RK (Robotic Kinetic) is the Omnitrix's DNA Sample of a Metalsapien from the planet Metallic. He is Josh's First Alien used in Josh 15: Hero of the Universe.


RK is an Robotic Humanoid, He wears an Blue and Black high-tech suit and two shoulder pads, his skin is light grey and possess black wire hair.

Powers and Abilities

RK's five main powers are Metal, Energy, Electric, Light, and Fire Manipulation, When he use his metal powers he create a blue wave that allow him to make the metal as weapons and combine it with the rest of the powers to make weapons. (Blades, Shields, Blasters, etc)

RK have an extremely powerful regenerative ability, He is able to reform himself completely whole.

RK is extremely durable, able to survive nearly any damage and have limitless energy making him unable to tire out in a fight.

RK possess superhuman strength, able to smash through an entire mountain with one punch

RK possess Jet boots that allow hime to fly up to superhuman speeds

RK also possess Solar Beams and Ice breath

RK is extremely intelligence.


RK's Main Weakness is Water, when water get on him he can short out and pass out nearly killing.

RK's Body is completely metal and that make him vulnerable to Magentic attacks.

RK can catch Viruses

RK's Powers are useless against his natural predator Metal-boa

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