Pryokincryo is the home planet to Freezefire's species


Pryokincryo looks similar to earth but the harded magma and rock replaces the earth/rock and lava replaces the water. Water is never seen on this planet. In some parts of Pryokincryo, there are gysers that shoot steam and cools the magma. Soon there was the gyser explosion that froze nearly half of the planet and inhabets were trapped in a barrier of ice and snow. Fourantly the planet still had more enough heat for them to survive. They then adapted to the frost as it blended with their body and planet's magma.


Pryokincryo have yet to appear


  • This is the 3rd planet in Brandon 10 created
  • The words Pryo means Fire and Cryo means Ice making this a fire and ice planet
  • It is strange that is no water on this planet but there is still ice
  • This planet is not inhabital for humans
  • The snow burns on this planet
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