Quetzalon is a Pharomarchian from the moon called Poseideia (moon of Perses). He is one of Shade's aliens.


Shade 10 Quetzalon Holo

Holographic Version

He can shoot sharp feathers from his back. He can fly which is unusual for a snake. He can constrict a person very tight like an anaconda. He can breathe ice and fire from his mouth.


It is very dangerous to stay near him. He can suddenly fire someone spikes. He is not good on land.


He looks like a silver snake with red lines across the body with gold linings and a bunch of feather. His descriptions shows that he is an alien which represents the incarnation of sun and wind. When he gets upset, he sends a curse at the opponent that kills them. Usually, he is quiet and does not fight.



  • Unlike the real quetzal birds, Quetzalon is based on Quetzalcoatl or the plumed serpent.
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