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The story starts off at Ben's living room. Ben is watching Sumo Slammers. Although it is Ben's 20th time seeing the episode, Ben is not bored at all.

Ben gets up to go to the kitchen to get a bag of popcorn and a Pepsi when suddenly the wall on the side of his house explodes. "Awww man can't I have a day off!" Ben says.

Psyphon and his R.E.D.s are ready to attack. "I will avenge my master!" Psyphon says. "Hey moron your master is not dead he is


alive!" "Liar!" Psyphon orders his R.E.D.s to attack.

Ben transforms "Wildvine!" The R.E.D.s surround Wildvine and open fire. Wildvine grabs one R.E.D. and slings it at another. Wildvine then creates sharp black thorns all over his body and extends them, destroying the R.E.D.s.

"No I will not be defeated by you ever again!" Psyphon yells out in anger. "Well if Vilgax couldn't beat me I don't think you have a chance beating this mean green plant thing!" Wildvine replys. "Oh Really?" Psyphon says.

Wildvine throws about 10 seed bombs at Psyphon. Psyphon then puts up a force field making the attack useless. Wildvine then extends his arms out and wraps them around Psyphon. Wildvine then tosses Psyphon outside.

204px-830px-Ben 10 Humungousaur grows to 60ft 4

Psyphon then see's Bens mother just arriving home in her car and he fires at her car causing he car to crash into a tree. Ben transforms "Humungousaur!, How dare you!" Humungousaur grows to his full size and starts to mercifully beating him into the ground.

Humungousaur then picks Psyphon up and tosses him into out space. Humungousaur then rushes to his moms car. "Mom!" Humungousaur rips the hood off of her car. His mom is crying and screaming out in pain.

Ben transforms "Fasttrack!" Fasttrack picks up his mom and rushes her to the hospital. When Fasttrack arrives his mom is sent to the Emergency Room and she is treated there. Fasttrack transforms back into Ben.

Ben later learns that his mom will be fine and that she is ok but the car will not be. Ben wonders if Psyphon survived like his mom did. (Here is a hint.....He did!)



  • Psyphon
  • R.E.D.s

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