"A giant four armed dude. Oh dear if only I got a similar guy just like em. OH WAIT!! *Foom*. Now we can fight even!"-Anti Al morph into Marauder

Quad Smack (also called Barbarian or Marauder) is a mutant hybrid of a Tetramand and unknown species.

He can only be used from the Antitrix. Used by Kevin Levin and Anti AL.


Shares the same appearance in the Reboot series.

A purple multi limbed humanoid with spiked red brass knuckles and stone shoulder pads. His forehead where his upper eyes are seem to be more larger than any tetramand, slightly like a hammerhead.


Shares the same personality with his users.


Super Enhanced Abilities- More powerful than Four Arms.


-Durability-He can take on any hits with no damage. Even Shock Rock's powers don't scratch him.



-Shock Waves


Too powerful to control

Shares the same as any Tetramand



-High Speed

Limits on stamina


Quad Smack is a name of Quad, fancy name for four/4, and Smack, a sharp slap or a hard blow.


Barbarian is a name for a savage warrior who is part of a tribe not belonging to great civilizations.


from AL 12 Reboot

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