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Question #1- Anonymous- Who will develop the most?[]

Well probably either Ben or Rook. Rook starts out as a alien who knows nothing about Earth or humans and wants to figure out what love is. Throughout season 1 he seeks for many girls but doesn't find the right match until the season finale. Ben was deeply in love with Julie and she got pregnat then right after his son was born she died, making Ben go insane for eight years and then he rages and starts to kill villians.

Question #2 -Sci- WHEN IS THE 2ND EPISODE COMING OUT??????????[]

The second episode is going to very very very very very very long. It should be out by the end of January.

Question #3 -Anonymous- Who is Ben's main love interest?[]

I'm glad you asked that. You see, Julie and Ben are deeply in love but then she dies. Gertrude comforts him eight years later. When Ben starts to feel for her and gives out secrets she attacks him, revealed to be a spy for Jadan. I'm hoping that I can get Ester to hook up with Ben but then again Kai Green.

Questions #4- Sci - How Dark will the Series Be?[]

So dark that Brian wants it to be on MBTFF. :P

Question #5 - Lego: Will Ben face an "end of the world" scenario like Marvel's "Galactus consuming the planet"?[]

If had to give spoilers then yes, he would but since I am giving no spoilers then "No spoilers!" Wait, oh crap.