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"I don't fight for money, although it is a nice bonus, rather I fight for what I want to get done. What I want right now is a world where people can do whatever they want. A world without rules. A world ruled by the Elite. Normally I would accept triple, but triple times zero is still zero, so not a chance. I'll be back."
— Ra'ol Set, in Public Enemies.

Ra'ol Set
Ra'ol Set.png
Vital statistics
Home World Salimore
Species Salimorian
Age (2012) 29
Age (2014) 31
Age (2026) 43
Other info
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Silver
Relatives Horus Set (deceased father), Isis (mother), Amon Set (brother)
Affiliation The Elite
Rank Second in command, Bounty hunter
Powers and equipment
Powers Enhanced strength
Paraphernalia Zanbato, missile launchers, rocket boots, laser blasters, rocket blasters
Production details
First Appearance "Pilot, Part 1"
Voice Actor Kevin Grevioux

Ra'ol Set is the leader of the Salimorian bounty hunters and a member of the Elite on Earth-19.

Physical appearance

Ra'ol Set is 6 foot 7 and very well built. He wears armor that hides all of his skin except for his eyes. Even when he is not wearing his armor, as seen when he is in Incarcecon in Pilot, Part 1 and 2, none of his skin can be seen as he is wearing the jail robes and a bandanna. He wears a metallic bandanna around his mouth that blocks it from any attack. Most of his armor is dark red in color, but his chest plate and back are black. He wears a helmet that protects the back and top his head that also has a visor that protects his eyes. He is not always wearing the visor and has only been seen with it once during the events of Unit Test. He wears boots made out of a very dense metal that prevent him from being pushed over easily. These same boots also have rocket engines in them

Ra'ol Set eyes.png


Powers and abilities


  • Rocket boots
  • Laser blasters
  • Rocket blasters
  • Missile launchers
  • Zanbato


Early history

Although not known for his brains, Ra'ol Set has always known all about weapons. He joined the Elite solely so that he could become more powerful than he already was.

February 2012

On the 25th, Ra'ol was broken out of his special cryostasis pod at Incarcecon by Blitz. Afterwards, he retrieved his gear from the holding room. He then began to fight the Magisters who had arrived to stop the break out, namely Lotin. Eventually, he was recaptured by the Magisters and placed back in his cryostasis pod.

Later on, he is mentioned by Sci in Assembly when he is stated to be the crown prince of Salimore. When his father dies in Warning Signs, Ra'ol becomes the king.




Amon Set


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