Pyros in the Ultimate Timeline is the home to Evolved Pyronites and Evolved Crabdozers


Instead of the usual natural wonders and beautiful rock and lava landscape. It is almost completely covered in magma! (See history to why) There are still large mountainous regions and cities made by the evolved Pyronites. There are trails of just rock from the Evolved Crabdozers making their way around Pyros.


Pyros is said to never explode like most stars. But instead, the core blew up! Sending magma to the surface covering it almost completely in lava! Due to everything being destroyed, the Pyronites had to evolved to the new magma landscape. For the Crabdozers, the atmosphere was filled with so much ash, they had to live on the planet and adapt. This surprisingly didn't disrupt much in the solar system or systems around it.


The Pyronites have made new cities for them to live in. The Crabdozers have made trails so they don't have to walk around in lava.

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