Ben 10: Eternal Forms
Season 1, Episode 4
Written by Binkatong
Directed by Binkatong
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Reception is the 4th episode of the 1st season of Ben 10: Eternal Forms.


EXT. STREETS OF BELLWOOD - NIGHT                                 
          It’s dark. The streets are empty, with the exception of a        
          few cars parked on the sides of the road.                        
          No one is outside, except for two people. Two men, running.      
          One is a NEWS REPORTER, in a suit and carrying a microphone,     
          and the other is a CAMERAMAN, holding a giant news station       
          camera over his shoulder.                                        
          The cameraman points up into the sky.                            
                    There they are!                                        
          We see three figures flying through the air above- one           
          small, one large, and one small but glowing. They’re heading     
          towards the woods. The two newsmen follow them.                  
                              NEWS REPORTER                                
                    Just think about it, Barry. "Ben                       
                    Tennyson, missing for a week                           
                    straight, finally found by Joss                        
                    Kane, Channel 5 news."                                 
                    Are you sure it’s really him?                          
                              NEWS REPORTER                                
                    Of course! My journalist’s instinct                    
                    never lies.                                            
          Suddenly, a green flash of light comes from the air. The big     
          one suddenly starts flying downwards, about to crash land        
          somewhere in the woods. The newsmen dart after them.             
          INT. BELLWOOD FOREST - MOMENTS LATER                             
          They are deep in the forest, right in front of a CRATER          
          where the large figure landed. They crouch down behind a         
          BUSH. The Cameraman turns on his camera and points it            
          through the leaves.                                              
          POV: CAMERAMAN’S CAMERA                                          
          The camera is a little static-y, not the best sound quality.     
          We see the large figure rise up from the dust cloud. It’s        
          Kevin, mutated form. He picks himself up and dusts himself       
          off, coughing a little. Turns his head to the sky.               

                    Tennyson, you jerk!                                    
          Ben as Jetray floats down, next to Kevin’s head but not          
          touching the ground.                                             
                    Hehe, you had it coming.                               
                    You wanna know what you’ve got                         
          The third figure floats down and lands on the ground. It’s       
          Gwen. She looks up at the two.                                   
                    Guys, calm down! Come on, let’s get                    
                    out of here before anybody...                          
          She halts, and then turns around to look directly at the         
                    ...sees us.                                            
          Jetray and Kevin turn their heads to the camera too.             
          BACK TO SCENE                                                    
          The newsmen look at each other, frightened. The News             
          Reporter suddenly gets a determined look on his face,            
          tightens his hold on the microphone. He stands up and walks      
          over to them.                                                    
                              NEWS REPORTER                                
                    Hello, I’m Joss Kane from Channel 5                    
                    news, I was wondering if I could                       
                    ask you a few questions.                               
          As he talks, Gwen grabs hold of Kevin’s arm, and they all        
          lift off. They suddenly disappear in a flash of Jetray           
          superspeed, leaving the news reporter standing alone in the      
                                                         END OF TEASER     
          ACT 1                                                            

          INT. TV SCREEN - DAY                                             
          A fanfare plays as the screen patriotically transitions to a     
          red, white and blue logo reading "Will Harangue Nation".         
          It transitions again to a shot of WILL HARANGUE sitting          
          behind a desk on the left of the screen with a few papers in     
          his hands. The music fades into the background.                  
                              WILL HARANGUE                                
                    Hello and welcome to Will Harangue                     
                    Nation, I’m Will Harangue. Our top                     
                    story for today:                                       
          A blurry picture from the scene earlier in the episode, with     
          Jetray floating next to Kevin and Gwen coming down from the      
          sky, fades in to his right.                                      
                              WILL HARANGUE                                
                    Ben Tennyson, missing for seven                        
                    days, was spotted last night in the                    
                    woods outside of Bellwood plotting                     
                    with two currently unknown alien                       
                    cohorts. What is he up to? No one                      
                    can know for sure, but I bet he’s                      
                    helping coordinate some sort of                        
                    alien attack on America and its                        
                    innocent citizens. Then again, what                    
                    can you expect from a boy who drops                    
                    out of school in the middle of                         
                    junior year and expects us to call                     
                    him a hero? The same goes for his                      
                    partner-in-crime cousin Gwen                           
                    Tennyson and-                                          
          The screen suddenly goes black as the TV is switched off.        
          INT. BEN’S HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - CONTINUOUS                      
          Gwen Tennyson is sitting on the couch in Ben’s living room,      
          glaring at the now deactivated TV, holding the remote out        
          towards it. Ben, as Spidermonkey, sits next to her.              
                    Wow, for a second there I thought                      
                    you were going to blow the TV up.                      
                    I was thinking about it.                               
          Kevin is by the front door, peeking through the peep hole.       
          He turns his head to his friends.                                

                    The paparazzi’s just getting                           
                         (to Spidermonkey)                                 
                    You’re going to have to show                           
                    yourself eventually, Ben. This is                      
                    getting ridiculous.                                    
                    I know, I know, but...                                 
                    You better do it soon, Tennyson,                       
                    I’m starting to get sick of                            
                    sleeping in caves.                                     
                    That was one night!                                    
                    One night to many, if you ask me.                      
                    The press was interviewing our                         
                    parents, we couldn’t let them see                      
                    us like this!                                          
                         (half mocking)                                    
                    You just don’t want to let your                        
                    adoring fanbase down, isn’t that                       
          Spidermonkey doesn’t say anything, just purses his lips and      
          glances at the door.                                             
                    Alright, alright. Now’s as good a                      
                    time as any.                                           
          He jumps on the floor and starts walking towards the exit.       
          EXT. BEN’S HOUSE - FRONT YARD - CONTINUOUS                       
          Ben’s front lawn is completely crowded with news REPORTERS       
          and paparazzi PHOTOGRAPHERS, lying in wait for a chance to       
          catch the elusive superhero on camera. There’s so many of        
          them that they flood half way out into the street, mingled       
          with the TV NEWS TRUCKS. It’s quiet, but not completely.         

          Suddenly, the doorknob turns. The whole area goes silent as      
          everyone holds their breath.                                     
          The door opens, and slowly Gwen emerges from the house. She      
          steps back and holds the door open as Spidermonkey walks         
          out. Kevin phases through the wall behind him.                   
          Gwen closes the door and the three of them walk down the         
          steps and halt.                                                  
          The crowd explodes. Everyone starts shouting and asking          
          questions and flashing cameras at the same time. They charge     
          forward, trying to get to Ben and the others and get him to      
          answer their questions.                                          
          Gwen puts up a mana shield to keep the mob from trampling        
                    Everybody, STOP!                                       
          The screaming subsides. They freeze, staring at him in           
                    Okay people, let’s keep this                           
                    civilized. I want all cameras on                       
                    me, because I’m only going to do                       
                    this once.                                             
          He glances at a news reporter who is standing right up           
          against Gwen’s shield. He points to her.                         
                    You, lady in the white shirt. You                      
                    wanna do the honors?                                   
          The newslady’s face lights up, and she nods rapidly. Gwen        
          lowers the shield, the lady walks forward. The rest of the       
          paparazzi stays in place, aiming their cameras.                  
          The newslady stands next to Spidermonkey, looking down at        
          him as if expecting something. Spidermonkey looks back, and      
          raises an eyebrow. She glances around awkwardly, then            
          crouches down so she is at eye level.                            
                    So, Ben Tennyson, the world wants                      
                    to know: who exactly are these two                     
                    new... others?                                         
          She gestures to Gwen and Kevin.                                  

                    Well, actually, they’re nobody new.                    
                    (points to Gwen) That one’s Gwen,                      
                    (points to Kevin) and that one’s                       
          A murmur rises from the crowd.                                   
                    Wait, really? Wha... what happened                     
                    to them?                                               
                    We’d rather not go into the                            
                    details, but let’s just say that                       
                    something happened and they’re                         
                    stuck like this. They’re still the                     
                    same people inside, though.                            
                    I don’t mean to be rude, but why                       
                    have you been in alien form for                        
                    this entire public appearance?                         
          A rather long pause.                                             
                    Because... because I have no                           
                    choice. I’m stuck. And from the                        
                    looks of things, I’m never going to                    
                    be able to turn into my human form                     
                    Why not?                                               
                    Well, in the little fiasco I                           
                    mentioned earlier that changed                         
                    those two, I sorta... died.                            
          The crowd collectively gasps.                                    
                    My body did anyway. I had my mind                      
                    transferred into the Ultimatrix so                     
                    I can shift into any alien I want,                     
                    but... my default form has been                        
                    officially corrupted. I’m not human                    

          INT. TV SCREEN - DAY                                             
          Right after Spidermonkey says that line, the screen zooms        
          out to the typical setting of the Will Harangue Nation show,     
          with the picture of the last scene on the screen to Will         
          Harangue’s left.                                                 
                              WILL HARANGUE                                
                    You heard it right, folks. Ben                         
                    Tennyson is officially not one of                      
                    us. Although, if you ask me, the                       
                    only difference now is that what he                    
                    looks like on the outside                              
                    corresponds with who is really in                      
                    on the inside.                                         
          The picture fades out.                                           
                              WILL HARANGUE                                
                    Viewers, let me ask you something.                     
                    Do you really feel comfortable                         
                    leaving your safety- as well as                        
                    that of your family, your country,                     
                    your planet- in the hands of three                     
                    "heroes" that aren’t even our                          
                    species? What’s keeping them from                      
                    just abandoning Earth, even                            
                    destroying it? Can we trust them?                      
                    Will we trust them?                                    
                    As for that last question, if you                      
                    ask me, my answer: "Not while I’m                      
                    still breathing." People of the                        
                    United States- no, People of Earth-                    
                    I personally promise that I will                       
                    take Ben Tennyson out of the                           
                    picture if it is the last thing I                      
                    Goodnight, everybody.                                  
          The scene cuts to black, and a (real) commercial break           
ACT II                                                           
          EXT. STREETS OF BELLWOOD - DAY                                   
          It seems to be a normal day in downtown Bellwood. Everyone       
          is simply going about their business, traffic is moving          
          lazily down the road.
          Then, all of a sudden, two cars are smashed out of the way       
          by a giant rolling ball. (This is still rather normal for        
          Bellwood, but, you know.)                                        
          People around it panic and scatter.                              
          The ball ricochets off of a truck and rolls towards the          
          sidewalk, but unrolls right before it can impact the             
          It turns out to be an alien known as a Vulpanic Tortuga,         
          which looks much like Ben’s alien Cannonbolt, except with a      
          greenish yellow shell, dark grey skin, blue eyes, and a much     
          larger body mass. It roars at the people on the sidewalk,        
          who scream and run away.                                         
          It punches through the glass window of the grocery store in      
          front of it. It grabs some loaves of bread on display. Eats      
          them whole.                                                      
          It is about to step into the store, but its attention is         
          caught by a few pink energy disks bouncing harmlessly off        
          its shell. It turns around. Gwen hovers just above the           
          ground behind him.                                               
                    Come and get me, you oversized                         
          The Vulpanic Tortuga snarls at her, then rolls up into a         
          ball and charges.                                                
          She puts up a shield to protect herself, but it doesn’t do       
          much- her foe breaks through it as if it were paper.             
          She is knocked to the other side of the street. It sharply       
          changes direction and starts rolling down the road again.        
          Gwen shakes off the blow and flies after it, shooting mana       
          disks. It dodges easily.                                         
          Suddenly, Kevin springs out of an alleyway, narrowly missing     
          the Tortuga.                                                     
          It reacts by swerving into another alley on the other side       
          of the road.                                                     
          But it is stopped by Ben as Fourarms. He pushes against it       
          with open palms. It spins in place for a while, kicking up       
          dust and smoke.
                    I’ve been the MVP goalie on the                        
                    soccer team three years in a row!                      
                    You’re not getting past me.                            
          The Tortuga burns out and stops, moaning.                        
          A beam of mana shoots at the alien. The blast splits just        
          before it hits and wrapping itself around the alien. The         
          mana digs between some cracks in its shell, prying it out of     
          ball form.                                                       
          Gwen, who conjured the mana whip and is standing behind the      
          alien, whirls around and makes a motion as if throwing a         
          baseball, flinging it up high in the air.                        
          It flails around, trying to figure out what’s going on.          
          Kevin seems to appear out of nowhere to right above and in       
          front of it. He balls up both his primary hands, puts them       
          behind his head, and hammers down on the Totuga.                 
          It rockets straight down and impacts with a truck below.         
          Kevin notices the wreaked truck is the dust clears.              
          Ben runs out of the alley and over to the wreckage.              
          He grabs the alien by the foot using one of his top arms.        
          Then uses his other arms to rip open the door of the truck       
          to let the person in it out.                                     
          The man gets out, but doesn’t run. He stands his ground,         
          glaring angrily.                                                 
                              TRUCK DRIVER                                 
                         (shouting angrily)                                
                    Look what you did to my truck!                         
                    I’m sorry sir, it was an                               
          As he says that, the Tortuga begins coming to.                   
                              TRUCK DRIVER                                 
                    I don’t think you aliens understand                    
                    how hard my life is going to be                        
                    from now on because of this!
                    No no no, I get it, I’ve had my car                    
                    totaled before, it’s a pain in the-                    
                              TRUCK DRIVER                                 
                    Get a move on, you freak!                              
          Some other people on the side of the road start approaching      
          angrily as well. Fourarms looks around at all of them, a bit     
                    Guys, I’m only trying to help...                       
                              MAN 1                                        
                    If it weren’t for you, these alien                     
                    attacks probably wouldn’t even be                      
                              WOMAN 1                                      
                    Yeah, we don’t want you here!                          
          Several people start shouting and booing at him. Fourarms is     
          distracted by their jeers.                                       
          Someone even picks up a rock and throws them at him, which       
          hits him in the back of the head. He turns around and glares     
          and growls at the one who did it.                                
          As this is happening, the alien seems to be getting a grasp      
          on what is going on. It adjusts itself so that its mouth is      
          facing Fourarms, then it half curls as if doing some             
          strange, sorta painful bodily function, which it is.             
          It hurls a loogie of weird yellow-green acidic gunk right at     
          Fourarms screams in pain and drops the Tortuga, trying           
          desperately to wipe off the now sizzling gunk.                   
          The alien rolls up and gets a good distance away before          
          stopping, turning around, and snarling at Fourarms as if         
          challenging him to a battle.                                     
                    Everybody, get back!                                   
          Fourarms tries to usher the crowd back, which seems to be        
          working. He turns around to face his enemy, but by the time      
          he does it is already rolling towards him full speed.            
          Without any time to dodge or think, he puts his arms over        
          his body and braces for impact.
          Right before it hits, a ramp of pink energy forms right in       
          front of him, sending the alien flying over his head and the     
          crowd as well.                                                   
          It lands some ways away and into the street behind, which        
          leads out of Bellwood. It rolls off into the distance,           
          around a corner, and out of sight.                               
          Gwen and Kevin walk over to Fourarms, Gwen putting the ramp      
                    ...and it got away.                                    
                    Well what else was I supposed to                       
          They stop next to Fourarms, then follow his uneasy gaze out      
          to the group before them. Everyone is staring at them in         
          cold fury. Gwen nervously puts her hand on Fourarm’s back in     
          a comforting gesture.                                            
                    Come on, let’s go.                                     
          Ben turns from Fourarms to Big Chill, then the three lift        
          off and fly away. The crowd keeps glaring.                       
          The shot of the crowd suddenly gains a slightly grainy           
          texture, as if on a TV screen.                                   
          The camera zooms out and we see a dark room with four big        
          TVs, one of them with that shot, and each of the others with     
          a still of Fourarms, Gwen, or Kevin.                             
          Sitting in front of these screens is Will Harangue, half         
          cast in shadow, his chin resting on his hands. He grins          
          INT. BEN’S HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - DAY                             
          Ben as Big Chill and Gwen walk in through the door of Ben’s      
          house. Kevin is not with them. Ben’s mom Sandra comes to         
          greet them at the entrance. Gwen stops for a moment to talk      
          to her, but Big Chill continues to walk without pause.
                    Thanks again for letting me stay                       
                    these couple of nights, Aunt                           
                    No problem, Gwenny dear. (beat) I                      
                    suppose your parents aren’t taking                     
                    this very well, are they?                              
          Big Chill slows down and turns his head, his interest            
                    They never really came to terms                        
                    with the whole                                         
                    their-daughter-is-an-alien thing.                      
          Big Chill looks to the ground, then keeps walking.               
                              GWEN (O.S.)                                  
                    I guess they have no choice but to                     
                    face the facts now.                                    
          Big Chill opens the door to his room, enters, and slams it       
          behind him.                                                      
          INT. BEN’S HOUSE - BEN’S ROOM - NIGHT                            
          Ben is sitting on the ground, back against his desk, as          
          Brainstorm. He seems to be in deep, solemn thought. There is     
          a knock on the door, pulling him halfway back into reality.      
                    Who beckons?                                           
                    It’s Gwen.                                             
                    You may proceed.                                       
          Gwen slowly opens the door and walks in. She is carrying a       
          glass of thick, pink-purple liquid with small black dots         
          floating around in it and a straw poking out the top. She        
          walks over to Brainstorm and sits down beside him, leaning       
          on the desk. She offers the glass to him.                        
                    I made you a smoothie. Er, tried at                    
                    least. Thought it might cheer you                      
          Brainstorm takes the smoothie in his claw and examines it.       
                         (slightly embarrassed)                            
                    Just a warning, I’m not much of a                      
          Brainstorm takes a sip from the straw, pulls it out of his       
          mouth, and closes his eyes for a moment in analysis.             
                    Your judgment is without flaw in                       
                    that your culinary skills are quite                    
          Gwen smiles and chuckles softly.                                 
                    So, what’ve you been thinking                          
                    And what makes you suppose that I                      
                    have been thinking?                                    
                    Ben, come on, you’re Brainstorm.                       
                    Obviously you’re mulling something                     
                    over. So, what’s on your mind?                         
          Brainstorm sighs.                                                
                    Well, I have concluded with                            
                    unequivocal certainty that the                         
                    majority of beings on this planet                      
                    despise my existence to the point                      
                    where the inhabitants would be more                    
                    pleased than not if I were to                          
                    abandon this planet.                                   
                    No, that’s not true!                                   
                    I have done the calculations,                          
                    Gwendolyn, and have verified the                       
                    solution 132 times with 5 distinct                     
                    methods. I am correct.
                    Ben, I don’t care how smart you are                    
                    right now, people aren’t something                     
                    that can be laid out in an                             
                    In actuality, doing so, while not                      
                    an exact science, can give me a                        
                    range of possibility-                                  
                    Would you just stop being                              
                    Brainstorm for a minute and listen                     
                    to what I’m saying without plugging                    
                    my words into a math problem?                          
          This outburst shocks Brainstorm a bit. After a minute of         
          thought, he reaches down to the Ultimatrix and turns it,         
          transforming into Chromastone.                                   
                    Everyone will come around this                         
                    time, just like they did last time.                    
                    All you need to do is prove that                       
                    you’re still you on the inside, and                    
                    everything will be fine. I know it.                    
                    But... how can you be so sure?                         
          Gwen shrugs.                                                     
                    My gut is telling me so. And                           
                    honestly, if you can’t trust an                        
                    Anodite’s gut, what can you trust?                     
          Chromastone slowly grins at her. She grins back. Suddenly,       
          Chromastone’s chest badge starts beeping, and Kevin’s voice      
          comes out of it.                                                 
                              KEVIN (O.S.)                                 
                    The Tortuga was spotted in front of                    
                    the mall in the next town.                             
                    We’ll meet you there, Kevin.                           
          Kevin hangs up.
                    Come on, let’s go.                                     
          EXT. MALL PARKING LOT - DAY                                      
          Even though it’s the middle of the day, the parking lot in       
          front of the mall is completely void of any cars, save for a     
          few on the fringes. But there is a huge crowd gathered           
          around a good ways away from the center, watching. Several       
          news cameras are mixed in among them. A large TV screen is       
          mounted on the side of the mall. There are no aliens in          
          Ben as Chromastone, Gwen and Kevin touch down in the center.     
          They look around, confused.                                      
                    What’s going on? Where’s the                           
                              WILL HARANGUE (O.S)                          
                         (through an intercom)                             
                    This Tortuga thing isn’t what you                      
                    should worry about right now.                          
          The three look up at the source of the voice. The huge           
          screen suddenly activates, revealing the face of Will            
                              WILL HARANGUE                                
                    You three are a threat to the                          
                    entire planet, so I’ve decided to                      
                    take it into my own hands to                           
                    eradicate you all.                                     
                    Okay, two things. One, I’m not a                       
                    threat, and two, I’d like to see                       
                    you try.                                               
                              WILL HARANGUE                                
                    Enjoy your last moments on this                        
                    planet, Tennyson. When I’m finished                    
                    with you there won’t even be a body                    
                    left to bury here.                                     
          Gwen puts on a grossed out expression.                           
          Chromastone takes a fighting stance.
                    Bring it on, Harangue!                                 
                              WILL HARANGUE                                
                    Assassin drones, assemble!                             
          The sound of propeller blades fills the air as three             
          helicopters come into view. From each of them, a humanoid        
          figure falls out. They land on the ground before the main        
          trio with a big crash, on their feet in dramatic poses.          
          The figures appear to be humanoid robots, designed to            
          resemble ninjas. Each is about 7 feet tall; red, white and       
          blue with some star patterns, very overly patriotic. Each is     
          slightly different, and has a different base color for the       
          head: there is the red bot, the blue bot, and the white bot.     
                         (slightly disappointed,                           
                         disbelieving, flat toned)                         
                    Talk about tacky.                                      
                    Okay, now you’re just trying to                        
                              WILL HARANGUE                                
          The robots suddenly leap into the air. Gwen, almost bored,       
          raises a hand and puts up a mana shield.                         
          All three of the robots land on top of it in crouching           
          positions with a loud and hard thud. She suddenly gets a lot     
          more into it, wincing and putting up both her hands.             
          The white bot pulls back his hand and punches right through      
          the center of the shield, shattering the center of it but        
          leaving the sides, which the other robots stood on, in tact.     
          Gwen squeezes her eyes shut, shudders, and drops down to one     
          knee. The white bot gracefully swings through the hole and       
          double kicks Kevin in the face.                                  
          The blue bot leaps into the air and out of sight.                
          Gwen, still trying to regain her focus on the shield,            
          doesn’t notice the blue bot landing silently right behind        
          It preforms a spinning reverse roundhouse kick to the side       
          of her head. THWACK.                                             
          She shouts in pain and falls to the ground. The shield           
          The red bot, the last one on the shield, does a front            
          handspring. Launches itself into the air just as the             
          platform vanishes.                                               
          It flips over once, sticking out one of its legs.                
          Chromastone looks up at it in surprise. The ninja bot’s          
          dropkick lands right in his face.                                
          He is sent stumbling back to land on his back next to Kevin      
          and Gwen, who were both on the ground recovering from the        
          blows as well.                                                   
          The ninja bots regroup in front of them and strike fancy         
          poses again.
          ACT III                                                          
          EXT. MALL PARKING LOT - DAY                                      
          Will Harangue smirks at them from the TV screen.                 
                              WILL HARANGUE                                
                    Not so tough now, are you,                             
                    I gotta admit, I’m impressed. But                      
                    still not enough!                                      
          Chromastone leaps to his feet and shoots a rainbow energy        
          blast right at the white bot.                                    
          The armor plates on its arms begin to shift, and two large       
          mirrors emerge from its forearms. It holds them up in front      
          of itself like a shield, redirecting the beam at the ground,     
          then steadily angling it so it burns a line across the           
          asphalt and finally is aimed right at Kevin.                     
          Kevin puts up his Brainstorm shield.                             
                    Ben, watch it!                                         
          Ben stops firing his laser.
                              WILL HARANGUE                                
                    You remember the spider bot, right?                    
                    I used the same data to make these                     
                    beauties, only improved. They know                     
                    all your moves.                                        
                    Really? Well, that doesn’t matter,                     
                    I’ve gotten a few new moves since                      
          He slams down on the Ultimatrix and shifts forms to              
                         (battle cry)                                      
          He buries his fists into the ground, and the metal pumps on      
          his elbows begin to go up and down rapidly.                      
          The screen shakes as an earthquake begins. Fissures travel       
          along the parking lot in the direction of the ninja bots.        
          The bots simply jump in the air and activate their rocket        
          boots, which they apparently possess, and hover above the        
          mess, staring at him with their arms crossed.                    
          Realizing that it isn’t working, Armadrillo stops.               
                              WILL HARANGUE                                
                    I’ve been researching your new                         
                    aliens as well. There’s not a                          
                    creature you can turn into that my                     
                    robots don’t know exactly what to                      
                    do with!                                               
          The red bot flies right up to him. He begins to pull his         
          hands out of the ground, but before he can the bot punches       
          him right in the stomach.                                        
          The crowd, seeming to have gotten over any nervousness they      
          had when the fight began, start to cheer. Kevin turns to         
          look at them.                                                    
                    Hey, stop cheering for him!                            
                    Kevin, ignore them.
          Gwen’s mana hair splits into tendrils, and she summons some      
          mana into her hands, rises off of the ground. Kevin              
          unsheathes his Rath claw, takes a wide fighting stance. Ben      
          backs up towards them, switching from Armadrillo to              
          Humongosaur. Back to back to back.                               
          The blue bot lunges at Humongosaur, its fingers morphed into     
          razor sharp claws.                                               
          Humongosaur catches the bot out of the air and chucks it         
          across the parking lot. Charges after it, roaring furiously.     
          Gwen zips towards the red bot, looking like she’s about to       
          ram it. It braces itself. Last second, she changes directly      
          slightly and flies just past it. As she goes by, she grabs       
          its leg with a mana tendril and trips it. Falls on its face.     
          (In background, Humongosaur changes to Echo Echo.)               
          The white bot charges Kevin. He grabs at it with his claw.       
          It backs up, dodging. Pulls out a shoulder gun a la SixSix.      
          Kevin punches, claw lands in the barrel. It explodes in a        
          cloud of smoke and electricity. Hurts the bot a lot more         
          than Kevin. (In background, Echo Echo goes Ultimate Echo         
          The crowd boos.                                                  
          Ultimate Echo Echo has backed the blue bot up against the        
          wall of the mall. He sends out four sonic disks, which he        
          controls to go around it. But as they fly towards then, the      
          bot shoots them down with finger dart lasers.                    
          The bot jumps high in the air, then lands down on Ultimate       
          Echo Echo’s back. It does a fancy karate takedown on him,        
          pulling his legs out from under him then pushing his face        
          into the dirt. It stomps on him repeatedly, then picks him       
          up by the arm and tosses his to the side of the parking lot.     
          The crowd cheers.                                                
          Hearing that, Ultimate Echo Echo does not get up and             
          continue to fight. Dismayed, he retreats a little, crawling      
          behind a dumpster. Sits, hugs his legs.                          
                              ULTIMATE ECHO ECHO                           
                    Oh, what’s the point! Maybe I                          
                    should just give up and turn myself                    
                    in... No, Harangue would kill me.                      
          He sighs and buries his face in his knees.
                              ULTIMATE ECHO ECHO                           
                         (cont., dejectedly)                               
                    But even if I do win, if he doesn’t                    
                    kill me, someone else will.                            
                    Everyone wants to. I should just                       
                    leave Earth, everyone would be                         
                    happier that way...                                    
          Back in the fight, Kevin is having some issues with the          
          white bot. He tries to hit it, but it keeps dodging and          
          generally ninja-ing around all his strikes.                      
          Gwen grabs all four of the red bot’s limbs with her mana         
          hair. She pulls, begins to yank the arms and legs off.           
          The bots chest opens, revealing a blaster. Catches her           
          offguard. It fires a powerful laser right into her stomach.      
          She howls in pain.                                               
          Ultimate Echo Echo is still behind the dumpster. He hears        
          Gwens screaming, followed by the roaring of a pleased crowd.     
          He looks physically pained. Torn between hiding and helping,     
          he peeks out to see what’s going on.                             
          Kevin is still trying to get to white bot off of him to no       
          avail. It’s clung onto his back. He’s stumbling around,          
          trying to get it off. The blue bot stands a little ways          
          away, aiming a laser sight at him.                               
          But then, Kevin jerks out of the way. The laser sight’s          
          target becomes what was right behind him- the forehead of a      
          woman in the audiance, standing next to her husband and          
          their teenage son. They have no time to react.                   
          Kevin sees what’s going on. He tries to move towards them.       
          The white bot smashes its fists against the sides of his         
          head, knocking him out.                                          
          The blue bot fires, and the potent beam flies right at the       
          family. Then, suddenly, in a blue and black blur, XLR8           
          appears. He moves right in front of the family, back to the      
          bot. Takes the hit.                                              
          He hollers in agony as the beam continuously hits him for a      
          few seconds. It stops, and he collapses to the ground,           
          Everyone stops in stunned silence.
                              WILL HARANGUE                                
                         (to the bots)                                     
                    What are you waiting for, finish                       
          The blue bot takes aim with his hand cannon again at the         
          unmoving XLR8. It’s about to fire, but suddenly something        
          The woman who was almost shot steps in the line of fire,         
          arms out to the side, looking determined. The bot lowers its     
                              TARGETED WOMAN                               
                              WILL HARANGUE                                
                    Out of the way, lady, I’m trying to                    
                    do some justice here.                                  
                              TARGETED WOMAN                               
                    This isn’t justice, this is murder!                    
                              WILL HARANGUE                                
                    What are you talking about, that                       
                    thing is a monster, look at it!                        
          She pauses for a moment and looks back at XLR8. She looks        
          uncomfortable for a second, but gets over it. She closes her     
          eyes and rolls her fingers up into fists, then turns back to     
          the screen.                                                      
                              TARGETED WOMAN                               
                    Well, that thing just saved my                         
                    life! Tell me, Harangue, if he’s                       
                    such a monster who doesn’t care                        
                    about the human race, why did he do                    
                              WILL HARANGUE                                
                         (at a loss)                                       
                    Uh, well... I...                                       
                              TARGETED WOMAN                               
                    Ben Tennyson has never gone out of                     
                    his way to hurt an innocent, and                       
                    he’s certainly not going to start                      
                    now. He... he may not look like it,                    
                    and this goes for his friends too,                     
                    but that doesn’t mean he’s not a                       
                         (to Will Harangue, seething)                      
                    And he’s no doubt ten times the man                    
                    you are, you coward.                                   
          Will Harangue looks like he’s about to explode in fury.          
                              WILL HARANGUE                                
                         (shouting, finally cracked)                       
                    TRAITOR! That’s what you are, a                        
                    traitor to your own kind! So be it.                    
                    I don’t care if there’s four of                        
                    your or four THOUSAND of you, I                        
                    WILL win this war! KILL HER! KILL                      
                    THOSE MONSTERS!                                        
          The blue bot raises its hand again and begins charging a         
          blast. The red dot of the laser sight lands on her forehead      
          again. She stands her ground.                                    
          Just then, the husband steps in between the woman and the        
          bot. It hesitates.                                               
                    If anyone’s a monster here, it’s                       
          The teenage son joins he father.                                 
          Another audiance member steps up.                                
                              AUDIANCE MEMBER 1                            
                    If you want Ben Tennyson, you’ll                       
                    have to go through us first.                           
          One by one, and soon several at a time, the members of the       
          audiance gather around XLR8. Soon, everyone who had come to      
          watch was gathered around him.                                   
                              WILL HARANGUE                                
                    NO! WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING?                         
                    DON’T YOU GET IT, HE’S THE ENEMY!                      
                    HE’S GOING TO KILL US ALL! HE’S THE                    
                    MONSTER HERE, GET HIM!                                 
                              GWEN (O.S.)                                  
                    It’s over, Harangue.                                   
          Will Harangue looks down. We see Gwen, sitting on the            
          pavement, recently recovered from the earlier blow.
                    It’s over. You lose.                                   
          Will Harangue looks at Gwen with wide, maniacal eyes. Then       
          at the crowd. At Kevin, who’s getting up. Back to Gwen. The      
          crowd. Gwen. The floor. He presses a button near him, and        
          the screen goes black. The three bots all shut down, going       
          rigid and toppling over onto their sides.                        
          The crowd cheers, louder than ever before.                       
                         (smiling to herself)                              
                    Cut and scene.                                         
          In the center of the mass of people, XLR8 begins to stir,        
          moaning. The man and woman from the family he save kneel         
          down beside him. The woman clutches one of his claws             
                              TARGETED WOMAN                               
                    Ben, are you alright?                                  
                    Gwen? Gwen, is that you?                               
          He realizes what’s going on.                                     
                    Are... are you okay?                                   
                              TARGETED WOMAN                               
                    Are you?                                               
                    Been better.                                           
          She and her husband get under XLR8’s arms and help him too       
          his feet, after which he is able to walk on his own. He          
          makes his way through the crowd, and everyone grins at him.      
          Some even give him high-fives. He’s confused.                    
          Gwen and Kevin are waiting for him when he gets out of the       
                    I told you they’d come around.                         
          He finally gets it. He smiles.
          EXT. MALL PARKING LOT - LATER                                    
          It’s the evening. The parking lot is now filled with police      
          cars, collecting the patriotic ninja robots. The team is         
          watching from the sidelines, pleased with themselves. Ben is     
          still XLR8.                                                      
                         (commenting on his form)                          
                    Wow, haven’t seen that guy in a                        
                    Had to think fast.                                     
          She stares at him in a disapproving way. He realizes what he     
          just said.                                                       
           pun intended, of course.                         
                    We never did get that Tortuga, did                     
                    It’ll show up eventually. Anyway,                      
                    we better head home.                                   
                    Good idea, I’m exhausted.                              
                    Let’s go.                                              
          They start walking off together. Once the get to the street,     
          Gwen turns one way while XLR8 and Kevin turn another. The        
          boys stop and look back at her, confused.                        
                    Gwen, my house is that way.                            
                    I know. But... I think I’m going to                    
                    sleep at my house tonight.                             
          She turns back at them and smiles. XLR8 smiles back, proud.      
          She walks away.                                                  
          Ben and Kevin continue on their own path as the screen           
          begins to fade.
                    I can still stay at your place,                        
          The screen goes black.
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