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Season 1, Episode 5
Air date 7/6/18
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
Episode Guide
Raiders of the Lost City Part 2

Raiders of the Lost City Part 1 is the fifth episode of the series, Ryder.


The episode starts off at the apartment complex housing Ryder Investigations. The sky is dull but gaining some orange color as the sun is making its way up. The clouds are misty and the streets are clear.

Ryder Investigations
December 21, 9:52 EDT

Ryder can be seen standing next to his desk with his phone still in his hand. He looks out with a look of surprise written on his face but he remains there, standing there, frozen. The phone then drops from his hands after a moment and realization begins to set within his mind.

Ryder: Travis… Shit, Travis!

Ryder paces, tapping the side of his head. He then breaks his pace and heads out the door. On his way down the stairs, he whips out his cell phone and calls up a number.

Raggy, over the phone: Uh yeah?

Ryder: Raggy, it’s me. We need to talk.

Raggy, over the phone: Is it a case? What’s going-

Ryder: It doesn’t matter just get your stuff set up, I’ll be there as quick as I can.

Raggy, over the phone: Okay- sure…

Ryder: Good. I’ll talk to you then.

He hangs up and continues heading down the stairs, sliding the phone into his jacket pocket along the way. He steps out from the front entrance and walks down the sidewalk, as if emerged in his own thoughts. The scene cuts over to a park where kids can be seen playing basketball in one of the old courts. Ryder can then be seen walking past the fence. He turns his head, seeing one kid trip and fall. Another one then rushes over and helps him up. He seems grateful for the help. Ryder continues watching yet still moving forwards, his expression mixed between remorse and contempt. He looks ahead as the view continues to follow him and his passage through the city. He turns his head again, this time to the right, and sees a construction worker working a jackhammer. Another construction worker then comes along, handing him a paper bag and a coffee. He seems pleased with the assist. Ryder looks away again with the same look as before. He looks up, the view now showing a billboard that shows two girls hugging each other and reads, “Don’t be a stranger, call your friends with the upcoming social interaction app” with a speech bubble for both of the girls reading: “Friends ‘till the end!” Ryder looks straight ahead, his face now just reading suppressed anger and disgust. He turns into an alleyway, clear of any people or any distractions. He then stops walking and leans against the brick wall besides him. His head hangs down, lowered, with his hair covering his face. After a moment of silence, the scene cuts over to the warehouse that Raggy is located in.

Raggy’s Hideout
December 21, 10:49 EDT

Raggy, unseen: You want me to do what now?

Inside, Ryder can be seen standing before Raggy who is seated by his computer station. Ryder has his arms crossed and appears to be annoyed by having to repeat himself.

Ryder: I need you to trace a phone call I had in my office. I know you’ve done it before so don’t bullshit me.

Raggy: I wasn’t planning on it. What’s so important about this one?

Ryder: Nothing.

Raggy: You seriously gonna lie to me right now? I know it’s important, man. We’ve known it each other for a long time now, worked cases together- and I’ve never seen you this worked up about a case and needed something from me so badly unless it had something to do with The Cabal.

Ryder: This isn’t about them but… it is important. (sigh) Travis got kidnapped.

Raggy: Who’s Travis?

Ryder: A friend of mine. An old friend from before… everything changed.

Raggy: You never told me.

Ryder: There’s a bunch of things I haven’t told you.

Raggy: Yeah but only because I asked you not to tell me. I know you turn into a murderous wolf thing but I don’t need all the details, that shit keeps me from scarfing down enchiladas on Friday nights.

Ryder: The hell is up with you and enchiladas?

Raggy: You’re so messing the point here. There’s a reason you didn’t bring him up.

Ryder: Yeah, I didn’t think it would be relevant. At least, not until now.

Raggy: I’ll consider it. After all, a good kidnapping does set the standards when it comes to solving mysteries. So you catch any clues from the kidnappers during your little phone call?

Ryder: Yeah, a location.

Raggy leans in with interest and curiosity.

Raggy: Okay? Well, lay it on me, man.

Ryder: He’s in Raider City.

Raggy is silent for a moment.

Raggy: You’re kidding, right?

Ryder looks at Raggy, a serious look in the eye.

Raggy: Ah damn.

Ryder: Yeah... I’m going to Raider City and getting my friend back.

‘’Title Sequence’’

Raggy: No.

Ryder: What do you mean, no? I’m going to the fucking city and getting him out of there.

Raggy: Look, I just- none of this sounds good. Do you even know what a Raider City is? Because something tells me you don’t if you just want to scroll up in there and pick someone up.

Ryder: I understand it perfectly. Raiders might be merciless, sacks of crap who attack any defenseless idiot wandering outside a city district and but I’m not going to be defenseless.

Raggy: But still an idiot.

Ryder gives him a glaring look.

Ryder: I’ve handled worse than Raiders.

Raggy: I’m not saying you can’t handle them, I’m just saying- there’s going to be a whole city of them, Ryder. You can’t do this alone.

Ryder: Then come with me. We’ll free him together.

Raggy: No. Absolutely not.

Ryder: Why not? You just said I can’t do this alone.

Raggy: Yeah, I meant that as a stay here kind of way not bring me along.

Ryder: I can’t just leave him there. He’s my friend. Look, I’m going to find that location and get him back with or without you. But I’d rather it’d be with you, man.

Raggy looks at him for a moment then turns back to his computer, muttering under his breath. He pulls up the location on the screen and prints out a sheet. He gets up from his chair and takes the sheet from the printer, reluctantly handing it over to Ryder.

Ryder, taking the sheet: This the location?

Raggy: Yep. Coordinates and all that ((crap)).

Ryder: ...Thanks.

Raggy: Don’t thank me if you turn up dead.

Ryder, heading out: Then I won’t turn up dead.

Raggy turns back and looks at Ryder leave, with a hint of guilt. The scene cuts back to the complex where Ryder Investigations is housed.

Ryder Investigations
December 21, 12:25 EDT

Inside, Kelly can be seen, walking up the stairs. She makes her way to the end of the hall and opens the door.

Kelly: Ryder? (looks around) Hello?

She takes a seat at the couch.

Kelly, checking the clock: Where is he?

She gets up and goes over to his desk, putting her hand on it, as she makes her way around to the back. She then looks around once again before taking a seat in Ryder’s chair. She then places her feet up on the desk and puts her hands behind her head.

Kelly: Move over, Ryder. Welcome to Kelly Investigations. You’ve got a case? We’ve got an ace.

She then puts her feet down and points to the door.

Kelly: So, you’re my new client then? That’s good, good for business… but can you handle this whole PI jig, sweetheart? Because I’m Jessica Kelly, a lone investigator in a dangerous city. The city of the Night Officer.

The view shows that there’s nobody at the door. Kelly then leans back in Ryder’s seat, giving out a small chuckle until her eyes notice a drawer slightly open. She then leans forward as she continues looking at the open drawer. She pulls it open, noticing an unlabeled folder inside. She takes the folder and opens it. Inside, there are several files, photographs, articles, reports and other pieces of information which appear to be connected to one clear topic, murders.

Kelly, reading one of the reports: Body found mutilated in the Florida Keys? Two years back, a poacher couple went missing and their remains were found scattered across the ground. Some report seeing a giant wolf like creature at the scene.

She flips to another article and starts reading that one as well.

Kelly, reading another report: Truck driver assaulted by monstrous wolf creature, details are quite farce but witnesses claim that the victim was associated with several weapon dealers from Philadelphia.

Kelly flips to yet another report and reads that one also.

Kelly, reading this report: Rapid City bares witness to an attack from Mutant wolf of some kinds. While the reporter-in-training, on scene, had little to say about the situation, this just confirms the on-going suspicions that many have had about a wandering wolf creature and its serial killings.

She then intends on flipping to one more report but a photograph falls out of the folder. She then places the folder on the desk and kneels down to pick it up. The photo is backwards and showing its back to Kelly. She then grabs the photo and flips it over, in her hand, showing an image of a shadow-like wolf creature in the darkness with piercing white eyes staring right at her. A flash comes over Kelly, showing the dark figure lurking over her when she was affected by the transfusion serum. She then drops the picture and falls back, colliding with a shelf behind her, as a shock-filled reaction. Deep breaths leave her until she starts to collect herself. She looks at the photograph again, from the distance she just put herself in, and lets out a quiet sigh. She closes her eyes and reaches out, grabbing the photograph. She then gets up and looks at the picture once again.

Kelly: These killings… this wolf-thing, they all have to be connected to something. Maybe that’s why Ryder had these reports lying around. Maybe he was trying to figure something out. And he hasn’t been answering my calls, or shown up to the office… (looks off) I just have to do thing without him then.

She puts the photograph back into the folder and closes the folder, taking it into her hands. She then moves out from behind the desk and approaches the door. However, before she leaves, she stops- standing in the doorway, almost frozen. Her confident and determined posture then drops after a short moment as she goes back inside the office/apartment. She slumps onto the couch.

Kelly: But he’s the detective, not me. I- (sigh) I can’t do this alone.

She glances over at the folder once again then starts to give off an expression, as if she has suddenly thought of something. She then reaches into her pocket and pulls out her phone. She punches in a number and gives it a call.

Kelly: ...Maybe I won’t have to.

She then gets up from the couch, grabbing the folder more firmly than before and heads out of the office, closing the door behind her.

Kelly, heading towards the stairs: David? Hi, it’s me- Kelly from before. I was wondering if you wanted to do something later.

The door to the office then closes shut, leaving the view behind in the office. The scene then cuts over to a factory, of some sorts. There’s a wide fence surrounding the perimeter.

Food Distribution Factory
December 21, 12:42 EDT

Ryder can seen walking down, carefully, along the side of the building. He then finds himself towards the back end with several trucks and employees from the factory on a lunch break. One of the men turn their head and see Ryder approaching.

Factory Worker: Hey! You’re not allowed to be back here. This is restricted to certain-

Ryder: -Certain staff members only, yes I’m quite familiar with the jargon, crew member.

Factory Worker, slightly confused: D-Do I know you?

Ryder: You should but I won’t hold it against you. Assistant Manager, just arrived.

Different Factory Worker: How’d you know the old assistant manager got sick?

Ryder: Well, we do our paperwork. The big boys upstairs like to make sure they got their employees covered, or at least, the roles they leave behind when they’re not feeling well. (sniffs)

Factory Worker: Sounds like some bullshit to me.

Different Factory Worker: Yeah, I broke my ankle last month. Where was my coverage?

Ryder: Listen, fellas, I’ll let you in on something. My bosses only really look out for those in higher management. I wasn’t even an assistant manager before yesterday, had to skim through some papers on my way here. But, let’s say if this whole thing works out, I might be able to put in a good word for a couple of employees.

The factory workers look at each other for a moment then turn back to Ryder, a lot more hospitable than before.

Factory Worker: Y-yeah alright!

Different Factory Worker: Sure thing but uh- what about that guy? He with you or something?

Ryder: Wh-

He turns around, seeing Raggy behind him, with a large bag carried over his shoulder. Ryder actually looks surprised to see him for a brief moment.

Ryder: Y-yeah, he’s with me…

The scene cuts to a short time later with the workers resuming their lunch break. Across from them, Ryder and Raggy stand at a platform, already engaged in conversation.

Ryder: The hell are you doing here, man?

Raggy: Oh so you want me to come and now you don’t want me here?

Ryder: I’m just saying that because you nearly blew my cover back there.

Raggy: Oh right- I forgot you do that crappy acting shit.

Ryder: It’s not crappy. It’s convincing.

Raggy: What type of assistant manager wears a black leather jacket?

Ryder: A badass one.

He gives Raggy a look over.

Ryder: So… you changed your mind?

Raggy: Well, you didn’t. One of us had to.

Ryder: It’s Travis, man.

Raggy: Yeah, I get it. (sigh)

Ryder: Come on, we can handle it especially if we’re in this together. You’ve got nothing to worry about.

Raggy: Do you even have a plan?

Ryder: I have… a part of a plan. Trust me, by the time we get there, it’ll be a whole.

Raggy grips his bag more while looking off to the side. Ryder notices.

Ryder: You- packed?

Raggy: Hell yeah, man. You think I’m going out there without my stuff? I refuse to become like those savages. (pulls bag in front of him) Let’s see- (goes through bag) I’ve got my tech, obviously, some research for the road, bottles of water, weapons, ammo, that collapsible katana that hobo gave me that one time, some Fizz Slam soda- oh! And some beef jerky. Want some?

Ryder: Nah, maybe later… Look, this ain’t a field trip. Traveling light but be the best thing, helps avoid the raiders and whatever else we come across.

Raggy: Well, if we can’t avoid them, that’s why I brought the weapons.

Ryder: (sigh) Can you at least get rid of the katana? We’re not fucking samurais.

Raggy: Fine, I’ll ditch it on the way out. Speaking of which, how do you plan on getting out of the city? It’s not going to be easy- they don’t let just about anyone get out.

Ryder: Piece of cake, I’ve done this before you know. We’ll just take the usual way.

Raggy: The usual way? (scoffs) They must have figured it out by now. They’re going to find us, for sure.

Ryder: They’ll be looking but they definitely won’t find anything. (smirks)

The scene then cuts to a semi-truck heading towards the bridge. The truck driver looks ahead, as if noticing something, then starts to bring the truck to a halt. He turns his head and lowers the window as an MCA Officer walks over.

MCA Officer: License and registration?

The truck driver hands the officer his license. After a quick examination, the officer hands it back to him.

MCA Officer: You are transport?

Truck Driver: Food Distribution.

MCA Officer: Distribution, huh? (looks off) I need some inspection here!

Truck Driver: Come on, man! I’ve got places to be.

MCA Officer: Hey, I don’t make the rules, pal. We’ve been getting some reports about hijackers or hitchhikers- people trying to hitch rides out of the city on trucks from the Food Distribution factory. Now unless you want feel like stepping out of the car and answering 20 questions in a cell somewhere that I’m paid not to know about- I suggest you cooperate.

Another Officer comes along, walking past the first one, who winds up joining him. The two officers make it to the back of the truck and use some kind of device to unlock the truck’s door. The second office then reels up the door with the first pointing his blaster inside. There are several crates inside, as well as a fridge.

MCA Officer: Scan for heat signatures.

Other MCA Officer: Hey, you think we’ll get another Mutant rat riding in the back of these?

MCA Officer: I hope not. Fucking things freak me the fuck out.

The second officer activates yet another device that he retrieves from his utility belt. He then scans the cargo for heat signatures but nothing seems to appear on the screen. He then turns to the first officer and shakes his head before putting the device back into his belt. The first officer lets out of a sigh and slams the door shut. The second officer re-engages the lock on the door afterwards. The two officers then return to the truck driver.

MCA Officer: Uh huh, just like we thought. Nothing of interest.

Truck Driver: Just like you thought my ass

MCA Officer: Look, we might not have found anything, but we can bring you in for suspicion charges.

Truck Driver: I’m just a truck driver not the Vigilante.

Other MCA Officer: Alright, alright. Move along, move along.

The truck driver then reels his window up and drives off, passing by the MCA border. Inside the back of the truck, the fridge door then opens with Raggy stepping out, shaking.

Raggy: Fuck man! Thought those guys would never leave.

Ryder: Like I said, (yawns) they didn’t find us.

Raggy: Alright, fine. But don’t expect to get back in that freezer. How the hell are you not even shaking right now?

Ryder shrugs sheepishly. He then gets out, brushing some ice off his sleeves.

Ryder: It’s not that bad, besides- judging by those coordinates you gave me, something tells me we’re gonna wish we had a freezer out there.

The truck is then seen driving down the road before the scene fades to an alleyway.

December 21, 13:20 EDT

In the alleway, David can be seen, with his hands in his pockets, looking down into the darkness with a hint of concern.

Kelly: Hey!

He jumps slightly as he turns to face her. She notices and smiles a little.

Kelly: Sorry if I scared you.

David: N-no worries. It’s just- when you said you wanted to meet up, I thought you meant for brunch or something. I was starting to think you just wanted to mug me or something.

Kelly: Police officer, remember? Kinda the opposite of what my job is. Also, yeah, I’m starting to see what you mean. Sorry, just told this be a good place to meet for some reason.

David: R-right… So, how’ve you been?

Kelly: Good. I actually needed your help on something. You see- my friend does these sort of investigations and he had this folder pertaining to something that’s been bothering me for quite some time.

David: Well, maybe he was looking into it because of you. As a way to help you out.

Kelly: Y-yeah. That’s what I thought. But he’s not answering his phone and hasn’t shown up at his office lately.

David: So, you need help looking for him?

Kelly: I think it’s a little too early to label him as a missing person. No, I um- I think your help with this investigation. I want to get to the bottom of this thing.

David: Maybe there was a reason he didn’t tell you about this folder, Kelly. I mean- don’t get me- I know you’re an officer of the law and quite capable of doing your job but, the last thing I want to see is you getting hurt by chasing after something you probably shouldn’t.

Kelly: I can’t walk away from this, David. I was attacked- one night- by a creature. This creature looked just like the one in this photograph.

Kelly shows David the photograph. He looks at it with a look of worry.

Kelly: I think all of it is connected somehow.

David, looking up at her from the photograph: Connected to what?

Kelly: ...The wolf killings.

David: I don’t know about this.

Kelly: Look, I understand if you’re not comfortable with this but this is something I have to do. I can’t wait around or sit on this or even ignore it. The truth is out there and I have to find it. Because I don’t, no one else will.

David: Okay. I’ll go with you. I trust you. (gives small smile)

Kelly smiles back.

David: So… where do we start? (soft chuckle)

Kelly: Well, we can start at the first place where the creature attacked as of late...

David: Alright, but if we’re gonna be looking at murders and stuff- do you mind if eat first? I wouldn’t want any of us to spew out our lunches before we even have any.

Kelly: You mean yourself, don’t you?

David: Guess you got me figured out.

Kelly: Yeah, sure, we should probably eat something before we start. How about hot dogs? I know a guy who makes the best ones at this stand near the precinct.

David: It’s a date.

Kelly laughs subtly and blushes ever so slightly as the two start to walk out of the alleyway, towards the street. The scene then fades off to a refugee camp, of some sorts. The place feels somewhat isolated among the scattered ruins surrounding the area.

Refugee Camp, New Jersey
December 21, 13:55 EDT

Inside the camp, there are several stragglers and other kinds of people moving about, tending to their own business. Some people are trading with others, some of simply arguing with each other. Soon enough, Ryder and Raggy walk through the area.

Raggy, looking around: So… this ain’t exactly Raider City, man.

Ryder: No but unless you want to walk there- we’re gonna have to pick something else up first.

Raggy, turning to Ryder: I thought- (nearly bumps into someone) er- I thought we had a good thing going with that truck back there.

Ryder: He wasn’t going where we were going. I know their routes. I studied them already. Besides, staying on the truck would have only taken us so far.

Raggy: Well, whatever we’re here for, let’s just hurry up with it. I don’t want to get mugged out here.

Ryder and Raggy walk past the crowds and approach the back of the camp. Towards the end, close to the edge of the devastated landscape, lies a small nearly-abandoned looking garage.

Ryder: Before we met, I found this garage- good place to get away to sometimes whenever I need to fix something up.

Raggy: What exactly do you mean by fix something up?

Ryder takes the chains in his hands and unlocks them with a key that he retrieved from his jacket pocket. He then removes the chains from the doors and hands them to Raggy. He then takes both of the door handles in his hands and swings the doors open. The daylight from outside shines in through the opening, shedding some light on the dark room. Before them, the tire of a barely seen vehicle can be seen. Raggy looks ahead, a smile growing on his face.

Raggy: It’s- it’s-

Ryder: Yeah-

He smirks while twirling some keys, that he also retrieved from his pocket, on his finger. He then grabs the keys and turns his head slightly to look at Raggy.

Ryder: I know.

The scene then cuts ahead a moment later, showing a black car driving out of the town, leaving behind a trail of dust. The car is then seen driving along the deveasted path, passing by destroyed buildings and withered trees. Inside, Raggy looks out the window while Ryder drives the vehicle.

Raggy: So, you sure I couldn’t be the one to drive this beaut?

Ryder: Heh- as if, man. No one drives the car but me.

Raggy: Alright but what about in the event of an emergency?

Ryder: You always wanted a car. I remember that now. Maybe, but only in one emergency- the rest of the time I’ll be probably be dragging myself into this thing and driving away all bloody-like.

Raggy: Not just any car. An assault vehicle. Armored and all that.

Ryder: Well, sorry to disappoint.

Raggy: Disappoint? Yo, do you know just how rare it is to see a Sukara Maximum like this nowadays?

Ryder: Yeah- it was uh, a little something I came across a long while ago.

Raggy: I’m impressed. A little too impressed. Something you holding out on me, man?

Ryder looks away slightly which Raggy seems to notice.

Raggy: Yeah… alright, I get it. It’s personal. Believe me, there are things that even I’m not ready to tell. Life has just been that hard lately. If it means that much to you, I won’t press further about the car.

Raggy turns to look out of the window.

Ryder: Hey uh- I appreciate it. Plus, you coming on this little trip might just make this better for me. I guess I’m trying not to think about it but I knew Travis back when we were just kids. If he’s alive and there’s a chance I can meet him again, I’d do anything to get a shot at it.

Raggy: Maybe the people who took him know that too.

Ryder: What? A bunch of brainless raiders?

Raggy: What I’m trying to say is just keep your wits about you. You’re an investigator, remember? Not some kid running into trouble after his friend.

Ryder: Funny… that’s exactly what this feels like. Y’know, it’s been a while since we did one of these.

Raggy: One of what?

Ryder: Just talking, hanging out. Lately, it’s just been business and with Kelly around- (sigh) Kelly… Now I feel stupid for just leaving without telling her anything.

Raggy: That’s because you are stupid. Smart but stupid.

Ryder: Thanks…

Raggy: Despite what it seems, I’m glad you’re keeping busy. Sure, us doing our thing is great and all but I see what you and her do together and I think it’s good for you.

Ryder: Is this about me losing myself or something? That usual crap that you pull on me.

Raggy: I’m not trying to pull any crap on you, I’m just- ...I’m just looking out for you, man. As a friend. Remember that.

Ryder takes a breath and just looks ahead and he continues driving.

Ryder: Yeah… I know.

The car is then seen racing down a dirt road before the scene transitions to an abandoned warehouse.

Abandoned Warehouse
December 21, 14:56 EDT

A police cruiser is then seen pulling up in front of the warehouse. Once stopped, the doors open and both, Kelly and David, step out of the car. David looks around but Kelly looks over the cruiser at the entrance of the warehouse.

David: So, this is where the files lead up to?

Kelly: N-No. Not exactly. This is just where the first murder occured. At least the first one in recent time. I know there’s been some from years ago but they’re kinda farce. What’s been happening lately has been some kind of sick trend and the only way this city can be safe is if I do something about it.

David: Hey, don’t forget you dragged me into this too.

Kelly, sheepishly: Heh- Right. If we do something about it.

David: Better.

He gives her a warm smile. Kelly can’t help but smile back but just turning to the warehouse again puts her back in his somewhat grim mood. David seems to notice this and makes his way over to her. He holds her hand which kinda surprises Kelly, however, she doesn’t say anything about it.

David: I know there’s something more to this that what you’re telling me. I won’t push you but I want you to know that I’m here to help you. So if it helps, we’ll walk this path together.

Kelly: Does that have to include the hand holding?

David: Heh, no, of course. Sorry, I just thought-

He lets go but Kelly holds his hand with her other one.

Kelly: It’s uh- (clears her throat) It does help.

She blushes slightly but turns to the warehouse, looking saddened.

Kelly: I used to have an uh- partner. He was special to me, at least, I thought so. I was hoping we can take things further than just knowing each other on the force but I guess I’ll never really know my answer now that-

She turns around and sobs slightly. David looks surprised and hesitantly extends his arm out to her. He then puts his arm around her and pulls her in for a hug.

Kelly: I’m sorry I got you involved in this, I just- I just needed to know what really happened to him.

David: I know that’s what you think you want but believe me there’s more to this than you think.

Kelly: Wh- What are you talking about?

She pushes him off of her and looks at him with a confused expression. Her eyes still wet from tears.

David: Look, I told you I work at the hospital. I see patients coming in from time to time, slashed and gashed by some sort of creature. We thought it was some sort of isolated incident but after going over these files and hearing what you had to say, I’m convinced that maybe there is something more than just one killing. Maybe they’re connected somehow, I don’t know. I’m not a detective but you- you told me you wanted to be like your friend, to uncover the truth. Well, I’m sorry to say this but, maybe this isn’t the truth that you’ve been looking so hard for.

Kelly: So you want me to look deeper into this? David, I know you want to help me find what I’m looking for but- but I just don’t think I can do it.

David: Don’t underestimate yourself, Jessica. You’re probably the most capable person I’ve ever met. I mean, really, I don’t know anyone else you would call up some stranger they just met to go on a hunt for the truth. It’s crazy but it’s also righteous, if you ask me. And I know this is hard for you, but if we can’t push through hard times, then we’ll never get anywhere. You’ve made it this far; I believe you can get there.

Kelly cheers up slightly and gives a shy smile. A moment later, David can be seen opening the warehouse door, bringing the remaining daylight into the dark warehouse. Kelly then enters while David secures the door opening with a crowbar as if to make sure it remains open. She looks around, with a flashlight in one hand. Kelly continues searching around the warehouse until she stops before something on the ground. She shines her flashlight before her and a look of surprise is drawn on her face. David soon makes his way over to her location.

David: What is it? Did you find something?

Kelly: Y-yeah. I did…

David turns his head and looks nearly as surprised as her. He then puts his hand on her shoulder in comfort. Before them, are a series of bodies; burnt up and charred.

David: Oh no…

Kelly: This is beyond awful.

David: Yes, I guess we can add fire manipulation to our murder wolf’s power set.

Kelly: How can you possibly say something like that?

David: I work in a hospital, I already told you as much. They’re usually for taking care of injured individuals but… but sometimes those individuals don’t make it out alive. In fact, sometimes they don’t even come into the building alive. I’ve seen bodies like these before, dozens of times over. If it wasn’t cause a Mutant attack, then maybe it’s just the corruption of society tearing people apart!

He throws some piece of metal at a wall and it clanks loudly against it before dropping to the floor. David fixes his hair and turns to Kelly, a little more composed than before.

David: I’m sorry, Kelly, I just- I abhor violence. Stuff like this it just- it gets to me on a very personal level.

Kelly: I think I understand. I became a police officer because I wanted to save this city from criminals and others of the such. Nobody should have to face the effects of injustice. I guess I just never thought too much about the lives lost when we fail to do what we sworn to do.

David: I don’t blame, Kelly. In fact, I think you’re making the best of your situation. Trying to help this city, trying to be a police officer even if they told you to stay away from your own sake. It’s admirable, even inspiring. I’m just sorry that our best lead just led us to a dead end- literally, I should say…

Kelly takes another look at the bodies. However, with more of a observant look rather than one filled with emotional distress. She then squats down and looks closely at the floor next to the body. There are burn marks which seem only slightly unusual.

David: Kelly?

Kelly: Something’s odd about this whole thing. These burn marks seem a little… unusual.

David: I don’t want to come off as offensive or anything but I thought you were a police officer, not a firefighter.

Kelly: Well, funny you mention that, I had to guard a fire fighting course back when I was rookie and managed to pick up a few tricks while I was there. Now, if I remember correctly, an intense localized burning- like the one seen here- is not the result of a natural fire but rather a fire accelerant. And judging from the circumstances, it would only make sense to think that someone burned these bodies.

David: ...Let me see something.

David steps ahead and joins Kelly close to the bodies; in fact he moves in even closer than her. He looks over the body carefully.

David: It’s hard to tell sometimes but- (sniffs the air) Yes, I’m picking up a faint scent of gasoline. With a proper analysis, we might be able to determine and confirm your theory.

Kelly: You don’t believe me?

David: No- I mean, of course, I do. It’s just- nowadays, you need proof for this sort of thing, right?

Kelly: Right…

David: There’s another thing bugging me, Kelly.

Kelly: And what’s that?

David: Why you haven’t noticed it is what bothers me a little more but I guess I can’t exactly blame you.

Kelly: What are you talking about, David?

David: Well… (sigh) you said this was the first sighting of the wolf creature, right? His first attack in quite a while, yes? Well, surely, the police would have thoroughly examined this warehouse and removed the bodies. After all, they did do so for your partner.

Kelly looks down for a moment, saddened but then starts to realize something.

Kelly: Well, yes, that makes sense. I don’t know, maybe they missed them. I just- This doesn’t make any sense at all!

David: Well, the way I see it there’s only one possibility. That whoever did burn the bodies wanted to hide any evidence linking this back to them. However, they made sure the police didn’t see the bodies before they arrived so that way they can deal with them themselves.

Kelly: That’s a little silly if you ask me. How exactly can you make sure the police don’t see something?

David: Unfortunately, it’s simple, Kelly. The people that did it were the police.

Kelly looks at him, taken aback and utterly surprised. The scene then cuts over to a city in the distance in, what appears to be, a small desert. Ryder’s black car then pulls up behind a rock structure before the engines die down and the headlights cut off.

South Carolina
December 22, 00:00 EDT

The car doors open and the two of them step out of the vehicle. Raggy looks around to gather his bearings but Ryder’s sharp glare appears only focused on the city emanating through the night. While it’s mostly hard to make out, the structure looks unstable and clunky, with the source light not all too bright to begin with.

Raggy: Remind me how a place like this became a desert again.

Ryder: Mutants… (scoffs) Apparently some kind of sand thing exploded here or something. Left behind a whole desert in the area. Everyone evacuated but the Raiders must have saw this as some kind of opportunity to set up some kind of hideaway or headquarters or whatever the hell you want to call it. I hear it’s made out of bones.

Raggy: You’re just trying to freak me out, aren’t you?

Ryder doesn’t reply.

Raggy: Come on, Ryder. This ain’t funny.

Ryder: No… (looks back over at the city in the distance) I guess it isn’t.

Raggy: We’ll get him back, man. We’re already here, now it’s time to use that investigative brain of yours and figure out a way to break him out.

Ryder: Hmm… well, that’s simple- we break in.

Raggy: What? Are you serious?

Ryder: Stay with me on this. Okay, here’s the plan: I knock out one of the guards, nick his stuff and pose as him while you take the role of a prisoner I just acquired.

Raggy: How come I’m the prisoner?

Ryder: Because you can’t pull off being one of them. Besides, it’s not that bad. They’ll take you holding and you can act as my inside man- see which cell he’s in and prepare him for the break out. Meanwhile, I’ll be sneaking past any other raiders and let you guys out from the outside.

Raggy: And you really think this plan will work?

Ryder: It’ll work, man. Have faith. Come on, I thought you believed in me.

Raggy: I believe in, just not plans that might get me killed.

Ryder: If I get you killed, you can kill me. How’s that sound?

Raggy: Stupid but don’t think I won’t. So… ready to get your friend back?

Ryder: ...Definitely.

Ryder walks forwards with Raggy soon following behind. The scene cuts over to later, over at the city itself. There is an armored guard patrolling the area, armed with a modified rifle of some kind. He then looks down and stops, seeing a dollar before him. He looks around the area, seeing no one around, and reaches down for the dollar. Ryder then whacks him over the head with a rock, knocking him down. The guard whimpers a little, laying there. Ryder takes look before checking if the coast is clear then does a double take and hits the guard again, knocking him unconscious. He and Raggy then drag the body off to the side. Later, at the gates of the city, another guard can be seen standing there, a pistol in each hand and a bow over his back. His head jerks quickly at the sound of footsteps approaching. Ryder, dressed in the guard’s armor, over his own leather jacket, approaches the gate with Raggy, pushing him forwards.

Ryder: Keep moving! We’re almost there.

Raider Guard: Hey! Who do you think you are?! This is Raider City, don’t you know?

Ryder: Who am I? Who the hell are you?

Raider Guard: I’m… I’m the guard! It’s my job to make sure non-raiders don’t get in. And you’ve got a non-raider right there.

Ryder: He’s a prisoner obviously. Had a car with loot on a road not far from here.

Raider Guard: He’s got loot?

Ryder: I deprived him of it. Stashed it away already.

Raider Guard, aiming gun at Raggy’s head: Well, no use keeping him alive then.

Ryder’s eyes widen ever so slightly.

Ryder: Sure but he knows where we can get more loot. I was planning on keeping this to myself but I can let you in on it off-duty, if you know what I mean.

The guard looks over at Ryder then back at Raggy. He then thinks for a moment then lowers his gun.

Raider Guard: Right. You better not hold out, you hear?! Or I’ll slit your throat myself. (looks him over) Are you sure you’re even a raider to begin with?

Ryder: You question me? Just be glad I’m even sharing anything with you, especially after disrespecting me.

Raider Guard: Your clothes don’t look like Raider clothes.

Ryder: I wear what I want, when I want, because I’m a Raider. And I’ve got connections to the top dog so would you rather have loot and a guard post or a bag over your head with an arrow through your spine?

Raider City: Heh, you can take your prisoner to the holding cells. Just give me my loot and you won’t have to deal with me, get it?

Ryder: Clear as a stone.

Ryder goes on inside with Raggy, passing the gates.

Raider City, to himself: Idiot… stones aren’t clear. And they say I’m the dumbest one here. (thinks) Wait a minute…

Beyond the gates, there is a wide area with several huts and towers made from crude building materials. The surrounding wall appears to be made out of more natural materials like wood and what looks like large fossils. There are other Raiders within the complex, either walking by carrying some loot or a weapon, having a drink at what looks like an open bar or doing something to keep them busy.

Raider City
December 22, 00:34 EDT

Raggy, quietly: Well, looks like we made it. Raider City… I thought I’d never see the day.

Ryder, quietly: Let’s just stick to the plan and find him before they start to suspect anything. They may be idiots but common sense ain’t too foreign to them.

Raggy, quietly, looking around: Judging from the information I have on this place, the holding cells should be towards the back end of the city. Escape might be difficult especially if we wait till daylight.

Ryder, quietly: Then we won’t wait. This place is big, we’ll bust him out during the night, lay low somewhere and escape the city before sunrise.

Raggy, quietly: And if they find us.

Ryder, quietly: Well, you have your weapons…

Ryder turns his head slightly and sees a female Raider stroking the fur of on her coat, it has a fur collar that looks like some kind of mutated wolf. He continues moving ahead with Raggy in front of him.

Ryder, quietly: And I have mine.

Ryder walks ahead into the view, rendering it dark until the scene transitions over to the holding cells. There are very few captives held there; in fact, one of them is a chained up skeleton.

Holding Cells
December 22, 00:58 EDT

Some rustling sounds at the heavy metallic door frighten some of the captives. The door then swings open with a rusted creak and a Raider grabs Raggy, tossing him into the cell.


Raggy tumbles onto the ground which is covered with hay. He gets up with some hay strands still on his person and turns to the door being closed by a Raider.

Raggy: You’re going to regret doing that.

Raider: Heh. Wise guy, eh? You’re lucky you’ve got some loot or whatever that we can still take. Otherwise, you’ll be feed to the elders of the village as a nice steaming stew.

Raggy: You- you eat people?! The fuck is wrong with you?

Raider: Nah, I’m just messing with you. I have habit of messing with the captives… (eyes a captive woman) in more ways than one. (chuckles)

Raggy turns and sees her. She keeps to herself, not even looking at the door or Raggy. Raggy turns back to the door, somehow more upset than before. The Raider in the doorway laughs again.

Raider: Sit tight, we’ll question you in the morning. Hopefully, there’s some room for torture, that’s… also my thing. Or maybe we’ll just leave you here, and you end up like Skelly over there.

He points to the skeleton. Raggy turns to see the chained up skeleton. The Raider laughs once more before closing the door. The sound of the door locking can be heard from the other sound, indicating a loud lock. Raggy sighs and looks among the prisoners.

Raggy: Hey, uh- anyone known as Travis here? Travis Grant?

He looks over them, some of them look at him while others just seem to ignore him. Raggy then sighs and is prepared to turn away.

Voice: How do you know my name?

He looks back among the prisoners and now notices a man hunched over in the far corner, next to the skeleton. He’s wearing a torn beige shirt with light blue pants and has black hair. The man turns slightly, showing his dirtied faced and slightly beaten face.

Raggy: Ryder sent me.

Upon hearing the name, the man’s face lightens up slightly; more so in surprise.

Travis: So- So he’s here then. Or did he just send- uh you.

Raggy: Name’s Raggy.

Travis: You sure about that?

Raggy: Let me rephrase that: You can call me Raggy.

Travis chuckles.

Travis: Sorry. Being a captive, there hasn’t been much chance to interact with people.

Raggy: I thought you were just-

Travis: No, no. I’ve been here for months, man. I just finally managed to uh- break away and call the only person I know that can help me out.

Raggy: Ryder…

Travis: You’re one of his contacts or something?

Raggy: Yeah, we go way back.

Travis: I know the feeling.

Raggy: I’m an information man, I know things but there’s something I don’t know.

Travis: I’m sure there are plenty of things you don’t know but, what do you mean?

Raggy: How were you close with him? He- he doesn’t like to bring up the past.

Travis: We were friends back in High School although I knew him way before that. Football team. He was the lady killer but I lined them up for him. Heh. But then the incident happened and- (sigh) Makes sense why he wouldn’t talk about his past. I’ve been searching for him for a few years now through the dust and the ash, through the debris and destruction. The world has changed, Raggy, so let me ask you this. Would you- would you talk about your past all things considering?

Raggy looks off for a second before looking back at him.

Raggy: Ryder’s ready soon. Just needed to prepare you for an extraction.

Travis: Alright. I’m ready when he is.

The scene cuts ahead, outside of the holding cells, one of the guards is sleeping on the floor, head against the wall, while the other is standing besides him, gun in hand. Ryder approaches, still in his Raider outfit.

Raider Guard: Stop right there. Why are you here?

Ryder: Wanna check up on the prisoners, if you know what I mean.

Raider Guard: We’re on special orders tonight. No one sees the prisoners.

Ryder: Oh? And why’s that?

Raider Guard: We don’t ask, we just do. That’s how we get fed, get weapons. And we use those things to get our loot. Now why don’t you stop asking questions and start preparing. You know we have a hunt planned in the morning.

Ryder: Believe me, I’m good at hunting. I can show you a trick that’ll get you the loot you want. Gonna cost you first.

Raider Guard: Yeah, right. That’s all it is- nothing but a trick.

Ryder: Fine. I’ll leave then.

Ryder turns to go.

Raider Guard: Alright, now wait.

Ryder smiles then turns back, his expression gone already.

Ryder: What now?

Raider Guard: How much?

Ryder: What do you have on you?

Raider Guard: Gold piece, 50 bucks… my favorite knife.

Ryder: Hm… I’ll take the gold piece. I already have some many knifes, besides that’s your legacy right there.

The raider reaches into his pocket and retrieves an old looking gold coin and flips it to Ryder, who catches it in a swoop. He looks over the coin briefly before putting it into his pocket.

Raider Guard: Alright, now what’s the trick?

Ryder: Alright, you’ll want to take your hand- (fixes his hand into a specific position) Like this. And go over to the person you’re trying to loot.

Raider Guard: Why use your hands when you can shoot them and loot them later?

Ryder: Guns… (clears throat) Guns are cool but they won’t see you as an alpha raider until you use your hands to bring a person to their knees. When you can use your words to make them give you loot.

Raider Guard: Well, yeah that sounds epic but what about weapons? You telling me they’re useless ‘cause I-

Ryder: No way. That’s the best part, you show them that you own them then they give you their stuff then when it’s all over, you finish them in every way you now how. That’s how you become an alpha raider like me.

Raider Guard: Wow… alright, alright, show me how to do this thing.

Ryder: Okay, keep your hand like this and approach the person you’re about to loot then all you have to do is apply a little pressure. Like so.

Ryder pinches the man on the neck and stuns him. He then falls but Ryder catches him and lays him down next to the sleeping guard. He then goes for the door but stops and goes back for the unconscious guard. He searches his pockets and pulls out the 50 dollars. He checks it and stuffs it into his own pocket before going back for the door. He then removes a metal bar from the door and opens it.

Ryder: Rags?

Raggy looks up, as well as Travis.

Raggy: I’m here, man. Guess who I found.

Travis stands up and looks right at Ryder.

Travis: Ryder…

Ryder: Tr- Travis. (scoffs) You look like shit.

Travis: And you look like an asshole.

They laugh and hug each other. Raggy smiles slightly but turns to other captives.

Raggy: Hate to break up the reunion but what do we do with them?

Travis: I thought you came to break me out.

Ryder: They’re prisoners too, Travis. You should know what they’ve been through.

Travis: Yeah, I do… But what can we do? We can’t escape with all of them.

Raggy: No, but we can stash them away somewhere. Give them a chance to escape on their own terms while we do it our way.

Ryder nods.

Raggy, turning to the captive: Alright, you’re free to go. Do what you want but stay low. We can’t take you with us but we’ll give you a fair chance to escape your own way. Or you can stay here but the Raiders won’t be as charitable as we are.

The captives look among themselves and soon get up from the hay. Raggy nods, as if proud or something similar and turns back to Ryder and Travis.

Raggy: Alright, let’s get the hell out of here.

The scene cuts to the outside of the holding cells with the prisoners running into hiding. Ryder, Raggy and Travis walk together, keeping close to the shadows.

Ryder: Any place where we can lay low?

Travis: There’s one place I know… I saw it on the way in. I just- (realizing something) Wait!

Ryder: Wh- What is it?

Travis: There’s something I need to get, hold on.

Travis runs back inside the holding cell building, leaving Ryder and Raggy outside.

Raggy: I can’t believe he’s going back in.

Ryder: Yeah, he does that. Rushes in and I have to break him out of trouble.

Raggy: So, how does it feel? Getting back together with your old friend.

Ryder: I’ll be honest with you, we were in contact with each other in some sorta way. He was working on something and I had to get hands on it. Thing is- I didn’t realize how deep in he was until I got his phone call. What? You’re not the only one who I can pull tabs on people.

Raggy: So he has info on a case?

Ryder: Not a case. The case. He knows more about the Cabal than anyone I know. I contacted him as soon as I found out he was the one looking into it. It was a one-way communication so I wouldn’t know if he got the info or not until the phone call.

Raggy: Well, we should ask him about it when he gets back.

Ryder: I want to take things slow first, Raggy. I haven’t seen him since before the incident. I was lucky when it came to Kelly but this- this just seems like it was meant to be. I have a chance to reconnect with him, Raggy… maybe even with the past. That’s something I don’t want to throw away. I hope you understand.

Raggy is about to say something but Travis makes his way back over to them, keeping close to the walls and shadows, now wearing a grey leather jacket.

Ryder, noticing: You’ve got to be kidding me. Where were you hiding that?

Travis: Under the skeleton. I would’ve had him wearing it but I think that would’ve been a little too on the nose. Been wearing this jacket for 13 years now, not gonna let some Raiders stop me now.

Raggy: So, you were saying about a place to lay low.

Travis: Huh? Oh yeah, yeah- there’s a place right over down there. (points) We can stay there until the Raiders quit searching then make a break for the gates. We’ll have to throw them off before we do that though otherwise they’ll send the reinforcements to the gates and then we’ll never make it out of here.

Raggy: How’d you know that?

Travis: Well, it just makes sense, doesn’t it? Anyway, come on- we shouldn’t stay out here for too long, someone might see us.

Travis leads the way with Ryder following after him and Raggy going to the same a brief moment later. The scene cuts later to what looks like an abandoned and wrecked building submerged in the sand. The upper level of the building looks like it was broken off from the top. Inside, a small fire has been made with the three of them surrounding it.

Ryder: So, you know about the guards and other idiots around here, how long do you think we should stay up here before we move out?

Travis: Hard to say but I think we’re good for the moment. I’d give it another hour until we make a move.

Ryder: Right, one of us should probably keep a look out.

Ryder looks like he’s about to get up but Travis grabs his arm.

Travis: I actually want to talk to you about a few things while we have the time.

Ryder: Uh- yeah, sure. But um-

Raggy: I can keep watch if you want.

Ryder: Sure, thanks.

Raggy goes downstairs, pulling his gun out. Ryder turns from the stairs and looks at Travis.

Travis: Definitely been a while, huh?

Ryder: Yeah. It has. Too long, man. I never thought I’d see you again.

Travis: You contacted me, remember? You obviously knew I was alive and well.

Ryder: Yeah but before that- I had no idea. I spent years of my life thinking that the only thing that survived from my past was myself but you proved me wrong when I heard about your little investigation. I also ran into someone else… she’s special to me, y’know.

Travis: And the lady killer claims another victim even after all these years.

Travis laughs but Ryder doesn’t. In fact, his face seems to shift into one affected by guilt. Travis notices this and comforts him by placing his hand on his back.

Travis: Hey, I’m sorry if I went too far. I know a lot of things have changed but-

Ryder: No, no. Don’t worry about it. (chuckle) I was just thinking about it and uh- no, she’s special to me but we’re not in a relationship or anything.

Travis: But she isn’t.

Ryder: No… no she isn’t… (clears throat) So, uh- about the investigation.

Travis: Yeah, that’s partially what I wanted to talk about too… I have the info you need on the Cabal but I can’t give it to you here. I have to get back to the city. We can legitimize it and use it against them in any way you want.

Ryder: Sure. That makes sense but you do have it on you, right?

Travis: Yeah, I’ve got it right here.

Travis pulls out an envelope from his jacket pocket and shows it off to Ryder.

Travis: Every bit of information I collected on them, I wrapped it up and put it into this envelope. You’ve got photos, lists of clients, previous and current members and goals. This is thorough stuff.

Ryder: I’m surprised they didn’t kill you for it.

Travis: I’m better than that and you know it, man.

Ryder: Yeah, yeah, you are.

Travis: But you really think we can break out of this one? This ain’t like High School, man.

Ryder: No… it’s bigger and badder than High School.

Travis: No but there’s still the one who could rat us out.

Ryder: Wh- Raggy?

Travis: You said it, not me.

Ryder: No, he wouldn’t do that. I know him, man.

Travis: No, you know me, man. Come on, we’ve been through this for- what? Years, man. I’ve had your back and you had mine. And I have that data you need so badly. When we get out of here and go back to the city, we can put all this behind us- leave it in the past- and start something new together. Take down the Cabal and I dunno- become Vigilantes and save the city or some shit like that.

Ryder: I couldn’t really give a shit about that city but I’ve got ties to the place, I’ll give you that. (sigh) What makes you think Raggy would turn on us? He hates Raiders. fuck that, everyone hates raiders!

Travis: I’m not saying he’s going to turn us in to the Raiders, man, I’m just saying he needs that info more than you do. You think you’re his only client? Let me ask you something: You know everything about me but do you know everything about him? What’s he keeping from you?

Ryder: That’s his business, that’s his past, not ours.

Travis: Well, what if his past comes back to haunt him and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to help? What if he’s not done with his past. I’m with you all the way on anything, man. You want to set the world on fire? I’ll bring the flamethrowers. You want to stop the Cabal? I’ve got your info, man. But let me guess, he didn’t even want to come here, didn’t he? Why do you think that is an don’t give me that Raider bullshit excuse anymore.

Ryder: ...Well-

Travis: Come on, you’re an Investigator. Use your deductions, why else would he not want to come?

Ryder: Because he’s connected to the Cabal?

Travis: There it is.

Ryder: But we’ve been working on cases together, a-against them.

Travis: And have you found anything solid? Have you made any progress towards stopping them when working with him? Face it- he’s the one keeping you from making that progress. Like I said, I don’t know what he’s after or what’s he wants, only he does- so either make him talk or break it off. Because this operation won’t work if we have dead weight to deal with.

Ryder: ...I don’t know about this, man.

Travis: Hey, I know what’s best for you. Believe me. This is for your own good, for our own good.

Ryder: I’ll talk to him, I can’t promise anything else.

Travis: That’s all I ask.

Ryder: Hmph…

Ryder gets up from the fire and heads out.

Travis: That’s all I ask…

Travis looks down at his jacket pocket. Outside, Raggy is leaning against the wall and looking around. Ryder rushes outside the opening and looks both ways until he sees Raggy.

Raggy, seeing Ryder: Hey, what’s up?

Ryder: I need you to answer me, one question, nothing else.

Raggy, confused: Uh- alright. What is it?

Ryder: What aren’t you telling me about your past? I need to know… now.

Raggy: Wha- What are you talking about?

Ryder: I need to know or we’re done.

Raggy: What has gotten into you, man? It’s me, Raggy. You know who I am.

Ryder: Do I? Is Raggy even your real name?

Raggy: I can say the same to you, Ryder. Look, I don’t ask you about your past when you clearly don’t want me to so why isn’t it the same treatment for me?

Ryder: Because you’re dealing with me! Not the other way around. You’re my source, you’re my eyes and ears, you’re… you’re my friend, alright? We’ve been working together on all those Cabal cases but- how do I know that you’re not really in league with them or something?

Raggy: I can’t believe what I am hearing right now. You think I’m in league with the Cabal? Where is this even-

Raggy takes a moment and looks at the clearly disturbed Ryder.

Raggy: This is Travis, isn’t it? I knew you couldn’t trust him.

Ryder: No, this is me! Asking you! And I trust him with my life, right now I can’t say the same for you unless you tell me about your past, right here and right now.

Raggy: I risked my life coming here! I shouldn’t have to explain a goddamn thing to you!

Ryder: If that’s the way you feel then you can risk your life to get back where you came. I don’t need you anymore. Travis can more than take over your role.

Raggy: As what? As information source or as a friend? Let me save you some time- you don’t have to answer that.

Raggy grabs his things and turns to leave but stops before he does.

Raggy: I hope you get some sense and realize what’s happening. Otherwise, the only person that really misjudged someone was me when I first met you…

Raggy walks off. Ryder watches him leave before walking back inside the building. Raggy stops in his tracks, leaving behind a trail of footprints in the sand. He then turns back, no longer seeing Ryder in the doorway. He then turns back, seeing searchlights ahead. The view then focuses on his footprint trail from the abandoned building as it gets blown away by the light wind. When the view reaches where Raggy just was, he is no longer there and there aren’t any footprints to determine which direction he went in. He just vanished. Back in the building, Ryder returns to the fire but finds Travis resting off to the side. Ryder places his hands by the fire in an attempt to keep warm.

Travis: Did you do it?

Ryder turns his head to see Travis, who still has his back to him, as if he were resting.

Ryder: Y-yeah… I did. He won’t be a problem anymore.

Travis: Thank you.

Ryder: Don’t thank me. I did it for myself, like you said.

Travis: That’s right… it’s for your own good, for our own good… Try to get some rest. I’ll keep watch when you’re ready.

Ryder: Thanks, Travis.

Ryder has a slight smile on his face when looking at him but, when he turns to the fire, his smile vanishes and is replaced with some kind of subconscious sorrow. The fire crackles before him and roars silently as the light winds blow past. The fire then starts to diminish, leaving the building dark. Ryder can now be seen resting, curled up, in a corner, with a shadow comes over him. A hand reaches for the resting Ryder, ready to grab him when Ryder’s eye shoot open and he grabs the hand. He looks and then sighs in relief.

Ryder: Travis… What-

Travis: There’s no time, man. The Raiders are coming!

Ryder: Aw shit! Come on.

Ryder gets up and moves to the edge of the building. Spotlights beam onto their location.

Raiders, from down below: WE GOT THEM NOW!

Ryder: Urgh! (turning to Travis) Come on!

Travis hesitates slightly but then runs over to his location. Ryder grabs his arm and throws him over to the next rooftop.

Travis: AHH!

Ryder then pushes off and leaps for it. Travis gets up then quickly turns back, seeing Ryder making it close to the rooftop. Travis reaches in and grabs Ryder’s arm, keeping him by the wall. The raiders then start firing at them as Travis starts pulling Ryder onto the roof.

Travis: Let me guess, all according to plan?

Ryder: We’re done yet.

The roof then creaks until it finally collapses underneath them. They yell out as they crash into a sand covered living room. Ryder then gets up and brushes the sand off of him, he looks around and sees Travis laying on a broken shelf. He helps him up and moves him over to a window just above the sand. Ryder kicks the glass out and goes through. He helps Travis outside.

Travis: Where the hell are we?

Ryder: Not too far away but enough to get them off our trail for now. We should be good over there.

Ryder gets behind a group of stands pushed together into a pile with Travis. The two stay low as the Raiders can be seen moving around, looking for them, a short distance away.

Travis: This has gone on for long enough, we need to split before they catch us.

Ryder: Agreed. I’ll keep an eye out and see if I can find a way out of this city from here.

Travis: Sounds good, I’ll keep here.

Ryder moves off to the side of the pile and scouts the area. He sees Raiders searching. One of them seems like the leader; he’s bigger and stronger than the others, has a thick, black beard and a bandana on his head. And a scar too somewhere on his face. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a radio and appears to be speaking into it. Ryder squints but then ducks behind cover when the Raiders turn to his direction. Ryder makes his way back to Travis’ position.

Travis: Did you find a route or path or something?

Ryder: No, but I think we’re in bigger trouble than I thought. Come on, we should be able to take the-

Before he finish his sentence, the pile of stands ignite suddenly in an explosion of fire. Ryder and Travis are pushed back by the force and stay back due to the heat. A crackling laugh can be heard echoing around the place. Ryder’s face freezes with the fire reflecting off of it.

Ryder: N-no… Not him.

Raiders emerge from behind the burning stands and aim at the two of them. Ryder gets up and helps Travis up as well. He turns behind him as if to run into the darkness behind them but the darkness is suddenly lit by two flames. Ryder and Travis stop and looks ahead. The flames then show a figure wielding them as they grow bigger. The figure has long, red hair, sharp teeth and a charred hoodie.

Figure: Long time no see, boy. (laughs)

Ryder: You!

Figure: I can see you remember me, Ryder.

Ryder: How can I forget? Theo Michaels. Pyromaniac, murderer, psychopath- oh and member of the Cabal.

Theo Michaels: Don’t forget infamous mercenary. That’s my favorite title.

Ryder: I see you’ve got yourself some powers. Been drinking any blood transfering drug serums lately?

Theo Michaels: Why the fuck should I tell you anything when I’m about to fry your ass tres times over.

Ryder: I see you’ve forgotten something yourself. You’re not the only ones with abilities.

Ryder clenches his fists and his pupils begin to shrink. He bears his teeth which start to sharpen and grow as his jaw stretches forwards. As his fur begins to grow on his body and his hair grows further down his back, an electric shock overcomes him. This causes him to let out a loud howl which diminishes into a yelp. His changes are then reverted as he drops down to the ground, sand now on his face and coat. He groans slightly as the Raiders and Theo move in closer. Ryder uses his remaining strength to lift his arm up and grab his neck, feeling a metallic collar on it. He then looks behind him, seeing none other than Travis, dusting his hands off.

Ryder: Travis… N-no…

Travis: Sorry, buddy. But we couldn’t have you going all ballistic, now could we?

Ryder: Travis… Wh-Why are you… uh-

Before he could finish his sentence, Ryder passes out and falls unconscious. He is then surrounded by enemy forces within Raider City, alone.

To be Continued…

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Ryder and Raggy go to Raider City
  • Ryder is betrayed by his old friend

Minor Events

  • Kelly and David spend more time together
  • Kelly and David look into the Mutant Wolf killings
  • Kelly is confronted with the possbility of a corrupt police force


  • Food Company Employees (First Appearance)
  • MCA Officers (First Appearance)
  • Prisoners (First Appearance)
  • Citizens


  • Raiders (First Appearance)
    • Theo Michaels (First Appearance)
  • Travis Grant (First Appearance)


  • This episode was originally supposed to be release in April but due to delays and an unexpected hiatus, the episode finally aired in July.
  • This is the first two parter in Ryder.
  • It's also the first two parter, not just in Ryder but in the Mutant Drake Universe, to not be a season finale.
  • As discussed in the previous episode, Ryder displays his acting skills to pose as certain roles in order to get certain access to places.
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