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Tetrax, you know I can be a little "demanding"?

–Kabba, ordering Tetrax to give him what he owes

Ramma the Slug (Arnold Prometheus or sometimes called "The Boss") is a mutated human/alien hybrid. He runs illegal business throughout the galaxy. He is set to appear in Ben 10: Lost Galaxy.


He was abandoned by his parents at as a baby due to his deformed nature. He was discovered by Cerebrocrustacean runaway slaves. They raised him for a good portion of his life, though it was around very rough times. The Cerebrocrustacean parents were being hunted by slave masters. He and his adoptive parents were always on the run. During these time, he developed a urge a killing others. After watching many die around him. When he was ten-years old, he killed his adoptive parents and began to wander the galaxy. He grew up with more and more of the urge, and began to kill people everyday. After he had killed a Lewodan Ambassador, he was sentenced to Incarcecon in the Null Void, for LIFE. While a prison riot engaged one day, many of the prisoners took the chance to escape, Arnold being one of them. He later found himself in the company of a crime family. He once again killed his adoptive parents, but this time it was to inherit their fortune. He quickly became the head crime lord in the galaxy and only at the age of eleven. He began to label himself as Ramma the Sug.

Ben 10: Lost Galaxy[]

He is set to appear in the new series.

Lost Files[]

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