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General Information
Species Mirridiel
Home World Ledgerdomain
Body Mirror-like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Reflection
Quick Reflexes
First Appearance Hunting Season Part I

Reflextion is a Mirridiel from the magical dimension Ledgerdomain. He appears for the first time in Hunting Season Part I to defend himself from Beel Ze's gunshots. But since Ranserker noted that it came from Ledgerdomain, it's most likely Ben have unlocked him by scanning a Mirridiel when he was last time in Ledgerdomain, in Perfection has no age.

Physical Appearance[]

Reflextion is a human seized living mirror. The head of the mirror has four eyes and no mouth and flanked by two giant horns. He has two big strong arms which are connected just under his horns. This arms ended in small hands but with three claws. He stands on three big legs with again three big claws on each.

Powers and abilities[]

His main power is reflection. Every attack will be redirect to his opponents, no matter how strong this attack is. Physical attacks are something special. Instead of shattering, the attack will be turned against his opponent as he will pushed back. He absorbs the attack for his next hit as he strikes back. He has also fastest reflexes in the galaxy. He can also levitate, making him more agile then he looks. He also has the bizarre power to show the reflection of his attacker's fate.


If he's under attack by too many opponents at a time, he can no longer use his reflextion powers optimal.


  • The Awesome Jack has permission to use this alien in his series or other fanfic


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  • Credits goes to Darksilvania from DeviantArt
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