Brandon 10 Shorts
Season 1, Episode 6
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Puppy Love is a short for Brandon 10.


Brandon walking around in town where he sees a robbery taking place in an ally way. Brandon turns into Wildpup and confronts the robber. The robber teases Wildpup due to the fact that he is bigger than him but Wildpup bites his leg. The robber shakes him off and Wildpup realizes a sonic bark that throws the robber in front of a police car when two officers in there taking a lunch break. The man getting robbed compliments Wildpup's excellent performence and offers him a spot in a dog show. Wildpup shakes his head due to the fact that he can't talk. The man ingores that and notices that he isn't wearing "a collar" which makes him a sray dog. The man takes Wildpup and makes him his new dog. Shortly later at the pet show in the park, each dog goes through different tests. In backstage, Wildpup is trapped in a cage with another dog. The another dog seems to be in love with Wildpup. Wildpup tries to get out as soon as possible. He bites the lock open and escapes. The time for Wildpup to appear has come unfourantly and the man pulls the curtain up. Wildpup is shown to the auidence and is expected to perform a trick. Meanwhile behind stage, the other dog pushes against her cage so hard it knocks over into the cutain guy. He lets go of the rope and the curtain falls down on Wildpup. As the man rushes to Wildpup's aid, Wildpup begins to time out. There is a big red flash as the man pulls open the curtain and the auidence sees Brandon there. They applude as they think it was a trick. The man asks where Wildpup gone and Brandon replies that he probably ran away. Later, Brandon is walking with Coco. When Coco asks Brandon what happened today, he tells Coco the usual stuff. And when Coco asks Brandon what's with the dog following them (which is the dog from before) Brandon replies that it is a long story.


  • Brandon
  • Coco
  • Man
  • Auidence
  • Curtain Guy
  • Police Officers
  • Dogs

Aliens Used


  • Robber


  • This is the second time that Wildpup has been mistaken for an actual dog. The first being Dog Gone
  • The Pet Show was to be held indoors but Brandon 10 remembered that the Omnitrix has a Time Limit and Brandon couldn't stay as Wildpup long enough to get there
  • More Dogs were planned on appearing but didn't make the cut
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