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                      This is an episode of the series Evfnye 10.

Raising the Steaks is the twenty-third episode of Evfnye 10.


Evfnye goes to a periphery restaurant to take a kebab. He starts eating, and is curious about how the kebab is made, but suddenly starts feeling bad. He exits the restaurant and goes to a nearby toilet. He throws out, and accidentally transforms into Ripjaws. He carefully exits, and runs away to avoid being noticed. He jumps into a nearby river and swims as far away as possible. He jumps out from the water to revert back to Evfnye. He sees some cows and notices they feel bad. He examines closely and is shocked to see the grass they eat is poisoned. He hides on a tree and waits the entire day to see something strange. He only sees a cloud of something yellow, and tries to find where is the source of the clouds. He uses XLR8 to search for it, and sees Brian Minder. He asks what is he doing here to the cows, and he answers he's never met XLR8 in his life, and that he wants to poison people to force them to go to the nearest hospital, where he installed mind control, so people will be his slaves. XLR8 says nothing and runs into the nearest hospital to destroy mind control, and succedes, but falls poisoned. He wakes up by hearing Minder laugh, and is so tired of this competition of brains, he reverses the effects of mind control and escapes. The episode ends with Evfnye drinking milk and curing cows with Stephanie Karlie's cure.

Noteworthy Events

  • Evfnye is aware of cows being poisoned and cures them.
  • Brian Minder returns.


  • Evfnye
  • Customers of the restaurant
    • Stephanie Karlie


Aliens Used


  • The name of the episode is a play on the phrase "raising the stakes".
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