General Information
Species ½ Mutant Vulpimancer
½ Unknown Species
Home World Vulpin(Vulpimancer DNA)
Body Animalistic
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Smelling
Enhanced Hearing
Enhanced Digging
Enhanced Speed
Sharp Teeth
Sharp Claws
Prehensile Feet
Wall Climbing

First Appearance TBA

RavageMutt  is the AntiTrix's DNA sample of a mutant Vulpimancer/Unknown Species from Vulpin and a Unknown Planet.


RavageMutt appears to be a large crimson dog with no eyes, ears, nose, or tail. His posture and movements are also somewhat apelike. He has lighter stripes on his back and arms and legs.He has sabre like fangs that sticks from his lower jaw. RavageMutt has no eyes, instead using his sense of smell and hearing, which are aided by three gill-like nostrils located on each side of his neck. Instead of quills he has grey spikes, and his claws are black and curved.

The AntiTrix symbol is located on his left shoulder.

Powers and Abilities

Being a Vulpimancer, RavageMutt has the same abilities as his species, except for being a lot stronger than a standard Vulpimancer.


Being a Vulpimancer, RavageMutt has the same weaknesses as his species.


  • RavageMutt's claws have the same shape as Ultimate Rath's wrist claws.
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