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RazorDash is a Reezor from renon. He is similar to Fasttrack. With his blades he is also similar to Edward Scissorhands.He can run over 60000 m/hr., similar to Stephanie Powell (from No Ordinary Family)  but if he goes too fast, after that he needs to eat more. He is an alien from the Omnitrox.


Credits go to Binkatong.


  • Super speed 
  • Sharp spinning claws
  • Can generate cyclones
  • Can shoot razor air-waves
  • Night vision
  • Can walk on water even when not running
  • Can shrink it blades to become normal hands
  • When running he can generate a force wall on his track similar to
    Razoredge 2

    RazorEdge (Clawless)

    that from TRON: Legacy