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Pyros is the Codon Strem's sample of a Pyroshian the planet Pyronia. He is not to be confused with the star planet Pyros where Heatblast is from, he is also from Heatblast planet. Pyros is an alien in the Multimatrix the most powerful creation ever.

he can destroy Upchuck Norris easily.


Pyros is made completely out of fire and lava, he has green eyes and speaks in a Russian accent. He has no nose but still has a sense of smell he has four fingers and no toes.Spirits made out of fire sometimes flow out of him he is orange with a red outline, the omnitrix symbol is on his forehead like Gravattack. On his shoulders there are volcanos with steam coming out of them. His body is in the shape of a fire ball and he has flame patterns like Ultimate Big Chill. His arms start of skinny then become big his legs do the same also.

Powers And Abilities[]

Pyros can generate intense heat,fire and lava he is the strongest fire-type alien, he can turn his hands into comets,meteors and asteroids he can also control and absorb them.He is very dense and has supreme durability and agility, pyros can create an explosive wave coated by fire,heat, and lava that destroys everything in a five mile,radius however he can stop that from happening.By opening holes on his feet and hands and pushing fire out of them so he can fly and hover, Je also uses it because it increases his speed.Like Benwolf he can release a sonic howl however pyros is coated by fire,heat and lava and does much more damage, also he can create anything out of fire and survive in different temperatures.Pyros can make it rain fire ,shoot a flamethrower and turn anything into fire,lava and heat.Also he can melt anything and shoot fire bombs that are stronger than Ultimate Swampfire's.Also he has super strength.


Like all fire based aliens water and ice is his weakness.He is also dangerous to be around because of the mass fire,heat and lava he generates.


He has another form called Nega Pyros where his powers are reversed, being ice and water, he is also blue and light blue in this form.

Pyros has all of Heatblast,Swampfire's and Ultimate Swampfire's abilities.

He is an alien in the Multimatrix.

His name is not to be confused with Heatblast planet.