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Reckoning is the seventh episode of the series, Ryder.

Season 1, Episode 7
Air date 8/31/18
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Dual Deductions


The episode starts at a warehouse in the middle of the night. The sky is dark with the moonlight shining over the air with misty clouds shifting past.

Kanos’ Warehouse
December 23, 23:07 EDT

Inside, the warehouse Kanos is shown standing on a platform, looking down at his goons tending to some equipment. There are two large pieces of machinery that look like pipes which some kind of substance brewing within.

Kanos: Is the substance almost ready?

Goon: Yes sir, it’s almost ready.

Kanos: Good… soon enough, our bargain with the Cabal will be completed. But before then, I need only to do one last thing in New York.

Goon: May I ask what you need to do?

Kanos: Something that I need to take care of. Hold down the fort. I’ll be back soon enough.

Goon: But what if the Cabal ask for you, Kanos?

Kanos, stopping before the stairs: ...Then tell them I’m out. Like I said, I’ll be back soon enough.

He then walks down the metallic stairs connected to the platform and steps out of the nearest door, leaving outside. The goon watches him leave through the doorway before the door slams behind him- cutting to the next scene. The sudden transition takes the scene to the city where the buildings stand and the cars pass along on the late night streets.

December 23, 23:54 EDT

A police officer can be seen walking down the sidewalk on a patrol, wearing a thick and furry police issued jacket for the winters. He looks around, passing by a couple enjoying each other company. He then stops, looking back at them and grunts. He then walks into the nearest alleyway and reaches into his pocket, pulling out a pack of cigarettes. He then takes one from the bunch and places it into his mouth. He then reaches into his other pocket, searching around. Footsteps are then heard approaching before the sound of a lighter clicking is then heard. The police officer stops and looks over, seeing a lighter in a bulky hand already lit.

Kanos: You know you shouldn’t smoke.

Police Officer: What are you going to do? Arrest me?

Kanos: No, that’s your job, officer. That is… if you’re on duty.

Police Officer: I’m on patrol actually… just taking a minute to myself, if you know what I mean.

Kanos: But that’s not what I mean. I’m here on behalf of the Cabal.

The police officer’s cheeky grin then drops into a morbid frown.

Police Officer: What do you want?

Kanos: Information.

Police Officer: What about? Drug deal locations? Evidence? Weapon caches?

Kanos: I want information about a girl, someone within your own police force.

Police Officer: Now look. Our arrangement is that I help you and the Cabal out with things that only a cop can provide. You need evidence destroyed, I got it. You need to know where someone’s hiding, sure. But information about a cop? I don’t know about that…

Kanos: You must be new because the Cabal have acquired you to work for them and do what they ask. There are no exceptions or rules- just do as you’re told. And I’m telling you- I need that information.

Police Officer: Alright uh- who about?

Kanos: Jessica Kelly, daughter of Harrison Kelly. I need to know everything you have about her. In fact, just hand me her entire file if you can. But I need it soon.

Police Officer: Sure, I’ll just run to the station after my patrol and-

Kanos: I don’t think you heard me. I said I need it soon.

Police Officer: R-Right. Look, if I can just get his word on this whole thing, I’ll get it good and done.

Kanos: Do you really want to waste his time on something like this?

Police Officer: Well, no- but-

Kanos: What’s so hard for you to fucking understand?!

The police officer reaches for his gun as Kanos leans in. He then stops and sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose with his hand.

Kanos: Alright, alright. I’ll call him right now. Settle down.

The police officer then relaxes and Kanos reaches into his pocket. He can be slightly hunched over, using something with his hands. The cop walks over to Kanos, curiously.

Police Officer: Hey, how long does it take to make a phone ca-

Kanos swings back and stabs the police officer with a knife, ramming it straight into his stomach.

Police Officer: Aagh!

Kanos then swipes the knife out, leaving behind a slash wound across the officer’s abdomen. The officer looks down at his mouth, as blood spills from his mouth and down onto his chin. He reaches for his stomach but then drops down to his knees. The officer slowly and weakly looks up at Kanos.

Kanos: Now I want that information. Otherwise, I’ll make you feel pain in every way imaginable before you bleed you.

Police Officer: W-Who are you? (gasps for air)

Kanos: I am Valen Kanos and I want Jessica Kelly.

Title Sequence

The episode continues, now in the morning, with the scene now focused on the apartment building which houses Ryder Investigations. The sky is a pale blue with clouds coming in, however, there is still some sunlight casting down on the city below.

Ryder Investigations
December 24, 11:45 EDT

Inside, Kelly can be seen, looking out of the window. She looks down, seeing the wolf creature file still in her hands. The door then opens and Ryder walks in very suddenly, with his head down. Kelly turns to the door and tosses the file in a slightly open drawer before closing it with her feet. Ryder walks over to the desk and places a metallic briefcase on it. He lets out a sigh before looking over at Kelly, who watches him with her arms crossed.

Ryder: Oh, hey Kelly.

Kelly: “Oh, hey Kelly”? Is that the best thing you can come up with?

Ryder’s eyes shift back and forth before looking at Kelly again.

Ryder: What?

Kelly: You left the office without telling me and then disappeared for a couple of days. I- I was worried about you.

Ryder: Why would you do that? I thought you were supposed to be on maternity leave.

Kelly, correcting: Sick leave.

Ryder: Eh- same difference. Worrying about other people just stresses you out and stress kills people. I should know I took on a lot of cases where that was all it was. (pause) Didn’t really get paid a lot for those jobs though… So, have you been looking after the office while I was gone?

Kelly: Yes. I suppose. I kept stopping by to make sure nobody robbed you. You really need a lock on that door.

Ryder: I’m working on it!

Ryder plops down on the couch and sighs.

Ryder: So what about you?

Kelly: ...M-Me?

Ryder: (mockingly) Y-Yes. (in a normal tone) You. Don’t tell you just sat here all day waiting for me?

Kelly: I uh- I just went out with a friend of mine.

Ryder: ...Oh.

Kelly: What about you? What did you do for these past couple of days? Went on some secret case that you won’t tell me about.

Ryder: Eh, don’t worry about it. Come on, grab your jacket.

Ryder kicks off from the couch and heads for the door.

Ryder: We’re going out.

Kelly: O-Out? You just got back.

Ryder: Yeah, well, I was never one to sit still. I need to get my mind off of some stuff and you’re the perfect distraction.

Kelly: What’s that supposed to mean?

Ryder: Isn’t it obvious? I want to hang out and do- friend stuff.

Kelly: Friend stuff?

Ryder: ...I’m uh- a little out of practice.

Kelly: (sigh) Come on, we can go for a walk and see what we can find in the city.

Kelly grabs her leather jacket from the edge of the couch and throws it on as Ryder leaves the office. She glances back at the office before closing the door behind her. The sound of car honking is then heard as the scene cuts over to the two of them walking through the city, side by side.

Kelly: I’ve missed this, y’know.

Ryder: Missed what? The city? Walking?

Kelly: You, silly. Just walking with you, being with a friend.

Ryder: What happened to your other friends? Didn’t you hang out with them?

Kelly: Yeah, but they’re not like you. We have this thing where we solve cases and work things out. I think that’s our way of helping others and that’s something that only we can do together, don’t you think?

Ryder looks off for a moment.

Ryder: I guess…

Kelly catches a glance of Ryder, looking off, as if thinking about something that’s upsetting him.

Kelly: Hey, something bothering you?

Ryder, turning back to Kelly: What? Me? Nah, it’s nothing. Come on, I think there’s a coffee shop around here somewhere.

Ryder walks up ahead, in a slight jog, with Kelly rushing after him shortly after giving him a hard look. The two then cross a crosswalk.

Kelly: I just- feel like there’s something you’re not telling me. I mean you disappear for a couple of days and you show up with a briefcase and-

Ryder: I’m fine, Kelly. Really. I’m fine. I just wanna go for a walk with you.

Kelly: (sigh) Alright. Well, the least you can do is strike up a conversation.

Ryder: Sure… uh- about a case or… what should we talk about?

Kelly: Start small.

Ryder: Right, small talk uh- how was work?

Kelly: I’m on sick leave and we haven’t gotten any new cases in a while.

Ryder: Oh yeah, that’s right. Kelly: You’re terrible at this.

Ryder: Yeah, I guess I am. I’m usually so charismatic when it comes to our clients.

Kelly: Your clients.

Ryder: No, I’m pretty sure I said- our clients. It is our agency.

Kelly: But I’m not an investigator. I’m a cop.

Ryder: Well, you’re my friend before you’re a cop. And you re-started the agency with me. I think it’s only fair that you cut yourself some slices of the slack cake.

Kelly: So I guess that means we’re partners then.

Ryder: Guess so.

Kelly: Which means you’ll tell me all of the agency’s secrets and mysteries?

Ryder: Slow your roll, rookie. You’ve gotta work up to those.

Kelly: Well, at least, now I know that you have secrets and mysteries locked away somewhere.

Ryder: Foiled again…

Kelly chuckles while Ryder beams off a smile at her. The two of them then turn the corner and walk up the sidewalk but stop in their tracks. Before them, a police investigation is occuring.

Kelly: Whoa, what’s going on here? Nobody told me about this.

Ryder: Maybe that’s because you’re on sick leave.

Kelly: Oh, now you remember.

Ryder: I have my moments…

Kelly: We should probably check it out. You know, just in case...

Ryder: And why should we do that, Kelly?

Kelly: Well, I don’t know. You might find a client or evidence to your next big case.

Ryder: We’re private investigators, not ace attorneys. You just want to check it out because you miss being a police officer, don’t you?

Kelly: Yeah, I guess that’s it. But you’re the boss.

Ryder: (sigh) Well… this is the street I use to get to the coffee shop… probably wouldn’t hurt to just pass on through.

Kelly: Thanks, Ryder.

Ryder and Kelly walk ahead and approach the crime scene. A police officer stands outside and extends his hand out.

Police Officer: Yo, you two need to beat it. This here is a crime scene.

Kelly: Jessica Kelly, I’m an officer.

Police Officer: Hey, aren’t you on sick leave?

Kelly: I’m still an officer. Do you think I can check out the crime scene?

Another officer walks on over and whispers something into the initial one’s ear. They share glances at Kelly.

Police Officer: Yeah uh- I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Kelly: Why not? Is it because of the commissioner because I-

Police Officer: Look, you just- you just don’t want to be in here, alright? It’s pretty bad…

Kelly looks at the officer for a moment before walking around the crime scene. The police officer turns and tries to stop Kelly.

Police Officer: Hey! Hey! Knock it off, already!

Ryder: Good luck with that. Once she sets her mind to something, it’s hard convincing her otherwise.

Police Officer: Well that just makes thing a lot more harder than they need to be.

Ryder: And why’s that?

Police Officer: (sigh) Look, I just want to do my job here and then get the hell out of here. I’ve seen my share of bodies but this- oof… this shit ain’t natural.

Ryder looks at the officer then rushes over to Kelly.

Ryder: Kelly?

Ryder stops next to Kelly and sees her looking out the crime scene.

Ryder: Kel-

He stops and looks down at her hands. They’re clenching the police tape. He then looks back at her and leans forward to get a better look at her face. She seems paralyzed with slightly widen eyes. Her pupils seems to be slightly smaller and her mouth just barely open- letting out a faint whimper. Ryder looks away for a moment then his eyes fix on the crime scene, itself.

Ryder: ...Oh.

Before the two of them is an alleyway. Inside, a police officer is laying on the ground. His jacket is open- showing a large open wound across the abdomen connecting with another jagged cut moving up the body- from the stomach to the torso. Both lines sort of resemble the letter, “V”. Dried up blood can be seen along the edges of the cuts and on parts of the skin. The skin, itself, is also a slight blue and grey tone.

Kelly: I-It’s… It’s… him… It’s actually… him…

She pushes back from the police line and coughs as if she having trouble breathing. Ryder turns to her in a slight surprise.

Ryder: Kelly?

Kelly: I- I have to- I have to go, Ryder… I have to-

She then runs down the street on her own. Ryder extends his arm out but lowers it as he remains where he is. Ryder then turns to the police officer, sternly, and approaches him.

Ryder: Why did she just run off like that?

Police Officer: I’m not telling you anything.

Ryder: My name is Ryder, I’m a private investigator. I know- what’s the big deal, right? Well, it might not matter to a cop such as yourself but I’m sure you have plenty of other things that the man behind the badge would like to keep very well hidden about yourself. Maybe something going on between you and your wife, maybe a gambling problem you don’t want the boss to know about, hell- why don’t I just do one better and make an anonymous call to mother fucking internal affairs for suspicious behavior.

Police Officer: Alright, alright. What the hell do you even want?!

Ryder: I want to know about that dead body and I want to know why you wouldn’t let my friend see it.

The scene cuts over the police precinct. The sky is looking a lot more pale than before- in fact, it looks plenty of cloudy out. Kelly runs across the street, nearly getting hit by a passing car which stops before her.

NYPD Police Precinct
December 24, 12:07 EDT

Inside, police officers can be seen attending to their regular duties when- suddenly- Kelly bursts in through the front doors. A lot of them stop and look over at her as she storms further into the precinct. She then reaches the back of the precinct and stops before the door. She’s ready to knock and, well, she does after some slight hesitation.

Commissioner, from behind the door: In a minute!

Kelly waits there for a few seconds before just opening the door and coming in on her own.

Commissioner, on the phone: We can have this conversation later when you get here to do your investi-

He turns to the door, seeing Kelly barge in.

Commissioner: Yeah, I’ve got to go. I’ll call you back in a few minutes.

The commissioner hangs up the phone and just looks right at Kelly.

Commissioner, calmly: Kelly… what… in the actual hell… do you think you’re doing barging into my office like this?

Kelly: The murdered cop… in the alleyway. Did you know?

Commissioner: (sigh) Oh man… Know what, Kelly?

Kelly: Did you know about the way he was killed? Don’t play games with me! ...Please.

Commissioner: Yes. I knew. When I got the call in, I- I couldn’t believe it myself. But I knew that you would jump to conclusions and assume what I had assumed which is why I had ordered the officers at the scene to not let you in if you had gotten word for this. And it seems that someone is getting their paycheck cut for the holidays for not following one really simple objective.

Kelly: This isn’t just something you hide from me. I deserve to know. That man… that monster that killed him is still out there.

Commissioner: I’m sorry, Kelly, I really am so sorry but that man is dead!

Kelly: You saw that ‘V’ on his chest. It starts in the abdomen and then raises through the torso. That’s his way of killing people. That’s the same thing he did to-

She stops herself and tries to compose herself.

Commissioner: Look, we just- we just need more to go on than just a way of killing people. Kelly, you’re a respective and commendable officer. You know the rules and so do I. A full commitment to this job might just be too much for you though. After what happened with Alec, that’s why I put you on that sick leave- so you can get a grip on yourself, Kelly. But- this can’t be happening. Otherwise, it’ll turn into something a whole lot worse and the only time you’ll be wearing blue is with a T-Shirt and jeans.

Kelly: Just open up the case again. Let me back on the force and go after this monster one last time!

Commissioner: The answer is no, Kelly! I’m not going to tell you again. Now get the hell out of my office. NOW!

Kelly shakes slightly at the commissioner's yells before stumbling out of the office. The Commissioner leans against his desk and scratches his forehead with his finger, letting out a deep sigh. Kelly walks ahead, with her head lowered. She looks up and around her, seeing the glares and glances of her fellow officers. Her expression then intensifies with concealed anger, leaking out, as her speed increases. She then finds herself stomping ahead and running out through the front doors which fly open. Before her, in the street, Ryder stands there- hands in his jacket pockets. Kelly stops before him and breathes heavily. She fixes her hair and nearly looks ashamed of herself. Ryder looks at her with a straight look but doesn’t say anything. The scene cuts over to Ryder Investigations, it’s currently raining.

Ryder Investigations
December 24, 12:33 EDT

Inside, Ryder hands Kelly a cup of coffee as she sits on the couch.

Kelly: T-Thanks…

Ryder pulls up a chair and places it before his desk. He then sits down on it and just looks over at Kelly.

Ryder: So… what’s up?

Kelly lets out a breath and looks away.

Ryder: I get it if you don’t want to talk about it but… I just want to help you out here. And the best way for me to help is to know what’s going on, Kelly.

Kelly slowly turns back to Ryder. Her gaze meets with his for a brief moment before she shifts her eyes down to her coffee cup.

Kelly: There was a convicted criminal that escaped police custody. He uh- he has a long record of crimes that he has committed. Drug transport, illegal mining activities, assault, and uh- murder… to name a few.

Ryder: So what does he have to do with the murdered cop?

Kelly: He uh- he had a marking on him. You saw it?

Ryder: Yeah, the two slashes. Apparently those were some kind of signature killing style.

Kelly: Yes. They were his... back when he was an active criminal. Officers chased him around and failed to home him down and catch him. Well, except for one officer… Harrison Kelly.

Ryder: Harrison Ke-... that’s your father, isn’t it?

Kelly: Yeah… he cornered Kanos and uh- ...died trying to stop him. Except he didn’t just carve him up. No… he shot him in the head. (sigh) They didn’t want me to know but I found out anyways. The man that murdered my father… is back in the city… and that ma- that monster’s name is Val Kanos.

Ryder: That’s….Wow Kelly, I never you had to go through that. I’m so…. Sorry.

Kelly: It’s…. It’s okay.

Ryder: How come you never told me?

Kelly: I didn’t know how you’d react. Besides, it’s not something I like bringing up very often…

Ryder: I guess I can see why you’re so connected to what’s been going on with the murdered cop. You want to go after this Kanos guy. Kelly: That’s why I became a cop in the first place, Ryder.

Ryder: Wait, I thought you said it was because of your dad. That he thought you about doing right for the city.

Kelly: That was part of it. He was an officer too. I always dreamed about going out and joining him on a patrol.

Ryder: You always did have a good relationship with your folks…

Kelly: Yeah… after I found out that it was Kanos that killed him, I took the exam and passed. I became a cop and wanted to work my way up until I was ready to take on his case. But by then- well, he was already pronounced deceased. I thought I could finally sleep knowing that that monster was no longer out there hurting people but it still looks like he’s lurking around. I want to make this city better, safer… but how can I when murderers like him are out there. All murderers are just monsters.

Ryder looks away, almost as if he’s ashamed before turning back to Kelly.

Ryder: I uh- (clears throat) heard there was a case surrounding this Kanos guy.

Kelly: Y-yeah… the case… My father worked on the case, he was the lead officer in charge.

Ryder: So, did you want to reopen the case?

Kelly: Would you help me? I… I just want to prevent another person from losing a loved one from a criminal.

Ryder: Yeah, sure… Well, let’s get started.

Ryder gets up and heads over to his desk. While he does, Kelly glares over at him. Elsewhere, in a dark room, the leader of the Cabal can be seen, watching footage of Ryder in his wolf creature form. He looks at it carefully.

Kanos: That looks like a problem and a half.

The leader of the Cabal turns to face Kanos, who is standing behind him.

Cabal Leader: You should have knocked.

Kanos: Knocking usually catches a person’s attention. I like to be discreet.

Cabal Leader: I highly doubt that. Please, take a seat.

Kanos: I’d rather stand, actually.

Cabal Leader: ...Of course.

The leader of the Cabal takes a seat and crosses his legs. He looks over at Kanos, who stands there with his arms crossed.

Cabal Leader: You’ve been er- busy lately.

Kanos: Pushing out the merchandise, yes. That was our agreement.

Cabal Leader: While you have been keeping to the terms of our agreement, you have also been drawing unwanted attention to yourself… and since you are now an asset of this Cabal, you need to be careful with what you bring with you. Only so many truly know of our intentions, plans and locations.

Kanos: I wouldn’t tell a soul, besides I know you mercenary types make sure traps are shut.

Cabal Leader: You are well informed. Just a fair warning is all.

Kanos: Understood, boss. But look- I have a personal mission. I humbly request the use of Cabal resources to get my mission done. After all, I am pushing your merchandise AND manufacturing twice as much as you have previously done. I say at the way things are going, you’ll reach that goal of yours soon enough without much intervention from others.

Cabal Leader: Hm… it’s a fair point that you bring up. Very well. Just now, that I have eyes and ears everywhere. Just make sure that it does not come to anything too… extreme, understand? I wouldn’t want you to lose control of the situation.

Kanos: Don’t count on it. You’ll get your merchandise and I’ll get my target. Then we can both be sipping mai tais on a beach somewhere… if the Mutants haven’t torn ‘em apart, that is.

Cabal Leader: Heh. Yes… I suppose only time will tell. That is all the business I had to discuss with you. Feel free to use whatever resources you deem are necessary.

Kanos: Heh heh, thanks- I’ll be sure to do just that.

Kanos turns and walks out of the room, letting in a bright light. On the other side of the room, is a factory of some kind with various Cabal thugs and goons working around to move supplies and equipment as well as cargo. Kanos whistles and two of them rush over to him.

Kanos: Gather some more men and some equipment too. I’m taking a journey to the arsenal and picking some stuff up. Well, come on, move on out!

The two men run off while Kanos grunts and walks off. Above him, is a metallic platform, where a young woman- in a grey shirt and black pants- can be seen leaning over, watching him. A scrawny man, wearing glasses and a green outfit, walks over to her- with a laptop in hand.

Woman, without taking her eyes off of Kanos: Get a load of the new guy.

Man: He is not a new member of the Cabal… he is an asset.

Woman: He’s an asset, alright. Bastard thinks he runs the place.

Man, rubbing his bald spot: W-Well, that is preposterous! The boss would not allow such an act to actually occur.

Woman, turning to the man, roughly: Well, maybe the boss isn’t really the boss anymore. Maybe he’s getting soft.

Voice: I assure you.

The woman, uneasily, looks over the edge of the platform to see the leader of the Cabal, looking up at them from the floor level.

Cabal Leader: I am still the boss around here.

Woman: Of course, sir.

Cabal Leader: Don’t forget what role you play here. You may have replaced Fisher but do not believe for one second that you are just as capable as him.

Woman, in a defeated tone: Yes, sir...

Cabal Leader: (sigh) How goes the process?

Man: I’m nearly through.

Cabal Leader: And the asset?

Man: He has, indeed, provided us a gratuitous amount of the serum as promised, sir. We should reach our goal way before the deadline.

Cabal Leader: Excellent.

He looks over at the woman, who looks off to the side.

Cabal Leader: Something troubling you? Perhaps you still doubt my ability to lead the Cabal?

Woman: I meant no disrespect. I only questioned your leadership because of how the asset was treating you and the men here. I feel like his mission would cause us nothing but trouble.

Man: I’m inclined to agree with our temerarious companion. This asset does not appear to be any more trustworthy as the last one.

Cabal Leader: The only difference between Travis and Kanos is that the latter actually delivers. Trust has nothing to do with our arrangement. The only thing I place my trust in, concerning him, is to produce and push our product. You should be glad- you get to train just as hard as your other team mate. After all, we can not complete our plan without the destruction of Ryder.

Woman: But what if-

Cabal Leader: Enough questioning. I have a handle of the situation. Should he fail to live up to his obligations or abuse our agreement or even attempt to double-cross us, I will personally make sure Kanos never lives long enough to even scramble out an excuse for his actions.

The man with the glasses chuckles creepily to himself while the woman grows a sinister grin on her face soon after. The scene then cuts back to the apartment building which houses Ryder Investigations. It seems as if the whole day has passed by as the sky has started to darken and the clouds have remained as they were- obstructing the sky and becoming heavier by the minute. Thunder echoes through the clouds as a flash of lightning can be seen in the far distance.

Ryder Investigations
December 24, 18:59 EDT

Inside, Ryder can be seen flipping through many case files at his desk.

Ryder: (sigh) I’ve been sitting here for hours and still can’t find anything…

Kelly, looking through files: We can’t stop trying, Ryder.

Ryder: I know, I know. It’s just- whatever case your father was looking into was definitely not an easy one. Kanos really knew how to bury his footsteps, if you know what I mean.

Ryder examines a file containing photographs of Kanos’ victims- all of which slashed open, like that corrupt police officer in the alleyway. Ryder reaches for his coffee cup and drinks from it before setting it down. He then waves his hand through his hair and looks over at Kelly, who presses against the files as she looks for any vital information they can use. Her body looks tense and she just swipes a folder back to reach for another. Ryder looks down, letting out a sigh, as if thinking about something for a moment.

Ryder: Do you uh… want to talk about it?

Kelly: ...About what?

Ryder: About what happened between- well um…

Kelly: You mean if I want to recall the tragic loss of my father’s life? No, I don’t think I do, Ryder.

Ryder: Right. Sorry, that was um-

Kelly: What? Unprofessional? I’m not your client, Ryder. I’m supposed to be your friend. So why don’t you just- do something useful already and help me out?!

A silent lingers between them. Kelly takes a deep breath before looking away.

Kelly: ...Sorry. I uh- I didn’t mean to snap on you like that. I just-

Ryder: I get it. You don’t have to say anymore. I lost a parent too, Kelly. In fact, I lost both of my parents.

Kelly, turning to Ryder: You don’t really talk much about them.

Ryder: It’s a bit complicated. We weren’t really a functional family where everyone was constantly smiling… sure, all families have their moments but for me, every day felt like one of those moments. But just as things started to feel like they could turn around… everything just ended and they were taken away from me. So believe me, I know what you’re feeling. I’ve had that feeling inside me for about 9 years now… and I still have feeling inside me.

Kelly: How… How are you even able to cope with something like that?

Ryder: ...Well, I guess, I do a lot of meditation. Helps to get the tension out.

Kelly lets out a dry chuckle and wipes some tears away. Ryder gives a half smile but it seems weighed by a sudden sadness.

Kelly: I uh- I remember a time when my father was still around… those were better times, I suppose.

Ryder: What was your father like?

Kelly: He was great. He was always nice to others, gave her work the full 100 percent. And yeah that meant staying out sometimes and I would worry that he wouldn’t come home sometimes… but he still came. He used to tell me something so that I would stay strong. “The best place to look is not on the surface but deep down inside. That’s where you’ll find the strength you need.”

Ryder: Deep down inside…

Ryder glances back at some files and flips over to one with a sudden haste.

Kelly: W-What is it? Did you remember something?

Ryder: No, you did.

Kelly: Wh-What do you mean?

Ryder: Your father was the one heading the case but now I get it! The reason why no one really knew where Kanos was at the end wasn’t because he was so good at covering his tracks. No- it was because your father made sure no one else would go after him.

Kelly: You mean he went after him alone?

Ryder: Yes because he had to. Your father knew that Kanos had to be stopped so he went alone so no one else would get hurt. I guess he thought he was doing something admirable. However, he did leave behind one clue in case things didn’t work his way.

Kelly: And that is…

Ryder, turning to Kelly, with a big smile: You!

Kelly: Me?

Ryder: Yes, you! He told you to look deep inside.

Kelly: Yeah, like to find my inner self, right?

Ryder: Well, maybe, but what he was really trying to tell you was that Kanos wasn’t on the surface…

Ryder slams his finger down on a map.

Ryder: He was underground. I know this area, there’s a cave system just on the edge of the city. I used it to sneak in and out sometimes but it’s be known to be unstable. Kanos, that crazy son of a bitch, must have set up some sort of facility down there and have been hiding out down there for some time. But now we know.

Kelly: ...So what now?

Ryder: Now we do the smart thing and turn this over to the police where they can search for him and take him down.

Kelly: But they can just be going into a death trap especially with how unstable the caverns are.

Ryder: If you go in small groups, it shouldn’t be too bad- although it is better with one person. One person who is limber enough and can stay on their toes. Talking about me, by the way. Look, you should probably crash here.

Ryder gets up, taking some of the files in hand.

Ryder: I’ll just let the police know about the files and this Vanos guy won’t even be a problem anymore.

Kelly: Y-Yeah… that sounds good.

Ryder smiles at Kelly then turns to his desk. Ryder places the files on his desk and dials a number into the phone. He raises the phone to his ear and leans against the desk.

Operator, over the phone: 9-1-1, what is your emergency?

Ryder is about to speak when a chair crashes down on his head, breaking into pieces. He drops and lays against the floor. The phone then dangles from the cord and bangs against the desk.

Operator, over the phone: Hello? Are you there?

A hand then takes the phone and raises it up.

Operator, over the phone: If you have an emergency, please let us know. Otherwise, this call will be-

And with a slow and decisive motion, the phone is gently placed back on its base- hanging up the call. The view then elevates to show the person to be, none other than, Kelly, herself. She looks down at the files on the desk and takes them into her hand. She then turns and looks down at the floor, seeing Ryder lay there.

Kelly: I’m sorry, Ryder… but I have to do this. (turning to the door) For my father.

She then rushes out of the door and closes it behind her. In the next instance, Kelly can be seen running down the sidewalk with the files in her hands. Her face is hard pressed as if she’s compressed plenty of emotions.

Young Girl’s Voice, echoing: When will he get here, Mommy?

Woman’s Voice, echoing: Soon, peanut, soon. In fact, I think I can hear his cruiser pulling up now.

Kelly runs past a pole which takes the view straight into a flashback scene as a pole pans out of view. As view continues panning, it stops on the sight of a modern looking home with a police cruiser parking in front of it.

Kelly Residence
15 Years Ago

A police officer then steps out of the car- he has a black mustache and slightly grey hair- and places his hat on before closing the driver’s side door.

Young Girl’s Voice: Daddy!

The officer turns his head in slight surprise and smiles as a little girl runs out from the house, towards the police officer. He steps onto the sidewalk and kneels down, embracing in a hug with the young girl.

Police Officer: I thought we discussed you coming outside like that, Jessy?

Young Kelly: But Daddy!

Harrison Kelly: No buts, young lady. Now come here!

He rustles up Kelly’s hair and she laughs.

Harrison Kelly: So how was my favorite little girl?

Young Kelly: I’m your only little girl, Daddy.

Harrison Kelly: Heh, I know you are, Kitten. I got a call from your mother while I was on patrol. She says you were really worried about me about there.

Young Kelly: I know you’re chasing after those bad guys, Daddy, but I don’t want you getting hurt out there.

Harrison Kelly: Hey, I’m going out there to protect you from those bad guys.

Young Kelly: But I don’t want you getting hurt because of me.

Harrison Kelly: Listen, Kelly. Sometimes you can’t look on the surface when something happens, you have to look deep down… inside yourself in order to find the strength you need. I want you to remember those words, okay?

Young Kelly: Okay, but what do they mean?

Harrison Kelly: Heh, it means that you’re going to grow up into a strong woman who is going to help a lot of people. I love you, Jessica.

Young Kelly, with a smile: I love you too, Daddy.

The flashback then fades away with a bright glare as the headlights of a police cruiser can be seen. The lights then cut off as the engine of the cruiser dies down. A present day Kelly can then be seen inside of the car, hands clenching the steering wheel. She looks ahead, seeing Cabal men entering through some kind of mining shaft out in a construction area at the edge of the city.

Vulcan Mining Construction Field
December 24, 19:28 EDT

Stil inside of the cruiser, Kelly reaches down and pops open one of the comparents. She reaches into the glove box and pulls out a pistol. She remains in the car for a moment as the muffled sound of thunder roars outside. She then opens the door and steps out. She closes the door behind her and cocks her gun- stepping forward into the construction field. The scene then cuts back to Ryder, who has his face pressed against the floor. His eye then opens slowly and groggily before he lifts his face off of the floor. He rubs the back of his head and looks around- seeing the bits of chair surrounding him.

Ryder: Kelly?

He looks around, seeing no sign of her. He then places his hand on the desk and lifts up from the floor. His hand shifts over to where the files where and pats the desk- as if trying to find them. He then closes his eyes and groans out in pain before turning his head over to look at the desk. His vision blurs up for a moment before refocusing. The desk is clear of any files.

Ryder: Shit... (sigh) She went after him… Damn it!

Ryder slams his fist against the desk and lets out a deep huff. He then looks down and sees the coffee cup that he given to Kelly- still sitting on the end table by the couch. Ryder then walks over to the end table and takes the cup in his hand. He opens the door to the office and goes to the stairs. He climbs up the stairs and, soon, makes it onto the roof. The clouds are thick and a breeze is passing through- causing the wind to howl. Ryder’s leather coat flaps in the wind as he steps onto the roof with the cup in hand. He then closes his eyes and lets out a deep breath.

Ryder: Alright, come on… Kelly needs you.

The view zooms in on Ryder’s eye as it opens sharply- revealing the eye of the wolf-like creature. The view then zooms out- showing that Ryder had already transformed into the wolf creature as it stands on the rooftop hunched over. It bends its neck down at the cup clasped in its claws and sniffs the edges. It then throws its head up and sniffs the air. A growl emits from the creature. It throws down the coffee cup and pounces from the rooftop of the apartment to the next, letting out a howl that even silences the howl of the winds. Back to Kelly, she can be seen traveling down into the cave system that Ryder had mentioned. There are a series of tunnels stretching further than the construction field and possibly extending all the way out of the city. Kelly sticks close to the cave walls and follows after the two Cabal goons, walking ahead carefully.

Kelly continues to follow behind the two goons quietly, but not too close. The goons continue walking and navigating through the tunnels until they finally arrive at an open clearing within a big cavern. Other guards are shown outside and the two guards that Kelly were following went and got some supplies to bring inside.

Guard: Hey guys, what do you all think of Kanos?

Guard #2: Are you doubting his leadership?

Guard: No man, I am just taking caution.

Guard #2: To be honest the man scares the hell out of me. I wouldn’t wanna be against him.

Guard: Yeah same here. Guess we oughta just do what he says until he’s no longer an asset.

Kelly walks closer to the group of guards, hiding between a bunch of boxes. The two goons that she had been following reach over and grab some of the supplies by the boxes. Kelly then grabs one from behind and holds him in a choke hold. He finds it hard to breath as he struggles against her might but ultimately passes out in her grasp. She lets him down and moves down one side of the box next to her. She looks overhead slightly to see the other goon fetching more supplies. She rolls over the crate and kicks the goon back, onto the ground. Before he can get up, she knocks him out with a straight punch to the face. She then moves off to the side, taking the bag of supplies with her. The two guards in the front continue to stand guard when a grenade rolls up to their feet. The guards freak out for a moment before the grenade goes off, releasing a smoke that surrounds them. Through the smoke, Kelly kicks one of the guards in the back of the leg, causing them to yell out and fall backwards. Kelly grabs him and holds him in a headlock as he struggles. She slams her knee against his back and tightens her grip on him. The guard is just about unconscious when the other one emerges from the smoke, raising his weapon. Kelly, quickly, shoots him with her taser in one hand while holding the guard with the other arm. She then pushes the guard down to the ground and plunks the taser probes out of the other one. She then turns to the door and squints. Inside, Kanos can be seen examining the pipes that are manufacturing the serum samples. The sound of a gun clicking is then heard, catching his attention. Behind him, Kelly stands pointing her gun at him.

Kelly: Don’t move, dirtbag.

Kanos: My, my. Looks like someone found me.

Kelly: You’re damn right I found you, you- you monster.

Kanos: Monster? Ho, ho. The only monsters around here are those Mutant scum roaming the Earth. But hey- I’m not complaining. In fact, I’m marketing the right audiences.

He turns around to face her.

Kelly: Don’t m- I said don’t move!

He presses her gun ahead as if threatening to shoot him.

Kanos: So… you’re his daughter then. Jessica Kelly… I’ve been waiting to meet you.

Kelly: How the hell do you even know who I am?

Kanos: I’ve done my research. Harrison Kelly’s precious little daughter.

Kelly: So you know my father.

Kanos: I do.

Kelly: You know that you killed him then!

Kanos: ...I do. But knowing him, the menacing cop that he is, would have been proud to see his daughter grow up into one. That is who you are, isn’t it? Jessica Kelly, police officer. Finally came to track me down and lock me away for the crimes I did.

Kelly: Or maybe I should just end you right here and now.

Kanos: Oh really? You think a little girl like you can just, what? Shoot me?

Kelly: Why not? After all, you shot my father and then decided to carve him up like one of your victims.

Kanos: There’s a difference between me and you. I’m a professional, you’re an amatuer. Couldn’t even kill one of my lackies to get in here so how do you expect to off me? Relying on that hatred inside you? Well that hatred betrayed you because you just came out here all alone, without no back up and no protection.

Kelly: Like I ever needed it. You may think you’re all tough and powerful but it looks like someone got the drop on you once again. The Kelly family never ceases to surprise you, don’t they?

Kanos: Actually, it’s you who’s really in for a surprise.

Kelly: Put your hands on your head, right now! Before I-

And before Kelly could finish her sentence, armed men piled into the room from different sections of the warehouse- all of them getting into position and pointing their guns up at Kelly. She looks around, utterly taken back and surprised. She then turns back to Kanos who smiles at her, sinisterly.

Kanos: Heh, heh, heh. Like I said, you’re in for the surprise of your life now.

Just as Kanos says that, the wolf creature breaks through the window and lands on the warehouse floor, snarling and growling at the armed men around it. Kelly steps back, somehow even more surprised at seeing the wolf creature before her. She tries saying something but just- nothing comes out.

Kanos, surprised: A-Attack that thing!

The men open fire on the wolf creature as it rushes forward, slashing down some armed men. It pounces against the wall and pushes off, climbing up to the platform over head- in order to attack more of the armed men. Some of them come up behind the wolf creature and Kelly, suddenly gaining some courage, raises her gun and shoots at them. They drop off the side of the platform and land against the floor. The wolf creature turns and looks straight at Kelly, who returns her gaze. The wolf creature then turns its attention back to the armed men. Some of which start coming for Kelly on the ground floor. She turns and fires her gun at them, firing at them in places where they can become immobilized but not killed. Kelly is then struck from behind and gets hit by a bat. She falls to the ground, and swiftly jolts back up attempting to disarm them. Kelly gets kicked in the stomach and she stumbles backwards as she yells out in pain. Another guard hits her in the head with a wrench, another with a steel pipe on her knees and arms which causes her to fall down bloody and broken. She then starts getting hit by multiple punches at the same time. Kelly begins to cough up blood, and falls to the ground unconscious. All of a sudden, the wolf creature leaps down and starts slashing at the gunmen. He throws one of the gunmen backwards as he slams against some machinery with the sound of his spine cracking from the sudden force. The rest- three more- back away from the wolf creature. One stand before the other two, pipe in hand, and swings at the wolf creature who grabs it in one hand and snarls at the gunman before him. He then tears the arm off of the gunman and beats him with it. The other two start opening fire on the wolf creature. He throws the arm at the gunmen, catching them off guard, then launches himself at them, tearing both of them apart with his already bloodied claws. It lets out a deathly howl before lowering its head. The creature’s chest raises and lowers as it breathes heavy breaths. It then turns to Kelly, with a low growl as it bears its teeth. Kelly lays there on the ground in a light pool of her own blood, having trouble breathing. She looks out at the creature, through her blurring vision, and turns over- now looking up at the ceiling of the warehouse. A distorted sound is heard through the ringing in her ears. A short moment passes before Ryder appears by her side, standing over her.

Ryder: Kelly. Kelly, talk me to me.

Kelly: R-Ryder…

Kelly can seen, laying there on the ground, all bruised up and beaten. Ryder helps sit her up- with his hands now covered in Kelly’s fresh blood. A slow clapping can be heard from behind him. Ryder stops and bears his teeth, turning sharply around from Kelly to see Kanos- just standing there, clapping.

Kanos: Now wasn’t that a performance?

Ryder: So, you’re Kanos: the man in charge around here.

Kanos: That’s right. Although, I suppose you could always call me Kanos, top asset for the Cabal.

Ryder: So you’re working with them. Fine. Whatever. You could have just left it at that but no. No… you just had to royally fuck yourself over by messing with my friend here.

Kanos: If I had only known she was your friend, maybe I would have reconsidered. Killing you for them and then taking her out would have been a much better game plan.

Ryder: I should kill you.

Kanos: Oh? But what’s stopping you? Her?

Ryder glances back at Kelly, seeing her coming in and going from consciousness. He turns back to Kanos, clearly upset.

Kanos: What’s the matter, big boy? What happened to all that fight you had a minute ago? I’m here. I’m waiting. (chuckles) Face it, you’re no hero. You’re just as bad as the rest of us. And no girl is going to set you straight.

Ryder: Shut the hell up.

Kanos: All talk and no bite. Heh, see what I did there?

Ryder clenches his fists tightly- they’re practically shaking in place.

Kanos: Well, guess I’ll be going now. Hopefully, she just straight up dies from blood loss. Otherwise, I might just have to come back out for her. It was a genuine pleasure killing her like I did her old man.

Kanos takes a moment to just stand there, laughing. It starts off in a mocking tone but then escalates, extremely quickly, to an actual, genuine, almost psychotic laughter. However, his laughter is cut short, by the sound of a gun cocking once more. He stops and brings his head forward, looking ahead. The view pans from Kanos straight across to floor to Ryder, who looks more surprised than Kanos. As the view continues past him, Ryder turns around to look behind him. The view then finally settles… on Kelly, getting up and pointing her gun ahead. Ryder is standing before Kelly with the gun but she reaches out, pushing him out of the way. Kelly can barely stand on her own feet, with her legs all cut up and bruised. Blood runs down her legs and is splattered on her leather jacket in certain places. Her orange shirt is dirtied and stained with the blood from underneath. Her hair is also ruffled up and disthrought. His arm shakes with the gun in hand but he reaches over at holds it steady with her other hand. She stands there, aiming the gun at Kanos, quivering in pain as she lets out short grunts. Blood also runs down her face from the side from, most likely, a cut on her forehead hidden by her hair. There’s also some blood spewing from her mouth during some of her painful grunts. The moment, while short, has the feeling of an eternity as she just stands there, barely able to stand on her own two feet, pointing that loaded gun at Kanos.

Kanos: So… it’s come down to this. The end of the line, for both of us.

Kelly: O-Only you...

Kanos: No… you pull that trigger and we’re both dead. I’ll be dead in a literal sense but you… you won’t be able to feel anything. And that job of yours that you worked so hard for… down the drain. But I don’t mind. I’ve killed many, many people… and I’ll admit. Your father was probably the best of them. So if his own daughter can kill me, then I can die peacefully.

Kelly: You don’t deserve peace. The only thing that you deserve to burn your reserved spot in hell!

Kanos: Then send me there right here, right now, little lady! I don’t have all night.

Kelly’s finger squeezes close to the trigger when Ryder places his hand on the gun.

Ryder: Kelly, don’t do this.

Kelly: S-Stay out of this, Ryder. I’m doing- I’m doing what I have to do.

Ryder: I know what you’re feeling.

Kelly: You don’t know anything about what I’m feeling right now!

She contorts her head harshly at Ryder, her eyes teary eyed and nearly bloodshot red.

Ryder: I already told you about my parents. Every waking day, I feel pain. The pain of not having them there with me anymore. The pain of not having the opportunity to make up for the time that we barely had together. I know… your pain, Kelly. And this… this isn’t the solution. Doing this… this- this will change your life… forever. And you will not be able to get it back.

Kelly: I don’t want it back. I just want to end him already.

Ryder: Think this through, Kelly! Please! (sighs) What about all those protocols and the rules?

Kelly: Why bother anymore? Apparently, the police are corrupt so there’s point in following the law. And listen to the rules? Why should I? You don’t! You don’t even tell me everything. You keep secrets from me all the time and I never say a word. This… This was my secret and it came back for me. And now I’m going to bury it in the ground with my bare hands if I have to.

Ryder: You’re right. I haven’t been honest with you. I haven’t exactly been the best friend you can have. But that doesn’t mean I’m giving up on you… even if you decide to give up on me. I’ve already lost so much. I don’t want to lose you too.

Kelly closes her eyes for a moment as tears run down her face.

Ryder: Kelly, please, just don’t fire that gun. Please… I know where this road will take you and I don’t want you to throw yourself down that path.

Kelly opens her eyes and sniffles as she uneasily walks ahead.

Kelly: Get down.

Ryder: Kelly.

Kelly: Get down on the floor now, Kanos! Kanos slowly gets down on his knees.

Kanos: I am ready.

Kelly sticks the gun against Kanos’ forehead and remains there for a moment. The gun shakes slightly in her hands before she moves it away from his head. She then whacks him over the head with the gun, knocking him out.

Kelly: A lot of other people lost their families because of this guy. Putting him in jail would at least put a little ease into their hearts.

Ryder: ...And what about yours?

Kelly: ...I uh- I think I feel lighter...

Kelly drops down and Ryder rushes over. Her vision starts to blur and darken as the sound around her fades away.

Ryder: Kelly! Kelly! Kel-

A muffled darkness with only a faint ringing heard as the moment drags on. The ringing soon turns into a low beep. Soon followed by another. The sound becomes more clearer as her eyes seem to open again. While her vision remains blurred, it is getting clearer by the second. She looks ahead, seeing herself in a hospital room, laying on a bed. She is bandaged up in a lot of places such as her hands and legs. She turns his head to the right, seeing Ryder sitting in a chair. He’s holding his head in his hands. The beeping sound continues- it, of course, belonging to a heart rate monitor. She looks out the window, seeing snow falling down on the city outside.

Serenity General Hospital
December 25, 08:09 EDT

Kelly can be seen, laying in the bed, looking over at Ryder in the chair.

Kelly, weakly: Ryder?

Ryder looks up and turns to Kelly. He gets up and goes to her side.

Ryder: Hey, you’re awake.

Kelly: W-What? Where-?

Ryder: You’re a hospital in the city. I brought you down here as quick as I could.

Kelly: Ho-How did you even find me?

Ryder: (chuckle) I’m a private investigator, remember? I do this sort of thing for a living.

Kelly: It’s not much a living though.

Ryder: I’m working on it… How do you feel?

Kelly: Like I went through a blender and got beat back together.

Ryder: Well, you were in a pretty bad shape. The nurses were surprised you went on for so long after the beating you received but I wasn’t. You have a passion inside of you that’ll drive you all the time, no matter what.

Kelly: Yeah, well, I almost did something really stupid.

Ryder: Almost.

Kelly: Still… if you weren’t there-

Ryder: Don’t.

Kelly: I’m serious, Ryder. If you weren’t there-

Ryder: Kelly…

Kelly: I would have made a really bad decision.

Ryder: I’m sure you would have figured it out.

Kelly: (scoffs) I can’t believe I’m saying this but can you stop being so humble? I’m trying to thank you… for being there for me.

Ryder: Oh. Well… you’re welcome.

Kelly: You big dope.

Ryder: I kinda blame myself. If I had just been honest with you, maybe this wouldn’t have even happened.

Kelly: Hey, none of that matters now. I’m okay, you’re okay, everyone’s okay.

Ryder: No but it’s not okay, Kelly. I- I don’t like keeping things from you. You’re my friend… I should be able to tell you things but- it’s just been hard for me to trust others with things about myself…. Personal things.

Kelly: But you trust me, don’t you?

Ryder: Yeah… I do. (sigh) I was away from town because I got a call from one of my friends… from before the Incident. He had been captured by Raiders and I went out there to rescue him.

Kelly: All on your own?

Ryder: No, I went with Raggy. Turns out it was trap and he had been working with a group of bad people who attacked me a real long while ago. He did it for the briefcase I brought back with me. It was pretty bad for me. I thought it was just something I didn’t want to drop on you but I think it was just something that I wanted to keep to myself.

Kelly: Well, you don’t have to do that. We’re friends, we should be able to talk to each other about how we’re feeling and what’s on our minds so we don’t do crazy things like, well, what I did back there.

Ryder: Yeah… Don’t worry, I’ll tell you everything… but first, you have to get better.

Kelly: No fair.

Ryder: Sorry but them's the rules.

Kelly: Ha. (coughs) (groans)

Ryder: You alright?

Kelly: Y-Yeah. I just- (sigh) my mind is killing me, y’know? It’s hard remembering exactly what happened back there but… I saw it, Ryder.

Ryder: Saw what?

Kelly: The wolf creature. I saw it once… in my room that night. And now again, but for real this time. It saved me from being shot up by those gunmen but it just tore them to pieces. I guess I was just wondering why it spared me and not them. Maybe it’s not the monster I thought it was.

Ryder: ...Maybe it is and we just don’t understand it.

Kelly: Y-Yeah… Are you going to be okay?

Ryder: Me? Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?

Kelly: I don’t know. Because I’m stuck in here?

Ryder: Yeah, you weren’t really one for being on sick leave.

Kelly: Very funny. But seriously, I get worried about you sometimes, Ryder.

Ryder: Nah, I’ll be fine. Look, I uh- got you something. I didn’t really have time to get you an actual gift so I bought something from the gift shop downstairs.

Ryder reaches under the chair and pulls out a blue stuffed cat plushie. He hands it softly to Kelly who takes it into her hands. She lets out a weak laugh and holds it.

Kelly: Thanks! I really appreciate it.

Ryder: Glad to hear it. I mean I would have gotten something else but I wasn’t really sure what you liked or didn’t like. I guess that’s all on me. Gah, I probably should have just gotten a different cat one. They had this purple one and it had this talking feature but it just kept talking crap about me and-

Kelly: Ryder.

Ryder: Huh?

Kelly, with a smile: I love it. Thank you.

Ryder: ...Y-Yeah. You’re welcome.

The gaze at each other for a moment before Ryder turns away.

Ryder: I should uh- probably let you rest. The doctor should be here soon enough, anyways.

Kelly: Oh r-right. Thanks for checking up on me… and bringing me to the hospital. And for everything else.

Ryder: Sure thing.

Ryder then approaches the door.

Ryder: Merry Christmas.

Kelly: Happy Hanukkah.

Ryder: Wait- Hanukkah?

Kelly: Heh, I’m just kidding with you. Merry Christmas, Ryder.

Ryder gives a short smile but leaving the room. He stands out in hospital hallway and lets out a sigh for a brief moment. He turns his head and sees a wall at the end of the hallway; a wall with picture frames hung on it. The few picture frames that are up there contain images of various medical staff. With a sign above reading, “To Those We’ve Lost…” One of the picture frames towards the left side of the wall, has a small golden plaque at the bottom of the frame which reads the name of the staff member in the photo: “John Reed”. Ryder looks at the frame for a few seconds before turning away with a thought-provoking look. As he continues looking at the floor, a figure in a medical coat can be seen approaching him from the side.

Figure: Sir…

Ryder looks up, as if pulled from his thoughts, and turns to the figure.

Ryder: Oh, you must be the doctor.

He reaches his hand out.

Ryder: Ryder. Thank you for taking care of her.

The figure takes his hand and shakes on it. The view scrolls up from the handshake to the doctor’s face, revealing him to be David Allen.

David: Not a problem. She uh- means a lot to me.

Ryder: So, you two met before.

David: Yes, a couple of times, in fact. Though, outside of the hospital.

Ryder: Right, right. Just uh- make sure she’s better than alright.

David: That’s what we all want, Mr. Ryder.

The scene cuts to the inside of Kelly’s room. She’s looking outside her window, at the snow falling down onto the city. The door is then heard opening and closing. Kelly turns over and sees David entering the room, with a clipboard in hand.

David: Hey.

Kelly: David… What- What are you doing here?

David: It’s a hospital. I did mention that I worked at a hospital.

Kelly: Yeah, but you said it was nothing big. I think being a doctor at a hospital is a pretty big job.

David: Helping others is no biggie for me. But what about you? From what I heard, it sounded like you took on some thugs even though you’re on sick leave.

Kelly: Yeah… Well, you know me. Just can’t turn away from the danger.

David: I’d hate to say I told you so but-

Kelly lets out a weak laugh. David chuckles slightly but soon stops to look at her carefully.

David: How are you feeling? Tired? Fatigue?

Kelly: Yeah, actually.

David: It’s probably the medication. Your heart rate was going crazy fast for someone who was nearly placed in a coma. But you seem to be making a miraculous recovery.

Kelly: I heard a lot of people didn’t believe I can make it.

David: Lots of the nurses, yeah. But I didn’t lose any hope in you. I mean, you wouldn’t be as much fun to hang out with if you were in a coma, right?

Kelly: Heh. Guess not.

Kelly lets out a sigh and turns to the window once again. David looks at her for a brief moment before attending to his notes on the clipboard.

Kelly: David.

He stops short.

David: Y-Yeah?

Kelly: I’ve been thinking about some stuff ever since I got up. About the things that I’ve done, about the things that others have said. Just about everything really. I need to help more people but I think I also have to help myself first. Otherwise, I might just lose myself.

David: Okay…

Kelly, turning back to him: (sigh) What I’m trying to say is that- I think it’s time for me to move on. To move on from my father. I’ll miss him but I can’t let his death throw me down a dark path. And… I think I’m ready to move on from other things too. Things like how I felt about someone else I had lost. So… I think I want to try again with a relationship with somebody else. Maybe, someone like you?

David: (chuckle) (turns to her with a smile) You sure about this?

Kelly: Absolutely.

David: Well then, how can I say no?

Kelly smiles back at him, with a soft, little grin. The two of them are then seen, holding hands, from the outside of the hospital through the window- as the snow continue fluttering down on Christmas Day.


After the credits, Ryder can be seen walking down the hall of his apartment building. His jacket with snow on its shoulders and sleeves. He opens the door and steps inside, closing it behind him. Still holding the door knob, he lets out a long sigh. He then lets go and approaches his couch, taking off his jacket in the process. As he lays down on the couch, he tosses the jacket onto the other end- where it lays against it. Ryder then leans back and turns his head to his desk- seeing a small present on top of it. Ryder then squints at the present as he leans up from the couch. He gets up and approaches the desk, taking the present in hand. He shakes it gently then looks at it once more. Ryder opens the present and reaches into the small wrapped box. He then pulls out a coffee mug that reads, “World’s Best Boss” on the side. However, the ‘Boss’ part had been crossed out with a marker and the word, “Friend” had been written underneath it. Ryder smiles at the mug for a moment and places it on the desk. He then sits down behind the desk and thinks for a moment. He reaches into a drawer and opens a side compartment. He then pulls out an old photograph of his family, sitting by a Christmas tree. Ryder pours himself a drink into the coffee mug and takes a sip, while looking at the photo, with a teary-eyed smile.

Ryder: Merry Christmas, guys…

He continues sitting at his desk, with the photo in one hand and the mug in the other, as the snow can be seen fluttering down outside.

Notable Events

Major Events

  • Ryder stopped Kelly from killing Kanos
  • Kelly had been hospitalized by Kanos’ men
  • Kelly had witnessed the wolf creature for herself
  • Kelly decides to move on from the past and start a relationship with David

Minor Events

  • Kelly receives a gift from Ryder and visa versa
  • Ryder decides to start being more honest with Kelly


  • Ryder
  • Jessica Kelly
  • NYPD
    • NYPD Police Commissioner
  • Harrison Kelly (First Appearance) (Flashback)
  • Lana Kelly (Flashback)
  • Young Kelly (First Appearance) (Flashback)
  • Citizens


  • Valen Kanos
    • Kanos’ Henchmen (First Appearance)
  • The Cabal


  • When Kelly claims that Ryder might find a new client and some evidence for an upcoming case at the crime scene, Ryder responds with, “We’re private investigators, not ace attorneys”. This is a reference to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.


  • This episode was meant to focus more so on Kelly’s character.
  • The hospital that David works at is revealed to be the same hospital that John Reed works at. The name is also revealed, for the first time, as the Serenity General Hospital.
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