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Rainbow Connection
Rainbow Connection.png
General Information
Species: Chromaquaw (Main Version)
Lgbitqa Positive (Pokémon Sky)
Quartus (Earth-LD2004)
Home World: Chrominancia (Main Version)
Lbqgtia (Pokémon Sky)
Quartz Prime (Earth-LD2004)
Body: Fabulous Humanoid
Alternate Counterparts: Gender Fluid (Derwin 13)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: All-Spectrum Vision
Pacifying Water
Classification: Fauna
First Appearance: TBA

Rainbow Connection is an alien free for anyone to use.


Rainbow Connection has the ability to see multiple spectrums of electromagnetic radiation, allowing them to see in virtually any conditions.

In addition to this, Rainbow Connection creates incandescent water that it can manipulate freely. This water has a pacifying effect on anyone it touches and reduces overall hatred and aggression, allowing Rainbow Connection to end fights before they even begin.


Rainbow Connection isn't particularly powerful offensively, so if their targets don't have emotions to pacify in the first place (such as robots or the British), their usefulness is going to be fairly limited.


If you use Rainbow Connection in your series, please note his appearance(s) here.

Pokémon Sky


  • Rainbow Connection is an alien in Earth-LD2004.


Using a SapienSwitch, Rainbow Connection would theoretically be able to take a human form with a matching appearance.


  • Rainbow Connection is named after the song "Rainbow Connection."
  • The species name "Chromaquaw" is a combination of the words "Chroma" and "Aqua" with an additional "w" on the end for good measure.
  • The planet name "Chrominancia" is derived from the word "Chrominance", which refers to the signal used in certain video systems to transmit the color information of the picture.


  • Rainbow Connection's species has no specific genders to speak of, and so can be referred to with any pronouns the user prefers.
  • Rainbow Connection was created for Pride Month in case it wasn't already blindingly obvious.
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