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General Information
Species Synopticon
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Psychic blasts, mind control puppetry

Psyclops is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Synopticon from the planet Axonia.


Psyclops is a scrawny, humanoid alien with one large, green eye on his head. He has a long neck, with three protruding spikes on the back. His skin is primarily yellow, with patches of maroon down his back, and on his lower legs. he has three fingers on each hand, each of which are very long. When using his 'mind control puppetry' power, the tips of his fingers glow green, which fades as his control over a person diminishes.

Powers and Abilities

Psyclops is able to fire optic blasts from his eye, which doesn't cause any physical damage, but gives intensely powerful headaches to those it hits.

However, his main power is that the tips of his fingers, when placed on a living being, gives him control over their minds. The more fingers he is able to place on the target at once, the stronger his control over them is. His control is also strengthened if he first uses his optic blast to disorient their mind.


As his 'telepathic puppetry' power requires him to first place his fingers on his opponent, if said opponent can avoid Psyclop's fingers, they can avoid that power. This power also only works as long as he remains within a certain distance of the person. If he moves more than approximately 100 metres away from someone he's using his puppetry power on, it flickers out and he has to touch them once again in order to regain control. The connection also weakens over time, only lasting a few minutes unless reestablished via touching the target again.


Ben 10: Restart



Ben 10: Restart


  • His design is based on an unused concept for Eye Guy.
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