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General Information
Species Vertebroid
Home World Anur G'rnay
DNA source Unknown
Body Hooded Skeleton
Alternate Counterparts Unknown
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Sharp Bone Fragments
Afterlife Communication.
Voice Actor Troy Baker

 Reaper is the Omegatrix/Ultimatrix's sample of a Vertebroid from Anur G'rnay; currently, it is one of the only species spread across the universe, but for good reason.


Similar to his source of inspiration, Reaper is a bipedal humanoid skeleton with a grayish coloration. His head resembles a skull, but has strange, hornlike protrusions coming out. With two eyes and a hole where a nose would be, his teeth appear to be sown together by thread-like tendons, but is perfectly capable of speaking; he wears a black-gray-streaked hooded cloak with an Omnitrix symbol acting as a belt buckle for his brown-gray belt.

His legs consist of really sturdy bones that help him with walking, though his two parallel toes (one on the front of the foot, a smaller one on the back) make quick cornering a bit difficult; his arms, while they appear fragile and bony, are actually quite durable, enough to support the half-arm-long wristblade bones. 



Powers & Abilities

  • Intangibility & Phasing - Like Ghostfreak, Reaper is able to phase through objects and barriers by spreading his structural essence around other molecular sturctures.
  • Constituent Bone Matter Generation & Manipulation - Though the naturally growing bladed bones on Reaper's wrists naturally do the talking, Reaper can sprout more boneblades when need be to enhance his combat skills.
  • Dimensional Shifting - A Vertebroid naturally has the ability to shift between the living realm and the dead realm easily.
  • Deceased Lifeform Specter Communication - When a Vertebroid shifts to the realm of the dead, he is able to speak to the souls of those who have died, even enabling others to see the ghosts for a brief period of time.


  • Sunlight - Like most Anurian species, Vertebroids suffer moderate pain from most sunlight.


  • As a result of their gift to see the realm of the dead and converse with the ghosts of the deceased, Vertebroids are scattered throughout the universe, on the everlasting mission of guiding bodiless souls to the afterlife.