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Raiders of the Lost City Part 2 is the sixth episode of the series, Ryder.

Season 1, Episode 6
Air date 8/15/18
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Raiders of the Lost City Part 1


Previously (on Ryder)…

Ryder: Travis? Travis!

Travis, over the phone: I can’t hold them off for too long, man! Just get here. Get to Raider City! Get to Raider C-

The line disconnects, a dial tone is heard continuously as Ryder holds the phone away from him.

Raggy: Ah damn.

Ryder: Yeah... I’m going to Raider City and getting my friend back.

Raggy: Do you even have a plan?

Ryder: I have… a part of a plan. Trust me, by the time we get there, it’ll be a whole.

Kelly intends on flipping through a file she’s holding once more but a photograph falls out of the folder. She then grabs the photo and flips it over, in her hand, showing an image of a shadow-like wolf creature in the darkness with piercing white eyes staring right at her. A flash comes over Kelly, showing the dark figure lurking over her when she was affected by the transfusion serum. She then drops the picture and falls back, colliding with a shelf behind her, as a shock-filled reaction.

Kelly: These killings… this wolf-thing, they all have to be connected to something. Maybe that’s why Ryder had these reports lying around. Maybe he was trying to figure something out. And he hasn’t been answering my calls, or shown up to the office… (looks off) I just have to do this thing without him then.

David: Okay. I’ll go with you. I trust you. (gives small smile)

David turns his head and looks nearly as surprised as her. He then puts his hand on her shoulder in comfort. Before them, are a series of bodies; burnt up and charred.

David: Oh no…

Kelly: How exactly can you make sure the police don’t see something?

David: Unfortunately, it’s simple, Kelly. The people that did it were the police.

Kelly looks at him, taken aback and utterly surprised.

Raggy: How were you close with him? He- he doesn’t like to bring up the past.

Travis: We were friends back in High School although I knew him way before that… The world has changed, Raggy, so let me ask you this. Would you- would you talk about your past all things considering?

Raggy looks off for a second before looking back at him.

Ryder: What aren’t you telling me about your past? I need to know… now!

Raggy: Wha- What are you talking about?

Ryder: I need to know or we’re done.

Raggy: Look, I don’t ask you about your past when you clearly don’t want me to so why isn’t it the same treatment for me?

Ryder: Because you’re dealing with me! Not the other way around. You’re my source, you’re my eyes and ears, you’re… you’re my friend, alright? We’ve been working together on all those Cabal cases but- how do I know that you’re not really in league with them or something?

Raggy grabs his things and turns to leave.

Ryder gets up and moves to the edge of the building. Spotlights beam onto their location.

Raiders, from down below: WE GOT THEM NOW!

Ryder and Travis stop and looks ahead. The flames then show a figure wielding them as they grow bigger. The figure has long, red hair, sharp teeth and a charred hoodie.

Figure: Long time no see, boy. (laughs)

Ryder: You!

Figure: I can see you remember me, Ryder.

Ryder: How can I forget? Theo Michaels. Pyromaniac, murderer, psychopath- oh and member of the Cabal.

Theo Michaels: Why the fuck should I tell you anything when I’m about to fry your ass tres times over.

Ryder: I see you’ve forgotten something yourself. You’re not the only ones with abilities.

Ryder clenches his fists and his pupils begin to shrink. He bears his teeth which start to sharpen and grow as his jaw stretches forwards. As his fur begins to grow on his body and his hair grows further down his back, an electric shock overcomes him. This causes him to let out a loud howl which diminishes into a yelp. His changes are then reverted as he drops down to the ground, sand now on his face and coat. He groans slightly as the Raiders and Theo move in closer. Ryder uses his remaining strength to lift his arm up and grab his neck, feeling a metallic collar on it. He then looks behind him, seeing none other than Travis, dusting his hands off.

Ryder: Travis… N-no…

Travis: Sorry, buddy. But we couldn’t have you going all ballistic, now could we?

Ryder: Travis… Wh-Why are you… uh-

Before he could finish his sentence, Ryder passes out and falls unconscious. He is then surrounded by enemy forces within Raider City, alone.

The ‘previously’ landmark then fades from the scene, returning to the current time, with Ryder laying on the ground unconscious surrounded by his enemies. Travis stands there, hands in his pockets as he looks over Ryder’s unconscious body. He pushes his foot out and kicks him slightly, as if to make sure.

Travis: Huh… didn’t think that’d work so well.

Theo: That teaches you for doubting me and my associates. We’ve been planning this for a long time and I’ve waited even longer to burn this little (f)er into a pile of ashes!

Theo summons a flame within his hand and kneels down, pushing it close to Ryder’s face. While he does this, he chuckles to himself in a maniacal manner.

Travis: Alright. Alright. That’s enough. I promised you Ryder but we didn’t agree on your killing him with your own bare hands… er flames.

Theo’s head shoots up from Ryder as his hungry glare fixates on Travis. His flames extinguish but his anger visibly grows.

Theo: (grunts) What gives?! Is he no longer your amigo or what?

Travis: Oh, our friendship has ended a long time ago. No, killing him here and now would be a waste of the plan. I feel like we can reach for a more… satisfying arrangement, wouldn’t you agree?

Theo grunts in anger but then his eyes look elsewhere thoughtfully. After a brief moment, he looks down at Ryder and then back at Travis with a teethy and sinister grin, continuing his maniacal chuckling.

Travis: I’ll take that… as a yes. (smirks)

Travis turns to the Raiders around him.

Travis: Take him away. Lock him in a cell somewhere and make sure that collar stays on and undamaged.

Raider, moving towards Ryder: You know we may be savages but we’re not idiots.

Travis: Huh, you could’ve fooled me. No less back talking and more back breaking.

Two Raiders come over and move Ryder’s body off the ground and lift it away from them.

Theo: With Ryder out of the way, the Cabal can finally accomplish our grand mission.

Travis: And what exactly would that be… if I may ask?

Theo: Heh, wouldn’t you like to know?

Travis: Y-Yes, I would. That’s sort of why I asked.

Theo: Oh, well, I can’t tell you! Not yet, anyways. But after what you did here… heh, that soon might change and maybe- just maybe- you’ll find yourself among us big leaguers.

Travis: Oh believe me… I’m looking forwards to it. (smiles and laughs)

Title Sequence

A man begins running past a camp of Raiders. He jumps over many tree branches and takes shelter behind a tree. Taking a deep breath, he turns to see that more Raiders are in the area. Peeking around the corner, the individual spots more of the armed gunmen. The view zooms back to the man’s face revealing him to be Raggy.

One of the raiders walk in the woods and raise their weapon prepared to shoot anything that gets in the way. The group hear something in the bushes nearby and turn around quickly.The members then see buried trees rising from the sand. One of the Raiders shake their head preparing to go closer to Raggy’s location.

Raider: Wow, it’s so fucking quiet out here. Like dead silence, I’m pretty sure that the trespasser is still around her.

Another Raider: But if it's quiet wouldn't that mean he isn't here?

Raider: Well, yeah, but maybe that's what he wants you to think.

Another Raider: Ooooh.

The view zooms in on to their walkie talkies as they begin to light up. There is a bunch of static on the other end and the sound goes out and in. (Do you mind fixing this up?) the rest should be fine, unless there’s something in specific you wanted me to fix (It’s good. :))

Theo over the intercom: I need everyone back at the base right now. We’ve captured Ryder just as planned. Am I making myself clear? Or am I going to be roasting someone’s ass until they disintegrate.

Raider: Holy shit, um right away sir.

Another Raider: Aww, I was just having fun.

The Raiders walk away heading back to their camp, as Raggy peaks around the corner and gets relieved since they did not see him. Waiting until, the area is clear he turns on his phone to find out where Ryder is.

Raggy: Ryder... what did you get yourself into?

The scene then cuts over to a holding cell with two Raiders securing Ryder to a wall. After making sure he’s fully secured, they move out of the room without a word, shutting the door behind them.

Special Holding Cell
December 22, 2:03 EDT

Ryder’s body hangs from the wall as he bound by heavy chains and the metallic collar around his neck. His eyes slowly and weakly begin to open as a breath leaves his mouth. He lifts his head up and looks around the room. He then tries moving his arm but they’re restricted by the chains around his wrists. After a moment, he stops struggling and just hangs there against the wall, letting out another breath, a more frustrated one. Silence remains as Ryder remains there although a soft footstep can be heard approaching. Ryder looks around, the chains clank against each other as he moves.

Ryder: Who’s there? ...Show yourself, goddammit!

He breathes heavily, his face nearly red just from shouting at the darkness surrounding him in the cell. Travis then walks into the moonlight, looking right at Ryder.

Travis: My how times have changed.

Ryder: You little shit.

Travis: Now, is that any way to talk to a friend?

Ryder: Last time I checked, friends don’t lock each other in cells and sell them out to THEIR WORST ENEMIES!

He attempts to reach for him but, of course, his arms are restricted by the chains. Travis remains unphased by Ryder’s threats and anger.

Travis: I know how you’re feeling. Betrayed, angry, homocial. I’ve been there. We’re the same, you and I. Hmph. After all, that’s why we became such great friends all those years ago.

Ryder: Really? With that “you and I are the same” shit? Wow, you really have turned into a super villain.

Travis: I’m as much of a villain as you are a hero. Murdering criminals, slicing out their entrails, sulking in a dirty apartment and convincing yourself that helping other people with their problems is just a way to forgive yourself at night. Yeah, I’ve done my research. I don’t exactly have a profession, so to speak, but let’s say, while you’re a private investigator, I’m an exclusive exploiter. You use information to help others while I use it to hurt others. For a price, of course.

Ryder: Why? Just why, Travis? You weren’t like this back then. You weren’t like this at all.


He takes a breath after his outburst and fixes his hair, returning to his previously calm demeanor.

Travis: When we last met, I had run into some issues involving certain people. I thought I could rely on you to back me up but- of course, the incident occured. Sure my problems went away but so did everything else. I lost my family, my friends, everything I owned. I was lost, I was angry, I was desperate for something- anything that resembled my old life. So I searched, I put my skills to the test and gathered research on what happened to us- to see if anyone survived. Apparently, my activities didn’t go unnoticed. People were interested in what I could do, offered me a chance for power. So I took it.

Ryder: Let me guess, the Cabal wanted to know more about me.

Travis: Among other things. You think I just wandered through the fucking apocalypse without getting my hands dirty. I had a pile of bodies matching my pile of data. And after that, it just got higher and higher- along with a paycheck, of course.

Ryder: So, you’re a bounty hunter for hire, who does a PI work. That’s some resume…

Travis: Still got that smart-ass humour, I see. I like it. You know you think you’ve changed along with the world but you don’t know what change is- you don’t know what pain really feels like. Maybe that’s why I turned on you- yeah, you know, that’s definitely why I turned on you. You’re not the man I thought you were- I respected you but now- you can’t even respect yourself. But you’re just as naive as you were before. No, I’m done being the loser friend that has to stand in your shadow. This time- I’m standing in the winner’s circle.

Ryder: At what cost? Your humanity?

Travis: Says the murder wolf. Speaking of which, don’t even bother trying to summon him. That electric collar around your neck is constructed by some of geniuses over at The Cabal. You know the same guys who somehow managed to give themselves super powers.

Ryder: So that’s what you’re after? You want- what? Super powers?

Travis: Hell no. You may have literal powers but being on top gives you the power to do whatever you want. I think that’s better than turning into wolf people or shooting fireballs or running super fast like that uh- other guy.

Ryder: They’ll betray you.

Travis: As long as I’m still an asset to them, you can bet your ass that they’ll see me as more than useful and far from expendable. Heck, I might even replace that hot head they sent me. But enough about me, let’s talk about you.

Ryder: Well, my favorite color is red, I like long walks on the beach and my current mood is go fuck yourself.

Travis: Heh, not what I meant, smart guy. What I meant was your current situation. We’re going to hold you here ‘till morning. By then, there’ll be a very big execution- Raider style. You know those barbaric executions that you kinda hear Raiders do out here. Yeah, they actually happen. After you’re dead, and we’ll make sure since you like to avoid those, your body will go back to the Cabal where they’ll figure out how to turn themselves into murder wolves too.

Travis thinks to himself for a moment.

Travis: By the way, Murder Wolf sounds like a really cool band name. You remember those bands we used to listen to- rock n’ roll and heavy metal?

He looks back at Ryder who just glares at him grimly.

Travis: Guess not. Anyways, I’ll be sure to pay Kelly a visit when I stop by New York.

Ryder: You keep her out of this.

Travis: Well, I wouldn’t want her to get lonely. Imagine her face, when I- your oldest friend return from a city of horror thanks to your efforts and noble sacrifice. Ha! She’ll practically fall into my arms… and maybe even my lap, if you catch my drift.

Ryder presses against the wall, his pupils dilate as he starts to transform. However, as if does, he receives a shock from his collar, causing his veins to pop outwards. He then reverts back to his Human form, exhausted.

Travis: Tsk, tsk, tsk. I warned you… At least, try to get some sleep. I still care about you, you know. I just hate your guts and became an awful person, that’s all.

Ryder: Go- (huffs) to hell…

Travis: Oh, I’ve been there, my friend. We both have…

Ryder glares at him from the corner of his eye as his head hangs low. Travis moves towards the door and knocks against it. The locks on the other side are then heard clanking. Travis turns to Ryder, a subtly false smile on his face.

Travis: See you in the morning…

The door then opens and Travis makes his leave, with the door slamming after him. Ryder then breaths in more heavily than before and manages to lift his head up, letting out a blood-curdling yell.


The door window then slides close, throwing the room into utter darkness. The scene then transitions to the night sky which lowers down into the city.

New York City
December 22, 2:29 EDT

The scene continues to lower until an apartment building is seen. The area appears to be in a more luxurious part of New York, most likely uptown. Inside the apartment building, Chloe Williams can be seen walking into the kitchen. She grabs two cups of tea ready on the table and walks into the other room with them both in hand. Chloe then approaches a table in her nicely decorated sitting room.

Chloe, handing a figure a cup of tea: Here. You need it more than I do, it seems.

A hand reaches for the cup and brings it over to them. The view follows the cup until the figure is shown to be Kelly. She appears flushed and even a little paler than usual. Her tone also sounds a little more tired than usual.

Kelly, taking the cup in hand: Thank you.

She calmly takes a sip from her cup then lets out a soft sigh once she’s finished. She holds the cup in her hands and looks elsewhere. Chloe takes a seat across from Kelly.

Chloe: So, you want to tell me what’s wrong?

Kelly: N-Nothing’s wrong, Chloe. I’m just- I just needed someone to talk to, that’s all.

Chloe: Well, the whole point of coming to talk to someone is actually talking to them.

Kelly, turning to her with a motion of confidence: I’m fine, Chloe!

Chloe: (sigh) Look, I hate to bring work into this but, as a lawyer, I sensing a major contradiction in your mood. My whole profession is about defending the truth so you might as well start telling me it.

Kelly: Look, I saw that guy you defended before, David.

Chloe: Aaand? Did you seal the deal?

Kelly: What?

Chloe: Did you lock it down?

Kelly: What are you-?

Chloe: Oh for goodness sake, Kelly. Did you sleep with him?!

Kelly: WHAT?! No! We went investigating…

Chloe: Kelly, the reason I wanted you to see him more is to get over your relationship issues. Not take part in the reenactment of teen girl’s mystery novel.

Kelly: It’s complicated and I guess also connected to my erm- relationship issues, as you put it. I wanted to know who- or what killed Alec Jordan. I found files about what it could be in a friend’s office and decided to do some investigating with David. I knew I couldn’t have done it alone and I knew that you were busy with your lawyer stuff.

Chloe: It’s called having a job. Speaking of which, you’d put out doing yours if you weren’t suspended on sick leave.

Kelly: All I have to do is appeal and I’ll get my job back.

Chloe: You’re hanging out in offices and dragging potential dates to crime scenes. Definitely capable for work but hey that’s none of my business. (sips tea)

Kelly: Anyways… We ended up finding some bodies that haven’t been processed by the police. David then suggested that it was the police who were in the wrong. That-That they were corrupt or something! Just because they missed a few charred up bodies! B-But he’s wrong, isn’t he? The law is the right thing, I know that- that’s what I have to stand up for!

Chloe: Hey, you don’t have to convince me.

Kelly: Well then, who do I have to convince, huh?! I’m getting sick and tired of people not thinking that I’m not capable of being a police officer and, on top of that, that being an officer of the law is some sort of joke or a crime in itself? It just goes against everything that I stand for.

Kelly slams his fist against the table, causing the tea cup to shake. Chloe notices this and looks concerned at Kelly.

Chloe: Hey, it’s alright. Just calm down, okay? You’re among friends here. Nobody thinks your job is a joke or a bad thing. But think about it from his perspective. Maybe it’s a little far fetched to say that he doesn’t know how seriously you take your job but have you considered that he would intentionally say something to upset you? After all, he didn’t have to agree to meet with you and help with your investigation.

Kelly: I- I know but- but he’s wrong! He has to be!

Chloe: But what if he isn’t? It might not be likely… but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. When it comes to being a lawyer, somethings you have to put aside what you know and consider any impossibilities.

Kelly: I don't know Chloe, I don't really know what to believe anymore.

Chloe: Well, you know that I’m always gonna be here for you. No matter what.

Kelly: Thanks. You don’t know how much I needed this.

Chloe: Believe me, I think I have an idea. Stay as long as you need to but do something for me, alright?

Kelly: Hm?

Chloe: Call him at some point. He obviously didn’t mean to insult you and keeping him thinking that he did might make him feel worse than you do. You get what I’m saying?

Kelly: Yeah- I see what you mean. Thanks…

Chloe: What would you do without me?

Kelly: Well, I heard that they appoint you with a lawyer if you can’t afford one.

Chloe: Ha-ha. Maybe I ought to kick you out as soon as you finish that tea.

Kelly chuckles to herself but then looks down slightly.

Kelly: I’ll talk to him. I’ll… I’ll set this right.

Chloe: Thank you. Now try getting some rest, okay? After all, you’ve got an investigation to finish.

Chloe lets out a sly smirk at Kelly and leaves her side, moving back into the kitchen with her cup of tea. Kelly remains seated at the table and looks out thoughtfully. The scene then pans off to the right and transitions to a different section of Raider City with a village of some kind. There are several worned down and chained up prisoners and captives that seem to be working with Raider Guards watching over their movements.

Trading Village
December 22, 3:43 EDT

Raggy is seen moving carefully through the village, wearing a scarf over his face. He is sweating a lot from being in the humid heat, and Raggy pauses and pays for a bottle of water and walks off. Pan to Raggy drinking the water and pours half it on his face to cool off. He continues on his way through the village, eyeing any individuals that capture his interest. He is seen moving from person to person, trying to chat with them. From a short distance away, a man wearing ragged hoods and goggles watches him from the distance. He then grunts when Raggy looks over in his direction. As Raggy starts to walk forwards, the man dips into the alley that he came from. Raggy then looks both ways as he hurries over to the other side of the village’s market and into the very same alley. Inside the alley, it is dark with very little light coming in. Through the darkness, a humanoid silhouette can be seen shuffling through the alley and out to the other side; to which Raggy follows him. Raggy finally makes it through to the other side, into a more open area in the back of the village. He stashes his water away safely into his bag and looks around for the figure that he’s been after. Abruptly, Raggy is grabbed from behind by the man in the hooded rags as the figure holds his arms back. Raggy then kicks the man’s knee in and slams his head back into the man’s face. The man forcefully lets him go and holds his face for a brief moment. He then looks up seeing Raggy, ready to fight.

Raggy: Who the fuck are you?

Man: I- I asked you first.

Raggy: No. No, you didn’t.

Man: Oh. Well uh- that’s because I don’t need to know. I already know who you are.

Raggy: I highly doubt that. Now, if you want to bring me in- I’m obliged to let you know that I ain’t going down without a fight.

Man: Heh, you took the words right out of the mouth.

The man brandishes a combat knife from his pocket, which shimmers against the moonlight. Raggy’s eyes widen as he looks down at the knife. The man then dashes ahead and slices at Raggy, who side steps out of the way. The man goes to slash him a couple of times afterwards only for Raggy to continue evading his attacks. On the third attempt, Raggy grabs his arm and pulls him over to the rustic brick wall of a makeshift building. He slams his assailant’s hand against the wall a couple of times until he has to let go of the knife. The man, however, grabs the knife with his other hand and slices Raggy’s arm.

Raggy: Gah!

Raggy backs off, holding his arm and looks ahead at the man brandishing his knife again, now dripping with his blood on it.

Man: Made you bleed.

Raggy: I don’t know if you noticed but I’m still standing.

Man: We’ll see about that.

Raggy then runs ahead, the man stands at the ready with the knife before charging in for an attack as well. Raggy, however, performs a combat roll off to the side, moving out from the man’s way. When he gets back onto his feet, he sweeps the ground, kicking sand into the man’s direction. The man turns back, sand flying into his face.

Man: Gah!

The man wipes the sand from his face but after he does so, Raggy dashes ahead and kicks the knife out of the man’s hand. He then engages in hand-to-hand combat with the man, each of them engaging blows. The man then kicks Raggy in the knee, causing him to drop down to the ground on his other knee. Raggy looks up only for the man to kick sand in his face as well.

Raggy: Grgh!

The man strikes Raggy in the head but Raggy flips up, kicking the man back. He then uses this time to wipe the sand from his face and turn back to see the man kick off from the wall and strike him back in the chest. Raggy stumbles back but manages to regain his balance. The two then charge head to head against each other, successfully knocking each other down to the ground. The two of them groan under their breaths as he lay their on the ground.

Man: You know- (cough) this isn’t going to work out for you.

Raggy: I could say the same- (coughs twice) about you.

Man: And why’s that?

Raggy: ‘Cause I’ve got something you don’t.

Man: Oh really? Well, I guess we’ll just see about that then.

The man then rolls to his side suddenly and back onto his feet. He then draws Raggy’s gun on Raggy, himself, just as he is halfway up from the ground.

Man: That’s it. Raise those hands nice and slowly.

Raggy: Alright, alright. Just don’t-

Man: Wait. What’s that in your hand? Open your hand!

Raggy looks up at his closed hand raised in the air above him.

Raggy: Oh that? That’s just the ammunition for the gun you took from me.

The man pulls on the trigger but a click is only heard. He then looks down the barrel of the gun, dumbfounded.

Man: Wait wha-

Before he can even finish, Raggy kicks him down, back to the ground and presses his boot against his throat. He then draws the bloody, sand-covered combat knife over the man’s face.

Raggy: So, you were saying?

Man: Alright, alright. You got me. But you might as well kill me now because I refuse to go back to working with you people.

Raggy: What the hell are you even talking about, man?

Man: You and the Raiders are working together. I know they hired you to find me.

Raggy: Find you? I don’t even know who you are.

Man: So… So you’re not with the Raiders?

Raggy: No! I’m here with a friend… well, someone that used to be my friend. He’s my client, I’m an information seeker.

Man: If you’re not a Raider then the only thing you’re seeking here is a death wish.

Raggy: Unfortunately, my associate found that before I did. He was captured and is going to be executed in the late morning.

Man: You weren’t kidding about seeking information then. You picked that up very fast.

Raggy: I asked around. So I guess you’re not a Raider either then.

Man: No but I used to be.

Raggy: You’re a deserter.

Deserter: Something like that.

Raggy: Why even work for them? What can you possibly gain from that?

Deserter: At the time, I thought I could get anything I want. I was reckless, ignorant, even stupid. I let my greed and ambition take over until things got out of hand… when everything fell apart because I had lost control. I’ve stolen, I’ve killed people, hell I even destroyed lives, sure- but the one thing that I regret the most, the one thing that made me want to burn this whole entire fucking city to the ground is when when we raid people’s lives.

Raggy: I don’t- I don’t think I understand.

Deserter: No, I didn’t think you would. It was a night like this, I guess, only a couple of us went out on a late night raiding party. It was the usual drill, locate anyone with supplies or what not, ambush them and take what we want. We only killed when they became hostile, when we saw them as a threat. I thought we had a sense of rules… at least a shred of decency and humanity. But then we came across a small family. We pulled them over and looted them. They begged us to stop because they hardly make ends meet in the city district they came from and hoped to start over in a smaller town.

Raggy: So then what happened? I don’t think a simple mugging is going to make you consider turning your life around.

Deserter: Heh- no, I guess not. No… you see it wasn’t just a simple mugging and it wasn’t just a simple family. They had a kid with them. And I don’t mean a toddler or an infant. I mean…

He stops for a bit, as if he’s having trouble breathing or something. He then places his hand across his mouth and nose as his eyes start to swell up and water. He takes a breath and looks away from Raggy.

Raggy: Hey, hey- you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. I’m not going to force the past out of you. As long as you’re not trying to kill me, that makes you as good as an ally as I can get.

Deserter: Uh- t-thanks, man. I appreciate that. (sniffs) I just uh-

He wipes his face with his sleeve.

Deserter: It was pretty brutal for me. Come on, let’s not stand around out here. I’m sure the commotion might have drawn in some of the guards.

Raggy: You know a place where we can hide out?

Deserter: Yeah, I’ve been settling in one of the abandoned security towers. Come on.

The two of them then rush off as moving lights approach from the distance. The scene then cuts over to the abandoned security tower with the bird’s eye view of Raider City.

Abandoned Security Tower
December 22, 5:04 EDT

Inside the tower, the Deserter is seen pouring a rusted jar of water into a dirty glass. Across the room, Raggy looks out from the tower at the city below.

Raggy: How’d you manage to get a view like this?

Deserter: Like I said, it was abandoned. Wasn’t too hard to claim afterwards… (drinks from the glass) Rumors of a ghost started passing around this place, some people got spooked, some people didn’t. Then the bodies started dropping and going missing so they finally decided to close this place down. Heh… all because of a ghost story.

Raggy: So you believe this ghost story?

Deserter: Not really but then again I’m no story writer.

Raggy: Heh, you son of a bitch.

They share a short laugh.

Raggy: So… what do I call you?

Deserter: I dunno- I don’t deserve my old name after what I’ve done. I’ve just been going by the name they’ve been giving me, Specter.

Raggy: People call me Raggy.

Specter: Heh, two guys with strange names in a tower searching for revenge. Sounds like one of those old movies you might find. Speaking of which, this friend of yours even worth it? Sounds like you two aren’t exactly close anymore.

Raggy: It wasn’t always like this. We came here on a mission to rescue someone he knew but he must have manipulated him causing him to turn against me. I just know that has to be it! I mean, we weren’t super close but I think we both thought of each other as friends in one way or another. I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m not letting this guy get himself killed no matter what shit he says to me. I have to look out for him, I owe him that much…

Raggy turns his head away and leans against a wooden panel, watching the city below. The city soon transitions into a flashback scene of a much darker and gritty skyline of a more populous and industrious city.

New York City
5 Years Ago

The scene then cuts to Raggy running away from an army of gunman. He jumps over the gates and ducks down next to a garbage dump. He looks over seeing that the gunmen are close by. Discreetly looking at his phone, he finds evidence of the secret room.

Raggy: What the fuck did I get myself into?

Raggy peers out from behind the dumpster only to duck his head back down when bullets continue being fired at him, ricocheting off of the dumpster itself. The gunmen approach closer to Raggy’s position. He then takes a breath and darts from behind the dumpster, nearly tripping over a trash bag as he puts the phone back into his pocket. Elsewhere, a door is seen being flung open with Ryder dashing out. He stops and turns to the view, showing off a more youthful appearance. He looks like contemplating something quickly but his thoughts are interrupted when the sound of abrupt shouting is heard from the direction he came from. He then looks back, surprised, and turns back to the view, running towards that direction in a hurry. Ryder continues running down the alleyway, jumping over some knocked over garbage and maneuvering behind an abandoned and broken down vehicle. He finally makes it to some kind of intersection of alleyways and stops behind the wall, taking a breath. He reaches into his leather jacket and pulls out some documents with the R-Corp logo at the top of each of them. They’re a little crumpled but the quality of the paper makes it seem important. He holds them firm in his hand as he watches the words sternly.

Ryder: What the fuck did I get myself into?

He leans a bit off from the wall and bullets start firing at the edge, causing him to reel away from them. The bullets chip away at the brick wall. He then shoves the papers quickly back into his jacket and takes off into the alleyway. Raggy is then seen rushing forward, looking behind him. He then turns back and runs into Ryder. The two of them drop to the ground and hold their heads afterwards. Raggy looks ahead and sees Ryder, looking down. He then looks up at Raggy with sharp eyes. Raggy is a little caught off guard but, almost as a delayed reaction, Ryder also appears slightly surprised.

Ryder: Who are you?

Raggy: I- I’ve gotta go!

Raggy gets up steadily and starts to run off.

Ryder: You might not want to go that way. I’m also in a heap of trouble. Lots of running, bullets, swearing. You know… the usual.

Raggy stops in his place and turns back to Ryder with a surprised yet confused look.

Ryder: Let me guess- you’ve been shot at too. You’re obviously running from someone- no, scratch that, multiple someones. And you’re a big-ish dude, got some muscle, so unless you’re a pacifist, you’re not gonna run away from a group of guys unless they’ve got an army or guns. And judging by that scar, I doubt you haven’t gotten into a fight before.

Raggy: Who the hell are you?

Ryder: (sigh) Probably your best chance at staying alive… but first, I need a reassurance. I need the intell you stole.

Raggy lets out a noticeable gasp and takes a step back.

Raggy: How did you even-?

Ryder: Come on already, it’s the middle of night, we’re both getting shot at. You think this is just an alleyway for gunmen conventions? We’re both after the same thing and whatever you have, I need it. Now I’d rather not steal it from you or take it from your corpse, you seem like a nice guy.

Raggy: Ar-Are you threatening me? Look, I’m already in some deep shit, man. So whatever you’re going to do isn’t even a fraction of what they’re going to do to me.

Ryder: I’m not threatening you. I just- Gah! You’re making this difficult and we don’t have much time until those goons show up. Look just show me what intel you’ve got after we survive this.

Soon the gunmen surround Ryder and Raggy from both sides of the alleyway.

Raggy: If we survive this… Maybe it’s time, (sigh) Maybe it’s time to finally face what I’ve done.

Ryder: You have nothing to face so shut up already. You’re a good man, I can feel it. At least, you better be, otherwise this conversation might end up pretty awkward later on.

Raggy: What are you even talking about, man?

Ryder: You’ll see. Just do me a favor and close your eyes, alright?

Raggy: You’re fucking nuts, man!

Ryder: Stating the obvious isn’t going to save your life, man. Just close your fucking eyes already. Geez!

Raggy closes his eyes hard and bears his teeth. Thunder is then heard as a flash of lightning lights up the alleyway. Soon, a dark figure start to grow behind Raggy as a low growling noise is then heard. The exclaims and shouts of the gunmen can be heard followed by gun fire. Raggy steps to the side slightly in surprise until he is suddenly shoved by the now big, dark figure behind him. The view follows him as he drops to the ground, eyes still shut. His eyes shutter slightly as they start to open. From his perspective, a blurred, dark, wolf-like creature leaps back and forth in the alleyway, slashing at the gunmen who fire at it. One of the gunmen falls back, still firing his machine gun into the air after he is gutted by the shadowy figure. Another one gets his arm slashed then gets his other arm torn from his torso after the creature bites into it and jerks its head back. The creature continues on its rampage, tearing down gunman after gunman. The view then shows Raggy’s face as he lays on the alleyway floor, unable to blink now. With the distorted shouts and screams of the creature’s victims echoing through his ears until… they suddenly stop. Rain then starts to pour down as another strike of thunder rings out above. Some of the drops gets into Raggy’s eyes, forcing him to close them shut. He puts his arm over his face to wipe the rain away and uses his other arm to push himself up from the ground. He then lowers his arm and looks ahead, clearly shocked. Before him, there are several bodies- the amount is possibly close to the thirties. Blood flows from each of the bodies uneasily across the alleyway floor with the rain helping to spread it along. In the center of all that devastation lies one humanoid figure down on his knees. Raggy squints his eyes at the figure and takes a step forwards. He then makes his way over to it at a walking pace. He then stops a few feet before it, with a look of realization. The figure before him- is Ryder.

Raggy: You… You did- You did all of that? You- You killed them all?

Ryder: ...I thought I said to close your eyes.

Raggy: I- I tried. But seeing something like that- that kind of massacre… I just- couldn’t… Who?

Ryder: Hm?

Raggy, struggling to get his words out: ...Who are you?! What are you?

Ryder: I don’t think you deserve an explanation. All I want is the intel.

Raggy: ...Why?

Ryder: Boy, you sure do love asking questions.

Raggy: Look, this- this isn’t normal, okay? I came to this city to do something normal… at least more normal than what I had to face, alright?! And now here you go, popping out of fucking nowhere and demand me to turn over the info that I fought hard for? I don’t care if you saved me from gunmen. I’m not working with you until I know just who the hell you even are!

Raggy takes a breath after his rant while Ryder stands before him, silent. He then lets out a small sigh then looks up at Raggy.

Ryder: My name is Ryder. I’m- not exactly sure what I am or how it happened but, from what I can gather, it all started during the Incident.

Raggy: So you’re a Mutant.

Ryder: I think I’m more than just a Mutant. But anyway, that’s not the important thing. The important thing is… my mission. I lost everything because of a group of individuals known as the Cabal. I stopped them… but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any more mercenaries like them out there to come and stop me. So I came here to investigate. To find out who’s responsible for the death of my parents. I get it if you think I’m a freak… I know what this must look like to someone like you but- this is necessary. And I’ll keep doing what I do until I find the person responsible and end them myself.

Raggy: So that’s why you kill…

Ryder: I don’t… I don’t chose to kill. It happens and I allow it to happen. No, the death isn’t what makes me who I am. I look for the truth and I’m here to set things right. If that’s the cost then so be it. But this mission can’t end… not until- not until I end them first.

Raggy looks down for a moment then reaches into his pocket. He then retrieves the cell phone and looks at it.

Raggy: Here.

Raggy tosses the phone over and Ryder catches it in one hand. He then examines it and opens the phone.

Ryder: What is this?

Raggy: Information from the encrypted files of R-Corp. They’re dealing in secret projects that are affecting the people of this city. I used to have a mission too but something else ended that for me. I guess- I guess this is my new mission now. Finding the truth, no matter the cost.

Ryder’s eyes soon widen after reading what’s on the phone. He then looks up, with his grip on the phone increasing.

Ryder: I know who it is now…

Raggy: Well, anything to help.

Raggy starts to turn to walk away but Ryder’s voice unexpectedly stops him in his tracks.

Ryder: Would you?

Raggy stops abruptly and turns back to Ryder.

Raggy: What do you mean?

Ryder: Would you… help me?

Raggy: You really need my help? What happened to that “I know everything and can slash up whoever I want” attitude?

Ryder: That was before I realized who I’m dealing with. You’re capable, a fighter, maybe even a computer expert. You deal with information, which is always handy. And most importantly, you want to expose the truth just as much as I do.

Raggy: So you think we can do it? Complete both of our missions together?

Ryder: Yeah. Working together would help us both. Who knows? We might even make a good team while we’re at it.

Raggy: Well, you’re starting to sound like your usual self. Whatever the hell that is. So I guess that means this could work out.

Ryder: Well if we’re going to work together, you can start off by giving me your name. I can’t just call out to you by your description, y’know. You’d probably get shot up like swiss cheese before I even get to the fact that you’re balder than a cantaloupe.

Raggy: Heh… Guess it’s a good thing I know your name already, Ryder. Otherwise, I’d just call you a smug piece of shit asshole trying to be a badass with his wannabe leather jacket.

Ryder: (chuckle) Alright, it’s official. You’ve grown on me, whoever you are.

Raggy: It’s Raggy. People call me Raggy.

Ryder: Pft! Well, I’ve heard stranger names. Welcome to the club, Raggy.

He said that last line with a smirk which soon fades to the look of the present day Raggy, with a soft smirk on his face as he looks out of the window.

Specter: It’ll be morning soon aka the time of your friend’s execution. You’ve got a plan for getting him out of there before they mutilate his body or something?

Raggy’s immersion fades as his soft smirk grows into a more determined glare. He then turns from the window to Specter.

Raggy: Oh I’ve got a plan, alright. We’ll wait ‘till morning- then take them down with the element of surprise. All we have to do is get Ryder free and stay on defense.

Specter: You act like this guy is invincible. We’re gonna need a better gameplay then let him loose and have him take down an army of gunmen.

Raggy: Trust me, Specter, he can. I’ve seen it before. I know he can do it.

The scene then cuts over, back to the city, with its towering buildings. The sun is just barely rising so the sky has an orange-red glare to it as only a small amount of clouds pass on by.

David’s Apartment
December 22, 05:26 EDT

A knocking sound is heard before the view cuts over to a door. After a moment, it soon opens with David behind the door. There’s a toothbrush in his mouth and his shirt is undone. He looks a little unimpressed until he looks at the figure behind the door, to which his expression is actually a little surprised.

David: K-Kelly!

David takes the toothbrush from his mouth and holds it in his hand.

David: Wh- What are you doing here?

Kelly: I came to apologize.

David: No, don’t be silly. I should be the one apologizing to you. I didn’t mean to make you feel bad or even threatened by what I said. I would never want to do that to you.

Kelly: No, I understand. I- I’ve been thinking about it and I think I’ve been a little over reacting back then.

David: Only a little?

Kelly looks up at him and gives a coy smile before delivering a soft jab at his shoulder.

Kelly: Just cause I forgive you doesn’t mean you get to shove it in my face.

David: You’re right, you’re right. That’s all on me. I’m just glad you decided to forgive me. I didn’t get much sleep last night thinking that I ruined your dreams or crushed your beliefs or something like that. Believe me, that’s definitely not the type of person I want to be.

Kelly: Well, good news is you’re not. I actually appreciate that you care about me that much. I think it’s… sweet. (smiles)

David smiles back but then scratches the back of his head.

David: Hey, do you want to come inside? I’d talk to you anywhere and anywhen but I feel like we’d be a lot more comfortable if you’re in a somewhat comfy seat with some coffee in hand and me with closed shirt and pants.

Kelly looks down and notices that David is wearing checkered boxers. Her face begins to turn red.

Kelly: Uh ye- yeah. That’d be great. (nervously chuckles)

She comes inside and David closes the door behind her. A moment later, inside of his apartment, David sets down a cup of coffee with Kelly seated at a table. David is now properly dressed and more groomed.

Kelly: That’s totally a better look on you.

David: Really? I was thinking of going with shagged bed-head today. I hear that’s really popular these days.

Kelly: Maybe for me. I’ve been sleeping around for a while now. I mean- like actual sleeping! Not like sleeping with other guys! Not like I’m thinking about sleeping with you or something. I wouldn’t even… go there. But it’s not because of you or anything, it’s just- well, uh-

David: I get what you mean. You don’t have to explain. Unless you want to, it actually sounds pretty interesting.

Kelly: Well, someone seems very open today.

David: Sorry, I get a little sassy in the mornings. You should see me at nights.

Kelly: And what’s that like? (sips coffee)

David: Tired, mostly.

Kelly lets out a laugh to which David joins in soon afterwards. After a moment, the two start to settle down and look at each other.

David: So, aside from an apology and an excuse to have some of my legendary coffee, what brings you here?

Kelly’s smile becomes more of a neutral expression with her mouth, while eyes look downwards slightly. It takes her a brief few seconds to answer.

Kelly: I want to continue the investigation we were doing.

David doesn’t respond but he starts to look at Kelly more seriously. He then takes a drink from her own cup of coffee. Once he’s done, he holds the cup in his hands and looks off to the side, with a pondering look.

David: (sigh) Are you sure that’s something you want to do?

Kelly: O-of course it is. I’m the one who suggested it.

David: I know, Kelly, but- sometimes we want things that in reality we don’t really want. We just think we do because we think it would probably be better for us. I had to make a decision like that.

Kelly: How did that work out for you?

David looks back at her and gives her a soft smile.

David: Well, I ended up meeting you and Chloe so that’s a plus, I suppose.

Kelly is a little taken aback by his statement but soon finds herself smiling.

David: Look, I guess what I’m really trying to say here is, do what you believe you should do, deep in your heart. That’s the part of you that really shines, Kelly. That hope and optimistic attitude for what you believe in.

Kelly thinks about it for a moment before turning back to David. She gives him a short nod.

Kelly: This is something I want to do, David. Something I need to do. Not just for my sake but… maybe for everyone else too. If I can’t fully be a police officer than at least our investigation can still turn up clues that might be useful to someone.

David: But what about my erm… theory?

Kelly: (sigh) I don’t want to believe it but… it is a possibility. I should be thanking you for opening my eyes to such a possibility but- I guess it’s still a little far fetched for me. Even if you are correct, and the police are somehow behind this, I can’t imagine that the whole entirety of the station is compromised. We can still give this evidence to someone- someone trustworthy. And they can continue with the proper protocol from there.

David: Okay, I still have my concerns but I trust you, Kelly. And if this is something that you want to do then I want to be there to support you.

Kelly: Not that I don’t appreciate it but- why are you so supportive of me? We hardly know each other.

David: What’s there not to know? Your name is Jessica Kelly, although for some reason you go by Kelly. You like coffee, you’re a police officer currently on sick leave but your passion for law is what’s driving you into doing this investigation in the first place. You’re friendly, sweet, beautiful and- well, very support worthy. Heh. I can’t think of a reason why not to support you especially since we’re friends. At least, I hope we are.

Kelly: Y-Yes! Of course, we can be friends!

David: Heh, great. Well, we should probably get this investigation going. Otherwise, we’ll be sitting here drinking coffee all day.

Kelly: Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing.

David: Well, unless you want high blood pressure.

Kelly: Heh, yeah, I guess so.

The scene then cuts over to an old-looking apartment with boarded up windows.

Unknown Apartment
December 22, 06:06 EDT

Close to one of the entrances, Kelly and David are seen approaching the building from the side.

David: So, how’d you even find this place? I didn’t think it would be somewhere that creature visited.

Kelly: I didn’t exactly find it. There are an incident reported since a long while ago. I asked a colleague back at work to look into it for me.

David: So you called someone from work.

Kelly: I took into consideration your erm… theory. I trust her… deeply. And I was very subtle with my wording. Plus I also said it would help an investigation.

David: I understand if you had to lie to your friend.

Kelly: Well, I wasn’t technically lying. By finding out more about this creature, I can submit that information to the police and they can use it to wrap up several cold cases and even some open ones.

David: R-Right. Of course.

Kelly: Hm? You seem like you wanted to talk about something for a second there.

David: It’s nothing. So, this is it, huh?

Kelly looks from David over at the abandoned-looking apartment building.

Kelly: Yep. I heard they’re planning on tearing this place down and building something else. Probably another Murphy Industries building or something.

Kelly reaches for the boards and attempts to yank some off.

David: Should we be doing this? Breaking into an apartment building?

Kelly: The building is being decommissioned. It’s technically not trespassing as the property does not belong to anyone. Besides, I was planning on putting them back. (struggling) If I can only just-

Kelly continues trying to yank the boards loose but they don’t budge. David then places his hand on her shoulder, causing her to stop and look at him.

David: Allow me.

Kelly lets go of the boards and brushes her hands on her jeans as David steps ahead of her. He examines the boards for a brief few seconds then places his hands on them a certain way. He then pulls down hard, yanking one of the boards off. He then slams his elbow into the second one, forcing it into the building. There is now an opening before them. David fixes his outfit to look more presentable and displays the opening to Kelly.

Kelly: T-Thanks. I never knew you were that strong.

David: It’s not exactly a requirement but it helps when it comes to my job.

David helps Kelly inside and follows in after her. She looks around, inside the dusty and dark apartment building. The place looks to have been cleared out with only a few pieces of furniture still remaining. Most of them are covered with a plastic. Kelly pulls out a flashlight from her hand bag and activates it, looking around the room with the light. David looks around as well.

David: Seems… empty.

Kelly: The investigation was over pretty quickly from what I heard. Heck, I’d be surprised if anyone still thought anything would be helpful here.

David: So why are we here? There are more recent places that the wolf creature attacked. What about that steel mill?

Kelly: No, if you’re right then someone could have cleaned up the crime scenes before we get there. Or worse, be there waiting for us. I figured we might be able to find something here… anything really that might lead us to the creature.

David: I’m sure we will and if we don’t then we can always look somewhere else.

Kelly: Yeah, I guess you’re right. Hey, David. I’ve been meaning to ask. I know it was just an idea but why exactly would someone want to clean up a crime scene where a mutant wolf murdered a few people? It’s almost like they’re covering for him.

David: I guess that’s what we’re also trying to find out. But we don’t even know who those people are and my theory is just a theory after all.

Kelly: Yeah… I just-

Kelly closes her eyes and holds her head. David turns to her and rushes over, grabbing her shoulders.

David: Hey, are you alright?

Kelly: Yeah, sorry- just got a little headache for a minute there.

Kelly opens her eyes. Her gaze seems fixated on something.

Kelly: Wha-

She gets down on the ground and looks at a dresser close to a wall. She puts her hand on the wall and feels it; her hand moving down until it opens across some faint scratch marks. David goes down to her level and notices the scratches, himself.

David: Whoa, nice find.

Kelly: Yeah, must have just been a coincidence that I was looking this way.

Kelly then looks down further and notices a red stain on the floor between the dresser and wall. She then grabs onto the edge of the dresser and tries to move it. She soon turns to David.

Kelly: Help me move this.

David: Uh- yeah, okay.

He grabs the edge of the dresser with her and moves it over to the left. Kelly then looks in the space and sees some more scratch marks on the floorboard, however these are much smaller, natural and there are traces of blood dried up within them.

Kelly: These don’t look like the same markings.

David: That’s because they’re not… they’re Human. My guess is that the creature dragged whoever this person was away. Question is, why were they all the way over here. There was nowhere to run to and no place to hide for him.

Kelly: For him...

David: You think there’s something here.

Kelly: Yes but not in the way you think.

David: Oh? What do you mean by that?

Kelly looks around the corner of the space thoroughly until she finds a small hole in the wall. There are some small, slash marks around the edge of the hole.

Kelly: I knew it.

David: What’d you find?

Kelly: If the victim wanted to hide himself, he would have gone into the closet. I’m guessing it was too late for him to do so or he already knew that he was going to reach his fate. So he hid something on him. Something he wouldn’t want to be discovered.

Kelly shines her light on the small hole on the wall.

David: That hole? This apartment has a whole bunch of holes.

Kelly: Look at the edges. Small, slash marks. I’m guessing this was done with the victim’s knife. The fact that they had a knife tells you that they were probably not friendly.

David: But even so, look at the size of that hole. What could he possibly hide in there?

Kelly: Could be a great number of things. A flashdrive, a folded note, a recorder disguised as a pen.

David: Okay, good point. Although, I can’t say that last one is believable.

Kelly: I… saw it in a movie. Point is, the victim could have hid something here. Now, hopefully, it’s still there.

Kelly tries to fit her hand inside but only manages to fit in three fingers. Her face contorts as if she’s trying to reach for something until she stops, slightly surprised. David reads her expression and looks at her with anticipation. She then reels out her hand and opens her grasp. She shines the light on her hand and, in her palm, is a small capsule with a green-red substance inside.

David: What... is that?

Kelly: I have no idea. But this must have been what the victim was trying to hide.

David: We should get this analyzed somewhere.

Kelly: Alright, but first, let us make our own note on this for our investigation. Remember, this isn’t official. This is just my own personal investigation.

Kelly looks back at the capsule, her eyes fix on one thing.

Kelly: You see that?

David: See what?

Kelly: There’s something imprinted on the capsule.

David: Let me see.

Kelly hands the capsule over to David. He looks at it thoroughly.

David: Yeah, I see it. Some kind of marking. There are bottles like these at the hospital I work at but they’re a lot bigger than this.

Kelly: Hang on, I’ve got an idea.

Kelly looks into her hand bag and retrieves a pocket mirror.

David: A pocket mirror?

Kelly: It also has a magnifying glass feature. You know, so I can look my best. If I just use that on the capsule…

Kelly does as she says and uses her pocket mirror, after opening it, to view the capsule on a larger scale. She then notices that the imprint marking is actually a label built into the capsule, itself. It reads, “.cnI gnirutcafunaM naivoJ”. There’s more markings underneath it but they’re covered up by David’s thumb.

Kelly: Looks like a label.

David takes a look at the mirror.

David, reading: Jovian Manufacturing Inc, huh? Never heard of it.

David moves his thumb by fixing the placement of his hand on the capsule, revealing more of the labels.

David: Looks like there’s an address on it. Probably in case, you need a replacement of whatever this substance is.

Kelly: Right, we should head over there.

David: What, without any backup?

Kelly: I’m an officer of the law, I can handle it. By investigating ourselves, we can personally have access to the information for our investigation and I’ll be able to hand the same info the commissioner, himself.

David: I guess that makes sense. I wouldn’t really know, I suppose. But I trust your enthusiasm.

David takes Kelly’s hand into his for a moment while they look into each other’s eyes. Kelly starts to lean in when David turns to leave. Kelly’s hand linger where it was for a few seconds. It’s curled up into a fist after David presses his hand against hers. However, Kelly’s gaze moves from David to her hand after she lowers it. She then opens her palm and sees the capsule on it. Kelly’s look of slight surprise is replaced with a slight smile. She then looks ahead of herself and starts to move ahead. The scene cuts over to a warehouse in a darker part of the city. The area around seems slower and more empty, with plenty of closed up stores and buildings.

Jovian Manufacturing Inc.
December 22, 06:37 EDT

Outside of the building, a low, red sports car with a black roof pulls up alongside the curb. Its headlines cut off as the sound of the doors can be heard opening and soon closing. Kelly, pulls on her jacket as she walks onto the sidewalk, watching the building they parked before. David comes around the front of the car, following her gaze. They then start to walk towards the building at a reasonable pace.

Kelly: So this is it, huh?

David: Yeah… at least, that’s what the address says. Well, the address didn’t really say it but it did take us here. I mean I took us here but- erm- you know- what I um… you get the picture.

He scratches the back of his head nervously. Kelly gives him a look and smiles. She then looks back, seeing the car they just exited.

Kelly: Nice car, by the way. Can’t believe I didn’t notice how luxurious it is until now.

David: Really? Uh- thanks. No, I just- it’s not that great.

Kelly: You’re kidding, right? This thing could probably outrun a police cruiser. Must’ve been expensive.

David: I try not to think about it… Come on, the building is just up ahead.

David walks ahead, leaving Kelly behind. She, of course, catches up with a slight jog. The two of them walk alongside each other as they continue to approach the building before them. Inside the building, Kelly and David can be seen walking down a flight of stairs. The stairwell is lit dimly, with one of the lights flickering. The stairwell, itself, is also not kept is a presentable condition. Once they reach the bottom of the stairwell, there’s a doorway leading into a short, beige corridor. The light from the room at the end of the corridor as well within the stairway is where most of the light is coming from. Kelly and David look down the corridor than back at each other before looking back at the end of the corridor. They then start to walk down the end of it, carefully. At the end of the corridor, Kelly and David looks out from the doorway and see a rusty, metallic railing alongside a walkway. There’s a lower part of the room just behind the railing; there seems to be some activity coming from that part of the room. The two of them then look down, a little taken aback by what they see.

Kelly: No way…

David: Well, looks like you found a lead, alright.

Before them, in the lower part of the room, is a set-up of some kind, with several types of processing equipment, cargo crates- some open, showing packaging and syringes- and barrels labeled with toxic warnings. There are also some thug-ish people carrying weapons walking around- either patrolling or helping lift some boxes around- as well as some people in black and red hazmat suits handling the materials and packaging them.

Kelly: I thought this investigation was going to lead us to the wolf creature… but I never would have expected it’d go this far.

David: It looks like they’re processing drugs or something like that.

Kelly: But why would they be storing drugs here?

David: I don’t know… but I should probably get a sample before they realize we’re here.

Kelly: W-What? You want to get a sample?

David: Think about it, Kelly. With a sample, we should be able to analyze it and find out what it is. Show it to the right people and get some heads turning. Whatever we just came across could be shut down and you knows- maybe this substance could actually be used to help people instead of harm them. (pointing at a set of guns lying around) Because I’m pretty sure there are more capable hands than these guys.

Kelly: (sighs) Okay, I guess- you’re right. I’ll cover you, just be careful.

David: Cover me? You- You brought a gun?

Kelly: No! Why do you think I said be careful? I’m worried for your safety. We’re in a room filled with bad guys, I should be calling this in. But I trust you and hope that we don’t run into any more trouble than we already have.

David: I- erm- appreciate it.

He gives her a quick smile and turns to the barrels below him.

David: I should be quick.

Kelly looks over the railing at some of the gunmen and hazmat people. Some of them move over to the other side of the room to help with a shipment. Kelly backs away from the railing and pats David on the arm several times.

Kelly: Okay, go now. (in a hushed manner) Go now, go now!

David: Okay, okay. I’m going.

David sneakily gets down the slope, staying close to the railing as he progresses down into the lower part of the room. He sneaks over towards the barrels and reaches into his light yellow jacket to remove a small dropper. He places his arm into an open barrel and uses the dropper to soak up a small sample of the substance. He then removes his arm from the barrel and examines the dropper, but mostly the substance inside.

David, examining the dropper: Interesting…

Kelly, to herself: Come on, come on.

Kelly signals over to David, who is too busy checking out the dropper. Soon enough, a large gunmen steps out from behind the corner and turns, seeing David on the floor, examining the dropper.

Kelly, noticing, to herself: Oh crap!

David gets up from the floor, only for his shoulders to line up with the hands of the gunman behind him. David then freezes in place, feeling the hands on his shoulders and slowly looks up. The gunmen then looks down at him and growls. David yelps out uncontrollably and tries to run off but is grabbed from the shoulders and lifted up from the ground.

Gunmen: I’ve got a trespasser here!

David: No, please, you’ve got the wrong guy!

Some more gunmen start to approach them with Kelly still behind the railing, watching carefully.

Kelly: I need to do something. I need to call for back up, right away!

Kelly reaches into her pocket and opens her phone, now noticing that there aren’t any bars.

Kelly: Crap! No reception. I’ve got to leave and make the call…

David yelps out again as the other gunmen start to taunt him with their guns. He genuinely looks scared for life as his legs dangle while he’s still raised up in the air by the large gunman.

Kelly looks over at David with regret on her face as she turns back to the phone.

Kelly: I have to make the call… but David needs me. Protocol says I should call but… (turns back to David, seeing him struggle) I got him into this mess, and I have to handle this.

The scene cuts back to the gunmen who continues taunting David.

Gunman: You’re such a wuss you know that?! So, what are you… a skinny ass cop or something?

David gulps, looking at Kelly in the corner mouthing the words help me to her.

Gunman: Answer me boy!

David: I… I’m sorry sir but- you have the wrong guy.

The gunman starts laughing, he then stops. One of the other gunmen thugs hand the leader a pipe. He slowly walks up to David, and whacks him in the side with it. David yells out in pain and falls to the ground.

Gunman: Don’t make me kill you. Or, if I don’t kill you I’ll just make you suffer.

While this is happening, Kelly sneaks around the scene and picks up a wrench and a baseball bat. She then swings the bat testing it out before she can potentially use it.

All of a sudden, Kelly comes out with her hands up. She carefully walks up to the gunmen and puts her hands up, pretending to surrender. The goons come close to her, with Kelly starting to get worried.

Kelly stands there, as if helpless, as the goon caresses the edge of her face with his fingers. Kelly closes her eyes tighter while the gunman’s twisted smile grows bigger. Just then, Kelly’s foot raises up and slams down on the gunman’s feet. He leans forward, yelling out and Kelly shoves her hand into his face, knocking him down to the ground. The second gunman looks over in surprise but, before he can react, Kelly kicks him in the knee and shoves her elbow in the man’s throat. The gunman reaches for his neck, having trouble breathing, but only manages to fall over as Kelly moves onto the third gunman. This time, she reaches into his bag, throwing up a wrench and grabbing it into her other hand in a swift motion. She uses the wrench and whacks the gunman’s gun to the side so she can backhand the third gunman, slamming the wrench down on his head. The fourth gunman tries to get his weapon ready to fire but it appears jammed. He continues to fiddle around with it and, just as he manages to aim the gun ahead of him, Kelly throws the wrench, striking the gunman on the head. He falls over, firing his gun up into the ceiling as he falls. The large gunman, holding onto David, looks ahead in surprise and awe. David uses the gunman’s distracted gaze as an opportunity to kick him in the crotch and throw his head into the gunman’s face. The gunman, almost as a reflex, tosses David to the ground and holds his head with one hand and his crotch with the other. David scrambles to his feet and hurries over to the side as some hazmat suit people rush onto the scene.

Kelly: I’m a cop, alright! You don’t want to mess with me.

The hazmat people then reveal their batons and stand ready.

Kelly: Okay, you got tricks. So do I, jerkwads!

Kelly reaches into her bag but seems to have difficulty finding what she’s looking for. The two hazmat suited individuals look at each other then turn back to Kelly. One charges first, raising their baton into the air, ready to come down on Kelly. She then looks determined and whips out her taser, activating it after aiming it at the person rushing towards her with the baton. The two probes shoot out and stab through the hazmat suit, itself, electrocuting the person. He drops to the ground, revealing the second hazmat suit person rushing ahead. The person swings the baton and Kelly steps a step back to avoid it. They swing again but Kelly takes another step back. The person then decides to raise the baton above their head and swing downwards but Kelly side steps the person and delivers a jab to their head area. She strikes another time. The person swings the baton back at her, striking her shoulder. She holds it, wincing slightly. The two then rotate around each other, looking each other. The hazmat suit person then charges ahead when they stop and Kelly drops down, tackling the hazmat suit person. She slams them into a crate and lets go as they drop to the floor, groaning. She then whips off their helmet, revealing a lanky man with sheepish, red-brown hair. Kelly then turns to walk off but the man in the hazmat suit tries to get up, holding his back. He rushes over as quick as he can to attack Kelly from behind as she goes through her bag again. As the man yells out, Kelly whips behind her and sprays the man in the face with some mace then whacks him with the can. He falls over, knocked out hard. Kelly looks over and sees David coming over from the side.

Kelly: You alright?

David: Yeah, we’ve just got one big problem left.

Kelly: What’s that?

A heavy huff is then heard, catching their attention. Before them, the large gun man lowers his hand from his face and looks ahead at them in anger. He then roars out in rage. Kelly holds her stand while David stays close to her. Kelly looks above the gunman and notices an array of pipes with some small amounts of steam coming from them.

Kelly: Okay, listen carefully. I need you to distract the gunman while I exploit one of our advantages.

David: Are you sure about that? He seems like a big guy.

Kelly: Don’t worry, David. You trust me, don’t you?

David: Well, yes. That’s mostly why I agreed to come along on this investigation. Although this turned into definitely not that.

Kelly: Just trust me.

David: (sigh) Alright, I’ll start with the distraction. Just try not to let me get turned into a pancake, alright?

Kelly delivers a short nod before the gunman roars out again. He cracks his knuckles and starts to step forwards. Kelly dashes ahead, trying to run around him. The gunman turns and steps towards her.

David, unseen: Hey!

The gunman turns and sees David running towards him with the wrench.

David: I am going to attack to you!

The gunman just grabs him, hoists him into the air and slams him down onto the floor. David lets out a gasp of air and groans.

David: Ugh- I’m gonna feel that in the morning… and in five minutes. (cough)

The gunman then bends down, trying to choke David. David struggles to get free while Kelly climbs up onto the backside of the gunman. Before he can really looks up and reach for her, Kelly, with the baseball bat now in hand, whacks the pipe clear off. It releases a hot amount of steam right into the gunman’s face. He yells out in pain and releases David, who holds his neck and breaths for air. Kelly falls to the ground and holds her hand. She looks up at the gunman who is still standing under the hot steam, just yelling out. David takes a step back and leans against the barrels. The gunman soon rushes out from the steam, grabbing at his head which has received quite a few burns already.

Kelly: David, the barrels!

David realizes that he’s leaning on the barrels and turns to see the large gunman rushing towards his direction. He then pushes the barrels to the side as they roll in the gunman’s way. Unable to see clearly, the gunman trips over the barrels and lands face first into some of the processing machinery, knocking him unconscious. David takes a breath while Kelly rushes over to his side. They both look down at the unconscious large gunman before them.

David: I can’t believe we actually did that. Is this what being an officer always feels like?

Kelly: Fortunately, not really. We have to report this… immediately.

David: Wait!

Kelly: I’ve went against protocol enough already, David.

David: I know. I blame myself for asking you to let me take that sample. If it weren’t for me, we wouldn’t be in this fine mess. Which is why I’m asking you this time to let me call this in.

Kelly: You?

David: Think about it, you call the police and we come across three problems. The police would have access to this scene but you wouldn’t because you’re a sick leave and have a personal attachment to the investigation. Now you won’t have anything for your own investigation.

Kelly: That’s fine. All of this research is for the police so they can help hunt down the people responsible. Which at first was a wolf creature but now… I’m not quite sure anymore.

David: Well there’s the other problem of you being caught up in all this and being held responsible. You were supposed to be on sick leave but now you’re out here investigating on your own accord. They’ll probably suspend you.

Kelly: If-If that’s what it takes. I have to have faith in the system, David.

David: Okay. But what about the third problem.

Kelly: Which is? I assure you I can handle whatever comes my way concerning the police.

David: It’s… erm- about my theory. About there being some corruption within the police department. What if they’re involved in whatever this is? If you alert them to this, they’ll know about your investigation and get rid of any evidence linking this back to them without anyone knowing- just like at the last crime scene.

Kelly: No…

David: Kelly, I know this is hard to hear but please- let me call this one in.

Kelly: No!

Kelly turns away and covers her eyes with her arm, as if to hide her face. David reaches his hand out then looks. He takes it back and looks at her, with an expression that says he feels bad for her or maybe even regret for what he had said.

David: I uh- I understand.

Kelly: I just-

She sounds as if she’s about to cry but her arm sort of muffles the sound, making it hard to tell.

Kelly: I just want to believe in them, David. Can’t I just do that? They’re not bad. They’re good. That’s what I grew up on, that’s why I joined! I became a cop so I can do some good, so I can change this city and make it better for the people living in it. How can I do that if there’s corruption within the department? When there are people who are supposed to be lawful officers trying to let crime like this go on in this city!

David: I’m sorry, Kelly, but- (sigh) it’s not too hard to believe. Underneath every uniform is a person. And sure they learn about the rules and the protocols but they’re still Human beings. We live in a world where just being human is sometimes a misconception. Where there are things and people out there that are beyond humanity, that even surpass it. But still, there’s crime among us. People do what they do because they their own reasons, their own motives. Yours is your passion to save the city. But someone else’s could be about their own gain. And maybe that gain is, well, gained through illegal means- through criminal activity. I’ve seen it before. And I wish I never see it again… but this isn’t the time for wishful thinking or even falling back on what you believe in, Kelly. This is a real life situation and we need to make a choice. You’ve been asking me to trust you and I know I made a mistake that got us into trouble just now… but please, trust me to get us out of this.

Kelly lowers her arm, tears running down her face. She coughs a bit and wipes her face with her jacket sleeve. She takes a breath and turns her head only slightly towards David.

Kelly: Call it in.

David nods and whips out his phone. He climbs up the slope and moves towards the stairs. Kelly turns her head back and lowers it. She sniffles and just remains there, looking down, obviously saddened while David leaves the room. In just a brief moment, Kelly holds her head, as if getting some throbbing pain. Flashes of a dark figure appearing before her. She looks up, as if smacking it away. But, something else clatters against the floor. Kelly turns her head and sees a strange-looking device on the floor now. She bends down and examines it.

Kelly: Wha-?

She takes it into her hands and immediately lets go after a faint vibrating sensation even shakes the view. She takes it into her hands again and turns it over, revealing a Xyrion-like design.

Kelly: I’ve seen this before… this is technology from- the invasion…

Kelly continues looking at it until footsteps are heard. She drops the piece and turns back, seeing David stepping back into the room.

David: I called. They should be here soon.

Kelly: The police?

David: No. The MCA.

Kelly: The- The MCA?

David: Look, there’s something strange going on here. They’re packaging this substance and then there’s that.

He points to the alien technology behind Kelly, who looks over at it briefly before looking back at David.

David: The police shouldn’t have their hands on something like this. No, this needs to go to someone who has experience with this sort of thing. The MCA covered most of the clean-up and actively fought during the invasion. Whatever is it that’s down here, they’re more equipped for it.

Kelly: But now we won’t have anything to go off of. And besides, the commissioner isn’t exactly a fan of the MCA, especially in the state that they’re in right now.

David: There weren’t a lot of other options, Kelly. Besides, we still have the sample and your notes. We might not have found what you were looking for but something tells me that we stumbled onto something bigger.

Kelly: You mean- that this is connected to the wolf creature murders?

David: If the people behind this were behind the burned bodies at the first scene then that means they were hiding their involvement over there. Which means they were there when the wolf creature appeared and they were probably doing something involved with these substances.

Kelly: I just have even more questions.

David: Yeah, I think that’s what being an investigator feels like. You said your friend was one, right? Maybe you should stick with him- see if he can help you out with it.

Kelly: I don’t know. I had a pretty good partner with this one.

David chuckles as he leans on the railing. Kelly smiles up at him. The scene then cuts over to Raider City, in the desert. The sun is high up in the sky and the sky, itself, is a bright blue with dark clouds ahead.

Raider City
December 22, 8:39 EDT

A horn is soon heard, echoing across the city. A few seconds later, it is heard again. In the city, itself, Raiders get away from what they were doing and leave their homes to rush over and hurdle towards the center of the city. Some of the Raider Guards escort the prisoners from the village to stand around the center, as if to watch what’s about to unfold. In the center of the city, there is a circular mount raised higher than the ground. There’s a pit dug around the mount. The raiders stand around the pit and cheer in a disturbing manner. On the mount, a door can be seen opening. From the door, a platform rises with a prisoner raising it via a pulley system. The prisoner is whipped by a Raider guard. On the platform lays Ryder, chained to poles with the mechanical collar wrapped tightly around his neck. He squints his eyes as the daylight comes over his face but continues to be raised up and out into the open. Travis and Theo are also on the mount. Theo looks at the masses grimly while Travis smugly smirks at Theo. One of the Raiders, a big guy showing off his chest, walks out, in front of Travis and opens his arms to the masses before him. He has a leather vest on, ragged brown pants, and a series of tattoos on his arms and neck.

Theo, quietly to Travis: What’s this hombre doin’?

Travis: That’s the Raider Captain.

Raider Captain: Hear me, my brothers and sisters! Today marks the day of another one of our lovely executions. See the prisoner!

He directs his arm over to Ryder, who just glares ahead of him. The masses ‘boo’ him.

Raider Captain: Today we kill this man! This man who has invaded our city and opposed our might!

The masses cheer the notion on. Ryder continues glaring ahead. As it turns out, his glare was met with Travis, looking back at him, with a dark smile written on his face. Travis gives out a soft chuckle to himself before turning away from Ryder. Ryder struggles against his chains for a moment before calming down again. On one of the rooftops of a makeshift Raider building, Raggy and Specter lay on their stomachs, watching from the distance. Specter, using some binoculars, examines the execution set-up more thoroughly.

Specter, using the binoculars: Shit.

Raggy: What do you see?

Specter, using the binoculars: Pieces of shit down there. I fucking hate every single one of them. But despite that, their security is pretty tight. Do you even have a plan?

Raggy: Of course I do, we went over this.

Specter: I meant after that.

Raggy: Oh. Well, I’ve got like 12 percent of a plan going on.

Specter: 12 percent? Are you serious?

Raggy: I’m not really the plan guy, man.

Specter: (sigh) Okay, I say we just move in. Take out as many as we can then grab some cover. I’ll distract them while you get your friend out of there and then we head back some cover. After all, he’ll be pretty defenseless once the bullets start flyin’.

Raggy: Don’t worry about him. He’s not as defenseless as you think.

Specter: I dunno about that. He is the one that needs to be rescued. I’ve got a spare gun if he needs a weapon.

Raggy: Nah, man, he’s already got one.

Specter: So what are you going to do?

Raggy: Hm?

Specter: After this. You heading back to the city?

Raggy: Come on, man, we can talk about that after we beat them. The execution is about to-

Specter: And what if we don’t make it? You ever think about that? I didn’t sign up for this mission with the intent on making it out alive. I’ve done things that I regret to this day and this is the only way I know how to make up for those things. So if I go down, don’t bother picking me up. At least, I’ll die knowing I tried doing right by those that I wronged.

Raggy: ...I know how you feel, man. I don’t have the regrets but the pain and the screams still haunt me to this day.

Specter: You mean the incident, don’t you?

Raggy: No. I’m talking about something a whole lot worse. (breaths out and looks down) I don’t know. I don’t know if I’m heading back to the city or not. I probably should but maybe I should do something else.

Specter: Right… Well, if I do make it out alive, I think I’ll stay here in the city, live out my life, y’know?

Raggy: Really?

Specter: Hell no. I hate this place. But the prisoners, they deserve better. Hopefully, I can help them out- find them someplace far from this hell hole.

Raggy: Well, let’s make sure you make it out alive then.

Specter: Heh, guess so.

Specter raises up his binoculars again and looks through them.

Specter: Looks like the execution is about to begin. You ready?

Raggy: Hell no. But we’ve already came this far, so screw it.

Specter: Alright, let’s get crazy.

The two of them crawl back. Back on the mount, the masses of Raiders continue cheering, more loudly in fact.

Raider Captain: Burn him, yeah? Burn him! (laughs)

The Raiders start to chant the words, “Burn, Burn, Burn!” over and over again. Theo starts to gain a wide smirk on his face until his he bears a tooth-ful grin. A certain flame dashes across his eyes. The Raider Captain turns from the chanting Raiders to both Travis and Theo.

Raider Captain: Our humble guests… please… (fails to contain his laughter) burn the prisoner.

Theo: You don’t have to ask me twice, jefe.

Theo steps forwards and extends his arms out, flames igniting from the palms of his hands. The masses continue cheering, more eager and uncontrollable. Theo smiles even widen and chuckles under breath. He then turns his head over to Travis.

Theo: Now THIS is power! (laughs)

Ryder watches from his chains as his eyes shift from Theo and Travis to the chains around him. He struggles for a moment but then stops. He then looks up and sees everyone looking right at him. Theo, Travis, the Raider Captain, all of the Raiders and the Raider prisoners just watching him on the mount in chains. Theo takes a step closer to Ryder and preps a fireball in his hand. He holds it close to Ryder.

Theo: Oh, I’m going to really- I mean really enjoy burning you to a crisp, el cachorro.

Theo presses the flame close to Ryder’s face. Specter is then seen holding a detonator. He looks to Raggy who nods. Specter then looks back at the execution and presses down the detonator. The mount, itself, then shakes suddenly- causing Theo is get knocked to the floor. He looks up and slams his fiery fist against the floor in anger.

Theo: What the fuck was that?!

Travis: I- I don’t know!

All around them, explosions erupt- knocking down several riggety buildings. Raider Guards are then caught off guard by the explosions. Some of the prisoners then start to fight back, taking on the guards. The alarmed chatter soon evolves into a clash of yells and shouts as the prisoners press on with their revolution against the Raiders in the masses. Some of the Raider Guards even remove their outfits, revealing themselves to have been prisoners in disguise. Prisoners and captives run by, with small knifes and guns in their hands. Raggy and Specter use the chaos to their advantage and rush through.

Raggy:Damn man, how many explosions did you even have?!

Specter: Just a few.

Raggy: Then why the hell didn’t you use it earlier?!

Specter: There wasn’t a good time. Besides, I needed the second person to help set them u-

Before he can end his sentence, Specter is sucker-punched by one of the Raiders.

Raider: Time to die, bro!

Raggy: Oh you’ve just made the wrong mistake, man.

Specter, getting up and holding his nose: Wait, wait, wait. Donny, is that you?

Raider: Oh shit, it’s you. The traitor.

Specter: Wow, you won’t even call me by my name anymore? I see your punch has gotten weaker.

Raider: I should kill you where you stand.

Specter: Now you see, I would love to honor that with a nice traitor vs loyalist fight to the death but you sucker-punched me, man.

Specter quickly whips out his gun and shoots the Raider square in the forehead.

Specter: Nobody sucker-punches me. (turning to Raggy) Come on, the mount’s just up ahead.

The two of them rush past the captives, prisoners and Raiders. Raggy fires his guns at some of the Raiders on the way, as does Specter. Back on the mount, Ryder can be seen on the ground as the poles he were chained to have fallen over. Theo can be seen getting up. He groans and turns his head to see Travis running off.

Theo: Travis! TRAVIS!

Travis stops and hesitates. He looks down as if sighing to himself then turns back to Theo.

Travis: Sorry, man, but this- heh- this was not what we agreed upon.

Theo: You run away from me and there is no place where the Cabal won’t find you. Hell, I’ll even come for you myself and burn a little cigarette hole in your skull with just my thumb!

Travis: Heh, good luck surviving the Raiders or even the beast. Even if you survive, which I doubt, I know I’ll get away long enough to claim what I needed from the Cabal and split before they even know.

Theo: You underestimate the Cabal and you’ll split alright- in half!

Travis: Good one, I’ll be sure to use that someday. Perhaps when I’m really, really desperate.

Travis looks over at Ryder who just stares at him with the eyes of a killer.

Travis: See, Ryder? Nothing personal. Just business. Anyways, all I know is one of you is going to kill each other and I get to profit off of either one of them.

Another explosion occurs in the background.

Travis: Guess I ought to be taking my leave. Gentlemen…

Travis turns and runs off.


Theo lifts his hand up and sprays a wave of fire from his palms which just narrowly misses Travis. Theo huffs and puffs as he turns his head over to Ryder. Ryder’s glare fixes over at Theo. Theo lets out another chuckle, except this one sounds beaten and rough.

Theo: You know he’s right. One of us is going to kill the other. Except you’re still locked up in chains and all I have to do is get up and walk over there and fry your little brains out.

Ryder: So do it already. Because if you don’t, you won’t even live long enough to regret it.

Theo lets out another chuckle, this time forced. Theo crawls over and starts getting up the floor.

Theo: You have fight in you. I like it. There’s a fire within you and just screams out. You’re keeping that fire well contained. I’m impressed. But that fire is about to die out. Not because there’s no fight in you… but because you can’t even fight yourself.

Theo raises his hands and points them over at Ryder.

Theo: Time to say goodnight, wolf man.

A bullet then hits close to Theo. He turns and instantly lets out of a wave of fire. Specter moves out of the way and takes some cover behind some debris.

Theo: Come on already! I wanna burn something! GRAAAH!

Specter: Well, that seemed to have gotten his attention.

Ryder continues struggling against the chains but then Raggy appears and starts to loosen the chains around Ryder.

Ryder: R-Raggy? What the hell?

Raggy: We can talk about this later. Right now we’ve got a ton of Raiders around the area and a hot headed super powered thug firing at my partner.

Ryder: Partner?

Raggy: Just transform already, dammit!

Ryder: I- I can’t. I have this collar on, it somehow suppresses the Mutant side of me.

Raggy: Alright, give me a minute- maybe two tops.

Raggy retrieves a small computer-like device and connects it to the collar. A sequence of numbers appear on the small screen. He then begins inputting some combinations into the keypad. Theo continues blasting fireballs at Specter who returns fire back at him. Theo then puts his hands together and spreads them out, casting a wave of flames which melt down Specter’s bullets. Theo then takes a breath as if he regain his energy. He glances back at Ryder but then takes a hard look back when he sees Raggy attempting to unlock Ryder’s collar.

Theo: No, no, no, no, no, no, NO!

As he says the final ‘No’, Theo bursts into flames, which knocks Specter back as he came closer to Theo. The ‘No’ also seems to have echoed slightly through the area. He then looks down and sees that both Ryder and Raggy are looking over at him.

Theo: You won’t escape for my flames a second time, Ryder.

Ryder: I don’t plan on running away this time.

Ryder attempts to transform but, as the wolf Mutant within him starts to break out, the transformation reverses- reverting him back to his Human form. Theo tilts his head. Ryder tries transforming again as he lets out a whimpered roar which reverts back to a Human shout. He breaths for some air. Theo chuckles under his breath and approaches the two of them slowly.

Ryder, glancing back at Raggy: Uh Raggy… the collar is still working.

Raggy: Yeah, I know, just- just give me a second here.

Raggy returns to working on the collar. Ryder looks ahead and sees Theo building up a fireball in his grasp.

Ryder: Anything now would be great, thank you.

Raggy: Shut up, I’m still mad at you.

Ryder: Alright, that’s fine, just get the collar loose and you get to be mad at me all you want.

Theo: What’s the matter? Afraid to die?

Ryder: I’d rather die fighting, thank you very much. Raggy!

Raggy: Alright, I think I got it now.

Ryder: Rags!

Theo: Gah!

Theo throws his arm up, preparing to slam down the fireball upon them.

Raggy: Got it!

The collar props off. Ryder then opens his eyes sharply. They appear more like the Mutant wolf than his Human side. His transformation then appears to happen more quickly than usually, as fur grows on his body, his clothing merge together to form a black and white outfit and claws extend his hands which soon become paw-like hands. As Theo reaches down with his flames, his eyes widen and his arm is caught by the mutated wolf creature that was formerly Ryder. The creature then snarls and slams Theo over his shoulder and down into the ground. He then raises his arm up and attempts to slam it down as if to slash him however, Theo erupts in flames- keeping the creature at bay. Theo gets up and flings fireballs at the wolf creature who pounces off of the mount and runs around it to avoid the incoming fireballs. Specter groans as he rolls to his side but a shadow comes over him then a hand extends towards him. He turns his head and reaches for the hand. Raggy then takes his hand and helps him up.

Specter: So, I’m still alive, eh?

Raggy: See? What’d I tell you?

Specter: Well, might as well make the most of it.

He cocks his guns and aims off to the side, shooting down two approaching Raiders. Raggy readies his guns as well and the two drop down from the mount and onto the ground surrounding the pit. Raggy raises his gun, firing two shots in a Raider who drops down dead. He then turns ‘round and shoots down two Raiders coming up on Specter. Specter notices their bodies drop then turns back to Raggy, giving him a nod. The two then advance forth. The wolf creature then runs past, avoiding more fireballs thrown by Theo. Theo then stops throwing fireballs and takes a breath, as if to recall his strength. The wolf creature then leaps up from the ground and onto the side of the mount. It then pounces from there onto a leaned over, fallen building which is now in shambles. As the creature runs across the building, it looks over and sees a water tank on one of the rooftops of a building that is still standing. The creature’s eyes then squint as he runs further ahead. Theo aims at the creature and fires more fireballs from his hands at it.

Theo: I’ll fry you, creature! I’LL FRY YOU! GAH!

The creature narrowly avoids the fireballs but then takes one to the back, nearly falling off of the platform. It clings to the side and flips itself back onto it. The creature then runs down the rest of the platform and onto the rooftop. Theo then growls under his breath and runs down the mount, approaching the direction of the wolf creature. The wolf creature then rushes over to the water tank and slashes the ends, until they break. The water tank then leans forwards and tilts over the edge of the rooftop. Theo then looks up and blasts his fire upwards, in a jet-like fashion.

Theo: Burn, doggie, burn! (laughs)

The flames then reach the rooftop. The wolf creature continues leaning against the back of the water tank, despite how hot it appears to be getting as the flames do surround the front of the water tank. Soon enough, the front ends of the water tank start to cave in as the support melts away. With a final creak, the metal bends and waivers causing the water tank to come loose of its former support bases and fall forwards- off the side of the building. Theo looks up, surprised, and slices through the water tank with a concentrated beam of flames. However, sand starts to spill out from the container. Some of the sand reaches Theo’s arms, slowly extinguishing his flames.

Theo, looking at his flames die out: No… no… my flames… my flaaaa-AAAHHH!

He looks up at the water tank coming down on him with a loud yell. The water tank, split up in half with a lot of sand within it, impacts against the ground with Theo getting consumed within the sand inside. The wolf creature then howls out. The freed captives stop and turn to see the source of the howling. Raggy and Specter also stop and turn, seeing the small, wolf-like figure on the rooftop howling out into the air before lowering its head. The remaining Raiders look away and run away from the fights they were previously engaged in.

Specter: Yeah, that’s about right. (shouting out to them) And never come back!

Raggy laughs.

Raggy: About damb time. Felt like I was out here for a month.

The wolf creature pounces down on some debris and crawls underneath some bent over wreckage. The sounds of its low toned growls fade into the grunts of a man as Ryder climbs out from the other side, now in his Human form again. He looks over at Raggy and Specter and makes his way over to them.

Raggy: You did it. You killed another one of them.

Ryder: Yeah, thanks for the help...

Specter: I know I saw it but still having a little trouble believing it.

Raggy: It’ll pass.

Specter: You say that now but-

Ryder: We’re not exactly done here.

Raggy: Why the hell not? The city has been knocked down a level, the prisoners are freed and the Raiders are either dead or long gone. Plus now we have one less Cabal member to deal with.

Ryder: Not exactly. They hired an asset… Travis.

Raggy: I knew you couldn’t trust that son of a bitch.

Ryder: You can save the I told you so’s for later, Rags. I need to find him.

Specter: Listen, I know this city better than anyone. If he’s trying to escape-

Ryder: No. He’s not going to escape just yet. He said he profits from both of our deaths. If I die, he can claim his reward from the Cabal but if Theo dies… Hmph.

Raggy: He gets something that Theo gains.

Ryder: Exactly. And I’m willing to bet that it’s something I want even more than him.

Specter: And those types of things usually pay a pretty penny.

Ryder: It has to be somewhere where they stayed. Somewhere where Theo would be comfortable putting something- no… hiding something. There was only one person he trusted. In fact, if he wasn’t apart of the Cabal, he’d probably be trying to kill them all just for laughs or some crazy minded bullshit.

Specter: Alright, I might know where he went then.

A moment later, in a tower-like building, Travis can be seen grabbing a metallic briefcase. He opens it and looks inside, seeing canisters of some kind of substance within. With a grin appearing on his face, Travis closes the briefcase and takes it into his hand before heading out of the room. On the outside of the building, Travis can be seen stepping out, lugging the briefcase around. However, three figures appear before him- causing him to stop in place.

Travis: Aw shit...

Before him stands Ryder, Raggy and Specter.

Travis: So you survived. I had a feeling. Why don’t we just all go our own separate ways and forget any of this has ever happened, huh?

Ryder: You betrayed me.

Travis: Yeah, well, you betrayed me first,asshole! You left me to die in that town.

Ryder: I thought you were dead.

Travis: Heh, only on the inside…

Ryder: You think this is a joke?! You were my friend and then you decided to throw me to the Raiders as some kind of sick part of your- I don’t know- way of profiting off of the deaths of others.

Travis: Why make this a big deal? Why not work together? We’re both the same except I’m the one that takes the steps that you never would. You have a literal demon inside you and you only use it on those that wrong you. Why not exploit that? Make some money from helping yourself rather than convincing yourself that you’re actually helping other people by your boring ol’ self.

Ryder: I don’t need to change to kill you.

Travis: (sets down the briefcase) You and I both know that you’re not going to kill me.

Ryder starts to slowly approach Travis. Travis turns his head and lets out a sigh. He then looks back at Ryder.

Travis: Okay… I guess we’re doing this now.

Ryder runs ahead and tackles Travis over. Travis kicks Ryder off of him and charges of him. Ryder kicks both his feet out, knocking Travis in his stomach and into the sand. Travis then looks up, seeing a rock lodged in the ground. He then takes it with one hand and comes around to strike Ryder. Ryder evades and punches Travis across the face. Travis swipes his arm across, slamming the rock against Ryder’s head, causing him to bleed from the temple. He then stands on his legs, shaking slightly. However, despite his dazed and wobbly look, he raises his arms up as if ready to fight again. Travis chuckles and chucks the rock backwards. He then swings his arm forward, ready to hit Ryder but Ryder side steps and grabs Travis, wrapping his arms around his shoulders. Ryder then shakes his head, as if snapping out of his funk. He then strikes Travis over the head a couple of times before Travis elbows him in the face. Ryder then flips him around and slams him into the sand.

Travis: Gah!

Ryder then grabs the same rock Travis had threw down and raises it over his head, readying to strike down. Ryder stops, huffing and puffing. He looks down with fierce eyes and sees a beaten Travis within the grasp of his other hand.

Travis: Heh… Go on then. I’m your only other link to the past. I’m the only one that knows what you really are. So go on then. End me. Heh… You think Raggy is really going to stay by your side after he knows what type of man of you are. And do you really expect sweet ol’ Kelly to work with you when she finds out that you’re not even a man but some kind of wild beast? Face it, Ryder, heh… you need me around just to keep yourself from spiraling into insanity. You’ll see… heh… You’ll… uh- (breaths in) You’ll see. (chuckles)

Ryder hesitates and his grip on the rock loosens to a point where it just slips past his fingers. He then lets go of Travis and steps a step back, looking at his hands. Travis then gets up, holding his side. He chuckles to himself once again.

Travis: What’d I tell you? You’re weak, pathetic. You don’t have what it takes to live out here… or live at all. I am the better you. I am the superior man. I am the-

A gunshot rings out as a part of Travis’ shoulder bursts.

Travis: GAHH!

Raggy steps forward, firing another shot into Travis. His body then falls back, tripping over the briefcase and knocking it open. Ryder stands there, staring out at the body of his fallen and former friend. The body remains there, with blood pooling out into the sand slowly. Raggy, without hesitation or remorse, coldly reloads his pistol and places it back into its holster. He glares at the body for a few seconds more before turning back and walking away. He then stops at the side of Ryder, looking down at the sand. Ryder looks forward at Travis and catches his breath. He turns over to Raggy, not looking him in the eyes.

Ryder: ...Thanks.

Raggy: Yeah, well, someone had to do it and it wasn’t going to be you.

Ryder: ...I know. (sigh)

He rubs his hands over his face.

Ryder: Okay, let’s head back. I need a drink or something.

Raggy: No.

Ryder: W-What?

Raggy: I’m not going back with you. I’ll get to the city when I’m good and ready.

Ryder: Rags. Look, if this was about before, I-

Raggy: Didn’t mean it? No, I know you better than I damn well like to and I know you meant every single word. I don’t demand the world of you so you shouldn’t be able to do the same to me. From here on out, you’re on your own.

Ryder: But we’re a team. We’re partners. (beat) ...We’re friends.

Raggy, turning to look at Ryder: Listen, Ryder. You and I are not friends. In fact, I don’t think we ever really were to begin with.

Raggy turns to look ahead again and then walks away. Ryder turns and sees Raggy walking off. Specter looks at Ryder for a brief moment before slowly turning back and walking alongside Raggy. Ryder then stands there, watching them walk away for a moment. He then sighs and looks down. He turns his head back to Travis’ body, only to find that the body is no longer there. Ryder’s dull eyes widen as he rushes over to where the body used to be. There’s a blood trail but the sand passing through the small breeze seem to be covering up the trail. Ryder slams his fist against the sand and yells out. He then looks down at the briefcase and sees one canister left behind inside. Ryder looks at it then looks out at the open desert plane. The view then transitions to an overhead look at Raider City, as it zooms out.


After the credits, a dimly lit room is seen, with several empty chairs. The leader of the Cabal then walks out of the darkness and walks into the center of the space that the chairs surround. He lowers his head, casting a shadow over his eyes.

Man: I’m disappointed in how the operation went down.

Voice: Was it really that bad?

Man: No. If anything, I should have expected as much. But this is what happens when you want to actually try and trust someone. Someone who promises you something that you so desperately need. It was the perfect trap, to be honest. I thought of it myself.

Voice: So you didn’t get the troublemaker, I get that. Sometimes they get away- start families, live their lives just a little while longer. And then I show up and wrap things up.

Man: That’s exactly why you’re here. While working with Travis wasn’t all too successful in the elimination of Ryder, as it did cost me a member of the Cabal, it wasn’t entirely a wasted opportunity. Now that Travis is currently dead or on the run, there’s a new spot open for an asset to the Cabal. Someone to help us get back on track with our operations. Someone… like you, Mr. Kanos.

A big, strong-built, muscular man in a wide and long trench coat steps out of the darkness and into the light. He loads up his sniper rifle and grins.

Kanos: Happy to be of service.

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Raggy and Specter liberate the prisoners of Raider City
  • Raider City is run down by revolution and ambush
  • Raggy breaks off his allegiance to Ryder and is no longer working with him
  • The Cabal hire another asset, Kanos

Minor Events

  • Travis Grant escaped with his life and two mysterious canisters



  • The Cabal
    • Theo Michaels (Deceased)
  • Travis Grant
  • Raiders
  • Raider Captain (Deceased) (First Appearance)
  • Cabal Thugs (First Appearance)
  • Kanos (First Appearance)


  • When Kelly tells Chloe that she went investigating with David, she claims that they were reenacting a teen girl’s mystery novel. This is an allusion towards Nancy Drew and her mystery stories.
  • Chloe also says “But that’s none of my business” before drinking some tea in a sarcastic response to Kelly’s rebuttal to her sick leave. This is a reference to the Kermit the Frog meme.


  • This is the second part of the first two-parter in Ryder.
  • This episode was somewhat treated like an extended episode- as it did leave off from the last one. Although that is essentially what two-parters are, it could have easily been one larger episode or even a special.
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