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Ben 10: Ultimate Heroes
Season 1, Episode 9
Air date 9-21-12
Written by Brywarrior
Directed by Brywarrior
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The Albedotrix?
Dark Return Part:1


(Bryce, Fourarms, throw across screen) Aaaahhhhhh!!!!!(crashes into a car) Oh.. my head...

(Vilgax) Ha ha ha ha ha, you two won't stop me, no matter what you transform to!

(Ben) Oh yeah how about(transform) Humongosaur! Ugh(punches)

(Vilgax) Oofff!. Ok Tennyson you want to play. Ha(Throws Ben down then stomps on him) Ha-oof(punched by Bryce)

(Bryce) Ha, how 'bout them apples Vilgy?

(Ben, reverted) Thanks Bryce.

(Bryce, reverted) No problem.

A portal opens and sucks up Vilgax.

(Ben and Bryce, Simultaneously) What the heck was that?!

(Azmuth) That was a Black Portal, their the hardest type of portal to make.

(Ben) Why's that?

(Bryce) It takes Dark ener... Holy frickin' crap! Death Dragon, he is the only thing I know of that can use Dark Energy!!

(Azmuth) That's not exactly true... (eyes turn black, begins floating creates a portal)

(Ben) whoa Azmuth, you should have told us that you could do that!

(Azmuth) I didn't think you could handle it, as for Bryce..... well I didn't know him 'til just a couple weeks ago!

(Bryce) You still should've told Ben.

(Albedo) You could have told me.

(Bryce, looking for a good alien to use) Albedo what are you doing here.

(Albedo) I thought I’d finish Vilgax's work for him(transform, Tyrannic) I picked up a few tricks from your watch Bowman!

(Bryce) I can see but don't worry I have something better

(Ben) You do?!

(Bryce) Yup!(transform, Spiky) Get ready for a world of pain!



  • Spiky's debut
  • This episode shows that the Albedotrix can absorb DNA from aliens its encountered
  • This is the first episode that Bryce and Ben use the same type of alien.