Ray is a Chroman from the planet Chromia in Evan Billion.


Ray always wants to capture Caecus like he captured all of his slaves. He is always getting equpiment from his slaves to capture Caecus, but Caecus is just too smart. He is wearing light purple pants, and is about the size of Upchuck or Echo Echo.

Ray in Cranky Chroman


Ray was flying in his color ship when he saw a bunch of Maxatomars. He captured and absorbed them, and used his comedy to lure other weak aliens to his ship. Soon, he became more powerful, and started to catch more powerful aliens. He captured a few Usynligians, but all the rest ran away. He chased after Caecus, and is still trying to catch him today.


He will not rest until he captures Caecus for another slave.


  • Can color stuff different colors
  • Can make holograms by coloring the air
  • Very good with colors
  • Colorkinesis
  • Coloring walls to make it look like a passage


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