General Information
Species ½ Appoplexian
½ Tetramand
Body Four-Armed Humanoid Tiger
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Jumping
Enhanced Agility
Sharp Claws
First Appearance Animo Planet

Ratharms is a fusion of Rath's and Four Arms' DNA. He is only accessible through the Biomnitrix or when the Omnitrix is damaged.


Ratharms still has Rath's very aggressive behavior.

Powers and Abilities

Ratharms possesses the combined strength of Rath and Four Arms. This grants his extreme physical power adding to Rath's skill at fighting. Thanks to his Rath half, Ratharms has sharp claws on each of his four hands.


Ben 10: Galactic Legends

  • Ratharms first appeared in Animo Planet when he was going through the metropolis and then defeating Dr. Animo's Mutant Mantis along with Kai.


  • According to ScareWolf, Ratharm's wrestling moves are even more powerful.
  • Originally, Ratharms's catchphrase was going to say "Lemmie tell ya four things!", but this idea was scrapped.
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