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Quaker Waker
General Information
Species Richterian
Age Unknown
Affiliations Richard

Richard's teammates

Occupation(s) Richterian DNA Sample
Powers and abilities
Abilities Tremors

Enhanced strength

Enhanced durability

Tremors via emotion

Equipment Alpha-Omegatrix (Richard 10)

Simplicitrix (Alpha-Omegaverse)

Relatives None
Alias Richterian
Alternate Counterparts None
Voice Actor Richard
First Appearance Meet Ben 10

Quaker Waker is the Alpha-Omegatrix's DNA sample of a Richterian from Richteria.


Quaker Waker has two spike coming from the sides of his neck. From his mouth to his Alpha-Omegatrix, he has two, black, fang-like markings. His upper body is green. He has a purple lower body. His fingers and feet are white. He has four red eyes.

He wears the Alpha-Omegatrix on his chest.

In Alpha-Omegaverse, Quaker Waker now has pupils, the spikes on his shoulders have become black, the white on his hands have now gone up to his elbows, the purple has moved to his chest, he now has black around his waist, the white goes up to the black and he wears a red belt with a white strip on it. He also has a large stomach and chin. His spikes are now droopy and on his back rather than his shoulders. He also now has a nose. His lower eyes are now bigger.

He wears the Alpha-Omegaverse device on his belt.

In a piece of fan-art of his Alpha-Omegaverse design, he is much more muscular, has slightly curled spikes. Also, the purple is noticably much lighter.

New Quaker Waker Design

Quaker Waker in ALpha-Omegatrix

Powers & Abilities[]

Quaker Waker, as his name suggests, can produce small tremors. These tremors can also be called upon by emotion.


He is easily caught of guard by shiny objects.

Richard 10[]

  • In Meet Ben 10, Quaker Waker makes his debut and is used to create a distraction.



Richard 10[]



  • Originally, Quaker Waker's Alpha-Omegaverse wasn't going to have spikes on his shoulders.
  • Richard confirmed that so far, he is the most drastically changed alien that Richard came up with in design-wise from Alpha-Omegatrix and Multi-Dimensions to Alpha-Omegaverse.
  • His species and planet are plays on "Richter", which comes from "The Richter scale", which is used to measure the power of earthquakes.
  • Derrick Wyatt, the Ben 10: Omniverse art director, mentioned that his redesign was rated at either a 8 or 9 on the drastic scale.

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