Radiationcontroller (Ben 10 Omniverse: Cosmic Destruction)
General Information
Species Radiosapiens
Home World Radionite
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Radiokinesis,

Energy beams, Flight, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Agility, Pyro Immunity, Cryo Immunity, Radiation Immunity, Heat Generation, Light Generation, Intangibility, Energy Absorption, Enhanced Speed, Space Survivability, Pyrokinesis.

Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker
First Appearance New Omnitrix Aliens


He have muscular humanoid radiation-covered body.His eye similar to Ghostfreak eye.Omnitrix symbol in chest.He have two miniature volcanoes on his shoulders.

Powers and Abilities

He has a great strength powerful than Humungousaur and Four Arms.Can beam very highly radioactive energy beams.Can shoot giant or small energy blast.He have 360 degree vision.Can flight and have enhanced speed and enhanced agility.He have immunity to Fire,Ice and Radiation.He can lift Ultimate Humungousaur easy.He can shoot fire blasts powerful than Heatblast fire blasts.He have enhanced durability can survive in space vacuum.He can generate light and heat.Radiationcontroller's intangibility.


Radiationcotroller is vulnerable to carbon dampening rods, which slow down nuclear reactions and inhibit his radiation generating abilities.

Radiationcontroller is vulnerable to electric.

Radiocontroller is vulnerable to absorb his energy.

Radiocontroller can't life in Anur Transyl.

Radiocontroller can defeated by Conductoids.


He first appeared in New Omnitrix Aliens and he defeat Negative Ultimate Cannonbolt and Negative Ultimate Humungousaur.

In Multicontroller he defeat Galactic knights.

In War of the Universe: Part 1 he defeated by To'kustar.


New Omnitrix Aliens (first appearance)


War of the Universe: Part 1 (selected alien was Way Big)

Planet and Species

Radiosapiens have muscular humanoid radiation covered body.All member of the species very muscular and have great strength powerful than Tetramands and Vaxasaurians but weaker than To'kustars.They live in Sun-like large Planet Radionite.In 250 years ago Incurseans had to attack to invade Radionite.Radiosapiens understand they can't be able beat the Incurseans they blow up core of Planet and destroy the Planet.Incurseans think Planet will be destroyed and they going from there.After Incurseans left from there Radiosapiens thanks to intangibility they can survive.And thanks to his Radiokinesis they combined core of Planet and they saved Radionite.


  • His species Radiosapiens live in Andromede Galaxy.
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