Rath is the Ultimatrix's DNA sample of an Appoplexian from Appoplexia.


Rath is about nine feet tall. He resembles an orange and white bipedal tiger with one black claw coming out of each wrist and no tail. He is also muscular and has green eyes and black stripes on his shoulders, head, legs and upper body as well as a white jaw, neck, chest, stomach, hands and feet. The Ultimatrix is located in the center of his chest.

Powers And Abilities

Rath possesses enhanced strength. He also is an expert at fighting. Being a cat, he has enhanced senses and also has enhanced digging. He has a retractable claw on each wrist that can be used as a weapon.


Rath is afraid of water. He can also be overcome by his senses and be easily distracted


  • Rath first appeared in Eye Of The Tiger, where he was unlocked through Kyle's rage. He almost killed Hex and later defeated him.



  • Rath is the first additional alien of the series.
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