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Ptyon is a main character in the series Den -10. He was one of the Contrairo's ship crew. His full name is Ptyon Sputator. His name comes from the word ptýon (πτύων), the greek word for "spitter".

Biography and Personality

Ptyon is quite dumb, called disgusting by his friends, loves to eat, but is very friendly (similar to a gourmand from another series). He is very loyal to Ebenso, and in one episode was called a suck-up by Vroma Myga.

Ptyon was born in 2020 (he is 35 in the series), on the planet Scalpasc. He was a son to a poor family, but he wasn't sad or depressed by that. In 2050, he had to earn more money, so he started to work in a cargo ship where he met Ebenso, Vroma Myga and Oculus. He worked with them for three years until he met Nengyuan, who scared him. Two years later, they flew on a delivery, but they were suddenly sucked into a black hole, that put them in the opposite dimension...

(to be continued as the series progresses)


  • Shooting acidic slime at high speeds from his mouth
  • The slime can conduct electricity
  • The slime is very slippery too
  • He can also inflate, so everyone close to him flies backward
  • Biting with his teeth


  • Ptyon is quite dumb (though not all Spheroid have this weakness)
  • If he doesn't have a place to inflate, he can't shoot slime

Species and Planet

Species: Spheroid

Planet: Scalpasc


Ptyon is a normal Spheroid, he doesn't have anything special


  • A running gag in the series is Ptyon shooting slime into Nengyuan's armour, making Nengyuan jump inside the armour trying to avoid it, which usually results in him squashing someone
  • Ptyon is very similar to Vorkus from Simien 10. Both love food, are quite dumb, disgusting and friendly. Even more, Spitter was a prototype before Upchuck was created.
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