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Racomitrium Servums are a species from Lepidopterra, and are Mossquito's species in Earth-1799.A and Earth-2018.


Racomitrium Servums are humanoid insects. They have three-colored bodies and large wings. Their eyes are segmented. They have large antenna on their heads.


Racomitrium Servums are a slave race, serving under the Lepidopterrans. Racomitrium Servums were at one point the ruling class of Lepidopterra, simply called Racomitriums at the time, until the Mass Il moto revolt that occurtred 230 years ago. Lepidopterrans have since used conditioned Racomitrium Servums to be easily manipulated via several smells, the most obvious of which being the stench that Lepidopterrans casually produce.


  • Racomitrium Servums can fly.
  • Racomitrium Servums have the ability to shoot a moss-like substance that absorbs the liquid from whatever or whoever it lands on.
  • Racomitrium Servums have bioluminescence, usually being only one of the three colors on their bodies.
  • Racomitrium Servums have a substance on the bottom of their feet that allows them to walk on water without breaking surface tension.
  • Racomitrium Servums are faster than Lepidopterrans when going short distances.


  • If a Racomitrium Servum's wings get wet, it won't be able to fly.
  • Racomitrium Servums have a strong odor, making hiding difficult.
  • The powers of the Racomitrium Servum do not work against Lepidopterrans, and the smell of the latter can allow them to manipulate the former.
  • Enemies with no liquid are immune to the moss of a Racomitrium Servum.
  • A Racomitrium Servum's moss requires liquid.
  • Racomitrium Servums do not have as much stamina as other species.

Notable Racomitrium Servums

  • Mossquito (The Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Racomitrium Servum in Earth-2018)
    • Mossquito (The Simplicitrix's equivalent of Mossquito in Earth-1799.A)


  • While the species was named by Alan, the art, lore, and powers were made by Dio.

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