Puppet King
General Information
Species Nevron
Home World Pastos
Body Puppet-Like Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Control of Human Actions

Voice Amplification

Enhanced Speed

Enhanced Agility

Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker
Puppet King is the Omnimatrix IV's DNA sample of a Nevron from the planet Pastos .


Puppet King is a small alien with a top hat and black suit. He has a green tie, and a gray undershirt. He has Ben's hair in a wooden form, and has green eyes. The Omnimatrix IV symbol is on his hat.

Powers and Abilities

He has the ability to control others through mental tricks. This can range from making the person talk to throwing them around.

He has enhanced agility and jumping.

He can lift heavy objects, despite his stature.


His small size does not suit him for physical combat.


Ben 10: The Omniwars

Other Series


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