Red Diamond is the main villian of Mike 10: Opposite and she is the leader of the gems She lived in Homeworld

She is currently trying to get the Opposminitrix


  • She have a black dress with a green shirt inside of it
  • She have green glove
  • Her gemstone is at her forcehead
  • Her hair is Brown and Red
  • Her eyes is green


  • She is a evil gem that hate earth because of the plumbers won the gem war (Gems vs Humans)
  • She only care about her peoples and like to torture her enemies
  • She don't like her minions (Zircon and Flourite because they are stupid and away messing up)
  • She hate puns and jokes because it annoying

Powers, Abilities, Equipment

  • Her weapon is a whip
  • She can regeneration into a new form with new outfit
  • She have night vision
  • She is smarter than other gems and humans


  • If she very hurted or getting stab, she proof into her gemstone until she regen into a new form
  • She can be cracked or Shatter if something hit her gemstone


  • Red Diamond is based on Yellow diamond
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