RWBYA is a crossover special in The Alan 10 Adventures franchise. It is a crossover of The Alan 10 Adventures and RWBY.


  • The title, RWBYA, is a continuation of the title of RWBY, which comes from Team RWBY (pronounced as Ruby, after the leader of the team) in the show, as the team is comprised of RubyWeissBlake, and Yang. This adds Alan onto the end of the team name, just for this special.
    • However, Team RWBY's members are associated with colors that start with the letters of their names (Ruby is red, Weiss is white, Blake is black, Yang is yellow), where as Alan starts with A and is associated with red, which starts with R.
    • Interestingly, Richard's name starts with R, and is associated with aqua, which starts with A, being even more of a backwards counterpart to his brother.

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