Raphiel is a tall, muscular appoplexian with orange fur and black stripes on said fur. Raphiel wears a white Plumber armor and has two claws protruding from his knuckles that can expand in size.


Raphiel is quite foolish and humble as Appoplexians tend to be. Although Appoplexians rarely express emotions and usually express anger and intimidation, Raphiel seems to be more expressive and he shows a variety of emotions. Raphiel has a history of messing up missions because of his emotions which is a struggle for him.


Before Raphiel joined the Pollux Plumber Team, he spent his childhood living on a planet that was very unforgiving. Unfortunately, most of his family passed away so he didn't have much of a father figure to look up to. He mostly lived on his own and became very experienced in stealth and hunting due to his history of stealing food from local shops and stores and hunting in the deep unforgiving forests of the planet. After a long time of living this lifestyle, a plumber ship arrived on his planet and he went to the site of the landing because he inspired to be a plumber because of the great stories he heard about of the exploits of the brave plumbers and he wanted to see if the plumbers will recruit him or not, when he reached the ship he found out that the ship was stolen by some hunters. From what he heard from the hunters discussing he figured out that they wanted to hunt the native creatures who were almost extinct including some Appoplexians on the planet. After hearing this Raphiel wanting to help the residents on the planet he snuck into the ship and contacted the plumbers. Soon the plumbers arrived on the planet and they immediately started searching for the hunters who already started their hunt, they apprehended the hunters after finding them deep in a the jungles with the help of Raphiel to navigate through the forest. Raphiel along with the team of plumbers found out that the appoplexians that were living on the planet were all sadly slaughtered by the hunters because they tried to fight back . After witnessing this heinous crime a warm-hearted plumber invited Raphiel into the plumbers Raphiel having no reason to stay there he agreed. Raphiel went on to train with the plumbers for 2 years. While Raphiel was training as a recruit he learned that his master had died on a mission in the null void hearing this and feeling betrayed and lost again like all those years ago Raphiel dropped out of training and became a bounty hunter where he would work alone fearing that anyone he would meet and become close to would once again be affected by tragedy that always seemed to follow along. after a few years while Raphiel was in his infamous bounty hunting career, Raphiel received a letter from 2020 about a special team of plumbers Raphiel decided to accept it because he decided to believe in 2020 in return opening a new chapter in his story one of many hardships and many friendships. This group was called Pollux Plumbers.


  • Enhanced Strength- Raphiel is strong enough to lift large earth formations.
  • Sharp Claws- Raphiel's hands each have one large claw that can extend.
  • Combat Techniques- Raphiel is quite skilled in combat. Raphiel has a few names for his fighting moves.
  • Enhanced Senses- Raphiel has enhanced sense which developed by hunting and surviving in the dangerous jungles of his planet.


  • His design is based on Rath from Ben 10 reboot.
  • he was designed and created by harypooper/Chasekai
  • He is the 2nd member to join the Plumber team.
  • His art was done by Xavier Pokedex which we have the permission of using.
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