Mutant Drake
Season 1, Episode 11
Air date 5/22/17
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
Episode Guide
Reconnaissance is the twenty-fourth episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


In the sky, drifting with ease, it is dark but getting brighter as the sun starts to rise. It's early and in the morning. The clouds are thick and together but leave plenty of the sky exposed, only taking up chucks of it. The MCA Helicarrier is seen moving across the air at a steady pace. The atmosphere around it is calming and silent, with the only actual sound coming from the engines which can be heard a distance away.

MCA Helicarrier
January 10, 7:22 EDT

On board the Helicarrier, MCA Officers are seen wondering the hallways. However, there aren't too many around with the occasionally two or three passing by. The scene then cuts to the medical bay, where Drake is seen looking out of the small window as the orange mixed with purple in the sky as it swirls around the clouds and shines with the rising sun. Some beeping can be heard in the background as the scene now shows the beds where the latest patients have been. Heart rate monitors are seen next to their bedsides, all seem pretty average. John can now be seen in one of the beds, his eyes starting to open. He lets out a groan which catches Drake's attention. He turns from the window and looks at John, trying to sit up.

Drake: You might want to start slow.

John stops then turns, seeing Drake approaching his bed.

John: ...I'm a nurse, Drake. I know what I'm doing.

Drake: Just trying to help.

John: (scoffs) How long was I out for?

Drake: A day, I think. Doctors said you would wake up in the morning but I guess you got hit harder than they thought.

John: Feels that way. (groans)

Drake: You could have gotten yourself killed out there.

John: You're one to talk. You jump off rooftops on a daily basis, take hits like it's nothing. You put yourself in danger all the time, why should it be any different from me?

Drake: Because I'm different, John. I can handle these sort of things.

John: And I can't? I've fought with you before, I can handle myself.

Drake: Like you did at Nexus?

John: ...He got me by surprise.

Drake: You think I care, John? That doesn't matter.

John: I didn't think you did, anyways. Let me just tell you something, Drake. I'm more than just some guy who sits around working with computers all day. I was your friend and you turned your back on me.

Drake: What are you talking about?

John remains silent and looks away.

Drake: John. What are you talking ab-

John, turning to him: I'm talking about Kate, man!

Drake is taken aback by that. John settles down.

John: I was talking about Kate...

Drake: What does Kate have to do with you putting yourself in danger?

John: I was upset, alright? She's my friend and I saw you... and her. Together... And I just- (sighs) Why didn't you tell me you kissed her?

Drake: ...I didn't think it was important.

John: Important? Drake, we don't keep things from each other. Things like that. I needed to know.

Drake: Why?

John: Why? How about why not? I lied you for you, I supported you and- and you won't bother to tell me the truth about a dumb thumb drive and now you won't tell me you and Kate.

Drake: Well, I'm telling you now.

John: That's not good enough.

Drake: ...What do you what from me, John? Why does this matter so much to you? Because whatever it is, I didn't mean to hurt you. I would never want to hurt you. You're my friend. That's something I wouldn't want to throw away... ever.

John is silent for a moment, looking at Drake carefully then looking away from time to time.

John: I uh- ...I like her, Drake. I like Kate. A lot. Like- really like her. She makes me feel different but in a good way. Whenever she's around, it's like I'm in a whole different world. Separate from all the problems around us. And she's just an incredible person. I like everything about her- the way she talks, her smile. She's amazing.

Drake: I... didn't know.

John: Well, now you do. Now you do... (sighs) I'm sorry for attacking you like that. I just- if she's happy with you, then that's that. But I don't know if I can keep it up anymore.

Drake: When we uh- kissed, she stopped and left. Like she made a mistake. Like I said, John, I'm different and I don't know if I'll ever have anything you could. A life with someone. But I know you two can and I won't get between that.

John: So, you're not-

Drake shakes his head quietly. John then scoffs and leans his head back against the bed frame. His face looks defeated and begins to look broken as he seems to come to a realization.

John: Drake, I'm sorry.

Drake: It's fine, John.... It's fine.

John: No, it's not. Oh man, what was I thinking?

Drake: Hey, look at me. Look at me.

John looks at Drake.

Drake: You thought you were doing the right thing... that's all that matters.

John sniffs and rubs his face.

Drake: Okay?

John nods.

Drake: Okay...

John: So we're good?

Drake: Yeah, we're good.

John looks over and sees Owens laying on a bed next to him.

John: I see you got Owens back...

Drake turns slightly and sees Owens in bed.

Drake: Yeah. We all did it, together.

John: I wish that were true, Drake. But you and I both know, I wasn't much help on that mission.

Drake: Without you, we wouldn't have been able to get in.

John: Still. It was mainly you and Skye. You got those people out there and myself. I can't take credit for being unconscious. (dry chuckle)

John then groans to himself and holds his side. Drake then looks at him for a moment then looks over at Owens again. After a short moment goes by, the door, that leads into the corridors, opens up and an MCA Officer walks in.

MCA Officer: The Director said she wants a word with you.

John: Guessing she means you, Drake.

Drake, to the officer: What did she want to talk about?

MCA Officer: She didn't say but knowing the Director, it's probably important.

Drake sighs.

John: I know that look. You thinking of finding some way off this flying fortress?

Drake: No. I want to hear what she has to say.

John: Really?

Drake: Yeah.

Drake then turns and looks straight up at the view.

Title Sequence

The scene now shows an office, similar to the one from the Headquarters that was in Upstate New York, however it is more spacious and has taller windows, with a larger one in between the two of them.

MCA Helicarrier: Director's Office
January 10, 7:38 EDT

The Director is seen, standing by one of the windows, looking out of the it with her hands together in front of her. After a moment goes by, the doors opens and Drake walks into the office.

Director, without turning around: Close the door behind you.

Drake looks at her for a few seconds before closing the door behind him.

Director, still looking out of the window: Sit. There's something I need to talk to you about.

Drake walks over to the desk and sits in a chair in front of it. Once he's seated, the Director glances over at him then turns back to the window.

Director: When I first met Owens, I was in the academy. (chuckle) Everything was different then. It was before all of this even happened. We were on a training mission, went over seas. Everything was going alright until what felt like tremors went off throughout the skies. Then that's when things went sideways, when things changed.

Drake: The incident?

Director: Yeah. My fellow students changed right in front of me, I had to finish them off in order to survive. But I had help when he showed up. Gabriel. (realizing) Owens, I mean. He saved me from my friends and helped me survive out there. When I got the call to come back to the states, I asked him to come with me. We've been working together since that day. That was 8 years ago.

She looks away from the window and turns to Drake, who is looking at her from the chair.

Director: Owens means a lot to me. We've been through a lot together. Him getting taken not only concerned me but worried me. I was worried that something had happened to him. And I wanted nothing but to get him back.

Drake: It didn't seem that way.

Director: I know. (looks away) I know. I could have easily broke protocol for him but I didn't. I stayed within the rules and trusted that the system I work for, the one that I put so much time and effort into, had my back in finding him. But apparently, that wasn't the case. If you listened to me, we would have never found him. (sighs) This is one of those rare moments where I say, "I was wrong and I'm sorry for not trusting you entirely." Although your methods might be reckless and misguided, you clearly know you're doing.

Drake: Thank you, Director... 

Director, sits at her desk: Just don't expect me anything else from me. I might let you in on more things than usual but you're still a kid and you still work for me. Which means I still give the orders around here. I'll just be sure to actually consider that you might be right this time around.

Drake: What do you mean, more things than usual?

Director: It's like you said before, I wasn't telling you everything. I never really do. There's a whole world of things that you don't understand. I was trusted with that knowledge to make sure that no one else has it. If people knew what was really out there, everything would change.

Drake: Everything has changed and the change isn't going to stop. When the world knew Mutants existed, the only thing that really changed was what they know. The Mutants were always there. It's not people seeing change that scares that you, it's people seeing the truth.

Director: Well, the truth is we can talk about this or we can do something.

Drake: What do you mean?

Director: Since we got Owens back, we've been running any leads on the Mutants you encountered.

Drake: The Xyrions. You found them?

Director: No but we have found sightings not too far from Washington. Something worth checking out.

Drake: I'll go.

Director: I'm sending you a team.

Drake: No. They don't know what we're dealing with. I'll take John and we'll go in and-

Director: Mr. Reed still needs to heal, not everyone can get up from an attack like that. We're lucky he's still with us.

Drake stops and looks down at the floor. He closes his eyes, takes a breath then looks up at the Director again.

Drake: Okay... so I'll go alone and take them on my own.

Director: You don't have to do this on your own, Drake. You have the MCA supporting you. We want to get these guys just as much as you. Besides, you're not going after them. Just recon.

Drake: Recon? But we can- (stands up, voice raising) get them! ...A recon mission isn't going to stop them and you know that.

Director: You just said we have no idea what they're capable of. If we watch them, we'll know what we're dealing with. Running in blind won't do us any good.

Drake:The more time we waste, the more powerful they're going to get. If we don't engage them now, they'll get away and they'll just do what they did Owens again. This is the only chance we have... and I'm going to take it.

Director: Listen, Drake. I believe a recon mission is just what we need. We'll find what we need without engaging them, we'll know what they're up to, where they're going. We'll prepare ourselves for them and stop them before any of that happens again. I trusted you... now you need to trust me.

Drake looks at the Director with thought then sighs then turns his head.

Drake, turning back to her: Just recon? They won't get involved?

Director: You have my word.

Drake: Okay. I'll go with a squad then. When do we leave?

Director: 0800. I'll let you know.

Drake nods then turns to leave the office. Before he steps outside, he stops and turns his head towards the Director.

Drake: Thank you.

Director: For what?

Drake: Trusting me.

Drake then leaves the office. The Director then ponders on his comment and leans back in her chair. The scene then cuts to Drake walking down the corridors of the Helicarrier. Kate turns a corner and sees Drake approaching.

Kate, approaching him: Drake, I've been looking for you.

Drake, goes to her: What happened? Is something wrong?

Kate: No, I just- I wanted to know where you were so we could talk.

Drake: About what?

Kate: I dunno, just talk. I heard you left the med bay so I thought something was wrong.

Drake: I just needed to talk to the Director.

Kate: What about? Or is it classified because I work in media.

Drake: She found the Xyrions.

Kate: Those Mutants, right? The ones that did the whole thing. You told me on the way back.

Drake: Yeah. Them. (looks at passing by officers, cautiously) We're going on a recon mission soon.

Kate: Recon? Cool, I can come with.

Drake, instantly looking back at her: What?

Kate: Don't worry, it'll be fun. I do this kind of stuff all the time.

Drake: It's not safe. That's why you didn't come with us back at Nexus. These Mutants are powerful and I don't want you getting hurt... or worse.

Kate: And I won't. I trust you. You'll protect me like you always do. Come on... I'm a reporter-in-training, it's my job to investigate stuff, report on details. My dad's also a detective so I'm sure he passed down some detecting skills onto me... somewhere.

Drake: I don't know...

Kate: Well, I need to do something. I need to go with you. They hurt John and your friend, Owens, and I can't just sit back and let this slide by.

Drake, as if remembering something: John...

Kate: What about him?

Drake, looks at her again: ...John's awake, Kate.

Kate then steps back slowly, slightly surprised. The scene cuts again to the medical bay where John is seen laying on the bed, looking kinda mundane.

MCA Helicarrier: Medical Bay
January 10, 7:47 EDT

He turns his head and sees one bed in particular, slightly raised. "Subject SCV22" is on the bed and there are several wires connected to him leading back to medical machines that read his heart beat among other things. John looks down, noticing that most of the wires are connected to the metallic device wrapped around his arm. The scene then cuts from SVC22 to the door with John still in the view and still looking over at the boy. Kate is then seen entering the medical bay, in a quick pace. Upon her entering, John diverts his attention from the boy to her.

Kate: John...

John: Kate. You're here.

Kate: Of course, I am. Where else would I be?

Kate goes over to John and hugs him.

Kate: Oh, it's so good to see you.

John, accepting the hug: You too... (groans after a moment of hugging)

Kate, noticing that groaning, releases John who has a winced face from the pain.

Kate: Sorry! I didn't realize it was that bad.

John: Could be worse. I could be that guy. (points thumb towards Subject SVC22)

Kate, looking over at him: Yeah... (turning back to John) How are you?

John: Well, aside from the back pain, side pain, headache, bruises and lack of company, ...peachy.

Kate chuckles.

Kate: The doctors said you were supposed to wake up yesterday but you didn't. I was worried that you wouldn't-

John: Hey, I'm awake. I'm fine. Doing much better now, actually.

Kate smiles. John smiles too then looks off at what's ahead of him.

John: (sighs) You know what I could go for? Breakfast. Like a series of pancakes, with fresh eggs... sunny side up, maybe tall glass of orange juice, a tower of toast- we can call it The Toasty Tower of Tastefulness. (Kate chuckles) And throw in some french toast with cinnamon and strawberries...

Kate: Don't forget the bacon.

John: Of course, bacon too.

Kate: And some cereal, I guess.

John: I only really eat one brand-

Kate: Crispy Colors?

John: Yeah... How'd you know?

Kate: You talk about food all the time. I guess I just pay attention.

John smiles at her.

John: Remember when you told me that we should hang out?

Kate: Yeah?

John: Maybe we could do that now. Just hang out, watch old movies together.

Kate: I thought you didn't want to see old movies with me anymore.

John: I didn't say that exactly. I just meant- I want to do more with you... be more with you.

Kate looks at John, her mouth opening slightly, as if lost for words.

Kate, finally: What are you trying to say?

John: (sighs) Kate, I like you and I feel like I've been in some sort of a struggle just to get close to you. And it's been easier for me to turn on my friend than to say that to you. But I'm saying it now.

Kate: I guess I've been feeling the same way, John.

John, surprised: You- you have?

Kate: Yeah, I wasn't really sure what you meant the first time around but I listened to what my dad said and you've been really awesome this whole trip. And I think we should be more than just friends.

John then smiles and chuckles too.

John: That's great, Kate! I'm... glad you understand how I feel.

Kate: Of course. I work with the news, I know how to pick up your hints. If you wanted to be besties, you could have just told me. I'm always there for you, John.

John then looks down, his smile becoming more neutral.

Kate, starting to notice: You alright?

John looks over at her and smirks.

John: Yeah... yeah, I'm fine.

Kate: Great.

John: So! Which movie do you want to see first?

Kate thinks for a moment. When she is about to say something, Drake walks in.

Drake: The Director called. It's time.

John: Time? Time for what? What's going on?

Drake: Recon mission.

John: For what?

Drake stops himself and looks over at Kate. Kate, seeing his gaze, turns to John with a sigh.

Kate: You probably shouldn't worry about.

John looks at Kate then at Drake. Then he comes to a realization and looks back at Kate.

John: They found them, didn't they? The Mutants that did all this. (waves his hand over at the direction of the other patients) Drake: The Xyrions... yeah.

John, to Kate: Please tell me you're not going. Kate: I want to, John. It'll be fine, it's just recon.

John: I just don't want you-

Kate: To get hurt? Drake, doesn't want me to either. He'll protect me.

John looks at Drake who looks back at him then turns to Kate.

Drake: You don't have to go, Kate. It's better if you didn't. You'll be safe here... with John.

Kate looks at Drake, partially confused.

Drake: I'll just go meet with the others. It's your choice.

Drake then turns and leaves the medical bay. John then sighs and looks back at Kate.

John: Look, it doesn't matter. If you want to go- just go.

Kate: Of course, it matters. I just said you're my best friend and now you want me to leave you.

John: I really don't. I want you here with me but I'm not going to hold you back, Kate. You can do better things with your time than waste it on me.

John leans back on his bed and looks off ahead of him.

John: Just get back safe.

Kate nods. She gets up and turns to the door. Before leaving, she turns and looks at John, who remains as he was, staring off in front of him, unbothered. Kate then turns back to the door, saddened, and leaves. The view shows John, focusing more on his face, as his eyes water up. The scene then cuts to a large forest with a mountain in the far distance. The sky is blue but the thick clouds make it seem darker than it really is. Thunder emitts throughout the sky as well.

January 10, 10:23 EDT

The MCA Jumpjet is seen flying over the forest. On board, the pilot and co-pilot are seen in the cockpit.

MCA Pilot: We're getting close. Activate the cloak.

MCA Co-Pilot, reaching for controls: Activating Cloaking Mode. From the outside, the MCA Jumpjet is seen cloaking, rendering itself practically invisible. Back inside, Drake is seen sitting on the bench, next to Kate who is looking around. He is in his Vigilante outfit, with the googles over his face already. Also in the back with them are a group of MCA Officers, in what appears to be reinforced armor, armed with heavy blasters. Drake continues looking down, while seated on the bench. Kate's gaze comes across Drake and notices him looking down. She then stops and puts her hand on his shoulder. He looks up, over at her.

Kate: You alright?

Drake: Yeah...

Kate: What are you thinking?

Drake: ...That we're about to go to the base of the things that hurt my friends and keep coming back no matter what I do to them.

Kate: We'll get them, alright?

Drake nods slightly.

The Jumpjet then shakes slightly as the MCA Officers ready themselves.

Kate, looking around: What's going on?

Drake: ...We're here.

On the outside, the blurred MCA Jumpjet is seen landing, the wind blowing from its engines, rustling up some leaves and branches. Thunder is then roaring through the clouds as the Jumpjet completes its landing. The doors of the Jumpjet is open and the MCA Officers exit, followed by Drake and Kate. The Officer in the front, has his helmet in his hand. He has blonde hair and blue eyes as well as a scar over his left eye.

MCA Officer in Command: Alright, everyone. Stick together. I don't want anyone messing around. This is recon only, just like the briefing went. Director's orders.

The Officer glares over at Drake who looks right at him, then turns around. The Officer continues looking at him.

MCA Officer in Command, turning back to the rest of the Officers: Everyone understand?

MCA Officers: Yes, Agent Shawn.

Agent Shawn then nods and the other MCA Officers go to their positions in the clearing. Shawn turns to Drake who is seen talking with Kate by a fallen tree. He then walks over to the two of them.

Agent Shawn: I hope you heard me back there.

Drake stops talking and turns to look at Agent Shawn.

Drake: What?

Agent Shawn: You- (turns to Kate) ...and the lady (turns back to Drake) are to stick here, observe only.

Drake: That's what I was going to do.

Agent Shawn: You say that but I know you. You're not slick, alright? I know you don't like rules, you never did and you still don't. I wasn't there at the time but I know you broke out of the old Headquarters more times than I can count. You disobey the Director and I don't know why but she puts up with it- puts up with you. But I won't have it. Not here, not now. You understand me, kid?

Drake: ...Yeah. I do.

Agent Shawn: Good... Welcome to first Recon.

He looks at Kate and tilts his head down then up.

Agent Shawn, as he does so: Ma'am.

Agent Shawn then glares at Drake before walking off, heading towards the other Officers.

Kate: He has a point, Drake.

Drake: Whatever...

Drake turns and walks off. Kate then looks in Drake's general direction then the opposite direction. Thunder strikes again and it starts to pour. Kate, holds her arms together. The scene cuts forwards where the rain is pouring hard, with the MCA Officers lined up against fallen logs close to a small slope. They're watching something that is in front of them. The view then shows that it's actually a metallic, circular base. Xyrions are seen moving in and out of the base, pushing carts with machinery in them. Some are conversing with each other while others are standing outside, as if standing guard. The MCA Officers continue watching them, some using binoculars. 

Agent Shawn: What do you see?

MCA Officer, using binoculars: Minimal activity, sir. The Mutants, they seem to be moving supplies around.

Agent Shawn: Someone record this.

Another MCA Officer: Yes, sir.

Close by, Drake is watching the officers watch the base from the distance while Kate is looking down at the base, writing on a notepad.

Kate, writing, without looking up from her notepad: You're doing it again.

Drake: Doing what?

Kate: You're staring at him again.

Drake: I can... stare.

Kate: It's rude.

Drake: So?

Kate stops writing and looks up at Kate, glaring at him. Drake then sighs and looks at her.

Drake: What are you doing, anyways?

Kate, looking down at her notes: Taking notes. This is good stuff.

Drake: Really? We're just watching them, we're not doing anything.

Kate: Just because no one is doing anything, doesn't mean there isn't any action.

Drake: What?

Kate: Sometimes you have to look deep in order to see something. Like everyone is focusing on those Mutant pushing the crates and stuff but what about the ones we're not seeing. What are those guys doing?

Drake: I don't know.

Kate: Exactly. That's what we have to figure out.

Drake: By looking at them.

Kate: You should try it. I'd save you the trouble of running into trouble.

Drake: I do that... sometimes. I watch from a distance, to get a better look at things. Know what I'm up against, who I have to fight... where I need to go.

Kate: Okay... so let's apply that here.

Drake: I don't see how that's-

Kate: Just work with me here, alright?

Drake sighs and moves next to Kate. They both look out at the base.

Drake: What are we supposed to be looking at, anyways?

Kate: Just breathe.

Drake closes his eyes and takes a breath.

Kate: Now, look out. What do you see?

Drake opens his eyes and looks out. The Xyrions are still doing there cycle: pushing carts out, standing guard, conversing with one another.

Drake: It's the same thing.

Kate: Really? I thought you were trying-

Drake: No, Kate, I mean- they're doing the same thing. There's no changes, no delays... no mistakes. The only thing that's different is-

Drake looks carefully and sees the Xyrions conversing, looking around carefully then one of them, going inside with another Xyrion taking his place and continuing the conversation.

Drake: They're talking, going inside- giving information to someone else...

Kate: So... what are we up against?

Drake: Something bigger than we thought.

Kate: Who do we have to fight next?

Drake: The person in charge. They're giving that info to someone and whoever that is is smart enough to set this whole thing up.

Kate: This is big. We should tell the others about this, focus on something else if recon isn't working.

Drake: You didn't ask the last question.

Kate: What?

Drake: Where do I need to go?

Kate: Where do you need to go?

Drake: ...Inside.

Drake moves into the bushes by the fallen tree and uses it as a cover to sneak over and move down the slope.

Kate: Wait, Drake. What are you- Argh!

Kate follows after him, as they both move through the trees, circling around the clearing.

Kate: Where are you going?

Drake: I told you- Inside.

Kate: We can't just go inside. This is recon. We're supposed observe not intervene.

Drake: We're not intervening. We're stopping them.

Kate: That's intervening.

Drake: I thought that was when you ask people questions.

Kate: Interviewing and that's totally different.

Drake scoffs slightly.

Kate: I thought you and the Director were on the same page, you agreed with one another.

Drake stops and turns to Kate.

Drake: She lies to me, Kate. She keeps them from me and everyone else. If she didn't try and stop me, Owens would have been found already. Now we have them and we're just watching them? You're right, okay? It helped. I know what they're doing. Now I stop them from doing that.

Kate: Last time you faced them, John was sent to the medical bay. You had four people then, now it's just two of us.

Drake: No, just me. I'm not going to let you get hurt. Just go back, keep them from looking for me. The more people get involved, the more chances there are for them to get hurt. Besides, they don't know what they're dealing with.

Kate: Neither do you.

Drake: That's just a chance I have to take. Now stay here... please.

Drake then turns away from Kate and sees an opening in the base. The Xyrion guard moves away and converses with another Xyrion. Drake then runs out from the trees, towards the base. Kate steps out slightly and looks at Drake run off. She then holds the tree and pulls herself to it. Drake then enters the opening before the Xyrion guard returns to its original position. Kate then sighs and looks down. She looks up a short moment after and her eyes wonder to some form of ventilation moving towards the back of the base. A grin then appears on her face as she turns and runs through the forested area. Inside, Drake is seen walking down the hallways. He comes to the center of the base where a circular shaft in present, containing a lift leading downwards. (The lift is more of a metallic platform rather than an elevator.) By the lift, there are two Xyrions conversing while standing next to a couple of red barrels. Drake hides behind one of the walls and peeks at the two. His eyes shift across the room and stop at one of the hallway. Down that hallway, there is a metallic shelf leaning against the wall with various red barrels stacked upon it. Drake then faces back and closes his eyes. A mechanic whirring noise is slightly heard as his eyes open, glowing slightly orange. His fists then transform into his overgrown ax-form and his eyes return to normal shortly afterwards. Drake then peeks around the corner again. The Xyrions continue their conversation. Drake then stretches his left arm until the ax-head hits the floor. He then struggles slightly, concentrating as the ax-head slowly rises from the floor and continues stretching into the room. The vine-like arm hovers over the floor, in a slithering motion, as it circles around the room. The arm continues until it reaches the hallway with the shelf. Drake is then seen, struggling to hold his concentration, as the arm rises from the floor level and slowly reaches one of the shelf's legs. Drake continues concentrating. The ax-head now glows slightly with a smoke emitting from its edge as it lays against the shelf leg. The ax-head then starts to melt through the metal, causing the shelf to essentially collapse on the floor, scattering the red barrels down the hallway. Drake then retracts his arm as the Xyrions draw their attention to the red barrels.

Xyrion: Ack!

Both of the Xyrions then hurry over to the hallway and pick up the fallen barrels. Once Drake's arm is fully retracted and returns to its normal position, he deactivates his ax-form and runs over to the platform. Once there, he looks as the Xyrions continues tending to the barrels. He notices a green substance spewing out of one of them. He then looks away, drawing his attention to the panel. He places his hand on the panel and hacks into it, activating the lift. The platform then starts to descend with Drake on it. Drake then stands at its center as the platform continues descending below. His neutral expression is then replaced with a more surprised one as a light comes over his face. As the platform descends into the lower levels, the view shows the lower levels to be a wide, open space with various hallways, large rooms and clearings. There are also a series of shafts, wires and ducts. Once the platform lands, Drake steps off and looks around the new area. He then hears footsteps approaching from one hallway and quickly moves into another hallway. He carefully walks down the hallway until he sees three Xyrions standing, with their backs to him, at an intersection. Drake then activates one of his forms and sneaks up behind them. One of the Xyrions is seen standing there, he turns his head towards a slight humming noise. Before it can see whatever it was trying to look at, a small object rams into the back of its head, knocking it to the ground. The other Xyrions turn upon hearing the fallen one grunt and see Drake standing behind it. His scale form is activated as there are ports at specific parts of his body, releasing a vibrational field carrying scales that hover in front of him. After a very short moment of shared gazes, Drake then strikes the Xyrion on his left, which pushes it back. The Xyrion on his right runs for him and attempts to grab him but Drake throws up his right arm and the scales form a shield in front of it, blocking the attack. The Xyrion on his left recovers from the strike and comes at Drake but he punches the Xyrion again. He then jumps up, spins around and kicks the Xyrion on his right back. Upon landing, Drake looks up and both Xyrions, recovering from the attacks, come for him. He throws up both arms and the scales form shields in front of the both arms, blocking off the two of the Xyrions. Drake struggles slightly as he pushes the Xyrions off of his shields, knocking them back. He then punches the Xyrion of his left, slams his arm shield against the other, knocking it out, and punches the inital one once more, successfully knocking it out as well. Afterwards, he stands before the three fallen Xyrions and breathes heavily. After a short moment, Drake continues down the hallway. As he continues progressing through the Xyrion base, he hears noises against the metal above him. He stops and looks around, carefully. The noises continue, coming closer to Drake's location. Drake then readies himself as the metallic creaks and groans come to a rest at a vent opening, on the wall. Drake approaches it slowly as a figure appears through the grate bars. The grate is then kicked at then again then once again until it falls off of the vent opening. The figure then crawls from the vents and is revealed to be Kate as the lighting from the corridors hit her face.

Kate, seeing Drake: Oh hey, Drake. (continues crawling out of the vent)

Drake: Kate? What are you doing here? I thought I told you to stay up there.

Kate: And miss out on all the action? You know how much information we can recover?

Drake deactivates his form as he just looks at her.

Drake: Kate.

Kate: This is a recon mission, isn't it? I'm reconning. This is what I do.

Drake sighs and looks around.

Drake: Stay close to me.

Drake continues walking ahead and Kate follows closely, after dusting herself off. As the two of them continue through the hallways, they encounter a doorway at the end of one of the hallways. In it, is the Xyrion Leader.

Xyrion Leader: At last, you arrived... Drake.

Drake: You!

Drake runs towards the Xyrion Leader.

Kate: Wait!

As Drake approaches the doorway, the Xyrion Leader steps aside and vanishes into the room. Drake, afterwards, enters as well. Once he enters the room, it is spacious and empty. There seems to be several ports around the room, installed in the curved walls. Kate then enters after him as Drake looks around the room.

Kate: Where'd he go?

Drake: I don't know...

Kate: We should go.

Drake: Not until I find him.

The door then shuts behind them. Both Drake and Kate turn to face the doorway.

Kate: The door's shut!

Drake activates his ax-form and slams it against the door but it seems to have no effect. The ports then activate, seeping gas into the room. Kate, noticing the gas, backs up towards Drake who is still slashing away at the door.

Kate: Drake...

Drake: I'm almost through! Just hang on.

Kate then starts coughing as she tries to cover her face from the gas.

Kate: Drake, I...

She then passes out and falls against the floor. Drake stops hammering at the door and turns to Kate's fallen body.

Drake: Kate!

Drake, now bearing his teeth, continue slashing at the door, which continues to be invulnerable to his attacks. Drake's form then starts to forcibly revert back to normal. He looks at his now normal hand for a moment and starts coughing as well. He then slams his fists against the door, yelling out until his energy gets lower and lower. His hits becomes slight smacks against the door until shortly later, his hand slides down the door as his body drops down to the floor, unconscious.

Distorted Voice: Leave the female... It's the Mutant I want. Take him to the laboratory...

A shadow then overcomes Drake as the scene fades into a flashback scene as a younger Drake is seen laying against the floor as well. The young Drake coughs and awakens, rising from the floor. He appears fresh from a fight; hair roughed up, clothing torn in some places, cuts on his face. His breathing is heavy and there is fire around him.

9 Years Ago EDT

The fire Mutant that Drake had been battling earlier is seen laying across from him on floor. Drake looks down at his hands, they are large, dis-formed and burning. Drake's breaths grow short and rapid as the fire from his hands starts growing.

Young Drake: AH!

Leia: Drake...

Drake then stops and calms slightly. He turns his head and sees his mother behind him, reaching out for him.

Young Drake: Mom?

Leia: It's okay, Drake. It's alright.

Young Drake: I don't know what to do, Mom.

Leia: It's okay. (smiles) I'm here, baby. Just focus on me.

Drake steps closer and the flames around his fists slowly diminish. His fists starts to revert back to normal as well. He then releases a powerful sigh and nearly falls into his mother's hold. She grabs him and comforts him.

Leia: It's okay, baby. It's okay...

The scene cuts to a little later with Will laying against the floor, several cans laying next to him. There is a massive burn across his face. Footsteps are heard approaching him, as well as a few cans rolling by. The view then shows Leia with Drake approaching the fallen Will. Leia goes to him and examines his face. She then checks his pulse against his neck.

Young Drake: Is he-

Leia, turning to Drake: He's breathing... but he's hurt badly.

Young Drake: ...We should help him.

Leia: I want to, Drake, but- it's not that simple. He's hurt pretty bad, we need supplies.

Young Drake: I'll get them then.

Leia: No, Drake. You're- You can't get hurt. I can't let it happen. We need to go, get somewhere safe, wait for your father and- (sobs)

Young Drake: Mom?

Leia: I'm sorry, baby. This is just a lot to take in right now.

She stops for a moment before looking back at Drake who just stands there, looking at her.

Leia: Why do you want to help him so much?

Young Drake: He tried to save you from... whatever that was. He wanted to do something good, that's why I want to help him. It's like you said, "It's better to help others than yourself."

Leia: (nods) Your father always used to say, "Always do good, never wrong."

Young Drake: I remember.

Leia: It's just- I should start taking his advice again...

Leia looks down at Will, still laying there. She then sighs then turns back to Drake.

Leia: Okay... I'm going to need somethings: a bandage, some water, a cloth, and something with sugar. Stay safe out there, okay?

Drake nods then runs off through the aisle. Leia then looks at Drake until he is no longer in sight. She then turns back to Will and places her hand against his face. She sighs softly and closes her eyes. After a short moment, her hand starts to glow softly and the burn on Will's face begins to heal. The glow then brightens, overcoming the scene which transitions back to the present in a lit up room with various equipment. One of which is a container with Drake strapped within it. Drake then stirs awake and looks around within the container.

Xyrion Base: Laboratory
January 10, 15:18 EDT

Drake: Where am I?

Xyrion Leader: You are in the base of operations of the Xyrions, Drake.

Drake: Don't call me that.

Xyrion Leader: What would you prefer? Vigilante? Freak? Yajuu? You have some many aliases. A very interesting specimen you are.

Drake: What are you talking about?

Xyrion Leader: I've been studying you. Your history on this world, your genetics... Something about you in particular is essential to our plans.

Drake: Where's Kate?

Xyrion Leader: The girl is unharmed. She will be assimilated like the others.

Drake: I won't let you do what you did again.

Xyrion Leader: You are powerless against us. We are many while you are but one. And... you are captured.

Drake: That didn't stop me before.

Xyrion Leader: Yes, it didn't. Which is why we improved our methods since our last encounter. You are weak against us yet you continue to resist our influence. You still continue to fascinate me.

A Xyrion then enters the laboratory. 

Xyrion: Leader.

The Xyrion Leader turns and faces the Xyrion.

Xyrion Leader: You were not given the right of speech.

Xyrion: The Others demand your attention.

Xyrion Leader then stops and looks slightly surprised.

Xyrion Leader: Of course... Leave us.

The Xyrion nods, turns back and leaves the room.

Xyrion Leader: It seems that I must depart. When I return, we will have access to your true potential. I will make sure of it.

The Xyrion Leader then approaches the doorway. Before leaving, he stops and turns to a Xyrion at the side of the room.

Xyrion Leader: Activate the procedure.

The Xyrion hesitates.

Xyrion Leader: Do I need to repeat myself? Activate the procedure!

The Xyrion quickly turns the controls and triggers some type of process which activates a machine hooked up to the container Drake is in. Electrical surges are pumped into his body as he yells out in pain. The Xyrion Leader then looks at Drake with a long gaze then turns and finally leaves the room. Drake continues yelling out in pain as he continues to get electrocuted. He opens his eyes sharply, images of genetic structures flash before him, as well as flashes of his past, Nanogenes, Xyrions, various patterns and streaks of light that cause the sky to bleed. Drake closes his eyes as the pain overcomes him. His mother's voice then echoes through his head.

Leia's Voice: Always do good... never wrong.

Drake then opens his eyes again, his eyes glowing with a bright orange-yellow color. He yells out and a mechanical whirring noise overcomes his body as it starts to change. The Xyrion at the controls turns and looks at the brightly lit container. It shields its eye from the light. A shattering sound is then heard as glass and metal flies across the room. The Xyrion lowers his arm and looks out. Surprised, it lets out a grunt. Where the container once was is a spread of broken glass, metallic debris and broken parts as well as Drake standing in the middle of it all. The view moves upwards to show his upper body. His eyes are still glowing orange, slowly returning to their normal form, and his arm is now in a new form, shaped like a mace but made of ice. The Xyrion then gets away from the controls and runs towards Drake, prepared to attack. Drake then bears his teeth and strikes at the Xyrion with his mace-form. Upon impact, the mace crackles and lights up with electricity, blasting the Xyrion across the room and into a piece of equipment, causing it to spark up from its destruction. Drake then calms down and looks down at his new form.

Drake, looking back up, to himself: Cool...

Drake then heads out of the laboratory. The scene cuts over to another room in the Xyrion Base where there are several containers, most empty but a small couple contain people. One of those people being Kate.

Xyrion Base: Assimilation Room
January 10, 15:34 EDT

A Xyrion is seen monitoring Kate's container, as if about to start a procedure. A screech-like grunt is heard outside of the room, drawing the Xyrion's attention. It leaves its station and the view altogether. The view continues to focus on Kate in his container. She appears unconscious still. Another grunt noise is heard along with crackling noises. Kate remains in his container, unfazed from anything on the outside of it. Another grunt from the Xyrion is heard with more crackling noises until a body is seen falling into view and dropping to the floor. Drake then comes into view, reaches down and strikes the Xyrion with his mace-hand a few more times. He then stops afterwards, breaths heavily and places his free hand on the panel that the Xyrion was monitoring earlier. He hacks into it and the container door opens. Drake then helps Kate out of the container as she starts to stir awake. Upon seeing Drake, she pushes away from him, trying to get away.

Drake: Hey, it's okay. It's me, Drake.

Kate, stopping: Drake? That you?

Drake: Yeah. It's me.

Kate: Oh thank gosh. What happened?

Drake: We were taken into this containers. They tried experimenting on me.

Kate: How'd you get out?

Drake shows Kate his mace-form which surprises her a little.

Kate: Whoa.

Drake: Yeah.

Kate: Well, like I said before I was gassed by some freaky Mutants, we should get out here.

Drake: No.

Kate: No?

Drake: He took you from me and was going to do the same thing he did with Owens and his men. He experimented on me and you want me to walk away from that?

Kate: I'm just saying, we'll fight another day. With more people, more understanding. That's what recon is.

Drake: This isn't recon anymore.

Kate: No kidding.

Drake: It was never a recon, Kate. They knew we were coming, Kate! They knew we were coming and their leader is gone. And I'm going to find him, and take him down once and for all.

Drake then runs off, out of the room.

Kate: Drake, wait. Drake!

The scene cuts over to a wide and dark room in the Xyrion base where the Xyrion Leader is seen standing in the middle of it. Around the circular platform he is standing on, there are small lights projecting upwards, around the platform. There is a faint purple fog in the room as well. Drake is then seen at the entrance, he is about to enter but then the projected lights create the images of three Xyrions, they appear more like the Leader rather than the soldiers but are larger than both of them. Drake then takes cover behind the doorway and peeks inside the room.

Xyrion Leader: You have summoned me, Others?

One of the Others: It is wise to kneel before your masters.

Xyrion Leader, kneeling: Yes, of course, I just assumed-

Another of the Others: Assume nothing. You are a leader of the Xyrions like us but your power is not almighty.

Xyrion Leader: Yes, of course, masters.

Third of the Others: We wish to know the progress of your mission.

Xyrion Leader: It is... progressing. Quite well actually.

One of the Others: I do not believe that is the case.

Xyrion Leader: Master?

One of the Others: You are behind schedule. Our plans for this place were to be done already.

Xyrion Leader: We were attacked and resisted repetitively.

Another of the Others: The Vigilante. You told us before.

Third of the Others: He has been a trouble to our plans for quite some time.

One of the Others: Agreed. In more ways than one. You seem fascinated on him more than the plans itself. You command our people to an extent far more reckless than usual. You have chances to destroy him but you do not. You let him take from us and you let him find us time and time again. Do I need to remind you how far power goes for leader of the research division?

Xyrion Leader: I assure you, Master- (correcting himself) Masters, this Vigilante is essential to our plans. The scans I had ran earlier today have confirmed it. He is like the others. He has the powers from our designs in him.

Drake continues watching, surprised from the conversation.

Another of the Others: But you had claimed his... abilities were from their own creation.

Xyrion Leader: They are. The design for their microscopic technology is quite excellent. Capable of adapting to and transforming their genetics at a whim. I have studied it... in the time put aside from the main mission, of course... and attempted to create our own variation of their devices.

One of the Others: Excellent. But there is still the problem at hand, Leader. The Vigilante must not proceed any further. Contain him and complete the mission.

Third of the Others: And be sure to collect the experiments that escaped from your last encounter with him.

One of the Others: Do you understand your orders?

Xyrion Leader: Of course. I will not fail the Xyrion Command.

The projections then dissipate and the Xyrion Leader rises from the platform. Drake then readies his mace-form which crackles slightly with electric charges. A grunt is then heard from behind him. Drake then stops and turns to look at the figure behind him but he is flung across the hallway and into the wall. He lands on the floor and looks up, seeing an enhanced Xyrion, more muscular, bigger and has a layered armor-like skin. The Xyrion Leader then appears next to it, looking down at Drake.

Xyrion Leader: You weren't supposed to hear that.

Drake: Whatever you need from me, you're not taking it.

Xyrion Leader: Oh I have taken plenty from you but not enough. I need more data, more samples... more you, Drake.

Drake: Shut up!

Xyrion Leader: You can't keep it from me. You know what you are.

Drake: I said shut up!

Drake gets up roughly and charge for the Xyrion Leader but he struck down by the enhanced Xyrion soldier.

Xyrion Leader: I usually prefer to keep my specimen in well condition but... you are being difficult. Not as difficult as your associates... but worse. Like I had said before, you are powerless against us.

Drake: Not this time.

Drake tazes the enhanced Xyrion with the mace-form, which stuns the Mutant. Drake then gets up and looks right at the Leader, who removes his blaster. As they exchange glares, the entire foundation shakes. Kate runs into view, standing behind Drake now.

Kate: Drake, those are our guys. We need go.

Drake: I have him!

Kate: Drake!

Drake: ...I can't let him get away.

Xyrion Leader: If I go, you'll go too. But I'm not the only Xyrion leader out there. Do what you will with me but there will be someone to replace me. We are many, you are just one.

Drake then grunts and pushes the enhanced Xyrion over to the Xyrion Leader who moves out of the way as it crashes to the ground. Drake goes with Kate as they both run through the hallway. The Xyrion Leader, getting out of the Xyrion's way, fires his blaster down the hallway but ultimately misses his two shots. The Xyrion Leader then grunts in frustration and lowers his blaster.

Xyrion Leader: Until we meet again, Vigilante...

The scene then cuts to the outside of the base where the MCA Officers are firing down at it with the Xyrions, now breaking their cycle, firing back with their own devices.

Agent Shawn: Keep your cover and maintain your shots! Hopefully, we've provided enough of a distraction to get those two out of there. (to his comms) Harrison, our cover's been blown, get the jet ready. Take off in 3 minutes.

Inside the facility, Drake and Kate are seen rising on the lift's platform. They arrive at the upper level and hush off, heading to the exit of the base.

Drake: We need to move, they're right behind us!

Kate: They're in front of us too, remember?

Drake: I've got it.

Kate: It's almost cute that you think so.

Kate puts her hand against his ear, as if activating something.

Kate, using her comms: Agent Shawn, we need the front of the base, cleared out. We're about to exit.

Agent Shawn, over the comms: I'll do the best I can, ma'am.

Drake: Since when did you get a comm?

Kate: John gave it to me before we left.

Drake: John... (switching attention) Come on, let's go.

The two of the them make it to the entrance which is blocked with a group of Xyrions, firing at the MCA Officers. Agent Shawn is then seen, with a launcher of some sort. He aims it for the front of the base and pulls the trigger, launching a small missile. The group of them are then blown up, some simply getting knocked out while others are just thrown aside. Drake and Kate then exit the building and run through the mostly cleared out space. Drake strikes some of the unfazed Xyrions with his electric mace as they continue passing through to the cliff side. Once there, MCA Officers help them up.

Agent Shawn, using his comms: Package secured, move out. Now!

The Jumpjet then becomes visible and its engines start to activate. The MCA Officers then start to bail from the fight and hop onto the Jumpjet. Agent Shawn pulls out a small blaster and fires at the Xyrions still firing at them, along with two more Officers.

Agent Shawn: Get on the jet! Everyone bail!

Everyone else manages to get onto the MCA Jumpjet just as it takes off and flies away. The doors then close completely and the Jumpjet picks up on speed. The Xyrion Leader is then seen standing at the entrance of the base, looking among the fallen or wounded Xyrions. He then looks up at the retreating Jumpjet. One of the Xyrions approaches the Leader and grunts.

Xyrion Leader: Speak.

Xyrion: They have escaped, Leader.

Xyrion Leader: I can see.

Xyrion: What should we do next?

Xyrion Leader: Just as the Vigilante has gathered data on us for his associates, we have collected data on him for our masters. But first I need to know why the procedure was unsuccessful.

The Xyrion Leader turns to the Xyrion that followed him outside.

Other Xyrion: The procedure required more power than we had anticipated. He also resisted the procedure, draining more power. The power that is inside of him is something our equipment and the equipment of their government can not handle.

Xyrion Leader: So... we need more power. Our secret weapons will see to that. In the meantime, ready a squadron and search for the missing experiments especially Subject SCV22. The rest will repair this facility and continue any other planned procedures.

Xyrion: And what of the Vigilante, Leader?

Xyrion Leader: I will see to him, myself.

The scene then cuts over to later on at the MCA Helicarrier, still hovering through the skies which are still grey.

MCA Helicarrier
January 10, 18:12 EDT

Director, unseen: I can't believe this.

Inside, the Director's Office is shown. She is standing behind her desk and Drake is seated with Kate besides him.

Director: I had trusted you with this mission, Drake. And I specifically made it clear that this was meant for reconnaissance only. But you intervened. Not only did you disobey my powers but you risked the lives of my men, your friend and yourself.

Drake: I know.

Director: What?

Drake: I should have listened to you. I let my anger and my need for them to face justice keep me from doing what I needed to do. I was- uh- 

Kate: Lucky?

Drake: Yeah. I was lucky. If I wasn't, Kate would have been hurt and I would have lost her. We already lost Owens, I can't lose another person close to me. I just felt like I was doing what I needed to do, what was right.

Director: Well, you can't beat yourself up completely. It doesn't give me much to do. Besides, you collected data that we wouldn't have found through regular recon work. That being said, they knew our tactics, how recon work. I can only assume it's because they are an army themselves. They're familiar with tactics, maneuvers, game plans. Not to mention the fact that they've been infiltrating the U.S. Government for who knows how long.

Kate: If you don't mind, what can we do about it?

Director: We know where they live. They don't seem to be relocating this time around so that means whatever they're planning is coming into play soon. We'll regroup, gather our resources and make another play. But not now.

Drake: What?

Director: That was an unauthorized strike you committed, Drake. It's bad enough the Government wants my head because of the stunt at Nexus, now they think we're hiding out and planning another attack.

Drake: We're trying to do good here.

Director: I know that but I'm trying to make them see that. Without proper evidence, this whole organization can get shut down then we wouldn't be able to catch Mutants like these and save people. That's why I need your trust, Drake. I trusted you with the mission and it didn't work out that well but you still have my trust because I know what type of person you are. I don't know from experience or anything, you're not like anyone I've ever seen before. But I know you because I was there for you since you were ten years old. You were lost and angry and you didn't seem to grow out of that.

Drake: Okay, I trust you... I'll listen to you but I need to make my own plays sometimes.

Director: As long as they're not completely reckless, fine. It's a deal.

Drake nods.

Director: Now get out of here. And I don't want word of this getting out, they'll think I've gone soft.

Both Drake and Kate get up from their seats and head for the door. Kate leaves first but Drake stops at the door and turns to the Director, who sits at her desk.

Drake: Thank you for trusting me, Director. I mean it this time.

Director: ...I know.

Drake nods once again then leaves the office. The Director then looks down, slightly contemplating before doing another task at her desk. The scene then cuts over to the corridor outside of the medical bay. Drake is seen leaning against one of the wall with the window, looking into the room, while Kate has her arms crossed as she looks at Drake from the other side of the corridor.

Kate: What you said in there: it was good.

Drake: Thanks...

Kate: I mean it. Look, I get it, it was a tough call but at least we know what to do now.

Drake: It's just some of the things he said. That there's a power in me, I remember something about my mother...

Kate: You remember your mother?

Drake, turning from the window and facing her: Yeah, just a little. It's just- ...I think she's a Mutant, Kate.

Kate looks at Drake confused. A MCA nurse is then seen rushing into the medical bay, followed by other MCA medical agents which catching Kate's attention.

Kate: (to herself) What- (to one of the nurses) Hey, excuse me- What's going on?

MCA Nurse: We just got an activity spike from one of the patients.

Drake: Who is it?

John, voice muffled from the glass: Drake!

Drake and Kate turn to look at the glass. Drake's face then looks surprised.

Drake, to himself: Owens...

Inside the medical bay, Owens is seen in his bed, awakening and looking around as the MCA medical staff tend to him.

Owens: ARGH!


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • It is revealed that the Xyrion group expands to even higher ranks and other divisions.
  • Drake's Mother is revealed to be a Mutant
  • Drake unlocks a new form, the Electro-Icer.

Minor Events

  • Kate enters a Xyrion base for the first time (not including Nexus).
  • John wakes from his unconsciousness.
  • Owens wakes from his coma.



  • Xyrion Command
    • Xyrion Research Division Leader
    • Xyrions

Forms Used

  • Acidic Thorns (x2)
  • Sonar Scales
  • Electro-Icer (First Appearance)


  • When Kate is teaching Drake how to see deeper into situations, she says "Just Breathe. Now, look out. What do you see?" This is a reference to what Luke says to Rey in the teaser for the film, Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
  • When Drake finds Kate in the Xyrion base, she responds to his opposition of her staying with "This is a recon, isn't it? I'm reconning." This is an allusion to a deleted line from Jyn Erso in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story: "This is a rebellion, isn't it? I rebel."
  • When both Drake and Kate are knocked unconscious by the Xyrion gas, the Xyrion Leader says "Leave the female... It's the Mutant I want. Take him to the laboratory." This is a reference to Classic Doctor Who episode, Time and the Rani.
  • When Drake explains how it was never a recon mission, he says "They knew we were coming, Kate. They knew and their leader is gone." This is an allusion to Mission: Impossible when Ethan Hunt contacts Kittridge as their mission goes awry.


  • This is the first episode for the second half of the second season of the series.
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