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Quite Large
General Information
Species To’kustar
Alternate Counterparts Way Big
Powers and Abilities
Voice Actor Eric Bauza

Quite Large is Derwin’s Omnitrix’s DNA sample of a To’kustar from the Cosmic Storms.


Quite Large looks like Omniverse 11 year old Way Big with black armor instead of red. His bodily frame is more feminine. His elbow blades are much smaller. Instead of a head fin, he has shoulder length sharp hair, dyed black. It is styled over half his face.

Powers and Abilities

Quite Large has all the usual cosmic powers of all To’kustars.

His cybernetics give him enhanced powers such as speed, agility, strength, power, and jumping.


His blades are smaller and he cannot use them to cut.

He is smaller than the usual To'kustar, being 90 feet tall.


In A Tall Order, Quite Large babysits Simon Sez.

In Mitsuki 13, Derwin 13,000 turns into Quite Large to smash Infinite Aggregor.

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