmett approaching the van.

Emmett: Drake, I need your help.

Drake: What are you talking about?

Emmett: It's Kate. She's been taken.

Drake: What?

John: What do you mean she was taken? What did you do?

Emmett: It's what I didn't do that matters, John. I couldn't save her.

Drake gets out of the van and approaches Emmett.

Drake: If something happened to her-

Emmett: She's alive, Drake. They wouldn't kill her.

John: And how would you know?

Emmett: Because they hunt down Mutants. It's obviously a trap and she's the bait. And they made me. They know Leviathan is coming for them and they have weapons that do some serious damage. I was hoping you would help.

Drake: I will because Kate is in danger because of you.

Emmett: She had a choice, Drake. I didn't force her to make it. I never meant for this to happen. I care about her too.

Drake looks at Emmett carefully, his breathing heavy. He then looks away and sighs.

Drake: Where is she?

Emmett: At a facility in Boise, Idaho. It's a state down.

John: It'll take about 7 hours to drive there.

Emmett: I can make it in about two.

Drake nods. Emmett then puts his arm around Drake and leaps upwards, launching them both through the air. John looks up as they leave then turns his attention back to Fionna. The scene then cuts over to the other Infinite Darkness facility. The sky is dark as the night starts settling in and the stars come out in the navy blue sky. The moon close to the horizon.

Infinite Darkness Weapon Holding Facility
January 7, 21:17 EDT

Across from the facility, on a building rooftop, both Drake and Emmett are seen standing over an alleyway, looking at the facility in the short distance.

Drake: She's in there, Emmett.

Emmett: There are also more guards, looking around. If we get close, they'll know.

Drake: Well, we have to think of something soon. Kate needs us. What were you thinking anyway?

Emmett: I was trying to help, believe it or not. Sometimes, I feel like you don't trust me...

Drake: Maybe I don't.

Emmett: Maybe you should. We're both trying to do the same thing.

Drake: What thing?

Emmett: We're both trying to save people. Do what's right. Be the heroes the world needs.

Drake: I am not... a hero.

Emmett: You could be, Drake.

Drake: What? Like you?

Emmett: I'm trying to be someone people look up to. You already have that, you just don't know it yet.

Drake looks away from Emmett and looks at the facility.

The view then shows the facility in the distance before cutting to the inside of the facility. Infinite Darkness soldiers are seen walking by, pushing carts of weapons and attending to machinery. Kate is seen tied to a chair while the unmasked Infinite Darkness soldier is looking at a screen.

Kate: If you're going to kill me, just do it already. I'm getting really tired of this.

The unmasked man chuckles then turns to face Kate.

Unmasked Infinite Darkness Solider: Oh I'm not going to kill you. Not yet, anyways. You came here with the Mutant. He came all this way with you, I don't think he would go all the way back without you.

Kate: What makes you think he's still alive? You blasted him, remember?

Unmasked Infinite Darkness Soldier: Oh yes, I remember. But I wasn't talking about that Mutant. I have reports saying there's a reporter woman with the Mutant Vigilante from New York. You don't look like a journalist woman to me but I can't argue with the facts.

Kate: Reporter-in-training.

Unmasked Infinite Darkness Soldier: Isn't that the same thing?

Kate: I don't know what your plan is or whatever but he will come for me.

Unmasked Infinite Darkness Soldier: That- is what I'm counting on.

The entire facility then starts to shake slightly. The unmasked soldier looks up.

Unmasked Infinite Darkness Soldier: Looks like I didn't have to wait too long. (smirks)

The soldier turns to two Infinite Darkness soldiers passing through.

Unmasked Infinite Darkness Soldier: Check the perimeter for any Mutants.

Both Infinite Darkness Soldiers: Yes, sir.

The two of them then continue forwards, rushing even more-so than before. The scene then cuts to the outside of the facility where the Infinite Darkness soldiers are seen firing their weapons at the sky. Emmett, carrying Drake, is then seen coming into view as he comes from the sky, as if landing from a leap.

Emmett: They're firing.

Drake: I got it.

Drake extends his arms out and activates the form in which ports appear at certain parts of his body. He then creates a vibrational field around both him and Emmett which emits from the ports, themselves. The blasts then deflect off the field as they come crashing down upon the site. The impact throws many of the soldiers back or through the air. When the dust clears, Emmett unhands Drake who lowers his field. Both of them then approach the facility wall.

Drake: We need to find the door.

Emmett: There's no time. Besides, it's probably locked anyways.

Emmett then clenches his fists and smashes them against the wall, knocking it down and creating an opening for them.

Drake: I can unlock doors.

Emmett, looking at Drake, breathing: Now you tell me.

Emmett turns as three Infinite Darkness soldiers approach them, firing their weapons. Drake throws up his field again however, this time, the scales from his back detach from one another and make their way to the front of the field, coming to together again.

Emmett: Thanks for the cover.

Emmett then steps to the side of the field and slams his foot against the ground which shakes the room up slightly. The soldiers then stop firing and try to retain their balance. Drake then lowers his field and deactivates his form, running towards the soldiers. One of the soldiers turns and tries to fire at Drake but Drake already kicks the soldier in the chest, knocking him back. He then knocks the gun out of the other soldiers hands and strikes him across the head. The third soldier points his gun at Drake's back.

Infinite Darkness Solider, about to fire: Got you now.

The soldier is then knocked out by a smack to the back of the head. As he drops, Emmett is seen standing behind him. Drake turns around, looks down at the body and then looks up at Emmett.

Drake: Let's go.

Drake then moves forwards while Emmett stands there, looking at him go. He then follows after him. The scene then cuts over to the room with Kate and the unmasked Infinite Darkness soldier. The solider is seen grabbing his gun from a rack and loading it.

Kate: That won't stop him.

The unmasked soldier looks at Kate then back at his gun as he finishes loading it. He then cocks the weapon and aims it at the doors. The doors then bust open and Emmett enters the room.

Emmett: Let her go.

Unmasked Infinite Darkness Soldier: You? I thought I-

Emmett: What? Blasted me? Yeah, you did. Ouch, by the way.

Unmasked Infinite Darkness Soldier: I'm aiming for a lot more than just an ouch, freak. Where's the other one?

Emmett: The other what?

Unmasked Infinite Darkness Soldier: The Vigilante.

Emmett: Y'know- I don't think you're in a position to make demands.

Unmasked Infinite Darkness Soldier: Is that right? Because last time I checked, I can shoot her right now!

Emmett: Okay. You're right. What do you want?

Unmasked Infinite Darkness Soldier: I want you dead and the Vigilante in a cage.

Emmett: If I tell you where the Vigilante is, will you let her go?

Kate: What are you doing?

Unmasked Infinite Darkness Soldier: Yes. I'll even let you go for now. Of course, my men will kill you on sight the next time around but that gives you a lot of time to get away.

Emmett nods.

Unmasked Infinite Darkness Soldier: So... where is the Vigilante?

Emmett: ...He's right behind you.

The soldier looks surprised then turns around, seeing Drake standing right there.

Drake: I'm ending this... now!

Unmasked Infinite Darkness Soldier: This doesn't end, Vigilante. I will always come for you, all of you, freaks. And make sure all of you are dead!

The soldier then pulls his gun up and fires an energy beam at Drake who quickly activates his blade-form and blocks the beam with his sword arm. The two are at a standoff with each other as the beam continues firing from the blaster and the sword continues blocking it. Emmett goes over to Kate and snaps the rope that tied her to the chair. He then helps her up and away from the battle.

Unmasked Infinite Darkness Soldier: You can't keep this up forever, Vigilante!

Drake: I don't have to!

Drake then slashes at the beam which reflects it in a curved motion, sending it right back at the soldier. He then flies into a rack of weapons, which knock over upon impact. Drake then lowers his arm and looks at the solider, standing upon the busted skylight as the moonlight enters the facility. Both Kate and Emmett make their way over to Drake.

Kate: You came for me.

Drake: I always do, Kate.

Emmett: I wish I could say the same.

Kate: You didn't give up on me. That has to count for something.

Emmett: I guess it does.

Kate: Did you save the other Mutants?

Drake: Yeah, we did.

Emmett: And with all the things here, we should be able to come up with some more leads for you guys.

A chuckling is then heard. The three of them turn to look at the unmasked soldier still laying against the weapons.

Unmasked Infinite Darkness Soldier: You think you've defeated me? Defeated us? Ha! We are still victorious, Vigilante. Because you will never know the truth.

Drake: What are you talking about?

Unmasked Infinite Darkness Soldier: I know what you're after. But you'll never find it.

Kate: We don't need you to give us information.

Unmasked Infinite Darkness Soldier: No... you don't. But you do need this facility, I imagine.

The soldier then removes a detonator from his side compartment.

Emmett: That's a detonator... You're going to blow up the facility.

Unmasked Infinite Darkness Soldier: With you in it.

Kate: But what about your men?

Unmasked Infinite Darkness Solider: We all gave an oath. An oath to destroy Mutant Kind, no matter what. (primes the detonator) Let the darkness... consume you.

The soldier then presses the detonator. Emmett then grabs both Drake and Kate and leaps upwards, shooting them into the air as the facility explodes. The three of them then launch through the opening in the ceiling. The scene then cuts over to a rooftop of another building with the facility still exploding in the distance. The three of them then crash onto the rooftop, landing roughly. They all then get up and look at each other.

Emmett: Everyone alright?

Kate: Yeah.

Drake: Fine.

They all then turn and look at the remaining of the explosion as it starts dissipating. Drake continues looking out with both Kate and Emmett standing behind him doing the same. The scene then cuts over to a forest with a lake leading downwards into a waterfall. The sky is still dark as the night continues on.

Sheep Falls
January 8, 0:10 EDT

The news van is seen driving into the forest and parking by the water front. John exits the van and walks around but stays close to the van.

John: Guys? You here?

Drake, unseen, calling out: Yeah, we're here.

John turns and follows his voice into the forest. A dim light is then seen through the trees which John approaches until he finds a small clearing. In it, there is a campfire which Drake is sitting by. Kate is seen resting against a tree while Emmett sits next to her by the fire. Drake turns and looks at John. The scene skips to later with Drake in his casual clothing, Kate awake, John sitting down by the campfire and Emmett in casual clothing, while rest remains mostly the same as before.

John: Today... was a long day.

Drake: How's Fionna?

John: She's getting better. Her recovery went well.

Kate: What was wrong with her?

John: I don't know. Her body was reacting to something- I just don't know what.

Kate: Maybe you can use that thumb drive that Emmett gave you.

There's a silence between the four of them as Drake looks at Kate then John who tries avoid Drake's gaze.

Emmett: Um- (clears throat) I'm just going to say that I have no idea what this thumb drive is.

John: There's no point in trying to hide it. We all know you gave it to Drake.

Emmett: I'm telling you I didn't. Drake-

Drake: He's- right.

John: What?

Drake: Emmett didn't give me the flash drive. It was Anton Reeves.

A surprised look appears on everyone's face except Drake.

Kate: Reeves?

John: Him?

Emmett: Drake, what- I don't understand.

Drake: It was when were leaving from your building. He wanted me to use the thumb drive to find the Mutants that took Owens.

Kate: Why?

Drake: I don't know why he did it. He is planning something that-

Kate: No, Drake. I mean- why didn't you tell us? We're supposed to be your friends.

Drake: ...I don't know. I didn't want you to get involved with someone I don't trust.

Kate: Well, that's not your call to make, Drake. We live in a world where there are people we can't trust. So when you find someone that you can trust, you do just that.

Drake: You're right. I'm sorry. All of you.

Emmett: ...Apology accepted.

Drake looks up at Emmett.

Emmett: I trust you, Drake. And I guess all I can really do is hope you know what you're doing.

John: Same. I mean I'm upset that you lied to me but I can't hold it against you. You're my friend, friends forgive each other.

Drake looks from John to Kate.

Drake: Kate?

Kate: I just- need some time to think about it.

Drake nods and gets up from the campfire. He then walks away.

Emmett: I guess I should get going.

Kate: Already?

Emmett: Yeah. Don't get me wrong, it's been- interesting... but now that I know Reeves is up to something, I should probably let my company know.

Kate: What happened to discovering yourself and exploring your powers?

Emmett: I guess I'll have to put that on hold for now. We'll see each other again.

Emmett then gets up and grabs a bag that was leaning against a tree. He throws it over his shoulder and holds onto the strap.

John: Sorry for the accusing you stuff.

Emmett: It's no problem really. I hope you find what you're looking for.

Kate nods. Emmett then smiles briefly before squatting down slightly and leaping upwards into the air, vanishing into the far distance.

John: I guess that just leaves us.

Kate sighs.

John, facing her: What's wrong?

Kate: Nothing. I just- I really don't know.

John: Hey, let's not hold things out on each other, okay? I feel like we had enough of that for today. If something's bothering you, just let me know. I'm here for you, Kate.

Kate looks away from John.

John: Or we could just talk about it some other time.

Kate: Yeah- (looking back at him) I think that's better. Let's talk about something else. Uh- about hanging out or stuff like that. Friend stuff. (chuckle)

John: Uh sure... Look, Kate, I was thinking that- maybe we could do something more than hanging out.

Kate: Um, I think I'm going to take a walk.

John: Oh, um- okay. Sure.

Kate then walks off, leaving Drake by the campfire. The scene cuts to the inside of the van where Fionna is seen laying against the bench, the back doors then open and Drake is seen entering the van, closing the doors behind him. He looks down at Fionna as she stirs around. He kneels down by the bench and holds his hand. Her eyes then open weakly as she turns to look at Drake.

Fionna: Hey...

Drake: Hey.

Fionna: What happened?

She tries getting up but ends up groaning.

Drake: There was an explosion. You were hurt.

Fionna: Was I?

Drake: I guess so. John took care of you.

Fionna: I don't know why I did that.

Drake: What?

Fionna: Y'know. Shoot fire at something that could blow up.

She sighs.

Fionna: I guess I was just... I don't know-

Drake: Trying to save me?

Fionna looks at Drake.

Fionna: Yeah... Drake, do you think there is such a thing as too much trust?

Drake: No but I think there is not enough it out there. I guess, too much of trust would be... caring for others.

Fionna: Then I guess I care about you too. (smiles briefly)

Drake: You should rest.

Fionna: Yeah...

Fionna leans back on the bench and closes her eyes. Drake then lets go of her hand and leaves the van. The scene then cuts to Kate who is sitting close to the waterfall, looking out at the water as it tumbles downwards. Drake then sits besides her, looking out at the water as well.

Kate: It's nice, right? To just come here and look at nature. It's very open; no noise, no people, no thoughts. Just peaceful, you know?

Drake doesn't respond.

Kate: I forgive you, Drake. I always did- I always do. I'm just- conflicted, I guess. I don't know how to feel about things anymore. Between you and John and everything else. This trip was supposed to make me better for my job but I just can't help but feel like it just exposed me to things I'm not ready for. I don't know what to do.

Drake: Me too. (sighs) Kate, I care about you. I want you to be safe and to have what you want.

Kate, looking at Drake: I don't know what I want anymore.

Drake: We can find out... together.

Kate: I think I'd like that.

Kate leans in and kisses Drake. He seems slightly surprised at first but then accepts it naturally. John exits from the forest, approaching the water front. He looks up and stops when he sees Drake with Kate. His surprised expression is then replaced with a downcast look as he turns around and walks back into the forest. After a short moment for kissing, Kate disengages from Drake and quickly gets up.

Drake: ...Kate?

Kate: I'm sorry, Drake. I just- I didn't mean to- I'm sorry.

Kate then rushes off in a hurry. Drake looks off at her then turns back at the waterfall as the night continues on. The scene then transitions to a metallic room. A door then slides open and an Unknown Mutant is seen entering the room approaching a figure. The figure is shown to be the Unknown Mutant Leader, looking at some controls.

Unknown Mutant: (grunts)

Unknown Mutant Leader, without looking away: You may speak.

Unknown Mutant: We have received news about the Mutant known as the Vigilante.

The unknown Mutant Leader then stops and turns slightly.

Unknown Mutant Leader: What news is this?

Unknown Mutant: He is close to finding the truth. Should we intervene before he gets closer?

Unknown Mutant Leader: No. Let him come. Perhaps it's time for him to know. Credits

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Drake and Kate gather information from the Infinite Darkness facilities.
  • Drake and Fionna rescue the Mutant Citizens from the Infinite Darkness group

Minor Events

  • Fionna gets a prototype suit piece from John
  • Drake and Fionna share a kiss


  • Drake
  • Kate
  • John
  • Fionna
  • Emmett Murphy
  • Chester (First Appearance)
  • Mutant Citizens
  • Young Drake (Flashback)
  • Drake's Mother (Flashback)
  • Will Dillon (Flashback)


  • Infinite Darkness
    • Unmasked Infinite Darkness Soldier (Deceased)
  • Unknown Mutant Leader
    • Unknown Mutant

Forms Used

  • Stone Slicer (x2)
  • Acidic Thorns (x1)
  • Neuro-Web (x1)
  • Sonar Scales (x1)


  • When Drake confronts John about his feelings for Fionna, he responds with "What is Love?" in which John replies with "Don't hurt me but...". This being a reference to the song, What is Love, by Haddaway.
    • This reference goes even further when Drake responds to John's question by shaking his head. This is meant to refer to the head bobbing in the Saturday Night Live sketch, The Roxbury Guys, which included the same song.


  • This episode was viewed as a "big episode" during production with all the scenes needed to balance out all the characters evenly.
  • Anton Reeves was originally planned to be in this episode but was replaced because it didn't fit with the plot.
  • One of the ways for Kate to get a hold of the flash drive was to have John testing out his still unstable MCA blaster only for it to knock him back, dropping the flash drive out of his pocket in front of Kate. However, that felt a little too ridiculous for one of the writers so it was changed to another suggestion, just leaving it on the desk for her to find.
  • Originally, they were supposed to stay at a motel rather than a clearing in the forest. The motel would have offered plenty of scenes for the different interactions between the characters however it was cut when the plot was revised. Some scenes might have been "testing the rating" anyways.
  • Fionna and Emmett appear in the same episode but they don't actually meet.
    • Emmett, however, does see Fionna a couple of times during the episode but only when she's unconscious.
  • At first, the idea of having Drake and Kate kiss was accepted by both writers however when it came to writing the actual scene, it was conflicting and difficult.
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