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Rath Dropper Now FIGHT! is a fan made episode of Ben 10: Meme Force. It is written by Levin RATH .


Trollcanus comes to fight Ben and the gang, and Ben accidently unlocks a new alien, but it has some extreme anger issues! Can Rath Dropper gain some control to fight Trollcanus instead of his team?


Ben and the gang are lounging in Kevin's garage.

Kevin: I'm bored.


Boredom is a virus that spreads.

–Myself, Right Now

Kevin: This whole episode is boring.

Gwen: Well, what do you expect? Levin RATH is low on ideas.

Ben: So, what?

Trollcanus lands in through the roof.

Kevin: Great. Now I have to fix the roof.

Ben: LAME!

Ben turns into Serious Big Chill.

Trollcanus: I am Trollcanus! You cannot defeat me!

SBC: Don't be so sure.

Omemetrix: Malfunction. New alien unlocked.

SBC: Brilliant. Perfect timing.

Serious Big Chill turns into...

Ben: Rath Dropper!

RD drops his jaw, literally. The jaw can speak for RD, though.

RD: Lemme tell ya somethin', Trollcanus!!! Rath Dropper is bigger and stronger than you! Plus, you look like a troll! Rath Dropper looks like the almighty dropper of jaws!

RD picks up his jaw and attacks Gwen, but Gwen block her and Kevin with a mana shield.

Gwen: Ben! What are you doing?

RD: Lemme tell ya somethin', Gwen Tememson! Rath Dropper is made to fight! So, that's what Rath Dropper's gonna do!

Kevin: Tememson! What's with you!?

Trollcanus: Ha! Your alien boy is now on my side!

RD then jumps on top of Trollcanus and drops his jaw.

RD: Lemme tell ya somethin', Trollcanus! Rath Dropper is on nobody's side! And now, you pay the price for sayin' Rath Dropper's on anyone's side!

Gwen: Ben! Gain some control!

RD picks up his jaw and stops beating up Trollcanus. He then turns into Trollmonkey.

Ben: Trollmonkey!

Trollmonkey ties up Trollcanus with his webs, while Gwen and Kevin lose their fear, and help to tie Trollcanus up. After that, Ben transforms.

Ben: Forever Alonasaur!

FA picks up Trollcanus, walks out of the garage, and throws Trollcanus into space.

Trollcanus: Huh? Where is the alien boy? Oh, well. I'll be baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccaaaaaaaacckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk....

FA turns back into Ben.

Ben: Well, I guess that's the end of that!

Gwen: Nice work, guys. But, Ben, I was wondering... How did you gain control of Rath Dropper?

Ben: Well, you said I needed some control. I couldn't do the con, but I got the troll!


Aliens Used[]


  • Trollcanus