Quickfoot is an alien. That's about it, really. I mean, he was created by Sif and drawn by CaT but that's in the trivia. He's free use, I guess.

General Information
Species Erkud
Home World Gliese 581d
Body Serpent
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Speed

Prehensile Tail
Sharp Claws
Nipple Tasers

Voice Actor Aaronbill3
First Appearance Whenever


He's essentially a serpent. Look at the image.

Powers & Abilities

Quickfoot is faster than Fasttrack and XLR8 combined. He can run very fast, even reaching the speed of light and beyond. He has a prehensile tail and sharp claws on his arms. A hidden power is that he does indeed have nipple tasers.


None. None at all.


Mack 10


  • The image was created by ChromastoneandTabby. I don't know why but hey, it's at least a decent image.
  • The alien himself is essentially a gag or a trashpost. 
  • He's the fastest alien we've seen yet.
  • His name is Quickfoot but he doesn't have any feet. Ok.
  • Aaron, are you happy now?
  • Before Waybig101 anyone asks, he's free use. Just give credits to CaT.
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