Mutant Drake
Season 2, Episode 1
Air date 11/15/16
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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A New World

Reborn is the fourteenth episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


In the city, today, the sky is dark with clouds overhead, grey and seeming with possible tension. It's night, just about. The view then lowers past the tall buildings until it reaches street level where the cars are driving by and civilians are passing through, on their usual routines.

November 12, 22:10 EDT

A reeving noise is heard distinctly, getting louder and louder, until a black mid-size pick up truck drives through the peaceful street, startling a few civilians. A siren is now distinctly heard, getting louder and louder, until a police cruiser is seen, driving after the pickup truck. The truck continues speeding along, carrying four masked men, two inside and another two in the truck bed. These men are armed and have sacks in the back of the truck. One of the masked men open one of the sacks and show stacked dollars bills within.

Masked Man: Whoo-wee! We're gonna be rich tonight, fellas.

Masked Man 2: First we gotta ditch the cop tailing us.

Masked Driver: Relax, I've got this.

The driver turns the steering wheel and causes the truck to sway to the right slightly, causing the back of the truck to come into contact with a street lamp. The street lamp knocks over, slamming into the street, blocking the police cruiser from reaching the truck. The police officer inside hits the brakes, bringing the cruiser to a halt but not fast enough to stop it from impacting the street lamp, damaging the front of the cruiser. The police officer looks up and holds her head. Her hair is brown, just like her eyes, and she's wearing a standard police uniform. The police officer grabs the cruiser's radio and activates it.

Police Officer: Dispatch, this is Officer Kelly. The armed suspects have blocked off the streets, continuing pursuit on foot. Back up needed by 39th Street and 6th Avenue.

Dispatch, through radio: 10-4, Officer Kelly. Back up is on its way. Proceed with caution.

Officer Kelly gets out of her cruiser and walks around the street lamp. The truck is in her sights, driving away. Officer Kelly removes her gun and aims at the truck, about to pull the trigger. As the truck continues driving off, a ball of fire, from above, clashes with the truck, flipping it over, onto the streets, right before Officer Kelly. She then lowers her weapon and looks at the scene in surprise. She then walks towards the flipped over truck, carefully looking around at her surroundings. As she moves to the truck, a hooded figure is seen watching her from above. Back on the street, Officer Kelly looks at the sidewalk and see one of the masked men, laying there, as if thrown from the truck being flipped over. She discards some handcuffs from her side and cuffs the masked man. Just as she's about to get up, a click is heard. Officer Kelly raises her arms as the view pans to the left slightly, showing the second masked man behind her with a gun to the back of her head.

Masked Man: You ain't cuffing no one tonight, copper.

A figure then drops in behind the masked man. The robber is about to pull the trigger on his weapon, his finger closing in around it. Officer Kelly closes her eyes, preparing for what's next. He smirks at the Officer but, before pulling the trigger, is then yanked from behind, thrown onto the ground and punched repeatedly by the hooded figure. Officer Kelly continues to keep her eyes shut and remains kneeling on the ground with her arms raised as the grunts and fist impacts are heard behind her. They then stop. Officer Kelly opens her eyes slowly and begins to lower her arms. She then turns around and gets up, seeing the second masked man unconscious behind her. Officer Kelly, surprised, looks around for whoever did this but no one is seen. The scene then cuts over to the remaining two masked man, running off with their weapons and money bags, through alleyways. The sound of their steps is overlapped by the sound of another pair of feet, coming after them. They then stop in a small area between two alleyways, leading to different directions. Their breathing is hard but their posture is straight and ready. They look back where they came from, guns ready. Silence fills the air. No steps, no breathing. Just the accumulation of thunder. The two masked man continue looking down the alleyway, unaware of the hooded figure above on the rooftops. The clouds are now becoming less passive, becoming more grey by the second, with another sound of the muffled thunder within them. The hooded figure jumps down from the rooftop, slamming against one of the masked men. The masked man looks up, attempting to defend himself but the hooded figure grabs his arm and strikes at his side three times, followed by a kick, knocking him over. The final masked man runs for it, moving back into the streets with the hooded figure walking over to him.

Masked Driver: You're not going to take me, man. You can't!

The masked man lifts his gun and starts firing at the hooded figure. Flashes of light explode from the gun with every shot it fires. When the gun runs out of bullets, the man looks up with an expression of surprise and fear underneath his mask. Before him stands the hooded figure with fire surrounding his suddenly enlarged hands. The bullet shells on the ground are half melted. The masked man looks up from the ground and looks at the hooded figure.

Masked Driver: Wh-What are you?

The hooded figure glares with deep breathing. The scene then cuts over to Officer Kelly who arrives where the masked man and hooded figure were, only to find a man with brown hair on the ground with a ski mask on his stomach. Two other police cruisers arrive at the scene and the officers inside step out to confront Officer Kelly.

Officer: What happened here?

Officer Kelly: I'm- not entirely sure.

She looks down and sees the man started to stir awake.

Officer Kelly: Let's get these guys out of here.

Officer: On it.

The two other officers move over to the defeated criminal and cuff him. Officer Kelly looks up and looks around. The Empire State Building is seen behind her, lit with an orange light. Meanwhile, on the building, itself, the hooded figure is seen, kneeling on one of its edges, looking down at the city. He lowers his hood, revealing himself to be Drake.

Drake: I'm back.

Title Sequence

Still night, the city is seen. There aren't many citizens out walking around but there are a few, staying close to the lighted areas. Somewhere else in the city, an apartment building is then seen.

John's Apartment
November 12, 23:26 EDT

Inside the apartment building, the front door to the room is seen opening and Drake walking in, with his hood down. Drake closes the door behind him and continues to walk inside. John is seen seated on the sofa with a laptop on his lap. John looks up from his laptop and sees Drake.

John: Oh hey. Glad to see you're back, man.

Drake: Where else would I be?

John: I don't know. In a hospital?

Drake: These guys can't hurt me. Besides, you're my personal medic. If I was hurt, I would be here anyways.

John: Also glad to see that you're picking up on how to be a smart aleck.

Drake: Who's Aleck?

John: And now we're back to square one. (closes laptop) Oh I've been monitoring your vitals while you were out. (gets up and places laptop on the end table) I noticed some small fluctuations in your Nanogene activity but it seems pretty normal so far. Oh and I also noticed a spike in your adrenaline too.

Drake: What does that mean?

John: I don't know. A spike in adrenaline could mean a bunch of things like an uh- adrenaline rush.

Drake: Still don't know what that means, John.

John: It means you were feeling... excited out there.

Drake: Maybe... Just a little.

John: I've known you for about a year now and this is probably the closest thing to a emotion from you aside from the need to beat something up and eat something.

The door then opens again with Kate entering the room, carrying a pizza box with a logo reading "Daryl's Pizza" on it.

Kate, closing the door behind her: Hey!

John: Speaking of which, where have you been all my life, baby?

John rushes over to Kate and takes the pizza box from her hands.

Kate: Sorry I got held up by the station.

John, holding the pizza box in his arms: No worries as long my (baby talking) little baby whatsit is okay. Yes you are.

Kate: Yeah well your baby is going to catch a cold if you keep smothering it.

John, moving to the kitchen, talking regularly: They'll never understand our love, pizza from Daryl's.

Kate chuckles and looks at Drake.

Kate: Hey Drake. Good job with the mission.

Drake: Thanks. You went to the station?

Kate: Yeah, it's no big deal though.

Drake: Your boss didn't give you any problems again, did he?

Kate: No it's just- I didn't go to Central News, Drake.

Drake: Oh. Right. You meant-

Kate: The police station. Yeah. My uh- dad is still going on about you. Thinks you can't be trusted.

Drake: A lot of people think that, Kate. I don't blame them. I'm a Mutant. Mutants attacked the city last year.

Kate: Which is why they upped their Mutant handling equipment since the MCA won't help the NYPD.

Drake: Yeah, well, the MCA has been kinda busy lately.

Kate: Right, I keep forgetting. How's the rebuild coming along?

Drake: Good. They should be done soon so I can stop sleeping on this couch.

Kate: It's more than that, Drake.

Drake: Trust me, Kate. I know. Ever since Ryden began his attack on the city, the city hasn't been the same. I mean it is the same city but it's just- it's also different. It's changed. I even changed. I stopped remembering my past, Kate. I haven't had a vision since I fought with Ryden back at MCA Headquarters. And when I'm out there, fighting for this city, a city that hates the very thought of what I am, it makes what I do a lot more hard on me.

Kate: Doesn't mean you should give up, right?

Drake: Yeah...

John then exits from the kitchen, holding a slice of pizza in one hand and a soda can in the other.

John: Got my slice, got my drink, got my friends. Let the hangout commence.

Kate: And you didn't get one for us?

John: Hey, I'm only one guy and this guy has his own stomach to look after.

Kate: What a great host.

Drake: I'll get us both a pizza.

Drake gets up from the couch and makes his way to the kitchen.

John: Thanks, Drake. You're taking one for the team.

Drake then vanishes into the kitchen. Kate turns to John.

Kate: So what instant classic do you have for us this time?

John: I was thinking about seeing the Shady Cavalier trilogy again but then I came across this beauty (pulls out DVD case titled "Wizardz: Ghost Artifacts")

Kate, reading: "Wizardz: Ghost Artifacts"? That's really a movie?

John: This is only the eighth one. Just imagine if we were watching the whole series.

Kate: We should. I mean- (looks at TV) I don't mind staying over for the night.

John looks at Kate with an expression that shows he wants to tell her something.

John: Kate.

Kate, looking at John: Yeah?

John: We've meet about a year ago, right?

Kate: Yeah when Ryden attacked the city during Christmas, why?

John: I don't know I just want to know where we stand in our- um relationship.

Kate: (dry chuckle) John, we're friends.

John: Right, yeah. Of course.

Kate: What? Did you think that I was just coming over here because Drake was around, for like an entire year?

John: Technically it's an entire year next month.

Kate: (nudges John with her elbow) Shut up you know what I meant.

Drake then exits the kitchen.

Drake: We've got to go.

John: But I was just gonna put on Wizardz, man.

Drake: It's the Director.

John: What? You don't like David Redmayne?

Drake: Not that director.

John: Oh, right.

The scene then cuts over to the MCA Building with lights on around the perimeter.

MCA Manhattan Outpost
November 13, 24:52 EDT

Inside, Drake and John are seen walking through the corridors, passing by multiple MCA Officers. They both enter the briefing room where the Director is seen standing before a group of MCA Officers.

Director: That is your objective. Any questions, let me know. Any problems, keep it to yourself. This is an in and out procedure. If you don't find anything, drop it and report back immedantly. If you do, then you know what to do. Now get moving, people.

The MCA Officers within the briefing room then get up and leave the room, leaving Drake and John with the Director.

John: What was that about?

Director: None of your business, Mr. Reed, that's what.

John: Good to see you too, boss.

Director: I didn't call you two over to chat. I've got some news you need to know before you find out some other way.

Drake: What is it?

Director: You're aware of the mission that Agent Owens was sent on, correct?

Drake: Yeah to recover some information about the Nanogene Mutation.

Director: Yeah well it's been about three months since he's last reported in.

John: Sorry but did you say three months?

Director: Yes. He's been reporting every week since he was sent off and stopped three months ago.

Drake: Why didn't you tell me when it happened?

Director: Because I didn't need to. It wasn't as serious as it is now. Agent Owens can take care of himself, I know that for a fact so I know he can survive more than a couple of weeks. But three months changes one's perspective.

Drake: Do you know where he is? Did you send anyone to get him?

Director: I would have done that if I knew, Drake. We have a couple of leads but he conducted his own investigation. Besides, we already checked the last place he reported in at and he definitely won't be anyway near there by now.

John: Still worth a shot looking around the area.

Director: That's why I called you in. You created a program that detects Nanogenes. Surely you can rewrite that program to help us locate Agent Owens.

John: I could feed in the leads and reporting times into the program and yeah- yeah that should probably work.

Director: Okay then. Get to it. I'll send you the information personally.

John then looks at Drake but is given a glare from the Director.

John: Right yeah, okay. Getting to it then. I'll see you in a bit, Drake.

John then leaves the Briefing Room.

Director: Before you say it, Drake, just let me say-

Drake: I want to bring him in.

Director: No.

Drake: Why not?

Director: Because it's not your call. Owens went missing and we're going to find him. If you put yourself out there, you'll be getting involved in things that you're not ready to understand.

Drake: I thought this was a mission about finding information. What else aren't you telling me?

Director: I'm telling you what you need to know. 

Drake: Look, Owens was my trainer, alright? He taught me what I need to know and he was there for me when I needed him, even if I didn't want him there. Now he's in my place and I have to help him.

Director: I get it, Drake. Believe me, I do. You're not the only one who's worried about him but I'm doing the most that I can. I don't expect you to understand but I expect you to listen to me and sit this one out. That's an order. I'm doing this to protect you.

Drake: From what?

Director: From yourself.

The Director then leaves the briefing room, leaving Drake there, alone. The scene then transitions to the city where the sun is now up in the sky, giving it an orange and blue shade to it. An apartment building is seen among the other buildings around it.

Palatial Valley Apartments
November 13, 8:45 EDT

Inside the apartment building, Detective Wilson is seen attempting to tie his tie, while looking out of the window. Kate is on the couch, watching TV.

Detective Wilson: You alright, sweetheart?

Kate: Hm?

Detective Wilson: I was just asking if you were alright.

Kate: Oh, um- yeah. I'm fine, dad.

Detective Wilson: You seem a little quiet this morning.

Kate: I'm always quiet in the mornings.

Detective Wilson: Yeah but this is like- dead quiet.

Kate: I'm very alive, dad, and perfectly fine. It's just- I dunno.

Detective Wilson: What?

Kate: I talked with a friend of mines and he's not really sure if we're friends or not or something like that.

Detective Wilson: Is he an idiot or something?

Kate: Dad.

Detective Wilson: What? I'm just covering all bases.

Kate: He's actually pretty smart, works with machines and junk.

Detective Wilson: This isn't that photographer, right?

Kate: No, dad. It's not Adam. He's just a friend, I guess.

Detective Wilson: Sounds like you two got some issues you need to talk about or something like that. I don't understand any of this teenage stuff.

Kate: That's the best advice I get from the best detective in the city?

Detective Wilson: (chuckle) Yeah, pretty much. But I can give you some advice as a father. Just let things happen. If he wants to be your friend, he'll be your friend. It's up to you to decide where you want a relationship to go. (continues attempting to tie tie)

Kate, noticing this, gets up from the couch and moves over to Detective Wilson.

Kate: Do you need some-

Detective Wilson manages to tie the tie.

Detective Wilson: Ha. Got it this time.

Detective Wilson kisses Kate's forehead and grabs his jacket.

Detective Wilson, putting on his jacket: I'll call you when I get out.

Kate: Can't wait.

Detective Wilson then opens the door and prepares to leave.

Kate: And dad?

Detective Wilson stops and turns back to Kate.

Detective Wilson: Yeah?

Kate: Thanks.

Detective Wilson smiles then leaves the room, closing the door behind him. Kate walks back to the couch and leans against the back of it, looking out of the window in front of her. Kate then decides to discard her cell phone from her pocket but is slightly surprised to find something on it. On the cellphone screen, there is a text notification from Drake reading "Can you let me in please" marked with the time, 4:55 AM. The scene then cuts to the balcony where Drake is seen sitting on the floor with his back next to the glass door. A short moment later, the door opens and Kate steps outside. She looks to her right and sees Drake sitting there.

Drake, noticing her: What took you so long?

The scene then cuts to Drake laying on Kate's couch while she sits on a chair by the computer desk.

Kate: I can't believe you waited out there for about 4 hours.

Drake: Well, you should have let me in then.

Kate: So Owens went missing and the Director won't let you go after him.

Drake: Yeah, just about.

Kate: That can't be right.

Drake: That's what happened, Kate.

Kate: Well, I don't know what you want me to do about it.

Drake: Nothing. I just- wanted to talk.

Kate: What is John saying about this?

Drake: He's following his orders, looking for Owens with his program.

Kate: Why don't you help him then?

Drake: I was ordered not to.

Kate: Like that stopped you before.

Drake, leaning up from the couch, looking at Kate: Kate, the reason why Ryden was able to do what he did was because I pushed him to do that by not following orders. If I stayed in that base, things would have been different now.

Kate: Yeah they would have. I would have been mauled to death by a Mutant, Ryden would have probably continued his plans without anyone finding him and we wouldn't even know John. Sure some bad things happened but you can't have good without bad. Look, I'm not going to tell you to break the rules and to start following them all of a sudden. But I am going to tell you to do what you think is right and if that goes against what the Director wants then she might be in the wrong here, just like she was about Ryden.

Drake: And if she's not?

Kate: Then at least you did what you thought was right. I guess that's what really matters.

Drake's eyes to move down as he thinks about what Kate just said. The scene then cuts over to the MCA Outpost's Laboratory.

MCA Manhattan Outpost: Laboratory
November 13, 9:34 EDT

John is seen, working at a computer. Drake then enters the laboratory and approaches John.

John, looking up at Drake: Oh hey, I thought you were reassigned.

Drake: I was.

John, looking back at the screen: Great. Director is counting on me and I'm already breaking protocol. What's up?

Drake: I'm going to help you locate Owens.

John: Alright, how? You gonna hack into the system or something like that.

Drake: Something like that.

Drake puts his hand on the computer and begins to hack it.

Drake, hacking the computer: I'm searching through the data you use on any leads on Owens.

John: Yeah, well, good luck with that. I've been through these for hours now. Only used the bathroom twice. All the leads seem to be pointing in one area but there's literally nothing in the area that suggests where Owens could be. I even ran it through the program I designed which basically created an algorithm to detect any possible ways he could have went since his last report. No results, still.

Drake, hacking the computer: What about July 21st?

John: What about July 21st?

Drake, hacking the computer: He didn't report in that week.

John: Yeah, I just assumed that was a glitch in the system or maybe he just forgot.

Drake, hacking the computer: Owens doesn't forget to report in and the system is fine. It's just not picking- pick- registering any data from that date.

John: Okay so he purposely didn't report in that week then continued reporting afterwards. Drake, that doesn't make any sense.

Drake: Yeah... (thinking) What was his location the week before July 21st?

John, checking: Uh- a town called Impetus. But there's nothing in that area, Drake.

Drake: We should check it out anyways.

John: What's the point? If we send any more agents over there, they'll probably find nothing like the leads I've been running for past couple of hours now.

Drake: Then we won't send any agents.

John, realizing what Drake means: ...Aw man. First day back on the job and I'm gonna get fired.

The scene then cuts to the outside of the MCA Outpost with a Jumpjet lifting off from the rooftop and taking off through the air. On board, two MCA Officers are seen in the cockpit, one piloting the ship and the other in the passenger seat.

MCA Flight Route
November 13, 10:20 EDT

An indicator then lights on the controls.

MCA Officer, piloting, noticing the indicator: Looks like the Director is calling in, you better get back there.

MCA Officer 2: Yeah, got it.

The other MCA Officer gets up from this seat and moves to the back of the Jumpjet. He turns and sees the Director on the screen.

MCA Officer 2: Yes, Director?

The Director remains silent.

MCA Officer 2: D-Director?

Drake then comes from behind and hits the officer in the back of his head, knocking him over. Back in the cockpit, the MCA Officer is still piloting the Jumpjet.

MCA Officer, piloting: Hey, what did the Director say? Duncan? Du-

The Officer turns around and is hit in the head by Drake. John enters the cockpit with his tablet.

John: Did you really have to knock them out?

Drake: Yes.

Drake puts her arms around the MCA Officer and pulls him out the pilot seat, dragging him to the back of the Jumpjet. John then sits in the pilot seat and takes control of the ship with one hand and uses his other hand to use the controls. Drake then returns momentarily and sits in the passenger seat.

Drake: You know how to fly this thing?

John: Not really, that's why I'm entering the coordinates for the town into the auto-pilot. We should be there in a couple of hours.

Drake: Good.

John: Shouldn't we stop and pick up Kate? She'll be worried about us plus we could probably use her help.

Drake: No, no the less others are involved, the better this will work out, John.

John looks at Drake for a short moment then exhales and turns to the window, grabbing the controls again.

John: Alright then.

The Jumpjet is then seen flying away from the city. The scene then transitions to a small town. The sky now has more orange shade to it, it also has more clouds than usual, giving off a slight grey to the atmosphere. The Jumpjet passes over a small sign that says "Welcome to Impetus, Population 46".

November 13, 4:56 EDT

The Jumpjet then lands outside of the town. The scene cuts to Drake and John exiting the Jumpjet and approaching the town. John is wearing a small knapsack and holding his tablet in hand while walking with Drake towards the town.

Drake, walking towards the town: Are you sure this is where Owens was?

John, checking tablet, walking with Drake: Yep. I already told you, we're probably not going to find anything around here anyways.

Drake, walking towards the town: We have to try something.

John looks up from his tablet, looks at the town and glances at Drake quickly.

John, walking with Drake: We really need to talk about your outfit.

Drake, walking: My outfit?

John, walking: Yeah. It's kinda unpractical.

Drake, walking: Didn't we have this talk before? You said you were going to work on it.

John, walking: And I did, it's just not ready yet.

Drake, entering the town: Well when it is, we can talk about it. Right now we need to find out where Owens was in this town, it could help us find where he went.

John checks his tablet as the two continue into the town.

John, checking tablet: Data says his location was close to the town center.

Drake and John continue moving through the city. The scene cuts over to the interior of one of the storefronts which is dark. Chairs, tables and even a counter are able to be seen through the darkness within the store, with light from the outside making its way inside through the windows. Drake and John are seen passing by the windows as dust falls within the light's path. The town center is then seen with a fountain surrounded by a small park with the streets surrounding it and small buildings at the side of the streets. Drake looks around while John looks down at his tablet.

John: I'm not picking up any Nanogene traces, just average activity.

Drake: John.

John: I know what you're going to say, Drake. We have to keep trying but as much as you want to find Owens-

Drake: John.

John, not acknowledging Drake: -I want you to know that I want to find him just as much as you. Well maybe not just as much but-

Drake: John!

John, looking up from the tablet: What?

Drake: How can there be average activity when there's nobody here?

John: What are you talking about there's-

John looks around and notices that there is nobody in the town center.

John: Well, uh- maybe nobody is here around this time or it's a holiday.

Drake: We walked through half of this town, John. The stores are empty, there aren't any cars in the street and the people are gone.

John: So it's abandoned. It was probably active a couple of months ago back when Owens was here.

Drake: What about the activity you're tracking?

John, checking the tablet: Well it's just the electricity in the town. Some towns leave their systems behind during an evacuation. There is a fluctuation though, one part of the town is using a lot more electricity than the rest.

Drake, looking at John's tablet: Which part?

John, looking up: (points) That one.

Drake looks up and sees a facility at the corner of a town block in front of him. There is a small sign on the side of the building reading "Aerospace Innovations". There are windows on the building and like the other buildings in the town, it is dark inside except on the far right corner where a small ray of light peeks out through the window. Drake glares at the window and puts his hood on. The scene then cuts to the interior of the facility where Drake and John are seen entering. The lobby area is without light, there is a counter opposite to the main entrance, some benches and a doorway leading further into the facility.

Aerospace Innovations
November 13, 5:33 EDT

Drake: What type of place is this?

John: Judging from the name, they probably work with spacecrafts and flight technologies.

Drake: Spacecrafts?

John: Y'know, spaceships, shuttles.

Drake: A ship with a lot of space, you mean.

John: Nevermind. What I don't get is why would Owens need to go here for?

Drake: He probably noticed the activity in this place and wanted to look into it like we are.

John: And then he didn't report in the next week.

Drake: Which means whatever happened, happened here. We just need to find out what it is.

Drake continues looking around the facility, followed by John. After looking around, Drake turns back to John.

Drake: There's nothing here.

John: I can't say I'm surprised. (checks tablet) The electric activity is spiking close by. Maybe it was just, I dunno, an overload in the system.

Drake: You say maybe a lot, you know that?

Drake stands next to the wall and puts his hands on it. He then puts his head against the wall.

Drake: The wall... It's humming.

John: That could be the source of the electricity spike. It could be a fake wall or something, I'll look for a-

Drake throws his arms out and forms his Fire Fists. He then throws his fist against the wall and breaks through it, leaving behind a hole in the wall. Drake then reforms his hands back to normal and passes into the hole in the wall.

John: Or you could just break the wall.

John also passes through the hole in the wall. More of the facility is seen with wires surrounding the newly made entrance, covering the walls and floors. As the wires continue being shown across the floor, Drake and John make their way across as well.

Drake: Why would this building keep this area hidden?

John: I don't know. It's not like there's anything back here.

Drake and John then turn the corner and see various pieces of machines and technology at the sides of the wide hallway. At the end of the hallway is a service elevator.

John: Or not. (examines some of the machinery) Drake, this is incredible. There's a biometric reader, a processor that can process substances from high temperatures, a beacon retrieval generator. This is some really advanced technology. Drake: But why would they keep it back where where no one can get to it?

John: Not sure but we should probably let the MCA know we found something over-

Drake: Wait.

John: What? You don't me to-

Drake: John- (after a short moment of silence) I hear something.

John looks around slowly while Drake turns to face the service elevator. John turns back to Drake, with a disappointed expression on his face until he notices the elevator. There is a small screen above the elevator surrounding by a metallic frame, it's activated and counting up from 08.

John: The elevator is activating.

Drake: That means someone's here.

John: Then we gotta get out of here.

Drake: Too late. They'll see us leaving.

The small screen then continues counting down to 03 then 02 then 01 until the screen deactivates and a "ping!" noise is heard. The doors slide open and two figures emerge from the elevator. The scene shows the hallway to be clear of anyone else, just the machines. From a view behind a mildly transparent layer of grey, shredded skin, the two figures are seen moving from the service elevator, down the hallway, past the view. The figures are hard to make out but they are humanoid, bulky and are slightly hunched over. As the figures continue passing by, the scene shows Drake, standing by the service elevator, using his Stealth Wings to cover himself and John.

John, quietly: I definitely need to make something like this.

Drake, quietly: You should probably stop watching those Wizardz movies, John. A distorted version of John's mechanical whirring noise is heard as his Stealth Wing form starts to deteriorate.

Drake, quietly, looking at his wing form: No, no, no!

The two figures then stop, looking around as they hear the noise.

Drake, quietly: John, what's going on?

John quickly looks at his tablet and swipes across the screens. He brings up some biometrics on Drake's body, showing his skeleton and several Nanogenes inside as well as bar graphs and various statistics. The Nanogene icons are shaded in a red outline and moving towards the center Nanogene. There is also a small grey box in the corner of the screen with the words "Critical" in red, within it.

John, stammering, quietly: I- I don't know. I've never seen anything like this before. Your body is literally shutting down.

The Stealth Wings then completely deteriorate, leaving Drake and John out in the open. The two figures, almost as if sensing something, turn around, seeing Drake and John before them; their appearances now shown. The figures are practically identical to each other. They both have blue and white skin with a purple underline to it. They have one big eye in the center of their small faces, glossy and colored with a blend of teal and violet. Their mouth parts are similar to those of an insect and reside at their chin. They have over sized arms that hang down with claw-like hands and humanoid legs. The Mutants grunt in surprise after noticing the two.

Drake, seeing who they are: Looks like we got some Mutants.

One of the Mutants then starts speaking something in an unknown language.

John: Whoa, hold the phone. Is that one speaking? Class-2s don't speak.

Drake: Maybe he's just a Class-3.

The other Mutant then readies his claw hands and launches up at the two. Drake pushes John out of the way and is impacted by the Mutant, putting its weight on Drake. The Mutant then attempts to attack Drake using his mouth part, almost as if trying to eat it. Drake continues ramming his fist at its side, attempting to get it off. He then forces his knee into its other side, hitting some type of nerve. The Mutant exclaims out and Drake punches it in its eye, knocking the Mutant off of him enough to get loose. The other Mutant attempts to attack John who dodges its slash which winds up breaking a part of the machinery behind John. John takes the broken off piece and throws it at the Mutant who deflects it with its over sized arm. John backs up to the wall, hiding behind his tablet which Drake runs towards the Mutant, jumps onto the broken piece of machinery, kicks off from that and lands on the back of the Mutant, choking it with his legs and slamming his fists against its head. The Mutant exclaims outwards and pushes its back against the wall, crushing Drake.

Drake, being pinned against the wall: AH!

John then runs up to the Mutant and kicks it in its exposed torso, causing it to hunch over, giving Drake some space to escape. Drake stands next to John who holds him up as Drake holds his stomach.

John: Hey, you alright?

John's voice echoes off faintly.

John, echoing: You alright?

Man's Voice, echoing over John: You alright?

Drake then regains his focus when John taps his arm.

John: Drake?

Drake: Yeah, yeah I'm fine.

The two Mutants then recover and turn back to Drake and John.

John: I think it's been over a minute, man.

Drake: I got it.

Drake then attempts to activate his Fire Fist which start to form but then deactivates. Drake tries again but it doesn't work.

Drake, shaking his hands, sounding impatient: Come on...

One of the Mutants then runs right for Drake. Drake then throws his arm as if punches and the mechanical whirring noise occurs as his arm forms to his Fire Fists but then shift into his Crystal Claws form. Drake then ends up stabbing the Mutant in the chest. Drake then looks surprised until the Mutant grabs his arm and throws him against the service elevator. The Mutant then turns back looking at John. John then reaches into his bag and retrieves a small MCA blaster and fires it at the Mutant. The Mutant takes a couple of hits and backs up into the other Mutant. John then passes through the new space and makes his way to Drake, helping him up.

John: Hey, you good?

Drake: Yeah. (noticing something) Move!

Drake pushes John aside and fires some crystalline projectiles in front of him, blocking the oncoming Mutant from reaching them. He continues firing them out until they form a small barrier. Drake then takes a moment to breath heavily as he leans on John for support.

Drake: I think we're good.

John, looking at the barrier: Doesn't look that way, Drake.

Drake looks up and sees the crystalline barrier glowing red, as if the Mutants are using something to destroy it.

Drake: We have to get out of here.

Drake gets up from John and leans against the elevator. He places his hand on the button panel and hacks into it, activating the elevator and causing the doors to slide open.

Drake gets in the elevator. John is about to get into the elevator when the crystalline barrier finally shatters due to a powerful explosion which shakes the entire level, throwing John into the elevator and Drake with a strong force. The two of them hit the back of the elevator which the explosion, putting the elevator box off its track and plummeting down its shaft, with Drake and John inside it. John gets up with a ringing in his ears. He holds the side of his head and groans. The ringing noise then fades away, replaced with a similar noise, like a screeching. John looks up and sees the elevator moving rapidly downwards as various other elevator doors pass by vertically upwards at fast rates.

John, getting up: Drake. Drake, we're falling.

Drake, attempting to get up: Huh?

John: The elevator it's- it's falling, Drake. If it doesn't stop, we'll die on impact.

Drake then sees that they're moving downwards very rapidly. He looks down and notices that he still has his crystal claws activates.

Drake: Okay. Okay, I've got an idea.

Drake then stands in the center of the elevator and cracks his neck.

Drake: Hang onto something.

Drake then extends his arms out, barely touching the sides of the lift. He then lowers his head, closes his eyes and concentrates. His fingers then start extending until they penetrate the sides of the elevator. From outside the elevator, the box is still seen falling rapidly down the long shaft but Drake's fingers are seen outside, still extending to the shaft walls. When they finally impact, sparks form from the friction between the two. Drake then yells out in pain as the crystal form starts extending down his hand and starts wrapping itself around his arms for support.

Drake, attempting to stop the elevator: RAAH!

The elevator then starts slowing down.

John: We're slowing down. We're going to be oka-

The elevator then impacts with the final level, shaking the foundation of the elevator and throwing Drake and John onto the floor. Dust fills the area as the elevator remains, broken but mainly still together. John is seen laying on the elevator floor, seemingly unconscious. His tablet lays next to him, with its screen shattered. John then coughs, awaking. He then leans up and curls horizonately as he continues coughing. He then opens his eyes and, through his perspective, sees very blurry-like. He puts his hand against the elevator floor and attempts to lift himself up, which he does with not much difficulty or pain. He then rubs his eyes which make his vision better but still groggy. He walks forwards and holds onto the side of the busted elevator wall. His vision finally becomes clear again. The level they landed on, it's another hallway but made from a different material, appearing like rock. He sees Drake laying not too far from the elevator, appearing as if he was thrown from the elevator.

John: Drake?

John then goes over to Drake.

John: Drake. Drake!

Drake then coughs and shakes his head. Dust falling from his hair.

John: Are you okay, dude?

Drake: Yeah. I'm fine.

John: I don't see how. (chuckle) I mean you- you stopped an elevator.

John then looks at Drake's arm which is covered with the crystal substance from his Crystal Claw form. He examines it and the crystal substance breaks apart at the slightest touch from John. The Crystal Claw form has already deteriorated, leaving behind only Drake's regular hands.

John: You had that crystal thing around your arm. (checking it but changing the topic) I mean that elevator must have weighed like 12 hundred kilograms or something (chuckle)

Drake: I don't feel it.

John: I guess you're stronger than you look, huh? I might have to put myself through that training program some day.

Drake: No, John. I- I don't feel it. I can't feel my arm.

Drake turns his head, lifting his other arm.

Drake, looking at his other arm: I can't feel both of them. John... I can't feel.

John: Drake.

John's voice starts echoing out again.

John, echoing: Drake!

Man's Voice, overlaying John's, echoing: Drake!

Drake: I can't feel!

Man's Voice: Drake!

The scene transitions over to the laboratory at the Incident.

8 Years Ago

There are various sparks flying from damaged machinery. The entire facility looks as if it is falling apart. Drake's Father is seen standing over a Young Drake.

Robert: Drake!

Young Drake: I can't feel!

Robert: Drake, stay with me!

Young Drake: Dad, I can't feel!

The scene switches over to present day Drake with John.

Drake: John, I can't feel!

John: Drake!

Drake: I can't feel!

The scene then cuts to darkness.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Owens goes missing.
  • Drake's body begins to shut down.

Minor Events

  • Drake and John discover Aerospace Innovations.
  • Drake and John survive the elevator crash.



  • Masked Robbers (First Appearance)
  • Unknown Mutants (First Appearance)

Forms Used

  • Fire Fists (x2) (Attempted; x3)
  • Stealth Wings (x1)
  • Crystal Claws (x1) (Selected Form were the Fire Fists)


  • The name of the town, Impetus, is another word for Force. This is meant to be an allusion towards Alien Force.
    • The population of the town is also 46 which is the total amount of episodes in Ben 10: Alien Force.
  • The Shady Cavaliar triology is a reference to the Dark Knight trilogy.
  • Wizardz: Ghosts Artifacts is a reference to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
    • John even makes a nod to how many films there are; eight.
    • The Director of the film, David Redmayne, is a reference to both David Yates, director of Deathly Hallows, and Eddie Redmayne, the actor who plays as Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, another one of Yates' films, also related to Harry Potter.
    • Later on, when Drake uses the Stealth Wings to conceal his and John's location, John comments that he should invent something similar to the Stealth Wings in which Drake responds with having John stop watching the "Wizardz" films. This is a reference to the Cloak of Invisibility from Harry Potter which apparently has a similar object in the Wizardz films.


  • This is the first episode of the second season.
  • This episode will be continued in the next episode.
  • Despite not being mentioned, Drake used the Fire Fists and Stealth Wings during the opening scene, just off screen.
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