Rehk (Born: Nedoss Bakulan) is one of the main villains in Stan 14.




He is from Vilgaxia, but he is a cross bread of Vulpimancer and Petrosapien.He wore a DNA Mask to fit in on Vilgaxia.In High School his mask was hot off and he became a laughing stock of the entire school.He then changed his name to Rehk and started to wreak havoc on the school.Then he stole a small ship and conquered a planet for refugees and made them is crew.He then took a large vessel and started to conquer unknown planets of the galaxy creating an army and empire.He also wants the Omnimatrix and is headed for Earth.



He is a cross bread between Vulpimancer and Petrosapien.He has the body of a Petrosapien with a Vulpinmancer's tail.Only one eye and he is red like an Ultimate Vulpimancer.

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