Psystrike is an alien in 40: The Last Splixson. He is a Pantosapien from the Planet Khafaya. He is completely mute. 

General Information
Species Pantosapien
Home World Khafaya
Body Humanoid Mime
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Create invisible barriers and objects

Ability to see Invisible Beings

Can copy the movements of others

First Appearance A Two-Dimensional Tale


His appearance and hobby is that of a mime.


He is a pantomime expert that can create invisible but solid walls using miming gestures. 

  • Bind foes with imaginary chains.
  • Literally, trap others in an invisible box (cage, etc).
  • Walking on imaginary platforms suspended in the air to imitate flight, or levitation.
  • Fall safely to the ground using an imaginary parachute.
  • Drive an imaginary car.
  • Can climb via an imaginary ladder.
  • Create an imaginary sword or dagger.
  • Lasso foes with an imaginary rope.


  • Aliens that can go intangible can phase through his walls.
  • Eventually, his walls will shatter.
  • He can't talk.


40: The Last Splixson

Psystrike blocks Square's piercing attack with an invisible wall.


  • The media he appears in was previously unidentified, but it is known that it is 40: The Last Splixson now, Fred 40's Reboot.
  • He was originally gonna be called Psyattack.
  • He is the third "-strike" alien made by .
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